Best Badminton Shoes [2024 Review]

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Badminton requires speed, agility, and complex footwork. You already know how players are required to dash from one corner of the court to the other in a blink of an eye. Wearing the best badminton shoes will offer you freedom, power and increase your precision on the court.

Our Top Shoes for Badminton

Badminton movements require specific shoes. Just like you can’t use a lawn tennis racket to play badminton, it is unprofessional to play badminton with any other shoes other than the specified. It is not uncommon to find people who assume any light pair of trainers can suffice for badminton shoes.

Non-badminton shoes can result in trouble on the court causing injuries, or ruining the court floor. Your shopping will be easy with these well-described shoes below. Here is an accurate compilation of badminton shoe options that suit you based on your footwork needs.Shortcode

Best Overall Shoe for Badminton: [YONEX Power Cushion Comfort Z 2 Badminton Shoe]

To dart from one point of the badminton court to the other, you need a comfortable pair of shoes. The Power Cushion Comfort Z 2 by Yonex do their best to provide you with utmost comfort. These Yonex badminton shoes have something they call the “Power Cushion +” that enhances your nimbleness and footwork during your match.

Badminton shoes need to be very light. Usually, after hours of vigorous movements across the court, your feet are bound to tire out. Yonex’s Power Cushion has an integrated feather bounce foam that makes your steps so much lighter, saving you energy to put into your game only challenging the Aerus 3 model.

A badminton shoe that cushions the impact of your jumps while playing will save you from stress input on your ankle and other avoidable injuries. Yonex’s Graphite Drive technology not only softens your landing but also propels you forward when you need to thrust for a high, swift jump to your left or right similar to the Li Ning badminton shoe technology.

This shoe has some of the best features to aid easy play. However, this shoe comes with a rubber sole, making it unsuitable for a Wooden floor court. Regardless, let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages this shoe brings to the table.


  • Power Cushion Comfort Zs have rubber soles that provide better traction on cement courts.
  • The Comfort Zs allow fast movement on the court with their integrated feather bounce.
  • Yonex’s Comfort Zs protect your ankles from injury with their graphite drive technology.


  • The Comfort Zs come with a rubber sole. If you have a wooden floor court, these shoes may not be the best option for you.
  • Yonex’s Comfort Zs provide less grip on Polyurethane badminton courts than shoes with gum rubber soles would.

Best Badminton Shoe for Stability: [YONEX Power Cushion 65 Z2 Indoor Court Shoe]

Your badminton shoes need to offer you the balance you require as you catapult to save the shuttlecock while playing. Yonex offers quality stability with their Power Cushion 65 Z2 with Tough Guard III technology. This technology in the shoe grips your ankles just enough to give your feet ample power.

The 65 Z2’s “power cushion + technology” absorbs the shock in your landings, giving you ease to perform stable jumps and movements on the court. This shoe has a thin sole like the Aerus 3 badminton shoes that keeps you stable and low to the ground. You are less likely to injure yourself during play because the Power Cushion 65 Z2’s protect your feet by absorbing powerful effects.

The Z2s are available in a limited number of  colors that may limit your creativity and  style expression. However, you can easily match your badminton shoes to your uniform with the Z2s black and blue color.


  • The 65 Z2s cushion technology absorbs the shock from the impact of your landing.
  • The 65 Z2s provide efficient ankle support to give you well-calculated movements as you thrust across the badminton court to hit the shuttlecock.
  • The Yonex shoes have an improved fit, offering comfort for your toes and sole even under pressure they get put under while playing badminton.


  • The Yonex 65s fabric is not as comfortable compared to the Yonex Cushion Comfort Z2s.
  • The 65 Z2s are unsuitable for cement floors since their design primarily focuses on indoor badminton courts such as those made from wood. They might not have as much grip on cement courts.

Best Badminton Shoe for Ventilation:[LI-NING Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes Breathable Professional Sport Shoes AYTR041]

With all the speedy, agile movement required while playing badminton, a lot of heat is generated in the feet. Li-Ning Badminton Shoes are made from refined breathable cotton fabric giving your feet the required aeration. You’re less likely to have hot, sweaty feet while playing with these shoes.

The power movements in badminton can cause the fabric around the big toe area of your shoe to begin crumbling after intense playing. It is not uncommon to find badminton players with holes at the toe tip of their shoes after a few months of using their badminton shoes in games. Li Ning’s tuff tip technology gives an extra layer of reinforcement along its inside front and toes lining area.

