ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats [2024 Review]

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Whether you want to play in wet or dry conditions, the Anluke Athletic Hightop Cleats have you covered. The upper consists of durable leather, coated with polyurethane that holds up well in most weather conditions. Still not convinced? In this ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats Review, I will help you decide whether these cleats are a good fit for your specific needs. 

ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats Review

Right off the bat, it’s clear that the manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design and quality of these cleats. The boots are comfortable and feel particularly good when shooting and making sharp turns. 


  • Hightop fit collar supports your ankles and protects them
  • Eye-catching transparent studs and outsole
  • Six color options available
  • Durable materials


  • Leather upper is not ideal for wet turfs

Every soccer player needs the best cleats for excellent ball control and extended durability. These high-quality Anluke cleats will give you optimum grip and control when playing on a soft or damp field. Let’s go a little deeper to explain why these flexible, lightweight, and full-featured high top cleats might just be the perfect pair for your soccer match.

ANLUKE Characteristics

ComfortNot comfortable on waterlogged pitches
FitThey can be adjusted to all feet
Touch, Pass, and ControlOffers a great grip on the ball
SuitabilityOffers great mobility
DurabilityThey can hold on well under constant use
DesignOffers greats agility


The fabric on the tongue is breathable, so your feet won’t get drenched in sweat while playing. Still, the upper PU leather material holds up well in wet turfs to prevent water from sipping in. These will allow you to perform optimally without worrying about your feet getting damp. 

It’s great that the manufacturer decided to use leather on the upper because of its durability. However, this fabric is prone to pick up water and become heavier easily compared to synthetics. Even though the polyurethane coating reduces some moisture getting into the leather fabric, don’t use these cleats on a waterlogged pitch.

Compared to the adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat, it can take a short while to break into the boots because of the stiff leather material. However, when you do break into the boot, expect it to feel like part of your foot. In addition to protecting and supporting your ankles, the hightop prevents bits of soil from getting into your shoe.


These Anluke Athletic Hightop Cleats are available in many sizes, making them ideal for all genders and ages. The premium PU leather upper provides a relaxed fit for optimal performance on the pitch while the dynamic high top collar guarantees a secure fit and support to your ankle area as well.

ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats

Since these cleats have adjustable laces, you can easily adjust them to fit your foot size, that is, wide or narrow. The upper PU leather wraps well around your midfoot for a customized fit. On the other hand, the flexible and transparent outsole offers responsive stability while running. You can rely on these cleats to offer a snug fit and firm traction, taking your game a level up.

Touch, Pass, and Control

These cleats have a big and clean striking surface. The upper PU leather material offers a solid sensation on every hit and easy control of the ball. As a result, controlling the ball feels responsive. The top fabric also gives you a good grip on the ball, no matter the weather condition or where you touch it.

These cleats flexible outsole allows you to move in any direction without feeling any restrictions. The soft, lightly padded, and comfortable upper provides an adaptive fit for both wide and narrow feet, just like the PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat. You can comfortably ball all day thanks to the upper lining molding perfectly to the shape of your foot.


The TPU studs dig deep to ensure traction on soft and hard turfs, unlike the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 Indoor Soccer Cleats. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is lighter than the alternative metal studs. This material also lasts longer than rubber studs. It’s also resistant to chemicals, oil, abrasion, and splitting. 

Because of the lightweight materials used, you can feel it translate to your game. The dynamic fit collar doesn’t feel restrictive or a hindrance, although you will definitely feel its compression. Midfielders will appreciate making quick turns to avoid the opponents. They’ll also like taking control of the ball from long and short passes from their teammates in them.


In terms of durability, the TPU leather material holds up well through regular use. There’s not much thread in the overall design of the boot, so you can easily repair it thanks to its simple design.

There are even more expensive variants that give in sooner than these Anluke high top cleats. Remember, experiences can vary from one player to another because of the way they maintain their boots. Besides, pros don’t even use a single pair of boots for an entire season.


The eye-catching, transparent studs on these cleats are meant to dig into soft ground for superb traction. However, they won’t work as well as rubber studs on firm ground. The stud’s shapes and arrangements allow you to make agile movements for a contenting experience on the field. It’s great that Anluke offers these cleats with six color combinations. It’s almost a guarantee you’ll find a pair that suits you.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about ANLUKE Athletic Hightop cleats.

Are ANLUKE Cleats Durable?

Yes, ANLUKE cleats are durable. However, they may not adapt well to your feet, which could slowly make them unstable. Therefore, while they will withstand a lot of matches, they could start feeling unstable and unsafe over time.

Are ANLUKE Cleats Lightweight?

Yes, ANLUKE cleats are considered to be lightweight. These cleats are very thin, which makes them very ergonomic. However, for the same reason, they don’t offer a lot of protection when it comes to shooting.

Are ANLUKE Cleats Good for Teenagers?

Yes, ANLUKE cleats are good for teenagers. In fact, they are recommended for kids and teenagers who will not play very roughly. Since these cleats are thin, they might not withstand a full season of the intense and rough play that adults perform.


While these Anluke cleats are not top of the line like variants in Adidas and Nike they are still a great pair to have as a backup for wet and soft turfs. You can use them in training and competitive matches. The highlight feature in these cleats is the hightop collar fit which protects ankles and locks down your foot for a secure fit.

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