How to Head a Soccer Ball

Girl in an orange soccer jersey is bouncing the soccer ball with her head

Heading is one of the first basic skills you are often taught—even at a young age. It’s an important concept to learn correctly, especially since doing it improperly can lead to injuries. Not only is heading an extremely important skill to use—whether you’re attacking or defending, but when done correctly, it can be a total …

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How Fast Can You Kick a Soccer Ball?

Man in a green longsleeved jersey an ddark pants is about to kick the soccer ball

Having a powerful soccer kick can help you and your team in many areas. Powerful shots, combined with accuracy, have a much higher chance of scoring. In addition, the harder you kick the ball, the further it goes. This allows you to be a huge asset on passes and free kicks. Kicking a soccer ball …

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The Guide to What to Wear to Soccer Practice

Girl putting on a red soccer sock on top of blue shin guards

Youth soccer is one of the best ways that you can get your child to be active and socialize with peers who have the same interests at the same time. It helps that you don’t have to look far and wide to know what to wear to soccer practice. For a beginner, basic apparel will …

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How to Prepare for a Soccer Game

Soccer team huddled over for a meeting pre game in the field

It doesn’t matter what sort of level you or your child plays in, preparing for a soccer game is serious business. You need to have all the equipment and gear ready for the game. You also need to be warmed up physically enough to compete at your best potential. Whatever your pre-game ritual might look …

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The Best Soccer Defenders of All Time

Cafu soccer player wearing his number two jersey while in a soccer game

Defenders are one of the most overlooked positions on the field. Without the glory of a goal—and hopefully not with the shame of an own goal—defenders often are shunned to the side when it comes to the spotlight. However, an off the line clearance can be as much as a game changer as a last-minute …

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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes, Futsal and Turf [2022 Review]

Black indoor soccer shoes on a white table

Indoor soccer is plenty of fun to play on the field, but not so much pre-game, particularly the part where you have to choose the best indoor soccer shoes. From cleats to boots and shoes, there are too many variations of it that might confuse rookies and even seasoned players. Our Top Indoor Soccer Shoes …

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Top 10 Physical Benefits of Playing Soccer

Woman wearing black Nike shoes doing knee high exercises in the sand

Whether you’ve caught World Cup Fever and are going to sign up for an adult league there are so many benefits you’re also signing up for—and it’s not just teamwork and a disciplined mindset. In physical aspects alone, soccer has so many. Here are ten of the tons of physical benefits that you can reap …

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Complete Guide to How to Pass a Soccer Ball

Man in a white jersey has his leg swung back to kick the ball

Passing a soccer ball is one of the most basic elements that you need to know if you want to play soccer. If you are a newbie in the game or even if you have been playing the sport for a couple years, there is always something new to learn or time to improve on …

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Guide For How to Make the Soccer Team

Man in blue kicks the soccer ball

Whether you’re trying out for a professional team or are going out for your high school team, you’ll want to make a good impression at tryouts. Even though you may not be the best player out there, not always the best ones make the team. If you perform well at tryouts and make yourself stand …

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