Badminton Net vs Volleyball Net

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Badminton and volleyball share certain similarities and similarities, from fundamental equipment to scoring systems. Over time, the two sports established their own set of standards and regulations of play. In this article, I look at badminton net vs volleyball net.

Badminton Net vs Volleyball Net Overview

The net on a volleyball court is substantially longer and wider than that on a badminton court. Both nets have a thick cord running along the top of the net covered by tape.

Man attempting to block the ball near the volleyball net

There are laws governing the regulation of equipment in addition to the rules of the sport. This ensures that the sport is as fair and consistent as possible, regardless of where it is played.

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Badminton Net Overview

Whether singles or doubles are being played in badminton, the posts must always be put on the doubles sideline. A fine cord in a dark color should be used to make the net mesh. For each empty spot, the mesh should be between 0.59 inches/15mm and 0.78 inches/20mm thick.

The net should be 29.9 inches/76cm long from the tape to the bottom of the net and at least 20 feet/6.1m wide to cover the whole court. White tape 2.9 inches/75mm doubled over thick rope should be run the length of the net to secure the top.

Volleyball Net Overview

The net used in volleyball is significantly longer and wider than the net used in badminton.

Badminton nets are 20 feet long, while volleyball nets are 32 feet long. The material used to cover the volleyball and badminton courts differs significantly.

Badminton Net vs. Volleyball Net

You have probably encountered many questions about badminton and volleyball nets. Two major questions surrounding the nets of these two sports include: Are Badminton and Volleyball Nets the Same? Can I interchange a volleyball net with a badminton net and vice versa?


Both volleyball and badminton nets have a strong cable that is taped along the top of the net. In badminton, this means preventing the shuttle from passing through the net without resistance every time.

If there was no thick cord, the shuttle would most likely travel over the net in unpredictable ways the majority of the time, offering a chance element for those who could take advantage of it. The cord performs a similar purpose in volleyball.

A men's volleyball game


Bigger heightSmaller holes
Bigger lengthOnly the top needs to be tightened
Requires good tension and tightnessSmaller height
Adjustable heightSpecific height

If you pay attention to details, you can merely tell the difference between volleyball and badminton by watching a game. When a volleyball net and a badminton net are placed close to each other, the contrasts become more apparent.

Badminton and volleyball nets differ in several ways, not the least of which is the height at which the net is set.


The length of the net is probably the most significant variation. Badminton nets are only 20 feet/6 meters long, whereas volleyball nets are approximately 32 feet/9.75 meters long. As a result, setting up a Volleyball court with a Badminton net is impossible.

The size of a volleyball court is larger than that of a badminton court. Volleyball courts are 19 yards/18 meters long and 29 feet/9 meters wide, while badminton courts are only 43.9 feet/13.4 meters long and 20 feet/6.1 meters wide. Volleyball nets have become longer as a result of this.


Volleyball nets are 7.9 feet/2.43 meters high for males and 7 feet/2.24 meters high for women, while badminton nets are 5 feet/1.55 meters high. The nets in volleyball are over 1.5 times higher than those in badminton.


A volleyball net can be fixed at different heights depending on who is playing: men, ladies, smaller children, or teens. Badminton nets are only put up at a specific height, which does not change for any reason, including for Para-Badminton players.

Therefore, volleyball nets usually feature a lot of excess cords to reach the tying points at different heights.

Size of Holes

Another feature that distinguishes the appearance of these nets is their overall size. If you’ve ever seen both of these nets in person, you’ll notice that the holes on the volleyball nets are far larger than those on the badminton nets.

Volleyballs are substantially larger than badminton shuttles. Thus, volleyball nets do not require small holes. The holes in a badminton net are much smaller to prevent the shuttle from passing through.

Badminton nets contain 0.74 inches/1.9 cm by 0.74 inches/1.9 cm holes, while volleyball nets have 3.9 inches/10 cm by 3.9 inches/10 cm holes.

A woman playing near a badminton net

Major Distinguishing Factor

The contrast is that a volleyball net has tape on all sides and an additional strong cable running along the bottom of the net to allow the net to be tightened at both the top and bottom. The net simply needs to be held tight at the top for badminton.

Volleyball nets, on the other hand, clearly require a stronger net. They’ll need a good structure to accomplish this. It has tape around the net, whereas a badminton net only requires tape at the very top.

Furthermore, volleyball nets have a thick cable running along the bottom side. This way, both the top and bottom may be tightly tied. Only the top of the net needs to be tightened for badminton.

When to Use Badminton Net

You can use Badminton nets for the safety benefits of keeping the ball in play for more practical reasons like preventing damage on your property or lawn.

Badminton nets are often used in tennis courts. However, they can also be put up on their own. If you’re considering putting up a badminton net, it should be at least 4.9 feet/1.5 meters high for adults and 1 meter high for children so that shots cannot hit below it.

When to Use Volleyball Net

Volleyball nets are the primary obstacle and separating element between the two teams in a game of volleyball. Splitting the court down the middle, the net’s height dictates how teams will strategize their ball placement and set up offensive and defense formations to send the ball across the divider successfully.

Volleyball nets are typically made with black nylon netting with white headbands.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about badminton and volleyball nets.

How Many Holes Does a Badminton Net Have?

An international badminton net used for professional games has 5063 holes. These holes are much smaller than those in a volleyball net because otherwise, the shuttlecock could pass through.

How Many Holes Does a Volleyball Net Have?

Although some nets could be different, volleyball nets used for professional matches have 1000 holes. These holes are significantly larger than those found in a badminton net.

Can Volleyball Nets Be Used for Badminton?

No, volleyball nets are not recommended to play badminton. This is because this net is much bigger, larger, and has ampler holes. Therefore, it would be too uncomfortable to play badminton with this type of net.


Because these are two completely distinct sports, it is not advisable to use these nets interchangeably. If you truly want to play both sports on the same net, there are multi-sports nets on the market designed for that purpose.

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