How Tall is a Basketball Hoop?

Man trying to shoot the ball in the basketball hoop

The word “hoop” basically refers to the “rim or ring” that’s used in a basketball game. Others also refer to it as the “goal.” It has a standard diameter of 18 inches.  How Tall is a Basketball Hoop? A basketball hoop must be set at a height of 10 feet from the ground. This serves …

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What Does Bonus Mean in Basketball

Basketball players trying to win against each other during a game

You probably heard the word “bonus” by NBA commentators. Getting into the bonus in basketball can be an advantage. Other basketball teams also use this as a strategy to win a game. So what does bonus mean in basketball? This article will tell you what this term means and how it impacts the pace and …

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How to Palm a Basketball

Close up of a person palming a basketball with one hand

When you watch watch a professional basketball game (or even college or high school games), a lot of times you will see a player holding a basketball gripped with just one hand when trying to juke somebody, fake a pass, or slam a devastating dunk on the opponent’s net. This is called palming a basketball. …

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How Long is a Basketball Game?

Basketball players fighting over a ball during a game

The length of a basketball game varies. Different levels use different time limits in their games. Basketball game length may also vary per location, rules, and the governing body sanctioning each league. How Long Does a Basketball Game Last? Each basketball game has different levels. Each level has different timings as well. High School, College, …

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How to Deflate a Basketball

A basketball on an outdoor court

When inflating a basketball, one of the most common errors that occurs is over-inflating the ball. A basketball with too much air pressure will feel too hard when passing and receiving the ball, and will also bounce too high. When this happens, it is important to deflate the basketball. How to Deflate a Basketball Whether …

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Best Basketball Shoes [2024 Review]

Man wearing some white Air Jordans

Basketball shoes are one of the most important parts of playing the game of basketball. A game that is comprised of running, jumping, and landing, it is imperative that an athlete takes care of their feet. The smartest thing to do is to find the shoe that will protect your foot, but also enhance your …

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How to Dribble a Basketball

Basketball player dribbling the ball while running away from an opponent

Fundamentals go a long way, but dribbling a basketball is one of the most important components of the game. It does not matter if you are a guard, forward, or center. In today’s world, basketball has shown signs of evolving into a quicker game. Even traditional post players are seen shooting more from outside. This …

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How to Improve Free Throw Shooting

Man tries to shoot the basketball

Basketball is a game predicated upon one’s understanding and mastery of its fundamentals. Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork, and teamwork are some examples of what every player needs to focus on to improve their skills on the basketball court. This article focuses specifically on how to shoot a free throw and how to improve free throw …

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