Are Lebron 9 Good Basketball Shoes?

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Lebron’s 9th signature shoe, the Lebron 9, is a well-made beast for any hardwood court. Lebron 9 is Nike’s first shoe to feature both Flywire and Fuse technology. Not only is it loaded with features but the design is fashionable. This makes it great for casual wear. 

Are Lebron 9 Good Basketball Shoes?

The Lebron 9 screams beastly performance when it comes to playing on the hardwood. The shoe’s traction, support, lockdown, and fit are excellently made. Considering that these shoes were made for Lebron James, the shoes feature extreme durability to handle Lebron’s combination of power and quickness. 

Lebron 9s should benefit big guys more than small guards. These shoes should be perfect for small forwards, power forwards, and even centers. Explosive guards can also benefit from the Lebron 9s as they constantly attack the paint. 

One half of a pair of a Lebron shoe displayed on a wood plank


Signature basketball shoes nowadays use a traction pattern that’s associated with the athlete’s life story. The design can be a symbol or a name that’s significant to the athlete. Based on basketball shoe history, these tractions don’t perform as we’d like them to. It’d be nice if shoe companies reverted back to using the normal herringbone pattern. This is proven as excellent for traction. 

The Lebron 9s uses a pattern similar to the number 6 with a chain link design. The number 6 references the number Lebron James used during his Miami Heat days. The pattern is used in most of the area of the outsole. 

The outrigger uses a different pattern. It uses a smooth section of rubber with dots featured. The traction is not the best of Lebron 9s feature but it still gets the job done. The outrigger proved great when it comes to gripping the floor. The inner part of the outsole did not. 


The Lebron 9s use a combination of Air Max and Nike Zoom for cushioning. It’s one of the best basketball shoes for excellent cushioning. The 180 Air Max bag feature in the heel provides impact absorption. The Nike Zoom unit gives you a better responsiveness from the shoes. 

A man holding a basketball shoe

Both cushionings work together to soften up the impact from jumping and you can even feel it working from the inside. There’s also a cushion in the midsole area that adds comfort to your underfoot. 

You won’t feel too much stress on your feet as the midsole really helps with keeping your feet comfortable even as you run around the basketball court. The movement is smooth and fluid and there’s no discomfort experienced. 


The Lebron 9s comfort is not one of its strong suits but it’s still passable. The basketball shoes use Nike Pro Combat padding system for ankle support. Its design is made of rigid bumps that can rub and irritate your skin. 

The shoe is also a bit on the stiffer side. Make sure you have the right shoe size when buying them. The toe box area may have a bit more space than what you’d like. This may feel uncomfortable for you or cause your feet to slide over if not the right shoe size. 

Overall, the comfort is okay. There is some discomfort that you’ll get used to after many uses. 


The Lebron 9 is made of Fuse material. This is an extremely breathable material. It doesn’t compare to other basketball shoes made with similar materials, however. 

The basketball shoe uses a thin Flywire and Hyperfuse. The first shoes to use this combination didn’t really work out. The mesh tongue adds a bit of breathability. 

Breathability doesn’t matter much how the shoe performs on the court. It can affect your confidence. Basketball shoes that are well ventilated, keep your feet fresh and odor-free for comfortable wear. 


Since these basketball shoes are made for Lebron James, an amazing athlete, you can expect them to have excellent support. These basketball shoes were designed to be great in stability. 

A basketball player wearing a pair of Lebron shoes

The stiffness of the shoe and the composite shank plate keeps the Lebron 9s stable throughout the game. If you like flexible shoes then the Lebron 9 isn’t for you. 

When it comes to ankle support, the Nike Pro Combat on the inner sides of the collar molds to your feet. This keeps your ankles secured and protected. 


This probably is the best feature Lebron 9 offers and it’s amazing. Upon lacing up the Lebron 9s, you’ll feel a compact and compressed fit around your foot. 

Nike used bilateral support wings that help protect and stabilize the foot. Upon lacing up, the wings, which are located in the midfoot area, fasten the foot inside the shoe. It moves back the ankles and locks the heel in place. 

The Lebron 9 also uses durable Flywire cables. These add additional lockdown, acting as a harness for your feet.  


Overall, the Lebron 9 is a great shoe. However, you wouldn’t want these basketball shoes to be your go-to shoes. You’re better off using them for practice games or playing ball with friends not in tournaments. 

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