How to Set Up a Badminton Net

Two women standing near the Badminton net.

A badminton net is a mesh made of nylon or other material stretched across a frame and supported by posts at either end of the court. It is used to divide the court into two halves and has a top line that indicates the boundary of each court. How to Set Up a Badminton Net …

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Best String for Badminton [2024 Review]

Badminton racket with shuttlecock on string

The string is the most important part of a badminton racket. It is what makes the racket playable, and it determines how well you can play. String comes in different types, each with its characteristics. You should pick a string that will suit your style of play and your desired level of performance. Some strings …

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Best Badminton Volleyball Combo Set [2024 Review]

Badminton combo

A badminton-volleyball combo set can be defined as a set of badminton and volleyball equipment used for playing both sports. The set includes a net, poles, posts, and ropes to create the badminton court. It also includes two rackets and a ball for each sport. Playing these games is beneficial in many ways. They help …

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What Is a Badminton Racket Made Of?

Badminton racket on the grass with shuttlecocks

A badminton racket is a piece of equipment that is used to hit the shuttlecock. It has a long handle, and the head of the racket is called the “face”. The size of rackets can vary depending on their intended use. What Is a Badminton Racket Made Of? Badminton rackets are made of made from …

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Best Badminton Players [2024 Review]

Badminton player down smash

The badminton world is constantly evolving, with new players emerging and older players retiring. In the shuttler’s world, many individuals created history, and only a handful of them proved to be the world’s best badminton Players. Our Top Badminton Players Reviews We ranked these players based on a combination of performance and potential, which is …

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What Is the Size of a Badminton Court?

Outdoor badminton court with buildings

Many people may be unfamiliar with the concept of a specialized badminton court, especially those who have been playing badminton in multipurpose gyms or in their backyard. Let’s take a look at what the dimensions are for a standard badminton court, and see how knowing these dimensions can help you make the right decisions. So, …

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What Is a Rally in Badminton?

Shuttlecock in flying motion

Like any other sport, badminton is governed by a set of definite rules. These rules and badminton terms can be perplexing for beginners and people with a recent interest in the sport. However, once you know the workings of this game, it can be quite interesting to follow the back and forth of the shuttlecock. …

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Nylon Shuttlecock vs Feather

Nylon shuttlecock on the wood floor

The shuttlecock makes one-half of the most important equipment required to play badminton. It is also one of the main reasons why badminton is played indoors. This article will explain more about Nylon Shuttlecock vs Feather. The light weight of the shuttle makes it more susceptible to environmental elements and even the slightest of winds …

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What Equipment Is Needed for Badminton?

Two women holding badminton rackets

Badminton is the quickest racket game, with shuttles reaching over 200mph. Top players must be flexible and quick; they can run up to a mile during a badminton match since they usually use light equipment. This speed may leave you wondering, what equipment is needed for badminton? What Equipment Is Needed for Badminton? A badminton …

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Plastic vs Feather Shuttlecock

Feather shuttlecocks and Badminton racket

Because of a tiny yet essential aspect of the game: the shuttlecock, badminton is played indoors. The shuttlecock is a little piece of equipment that players alternate hitting during the game. We’ll compare the two varieties (plastic vs feather shuttlecocks) to see which is best for the game. Plastic vs Feather Shuttlecocks General Overview Bird …

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Best Shuttlecock [2024 Review]

Shuttlecock in drop motion

Shuttlecocks are an essential piece to the sport of badminton. There are many things to consider when purchasing the best shuttlecock, from the size, shape, weight, and material used. If you don’t know where to start or are looking for a second opinion, this article is for you. Our Top Shuttlecocks Reviews There are many …

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How Wide Is a Badminton Net?

Young men playing badminton

Maybe you have attended a badminton match or watched the game on television, two people on opposite sides hitting the shuttlecock back and forth over a net. Moreover, you wondered, how wide is a badminton net? Well, keep reading to find out and learn a lot more about badminton. How Wide Is a Badminton Net? …

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