Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Soccer Shoe [2024 Review]

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While most soccer cleats are for professional players, there are a few superb models specifically designed for kids. In this Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Soccer Shoe Review, I take you through the ins and outs of this pair to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Soccer Shoe Review

Named after one of the most iconic soccer players, the Nemeziz Messi 17.3 quickly became a favorite of many soccer enthusiasts. These shoes have an alluring design that will quickly draw you in while the comfort, traction, and durability wins over your loyalty.  While the Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Soccer cleats will not strike you as a kid’s pair right off the bat, they bring out the talent and passion for soccer out of your kid.


  • Attractive design to pique the interest of kids
  • Impressive fit and comfort for stable and confident playing 
  • Soft synthetic material that is ideal for kids
  • Above-average traction
  • Comfortable dual lock collar to boost comfort and fit


  • Inbuilt insoles are difficult to clean and change 
  • Synthetic upper material may compromise durability

While the Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 might not be winning any awards for traction and durability, it packs a lot of features that make it a great choice for kids. These include unbeatable comfort and fit, and attractive design.

Below, I discuss features that make these shoes stand out as well as reasons why they might not be a good option for your kids.

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Characteristics

Good fit and comfortEnhances comfort and stability
Great solesGreater grip and mobility
Traction, feel, and touchBetter ball control and improved agility
DurabilityBetter reliability, and reduced chances of accidents

Fit and Comfort

The Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 employs a design that is pro-comfort and perfect fit. Given that these are kids’ shoes, it is important that they are comfortable and fit perfectly. Adidas seems to understand this better than any other manufacturer.

Unlike other Adidas models such as the Nemeziz Messi 17+ 360 agility which are laceless, this one comes with both laces and a padded double collar to give your kid maximum comfort. The laces will significantly help to give the shoes a better grip on your kid’s feet and greatly enhance their soccer experience.

The upper part consists of synthetic material which might be a slight turn off if your fancy leather uppers, compared to adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat. However, given that this is a kids’ pair, this is a compromise that I can tolerate. Also, synthetic materials are more comfortable and softer than natural leather which makes them ideal for kids.


Like most modern soccer cleats, the Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 has an inbuilt insole. This insole is particularly softer and more comfortable to spice up your kid’s playing experience.

adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 soccer shoe

On the other hand, the outsole provides an impressive grip on the ground while also being lenient on the feet, just like the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Indoor Soccer Cleats. The crystal-shaped studs are softer and laid out a bit differently than those of professional soccer shoes.

This helps them to provide just the right amount of traction for young players. In particular, these studs are way shorter and afford lighter grip compared to professional soccer shoes. 

The synthetic outsole is flexible to accommodate different types of feet which make this pair a good option if you have more than one kid with roughly the same feet size.

This makes it a very versatile option especially if you don’t plan on getting a pair for every one of your kids.

Traction, Feel and Touch

Since the studs are kid-friendly, they might not offer as much traction as those of professional players, unlike the PUMA Evopower 1.3 Soccer Shoe. However, they still allow for confident control, stability, and a satisfactory feel on the ball.

Your kids can run quickly, make sharp turns, and shoot the ball with minimal risk of slipping and hurting themselves. The shoes model after one of the most celebrated strikers in history, promising agility and plausible accuracy when shooting or passing the ball.

Although it is not possible for your kid to fit into Messi’s shoes per se, Nemeziz 17.3’s flexible outsole will help them tap into their inner potential and love for soccer. Also known as the Agility Mesh, these Adidas soccer cleats offer impressive accuracy and ball touch.

They provide for superb maneuverability which enables kids to swiftly take cuts, dribble and juggle the ball like a pro.


Given that these shoes consist of 100% synthetic material, they might not be winning any awards for durability. However, this doesn’t mean that they will give in after a few soccer matches.

In fact, I think they are pretty durable for synthetic cleats.

If you think about it, the synthetic material is a necessary evil since these shoes are for kids. While leather is great with all its promise for durability, it might not be so merciful to the kid’s feet. This synthetic material is softer and offers more comfort for your kids compared to leather.

Another thing; since these shoes have a mesh upper, they are not ideal for playing in wet areas since the water might get in. This will compromise its durability and attract discomfort when the kid’s feet get wet. As a result, the shoe might slip off or make it difficult to run in.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3

Which Professional Players Use Adidas Nemeziz?

Many professional players have worn Adidas Nemeziz, for instance, Real Madrid’s Lucas Vasquez, Juventus’ Cuadrado, and, of course, Leo Messi. However, nowadays Messi doesn’t use them very often, as he has released other pairs.

Which Cleats Did Messi Use in the 2022 World Cup?

Lionel Messi used the Adidas X Speedportal Legend when playing in the 2022 World Cup. These were recently released by Adidas in a partnership with Messi, and he has been using them since then.

Which Shoes Does Messi Use in PSG?

Messi doesn’t always use the same cleats every game. Nowadays, he alternates between his Adidas X Speedportal Legend cleats, and his Adidas Nemeziz ones. Of course, he only uses the cleats that have been designed for him as a partnership with Adidas.


Although Adidas retired this signature Nemeziz Messi line of products, they are still very popular among soccer lovers, and with its distinct style, you no longer need it to be customized. The Kids Nemeziz Messi 17.3 caters to the needs of young soccer players. It offers an unbeatable fit with a design that is pro-comfort. 

These shoes will help to quickly bring out the talent in your kids. Thanks to its comfort, great fit, decent traction, and textile agility that can only be likened to that of Messi himself.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.