Pair of blue adidas soccer cleats on a goal net

Do You Need Cleats for Soccer?

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Soccer is a high intensity sport played both indoors and outdoors, and requires you to have the combination of endurance and agility. Soccer players are constantly turning, cutting, and accelerating on the field, and soccer cleats are an essential component to excelling and reducing the risk of injury. We go through which type of soccer ... Read more
Close up of black Adidas Copa Mundial shoes

How to Shrink Soccer Cleats

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It’s really difficult to pick up a pair of cleats that fit perfectly, and yet it is so vital in the game of soccer to have boots that fit snuggly. If the cleats are a close fit, you might be wondering how you can shrink your soccer cleats to get the right fit. We’ve outlined ... Read more
Close up of a soccer ball and some adidas soccer cleats

The Essential Soccer Equipment List

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Soccer is an easy sport to pick up and start playing, partially because it doesn’t require very much equipment. At its core, all you need is ball and you play a pickup game. Once you start playing a little more, though, you’ll find that there is a collection of essential soccer gear that you’ll want ... Read more
Side view of a soccer rebounder

Reviews of the Best Soccer Rebounder in 2019

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In soccer, just like with any sport, the more you practice, the more you’ll increase your skills. In a team sport like soccer the best way to go about this is by practicing with the team, but that’s not always an option. For a player in the off-season or who just wants to work on ... Read more
Man playing with a soccer ball using his feet

7 Soccer Ball Facts and Questions Answered

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The soccer ball is one of the most ubiquitous ball’s across the world. Its origins are storied and its modern requirements intriguing. You’ll probably be surprised to hear how soccer balls are made today, and be fascinated by the pentagonal design that most balls take on. If you’re wondering what size you should get for ... Read more
Man wearing some white Air Jordans

Reviews of the Best Basketball Shoes in 2019

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Basketball shoes are one of the most important parts of playing the game of basketball. A game that is comprised of running, jumping, and landing, it is imperative that an athlete takes care of their feet. The smartest thing to do is to find the shoe that will protect your foot, but also enhance your ... Read more
Two boys on a field wearing shin guards

Our Reviews of the Best Soccer Shin Guards in 2019

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There is only one required piece of safety equipment for all soccer players, and that’s the shin guard. An entire game played almost exclusively by kicking is going to result in a lot of shins getting hacked, and the smartest thing to do is cover that area with a protective amount of padding. Soccer Shin ... Read more
Close up of white soccer ball

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Soccer Ball in 2019

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One of the reasons why soccer is the most popular sports in the world is because when you want to play with your friends, all you need is a ball. It’s truly the most inclusive game for everyone. When selecting a ball it’s easy to get confused by different options when they all look about ... Read more
Woman trying on a red adidas soccer sock

Reviews of the Best Socks for Soccer Players in 2019

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Socks are often an entirely overlooked part of the soccer player’s kit. Most of the time they’re only viewed as a part of the uniform, something where the color needs to match. However, anyone who’s ever had a pair of socks that bunched up in the heel, gave them blisters, or didn’t hold their shin ... Read more
Man in white goalkeeper gloves

Best Goalie Gloves [2019 Review]

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Reviews of the Best Goalkeeper Gloves Goalkeepers, being the only players on the field who can use their hands, have to protect them with the top equipment available to them. Gloves need to be well padded to protect against hard shots, as well as being flexible enough to catch high crosses  and distribute the ball ... Read more

How to Dribble a Basketball

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Fundamentals go a long way, but dribbling a basketball is one of the most important components of the game. It does not matter if you are a guard, forward, or center. In today’s world, basketball has shown signs of evolving into a quicker game. Even traditional post players are seen shooting more from outside. This ... Read more
Man tries to shoot the basketball

How to Improve Free Throw Shooting

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Basketball is a game predicated upon one’s understanding and mastery of its fundamentals. Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork, and teamwork are some examples of what every player needs to focus on to improve their skills on the basketball court. This article focuses specifically on how to shoot a free throw and how to improve free throw ... Read more