Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat [2024 Review]

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If you are looking to buy Adidas soccer cleats, this Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat Review will help you make an informed decision. After hours of testing and getting expert opinion, I can give you an in-depth look into these soccer cleats.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat Review

If you have used the Adidas Copa Mundial, you’re going to find the Performance Mundial Team an excellent option to use on Artificial grass. The Mundial line has a long history of loyalty, durability, and enduring design. So, if you are an Adidas fan, you might find the Mundial Team a piece of gem for the field.

The shoes consist of full-grain Kangaroo leather, with a keen focus on comfort, durability and superb traction. This makes them a great option if you’re looking for reliable and affordable cleats for the soccer arena.


  • Comfortable with a perfect fit for most people 
  • Impressive traction on both turf and natural ground
  • High-quality kangaroo leather for added durability


  • Heavier than most soccer shoes
  • Dated construction 

There are very few soccer shoes that are as legendary as Adidas’ Copa Mundial. These shoes have not only been around for ages, they have also graced the feet of some of the most renowned soccer icons. The Mundial Team is a turf alternative of the Copa Mundial and carries most of its impressive features.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Soccer Cleats Features

MaterialsImproves control and comfortability
FitPrevents injuries and enhances mobility
WeightImproves agility
DurabilityImproves reliability
TractionImproves stability and support

Construction & Materials

Kangaroo leather easily molds around your feet to provide a comfortable and responsive touch. This gives you better control of the ball to tremendously improve your performance.

These shoes also have a soft synthetic lining with a rubber Traxion outsole. The synthetic lining is quick-drying to help keep your feet cool and dry while playing.

Traxion is a proprietary Adidas technology for outsoles. It’s basically a cleat design that focuses on providing a firm grip on soft surfaces like turf while minimizing pressure points on the foot. Unlike most mainstream cleats, the Traxion design has tapered studs which provide for impressive ground penetration with great pressure distribution.

I recommend this shoe if you are looking for a soccer cleat that allows for great maneuverability and quick cuts in any direction.

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf soccer cleats

The pre-molded EVA midsole provides a much needed cushioning while helping to make the shoe lightweight. There’s also the signature Adidas lace closure for a better grip on the feet.

Overall, the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat comes in a durable and sturdy construction that you won’t find in most soccer cleats.

Comfort and Fit

Having been around for a long time, Adidas has perfected the fit of this shoe making it a favorite of most soccer enthusiasts, just like their Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Soccer Shoe. The Performance Mundial Team has one of the most comfortable fits I have seen on soccer cleats. Right off the bat, you can attribute the comfort to the thick and soft K-leather that wraps the upper parts of the shoe.

While most soccer cleats with a non-removable insole would be an inconvenience, the Performance Mundial Team manages to pack ample padding for added comfort, just like the PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleats. This in addition to the thin heel liner and soft leather tongue makes this shoe comfortable enough for more than just playing soccer.

Given that the Kangaroo leather will stretch and adapt to your feet’s shape after a short break-in period, I recommend that you go a half size down for better fit.


While the initial models of the Mundial line were hefty with plenty of weight on them, Adidas has stripped down most of the bulkiness in this model.

However, it seems like most of the focus went into creating quality and durable shoes with little thought on its weight. So, although the shoes will not adversely affect your performance, you might still feel some weight especially when running.

We, however, don’t think of this as a major compromise given that this is a turf soccer shoe. Most turf cleats weigh around 0.7 pounds and this one doesn’t stray too far. The fact that it is also comfortable and fits pretty well for most people helps to make it lighter on the feet and easy to run with.


Like most of its sports shoes, Adidas has billed the Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat as the most durable shoe for athletes.

Some of the features that make it a durable option apart from the authentic kangaroo leather include a suede cover on the front and direct stitching to the soleplate.

Since they consist of natural leather, you won’t spend a lot of time maintaining these shoes. We, however, recommend regular cleaning and some leather cream to keep them soft and comfortable at all times.


Apart from the durable construction, Adidas has also capitalized on impressive traction as a major selling point for these shoes. The turf soleplate makes the Mundial Team pretty versatile since you can use them on more than just turf.

Adidas spent a lot of time on the soleplate, populating it with plenty of conical studs. This provides just the right amount of grip on both turf and hard ground, unlike the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Indoor Soccer Cleats.

In fact, I recommend you get this shoe if you are recovering from an injury. This is because the soleplate is sturdy and offers great stability and support to keep your feet from twisting.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Adidas Mundial Team soccer cleats.

Where Are Adidas Mundial Team Made?

The Adidas Mundial Team cleats are made in Scheinfield, Germany. It has been this way since they released the cleats back in 1979 for the 1982 Spain World Cup. From then on, these cleats have grown in popularity among amateur and professional players.

How Much Does Adidas Mundial Turf Weigh?

Adidas Mundial Team soccer cleats weigh around 12.7 ounces, which is a bit heavier than cleats nowadays. This is because many brands have released incredibly lightweight soccer cleats that weigh less than 4 ounces.

Do Mundial Teams Stretch?

Yes. Since Mundial Team soccer cleats are made of leather, they can stretch when used on a constant basis. This is because leather is a material that molds over the course of time. Therefore, if you use these cleats, they will break in and adjust to your feet.


Although the Mundial Team employs a slightly old-school construction, it beats most modern soccer cleats. These Adidas soccer cleats are impressively styled enough that you won’t feel the need to customize them. I recommend them for durability, comfort, impressive traction and just the right amount of lightweight.

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