Best Badminton Set [2024 Review]

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Quality equipment lets you play badminton even when you are at home or in the park. May it be for leisure or to maintain an active lifestyle, the best badminton set provides rackets, shuttlecocks, a net, and poles neatly placed in a weather-resistant bag. 

To save you time and effort, I’ve compiled the top-rated badminton sets that will help sharpen your playing skills. No matter where you are, the best badminton set from this list will allow you to enjoy hours of playing the game. 

Our Top Badminton Set in 2020 Reviews

With the proper badminton set, you can train your skills and edge out your opponents. To help you make a wise pick, I’ve compiled the best badminton sets that can cater to every preference and playing style. 

Baden Champions Badminton Set

The Baden Champions Badminton Set is an excellent pick whether you are a novice player who needs to train or a parent who wants to get their kids involved in physical activities. The high-quality gears in this set include tournament level rackets, shuttlecocks, net, and other necessary hardware. 

If you are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, using this badminton set to play is a fun way to exercise. The set contains everything you need to start smashing in no time. It has four tournament-quality rackets, which means the package can accommodate singles and doubles games. 

In case you lose a shuttlecock while traveling or your old one wears out, don’t worry because the set comes with three nylon shuttlecocks. Because the shuttles are of high quality, you can use them in all climatic conditions. 

What makes the Badens Champion the best badminton set is its easy assembly. Instead of sweating yourself connecting the poles and the net, you can enjoy hours of outdoor fun because of the set’s quick setup. 

The powder-coated, aluminum poles ensure longevity even if you don’t feel like playing, and you need to store the set. Another great thing is that the heavy-duty poles are easy to assemble. There are also round discs on the end of the poles for stability. 

The net makes use of nylon and tarpaulin, which makes the waterproof net resistant to harsh and adverse weather. Even if you like to train under the summer heat, the net won’t wear out quickly. 

What’s more, the net is highly visible because of its optic yellow design. With the addition of boundary lines, the umpire can conveniently make calls. 

Another superb thing about this set is its portability. The premium weather-resistant carrying case comes with a strap that allows for easy storage and convenient transport. Whether you want to play at summer camps or in your backyard, you can simply pack everything in the case, and you’re good to go. 

Overall, the Baden Champions Badminton Set caters to the needs of both novice and expert players. You can enjoy hours of fun thanks to this set’s durability and portability. As a bonus, the brand offers a lifetime warranty. 

Product Highlights

  • Package includes four tournament-level rackets, a regulation-size net, and three nylon shuttles
  • Powder-coated and adjustable poles enable easy setup and breakdown
  • The high-quality nylon and waterproof net
  • Highly visible optic yellow net and boundary lines
  • Weather-resistant carrying case for storage and portability


  • Weather-resistant rackets, shuttlecocks, and net
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Sturdy and built to last


  • Rackets have poor grips 
  • Shuttlecocks become weak after some time

Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set

Are you looking for a quality badminton set that will help you burn calories and have a healthier lifestyle? The Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set is a fantastic choice for players who want to level up from starter sets and own equipment that can put up with intense gameplay. 

The impressive part is that the frame and shaft of the rackets are made of steel. Since there are four rackets, you can call on three more players and help them have an active lifestyle as well. 

Moreover, the rackets boast rubber-molded grip, making them resistant to sweat and other elements. The inclusion of aluminum in the frame makes the racket lightweight. Thus, it’s convenient to carry the set from one place to another. 

Aside from that, the package brings you three A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips. Since the material is durable, the shuttlecocks can survive massive hits and preserve their shape. With that said, the birdies are great for casual play and practicing skills. 

What sets the Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set apart is its superior nylon blend netting. This feature withstands harsh weather compared to polyethylene nets, letting you enjoy badminton for years to come. 

The aluminum alloy poles optimize the push-button pole locking system to enable a quick and easy setup. With a simple click, the pole will extend to its maximum height. This feature also means the set has a compact telescoping design, giving you carrying and storage capacity without compromising durability.

