How Long Is an NBA Game?

Televised NBA game

NBA games are a lot of fun to watch. However, the question lies, how long is an NBA game, and what time does the clock start and stop at? All these questions have answers. How Long Is an NBA Game? NBA games last around two to two and a half hours. This includes time-outs, halftime …

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Best Knee Sleeves for Basketball [2021 Review]

Woman wearing knee sleeves while playing basketball

As a basketball player, one of your assets is your knees. Sometimes, during the game, injuries might happen and may affect your play. The best knee sleeves for basketball will help you protect your knees from game injuries. This review article will help you find the best knee sleeves for you. Our Top Knee Sleeves …

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Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis [2021 Review]

Woman wearing her basketball shoes for her plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis can dramatically take the edge off your gaming performance if not looked into urgently. While getting the right shoes for the court can help alleviate its effects, this can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to look for. Lucky for you, we have already done the heavy lifting to help …

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Best Traction Basketball Shoes [2021 Review]

Man dribbling basketball against defender

Are you looking for the best traction basketball shoes in the market? Stress no more, though every basketball shoe has traction, some are better than others. We understand getting the right one can be tacky, that’s why we did all the research for you. Our Top Traction Basketball Shoes To come up with this list …

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Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping [2021 Review]

Man wearing his best basketball shoes for jumping

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for jumping, your search has officially come to an end. This guide will give you everything you need to know. We get it, landing the best can be a hassle, that’s why we’ve made it easier. Our Top Basketball Shoes For Jumping To settle on the …

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Best Basketball Shoes For Kids [2021 Review]

Kids wearing their best basketball shoes in the court

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for kids and have no idea where to start, this guide is for you. We exhaustively researched and tested a wide variety of shoes to find ones that are a good fit for most kids.  Our Top Basketball Shoes For Kids After reading plenty of customer …

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Best Adidas Basketball Shoes [2021 Review]

Adidas basketball shoes hanging on a basketball net

If you are looking to buy the best Adidas Basketball shoes, we’ve prepared this guide just for you. Popular brands like Adidas continuously upgrade their footwear to cater to all players’ needs. We’ve thoroughly reviewed them and came up with a few we think will be the best fit for most basketball lovers. Our Top …

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Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball [2021 Review]

Women's volleyball team using basketball shoes for volleyball

As weird as it may sound, the best basketball shoes for volleyball can provide you great traction on the field. Or maybe you just want shoes you can wear both for basketball and volleyball so you won’t have to spend extra cash. If that’s your case, we got you covered. Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball …

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Best Cheap Basketball Shoes [2021 Review]

Person stepping on a basketball

For most people, performance basketball shoes are out of reach because they are not cheap. While the best cheap basketball shoes may lack cutting-edge technology and the premium materials of high-end shoes, they can still offer great performance on the field. We have compiled a list of the top affordable basketball shoes in the market …

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Best Low Top Basketball Shoes [2021 Review]

Three people wearing different kinds of basketball shoes

Basketball involves many fast movements and quick actions that require players to run, jump up and turn speedily. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, eventually you’ll need to invest in the best low top basketball shoes to help you enhance your game on the court.  If the shoes fall short of your …

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Why Do Athletes Wear Leggings?

Basketball athlete wearing leggings during a game

Many famous athletes swear by leggings, compression shorts, socks, tights, and similar clothing. They have become everyday wear for athletes in different sports. Given the popularity of this particular product, many people ask themselves: why do athletes wear leggings? Why Do Athletes Wear Leggings? Most athletes wear leggings, compression shorts, and other similar clothing because …

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Best Outdoor Basketball [2021 Review]

A basketball entering the basket

While anyone may think that any ball is good enough, you may be surprised that some balls are better than others. The best outdoor basketball can withstand the harsh weather conditions and rough surfaces of the outdoor game. To help find the right outdoor basketball for you, we have compiled a list of quality basketball …

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