How to Palm a Basketball

When you watch watch a professional basketball game (or even college or high school games), a lot of times you will see a player holding a basketball gripped with just one hand when trying to juke somebody, fake a pass, or slam a devastating dunk on the opponent’s net. This is called palming a basketball. …

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How Long is a Basketball Game?

The length of a basketball game varies. Different levels use different time limits in their games. Basketball game length may also vary per location, rules, and the governing body sanctioning each league. How Long Does a Basketball Game Last? Each basketball game has different levels. Each level has different timings as well. High School, College, …

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How to Deflate a Basketball

A basketball on an outdoor court

When inflating a basketball, one of the most common errors that occurs is over-inflating the ball. A basketball with too much air pressure will feel too hard when passing and receiving the ball, and will also bounce too high. When this happens, it is important to deflate the basketball. How to Deflate a Basketball Whether …

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Do You Need Cleats for Soccer?

Pair of blue adidas soccer cleats on a goal net

Soccer is a high intensity sport played both indoors and outdoors, and requires you to have the combination of endurance and agility. Soccer players are constantly turning, cutting, and accelerating on the field, and soccer cleats are an essential component to excelling and reducing the risk of injury. We go through which type of soccer …

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