Another fantastic thing about this package is that it contains the necessary hardware for setup, making sure there’s no need to buy other tools. For example, the guyline kit has tension rings that guarantee quick adjustments. As a result, you can always keep the net taut during rough play. 

On the other hand, the pre-measured boundary comes with a hand winder, saving you minutes trying to unroll the boundary line. The set also comes with zinc-plated ground stakes that resist rusting. 

You can fit these gears inside a polyester, weather-resistant bag. The heavy-duty case is complete with zipper and carrying handles, making storage and transport extremely convenient. 

Altogether, the Parks & Sun Badminton Set covers everything you need to keep a badminton game running. The durability and sturdiness are perfect for those leaning towards frequent and rough play. With premium materials and complete gears, you can carry the best badminton equipment wherever you go.

Product Highlights

  • Pre-measured boundary, hand winder, and steel stakes for fast assembly
  • Makeshift court boundaries and regulation-sized net
  • Four rackets with aluminum frame and steel shaft
  • Three A-grade nylon shuttlecocks
  • Weather-resistant and lightweight carry bag


  • Lightweight and portable design 
  • High-quality materials for durability 
  • Push-lock system enables easy and quick setup


  • Poor grip size and grip durability
  • The racket is a bit heavy for kids

Franklin Sports Intermediate Badminton Set

If you want to spend hours playing badminton without breaking your wallet, bet on the Franklin Sports Intermediate Badminton Set to let you have fun while playing. The complete set is ideal for up to four players, so you and your best buds can chip in for this investment. 

The four rackets are not on par with Baden Champions and Park & Sun, although the output is reasonable. Don’t worry because the rackets can still tolerate various playing levels. 

For starters, the steel rackets come with a soft touch padded grip to let you play in comfort. The rackets also feature tempered steel shafts, padded grips, and tight HY-Sheep strings. 

If you want to play with your friends or relatives, two A-grade plastic and rubber shuttlecocks are available to allow many players to join the fun. 

More than that, three PVC poles measure 1.5 feet in diameter. You can also rely on the lock buttons for security and stability. 

Although the height is slightly low, it should be enough for small kids. Note that the PVC poles are not heavy-duty plastic, so too much impact may wear out the poles eventually. 

You can use the six styrene ground stakes to hold the poles firmly on the ground. Adjustable guy rope tension clips and net saver clips are available to keep the Innertech net from fraying. 

What also puts the Franklin Sports among the best badminton sets is its installation. Aside from easy-to-follow instructions, the package contains all necessary tools to ensure a sturdy setup. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to complete the installation. 

Another highlight is the messenger-style carry bag. The lightweight bag lets you store all the equipment and bring everything wherever you want to play. 

If you want to take a break from playing badminton, you can switch to volleyball for a while. This is because the combo badminton volleyball package set also contains a standard-sized vinyl volleyball with inflating pump and needle. 

Considering affordability and practicality, this package is suitable for those who want to spend time learning badminton and volleyball at the same time. 

Product Highlights

  • Four rackets with padded grips and tempered steel shafts
  • Two A-grade shuttlecocks 
  • Six ground stakes and six adjustable tension clips 
  • Deluxe carry bag for storage and portability 
  • Neon yellow color net for visibility


  • Quality equipment
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Quick and straightforward installation 


  • String tension is quite low
  • Shuttlecocks wear off easily 

MD Sports 4-Player Badminton Set

The complete gears from the MD Sports 4-Player Badminton Set will make kids and beginners fall in love with the sport. Armed with rackets, shuttlecocks, PVS poles, and a regulation height net, you’ll have everything you need to play badminton.  

Four badminton rackets come with tempered steel and grommets. This badminton set utilizes steel webbing instead of nylon, which makes the string sturdier. The grip is very soft, thanks to the comfortable padding.

A gentle reminder, do not remove the plastic cover from the handles because the tape tends to unravel. In addition, you get not only one, but two A-grade shuttlecocks. However, shuttles tend to get flimsy during prolonged use.

