Badminton vs Tennis

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Badminton and tennis are very popular sports. However, the two games are very different. This blog post will examine badminton vs tennis to see which one is more enjoyable to play.

Badminton vs Tennis General Overview

Badminton is a sport that requires instinct and quick thinking, while tennis needs more patience and calmness. Tennis wins in terms of endurance, and badminton takes the lead for having non-stop action. Badminton is played on all sorts of terrain, whereas tennis needs flat sand or grass. 

What Is Badminton?

Badminton is a racquet sport that requires running around the court, jumping, and hitting an object over a net. The game’s objective is to serve or return the shuttlecock until someone misses or commits a fault. It’s a fast-paced, fun sport that requires lots of energy and stamina.

Woman playing badminton

Shots in Badminton 

There are several variations of shots which include:

Drive Shot 

Drive shots are for winning a point. The player hits the shuttlecock with a forehand or backhand drive shot when it is far away from the net. 

Clear Shot

Clear shots recover the shuttlecock from over the net.

Drop Shot

Players drop the shuttlecock softly, not traveling too high or too far from them, allowing them to recover easily. 

Smash Shot

Players use this stroke when their opponents’ smashes are too fast for them to return, the shuttlecock is too close to the net, or they want to end a rally fast. 

Lift Shot

A lift shot is a means of recovering the shuttlecock when it is too low for players to hit comfortably. A lift shot allows players to attack the shuttlecock while it’s still rising in the air.

What Is Tennis? 

Tennis is a racquet sport. Each player starts with a ball, which they have to keep in play by hitting it over the net into their opponent’s side of the court. The game’s objective is to win points by taking your opponent’s serve and not committing a fault. 

Shots in Tennis

You can perform several shots in tennis, the most common being the forehand, backhand, volley, and smash. You can also hit a drop shot or lob, that’s much less frequent. 

Man holding a tennis racquet and ball

Forehand Shot

The player swings their racquet with their right arm at the ball.

Backhand Shot 

The player swings with their racquet using their left arm as they face the ball. 

Volley Shot

It’s a very common shot in tennis. It involves hitting the ball before it bounces over the net because it’s easier than smashing (hitting after it bounces). 

Lob shot 

This shot drops the ball over or near your opponent’s head when they’re at the net. 

Badminton vs Tennis

Let’s look into the similarities, differences, and the major distinguishing factor between the two.

Similarities Between Badminton and Tennis

  • Both are fun
  • They both require physical activity
  • You use a racquet for both badminton and tennis
  • Be ready to sweat by the end of each game
  • It requires quick thinking, reactions, and agility in general 

Differences Between Badminton and Tennis


  • It requires a ball and a medium-size net
  • Requires little space to play on the court
  • There are no sidelines or boundary lines. Instead, you have a net that separates the two players/teams on their respective sides of the court
  • The ball bounces once before it crosses over the net 
  • Two serves per side 
  • A match is usually composed of three or five sets, where the first player/team to win 6 games over the other wins the set 
  • The game lasts for a longer period 
  • Players earn more than in badminton 


  • Played using a shuttlecock
  • The net size is larger 
  • Requires high, consistent energy levels for an extended period
  • Boundaries delineate each half of the court
  • The shuttlecock should not touch the ground, the server’s side of the net before passing over to the other team’s court
  • One serve per side
  • A match has three or five sets, where the first player/team to win 21-points wins the set
  • The match lasts for a shorter period
  • Players earn less than in tennis
Woman holding a racket

Major Distinguishing Factor

Firm wristsLoose wrists
Has a low number of techniquesHas a big number of techniques

The major factor that distinguishes badminton from tennis is the technique of playing the games. You need a racket and a shuttlecock when playing the sport of badminton. On the other hand, tennis requires a ball and racquet(s). 

When to Play Badminton 

Badminton is an all-year sport when the weather is conducive, and it is suitable for all age groups. If you are in an area where winter comes around soon, it might be best to bring your badminton racquets indoors for the colder months.

Even though it’s fun to play outside in the summer with friends, many facilities offer badminton leagues and programs that you can join.

When to Play Tennis

You can play tennis outdoors when the weather is warm. Indoor tennis facilities offer lessons for beginners. If you’re learning how to play, it may be best to wait until summer, when the weather is nice, before participating in your first game.

Tennis can be played all year round if the weather is nice and there is a tennis court where you can play.

Why Do People Play Badminton vs Tennis?

Many people play badminton because it’s a great way to be active and get an amazing workout. It also requires quick thinking and reactions, which helps you develop your brain capacity tool. Another reason why many people choose to play badminton is that they want to have lots of non-stop action in a very short period. 

While tennis can last about two hours, badminton games are much shorter. This makes it favorable for people who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands.

Even though they’re very different, both badminton and tennis players agree that these sports are great physical activities that give you lots of benefits.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about badminton and tennis

Which Is Easier Tennis or Badminton?

Although it could be debatable, badminton is considered to be physically harder than tennis. This is because badminton often requires more agility and power than tennis.

Can a Badminton Player Play Tennis?

No, badminton players are usually not ready to play tennis. This is because, even though these two sports are similar, their techniques are different. For example, tennis needs players to keep their wrists firm, while badminton needs the opposite.

Why Is Badminton Not as Popular as Tennis?

Tennis seems to be more popular than badminton because it has much more coverage on T.V. However, it also depends on which culture and country you are from, as many areas show badminton matches regularly.


Badminton wins for having more benefits. Although tennis is a very good sport, it doesn’t require much in terms of agility or stamina. Tennis players say requires much less energy, however, in the end, badminton still wins for being overall more fun and active.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.