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Tim Frechette

Hey there – I’m Tim! 

Growing up, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved in a sport of some type. It was a great way for me to stay in shape, learn how to work well with others in a team environment, and to burn off energy (which was also a huge perk for my parents to continuously enroll me in sports season after season!). 

Out of the various sports I played, soccer became an instant favorite of mine. Now, I’ve played soccer for over 20 years, including at the high school level and now at a recreational level every week. Additionally, I’m a die-hard fan of watching and analyzing the professional leagues.

Throughout the years, I’ve even done some coaching in my spare time. I have a 3-year-old daughter that is about to start soccer, and I’m excited to help coach her through various techniques and drills!

My passion for soccer led me to want to build a platform where I could share my knowledge with other players and coaches. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and as a result, Athletic Lift was created! 

Over time, Athletic Lift has become an educational resource to help coaches, players, and even parents learn various drills to run, best equipment to buy, and commonly asked questions that are asked about different sports.  

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Alfonso Andrade

Hello! I’m Alfonso; welcome to Athletic Lift! 

I fell in love with sports when my dad and I played soccer every afternoon. Since I’ve always been active, this was a great way to burn my energy and stay in shape. Then, I started playing volleyball at school every Friday; this made my passion for sports grow even more.

Although I’m very good at playing (or at least that’s what I think!), I consider myself very good at watching and analyzing professional games. No matter the sport, I loved studying matches and thinking of ways for teams to improve, both as a whole and how individual players perform.

This is where my coaching abilities started to grow. After playing sports for more than 15 years, I began to work as a coaching assistant in my spare time. During this time, I’ve seen children, teenagers, adults, and even elderly people playing, which allows me to analyze their performance and help them improve. 

My passion for sports and coaching led me to share my ideas and advice with players and other coaches. I’ve always been creative when it comes to writing my thoughts and strategies, so as a result, I began contributing to Athletic Lift! 

Now, I get to share my ideas, coaching resources, and player motivational tools with readers online, rather than only with people in person. Even if you are a beginner, our advice on Athletic Lift can help you learn the basics and the most frequently asked questions in your sport.