The MD Sports Badminton Set comes designed for instant play. Since the poles have three telescoping sections, they quickly come apart for convenient storage.

This package also boasts no tools or stakes needed for installation. All you need to do is to push the PVC poles into the ground. The fact that the poles are not weighted can be a deal-breaker for some people, yet I’ve found it’s only a small issue.

Meanwhile, the portable mesh netting stands at five feet, making it the ideal height for friendly games. This is a good starting point to practice serves. The amazing part is that the net has a slip-on design, which means installation is a breeze. 

Although the net is regulation-size, it can still fit in small yards, and lets you have ample space to move. With several anchor points, the net remains solid and will not bend in the middle, no matter how long you play. 

There’s also a carrying bag that helps you store and carry around your badminton set. The bag does a great job of keeping everything in one place to avoid losing the smaller pieces. 

All things considered, the MD Sports Badminton Set is a good option for those looking to enter the world of badminton. This is the perfect gift for both beginners and casual players. The storage bags will also let you bring the set to summer camps, parties, and family BBQs. 

Product Highlights

  • Quality durable rackets with tempered steel, grommets, and paddings
  • Carry bag for proper storage
  • Two A-grade shuttlecocks 
  • Adjustable and regulation-size net 
  • Three-piece telescoping PVC poles


  • Complete classic system includes gears and accessories
  • No need for tools and stakes to install 
  • Lightweight yet durable gears


  • Rackets’ handle material comes off easily 
  • Flimsy shuttlecocks 

Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

What makes the Zume Games Portable Badminton Set stand out is its freestanding base design that enables you to move the net from one location to another quickly. Like the other badminton sets from this list, this model includes a carrying case for portability.  

Aside from two shuttlecocks, the set comes with all the gears and accessories you need for a badminton game. Hence, this is an excellent gift for medium-sized families who want to play recreation games together. 

If you have a small playing space, this set is the right fit for your situation. Whether you are on the beach, in the park, or your backyard, you can assemble the Zume Games Badminton Set on any surface for competitive fun. 

Because of the set’s structure, you can instantly set up the base on any surface in seconds. With no tools or stakes required, all you need to do is lay down the case on the ground. In effect, you can reserve your energy and use that adrenaline when playing.

Even if the base is lightweight, its material and structure can support the weight of the poles and the net. You can also add weight to the bottom to increase stability. This lets you prevent the net from tipping over during windy conditions. 

Furthermore, this badminton set optimizes two telescoping poles that easily extend and contract. Assembling and pulling the poles apart is a breeze.

Make sure to insert the thickest part of the pole into the holes on the ends of the case. After that, you should hear a spring pin lock in place. 

For safety and stability, you can fully extend the poles, triggering the spring pins to lock in place automatically. A word of caution, be careful not to twist the poles with too much force, or else you’ll break the poles. 

Once you’ve assembled the regulation-sized net, you can play either singles or doubles using the two red and two green rackets. Even kids as young as six years old can handle the grip. 

As mentioned earlier, the base doubles as a convenient carrying case. The compact case can completely contain all the accessories you need. With a carrying case, transporting your gears becomes hassle-free. 

Lastly, the durable construction of the Zume Games Badminton Set can last you a long time. In the rare case that you should need any replacement, the set still offers a 90-day limited warranty.

Product Highlights

  • Telescoping poles for quick assembly
  • Four rackets for singles and doubles games 
  • Regulation-sized net 
  • Carrying case that also serves as the base 
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty 


  • Freestanding design that eliminates the need for having stakes
  • Base that serves as a carrying case
  • No need for tools or stakes 


  • Net tends to tip over during windy days 
  • Flimsy shuttlecocks

What Makes a Good Badminton Set?

Badminton sets include all the vital gears and equipment so that athletes and families can play badminton anywhere. The package usually consists of rackets, shuttlecocks, net, poles, stakes, and a carrying bag. A badminton set makes sure you won’t have to scramble looking for gears or anything else to play. 

