How Should Basketball Shoes Fit?

A close up of a person wearing their red and white basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are an important piece of sports gear for professional basketball players. They greatly affect the performance of those players on the court. Depending on the fit of the basketball shoes, they can lead to injuries or they can lead to an improvement in your performance.  How Do You Know if Basketball Shoes Fit? …

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Are Basketball Shoes Good for Everyday Use?

Close up shot of a person wearing a pair of white Air Jordan

Basketball shoes have been used for fashion for years. Back in the ’70s and ‘80s, Converse’s Chuck Taylor was used as basketball shoes. Now, they’re mostly being used as casual and fashion wear.  Even the shoes Michael Jordan used to wear have now become a popular brand for fashion wear. Jordans, as I call the …

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What Basketball Shoes Should I Get?

A pair of red, white and black Nike basketball shoes placed on a gym floor

If you’re new to basketball, you’re probably wondering what basketball shoes to get. There are a variety of basketball shoes that are unique and far different from each other. From low-cut lightweight to high-cut, thick, and heavy basketball shoes, each of them features different qualities.  Choosing the basketball shoes perfect for you is easy. This …

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How to Get Grip on Basketball Shoes

A pair of white Nike basketball shoes beside a ball

When it comes to basketball shoes, basketball players love shoes that have good traction and grip. Players love the sound of squeaking basketball shoes on the hardwood floor.  Basketball shoes with great traction will make quick turns and change of direction a lot easier during games. If your basketball shoes don’t have enough grip then …

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Are Huaraches Basketball Shoes?

A hand throws a red and black basketball shoe in mid air

The Nike Huarache was an unusual shoe that almost never went into production. It was a shoe made of a sock-like bootie encased in a supportive exoskeleton as the prototype model for Nike in the 1990s.  Thanks to Nike’s legendary designer, Tinker Hatfield, the Huarache shoes became a top-seller globally. These were along with his …

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A Guide to the Best Basketball Shoes for a Big Man in 2024

Tall basketball players wearing basketball shoes during a practice game

We’re at an era in basketball where speed and shooting threes are preferred over big men who can defend the paint and work on the post. Even in basketball shoes, signature shoes are now made for guards like Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Damian Lillard. The only big guy with a signature shoe is Kevin …

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Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support [2024 Review]

Close up of a person wearing white basketball shoes and long socks

The most common injury basketball players get is a sprained ankle. Basketball requires you to move almost all the time. Lateral movements, jumping, and running put a lot of stress on your ankles. As a basketball player, you want to prevent injuries from happening. That’s why wearing the best basketball shoes for ankle support is …

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A Guide to the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2024

A pair of blue basketball shoes lying on a cement ground

Are you playing mostly on outdoor concrete with street-style basketball? If you’re one of the people who don’t have access to hardwood floor basketball courts, you might have been searching for great outdoor basketball shoes.  After using your basketball shoes on the concrete court, you might have noticed that the outsole degrades in quality really …

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How to Become a Basketball Referee

A basketball referee holding a basketball in the court

Refereeing a basketball game can be a great experience and a great part-time job. You get to see games up close and be active at the same time. Refereeing requires knowledge of the game and the process of becoming a basketball referee is simple. Here’s what you need to know on how to become a basketball …

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How to Clean a Basketball

A basketball lying on dried leaves

When a basketball gets dirty and covered in dust and grime, it tends to get slippery. This can affect your overall gameplay. To keep your basketball longer and in good condition, you must know how to clean it.  Types of Basketballs You Clean Before I learn how to clean a basketball, I must first know …

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What is a Carry in Basketball?

Basketball player trying to grab the ball during a game

Famous players like Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, and Isaiah Thomas have been accused of carrying the ball. They get away with it because NBA referees have ended up letting it go. So, what does carry imply in basketball?  What Is a Carry in Basketball? In basketball, carrying occurs when a player dribbles the ball after …

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What is a Double Double in Basketball?

Point of view shot of a boy holding a basketball and looking at his watch

You probably heard NBA commentators praising NBA players for getting a double double in a game. What is a double double in basketball? It’s a famous stat line that has NBA fans applauding and in awe if any player ever gets it.  What is a Double Double in Basketball? A double double is a statistical …

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