A closeup image of a shuttlecock and a racket, both included in a badminton set

Benefits of Using Badminton Sets

  • Space-saving: Whether on grass ground, hard surfaces, or sand grounds, you can assemble an outdoor badminton set. 
  • User-friendly setup: Even kids can simply extend and install poles without breaking a sweat. 
  • Weather-resistant: The best badminton sets can withstand heat from the sun, rust, and other outdoor elements. 
  • Portability: Most sets are compact enough so one person can easily carry it. The cases or bags can contain all of the gears without damaging your equipment. 
  • Exercise on-the-go: If you do not have the time to go to a badminton club or gym, a badminton set helps strengthen your bones and muscles wherever you are. This is your chance to train your hand-to-eye coordination, agility, and speed at your most convenient time. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Badminton Set

Playing SkillsInfluences the set you should buy
RacketsInfluences the way you swing
ShuttlecocksInfluences how well it travels
Poles and Stakes Influences how durable the set can be
Portable Case Improves comfortability
MaterialsImproves durability
Easy Setup and Takedown Reduces tediousness

The most basic badminton sets contain rackets and shuttlecocks in a case. On the other hand, premium sets include poles, a net, stakes, and ropes. 

It’s ideal to own at least one racket and a shuttlecock. Although it’s also beneficial to have spare rackets and other accessories to have the ultimate playing experience. 

Whether you’re trying out badminton for recreation or you want to pursue a professional career, you need to have the best badminton set. Before you make the final choice, here are some things you need to think about: 

Playing Skills

If you are trying badminton as a leisure game for your family, it’s more reasonable to look for affordable and practical sets. Beginner sets like the MD Sports Badminton Set is an excellent choice at this point. 

Meanwhile, you need a more reliable set if you are looking to advance your moves and be more competitive. In this case, you may opt for intermediate sets from Franklin Sports and Baden Champions.


One of the most important parts of a badminton set is the racket, which you will use to hit shuttlecocks. A basic set will contain two rackets, but it’s also wise to have a spare, especially when you damage the frame or strings.  

Rackets vary in balance, weight, and string tensions. In some cases, you’ll need to choose one that matches your playing style. All of the rackets in this post have an even balance since casual players are the most common customers of these sets. 

Person holding a shuttlecock against a badminton net

Weight and Balance

Weight impacts the quality of your performance. On the other hand, balance refers to the equal distribution of weight on the racket. Evenly balanced rackets are great for learners because of they last longer.

The heavier the racket, the more stability it provides. It’s better for beginners to use a heavyweight racket first, so that their wrist muscles become stronger. In this way, it will be easier for them to flick lightweight rackets. 

Professionals usually choose heavy rackets because the head gives more power in their smashes. Although there are also professional players who use head-light rackets, especially if they need to maneuver easily at the nets. If you are an all-around player, consider picking evenly balanced rackets for flexibility.

Racket Grip

Rackets with smaller grips provide better maneuverability, which is useful when you employ deception tactics. Meanwhile, bigger grips are better if you prefer a tighter feel to generate more power. 

You also have to consider if you’ll use synthetic or towel grips. Towel grips are soft, but it also absorbs a lot of germs and bacteria. Synthetic grips are less comfortable, yet are slicker and less messy. 


The shuttlecock, also known as shuttle or birdie, is as important as the racket. It’s a high-drag projectile that goes back and forth between the players in a badminton game. Some sets include a three-piece or six-piece shuttlecock, so you won’t have to buy one frequently. 

You cannot play a long game if your shuttlecock wears out easily. In the same way, low-quality shuttlecocks will not fly well. With these reasons in mind, here are two types of shuttlecocks you need to consider: 

  • Plastic: This shuttlecock is durable and does not fray easily. Plastic ones are ideal for beginners who are starting training or kids who would like to try badminton for recreation. On the downside, the weight makes the birdie travel shorter distances. 
  • Feathered: This type is common in regulation or professional badminton. Feathered shuttlecocks are light, responsive, and provide more secure flight at a higher speed. However, this birdie is more fragile and becomes brittle faster. 

Although the Baden Champions and Park & Sun Sports don’t use feathered shuttles, they both have three A-grade nylon shuttlecocks that can withstand playing force. 

Poles and Stakes 

Two rackets and two shuttlecocks laid in the grass beside a water bottle

The beauty of badminton sets is that they are portable. Wherever you decide to play, you can play proper badminton with poles and nets. Make sure your poles are easy to assemble, so you will always want to bring them with you. 

Additionally, you’ll need stakes if you want to secure the poles to the ground. The stakes should stand on any surface and remain in position throughout the whole game. 

MD Sports and Zume Games don’t use stakes because of their net design. Baden Champions, Park & Sun, and Franklin Sports utilize ground stakes for extra stability. 

Net and Ropes

A good badminton set comes with an easy-to-attach net. To play badminton properly, you’ll need a net that will separate a surface into two sides. According to the Badminton World Federation, the standard measurement for badminton nets is 17 feet wide and 39 inches tall for singles. 

Your set must include ropes that can secure the top of the net to the poles. In the same way, the ropes will aid the stakes to anchor the poles to the ground. 

Baden Champions and Park & Sun have the best nets because of their waterproof and superior nylon blend. Franklin Sports also has an excellent net because of its Innertech design. Lastly, MD Sports and Zume Games have portable yet regulation-sized mesh nets. 

Portable Case 

The best badminton set must come with a top-grade portable bag to keep your things securely. A case should have ample space to store every badminton gear you have. In this way, you can bring the whole case wherever you want to play. 

Likewise, an excellent bag should be easy to carry. It must be durable to withstand the elements of weather and different kinds of surfaces. 

Storage is crucial to keep your equipment in good shape. This is why Baden Champions uses a weather-resistant carrying case with a strap. There’s also the weather-resistant bag from Park & Sun that comes with zipper and handles. 

Easy Setup and Takedown 

Don’t stress yourself even before you start to play. Getting sweat must come from actually playing, not from spending hours trying to assemble your gears. Make sure your badminton set comes with nets and poles that are quick to set up and dismantle. 

If you would love a no-tools installation, then the freestanding design of the Zume Game got your back. Although the Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set has cords and poles, its push-locking system won’t frustrate you and should only take less than 15 minutes to complete. 


Badminton is also an outdoor sport, which is why it’s critical to have weather and water-resistant materials. Opt for models with abrasion-resistant and powder-coated parts. 

Baden Champions have powder-coated, aluminum poles. Meanwhile, the Park & Sun uses aluminum alloy poles for durability. 

Player diving to get the shuttlecock with his racket while playing badminton

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about badminton sets

Are Badminton Sets Built to Last? 

Although outdoor badminton sets can endure a long time, they may not have the same design and materials as professional badminton sets. This is why I continue to select badminton sets that maximize quality materials to withstand casual play.

Where Can I Assemble a Badminton Set? 

You can install them either indoors or outdoors. Though, it’s preferable to use badminton sets outdoors to give you a bigger playing space. Also, you can use badminton sets on your grass lawn, at the beach, and on park grounds. As long as the location’s temperature and humidity are good for you, of course. 

Lastly, try to avoid playing in locations where your shuttlecocks can get caught on cars, roofs, trees, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

How to Care and Maintain Badminton Sets? 

After using it, always put the equipment back inside the carrying case to protect it from the elements. Use a dry cloth to remove any dirt or muck that has accumulated in the rackets, shuttlecocks, net, poles, and stakes.

Keep in mind to always stick to the nets and poles’ instructions. The poles are lightweight, so expanding them doesn’t require using a lot of force. Therefore, to prevent the poles from bending, use the locking devices they have.

Final Verdict

Everyone can enjoy a game of badminton in the backyard, park, or the beach. With a portable badminton set, you’re ready whenever you want a fun game with kids or serious matches with friends. 

Whether you’re gearing for professional training or you have another factor to consider, there’s suitable badminton sets for you. Use this guide to help you sort through the best badminton sets that will let you have a safe and enjoyable game.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.