These Li Ning badminton shoes give you the ease to move incredibly fast and feel comfortable with their multiflex sole. Li Ning’s advanced design has multiple pivot points helping you perform impulsive speed techniques without losing stability challenging the Yonex Power Cushion Z 2s in stabilty. Similar to Yonex Power Power Cushion 65 Z2, these shoes will give you a balance of power and stable movements during your game.


  • Li Ning’s well-crafted sole has anti-skid mark technology that will keep your badminton court skidmark free.
  • Li Ning badminton shoes have improved protection with strong anti-rollover properties reducing your chances of a foot injury.
  • These shoes are made from very lightweight material giving quicker moves with more freedom.
  • The Li Ning’s under-sole design offers a fantastic grip on the court, providing firm stances and dashes to hit the shuttlecock.


  • Li Ning’s rubber soles make them ideally not suitable for indoor wood floors.
  • These badminton shoes may challenge you if your foot is a little wide or long; you may have to try to remedy this challenge by selecting a larger or smaller shoe size.

Best Badminton Shoe for Durability: [YONEX SHB-02LTD Limited Edition Badminton Shoes]

In the Yonex SHB-02LTD, durability is highly regarded because this pair of shoes come in a limited edition. The shoe upper is made of P.U leather to have the shoe serve you longer than average.

Even though the shoe uses tough material for durability, so much consideration is put into ventilation to keep your feet dry during play. The shoe has a double russel mesh that offers good air circulation around your feet for better performance on the badminton court. However, they do not beat Li Ning’s aeration ability.

These Yonex badminton shoes have tough bird light impact absorption and grip technology that offers excellent grip on the court. Their sole is made from a gum rubber material. With the SHB-02LTDs, you can comfortably play on a wooden or polyurethane indoor badminton court and experience a good grip on the floor.

The extra layer of skin on top of the shoe improves the shoe’s durability. It results in a better shoe appearance, making you look more stylish. This shoe is shaped to give you faster footwork while protecting your ankles; however, the Power Cushion 65 Z2s offer better stability for badminton’s intense footwork.


  • The Yonex SHB-02s offer noticeable comfort with their solid E.V.A technology.
  • These Yonex badminton shoes have an ergo shape that gives the player better stability and support.
  • As your feet get hot due to the weight and pressure caused by brisk movements across the court, the breathable leather material provides room for airflow with its mesh design.
  • Since this shoe is a limited edition, you may benefit from having it as a collectible.


  • The tough leather used to make the shoe durable significantly affects the ventilation in the shoe. You may experience sweaty feet due to the heat insulation of leather material.
  • This shoe only comes in a bright red limited edition, making it monotonous in style. Being a limited edition, you may not be able to purchase it in the future once the current stock runs out.

Best Lightweight Badminton Shoes: [YONEX Aerus3 Badminton Shoe]

To be a top badminton player, you need to make swift movements across the court to smash the shuttlecock back at the opponent. This can be strenuous to your feet and may even lead to accidental injuries with heavy shoes. With the Aerus 3 super light design, you almost feel like you are barefoot.

The Aerus 3 uses Hyper msLite material that makes the shoes 10% lighter than most high-performance midsole shoes. These shoes focus on making you more agile for brisk power movements on the court.

The Power Cushion in the Aerus 3 gives more control over your lateral movement to diminish it for more power and speed. Its breathable design gives you more air exchange than most shoes but not in comparison with the Li Nings.

The ultra-fine mesh fabric that structures these shoes holds well to provide durability. However, the SHB-02 Limited Edition has the top position for durability.

The Aerus 3 are designed to give you effortless light footwork on the court. These shoes do not snug the foot enough and may not provide you with enough ankle support for power thrusts.


  • Its eye-catching color and modern design will also add to your sense of style on your badminton court.
  • The bright orange Aerus 3 is a favorite for Yonex lovers. Super light with a breathable design offers durability and more air exchange than most other shoes. It’s effortless for light footwork on the court. It has a comfortable power cushion inside to control movement and increase power.
  • This shoe’s mesh design releases more moisture than ordinary mesh fabric.
  • The Aerus 3 can be used in other sports with similar court flooring, such as squash, due to its lightweight design.


  • The Aerus 3 is far from comfortable compared to the YONEX 65Z Badminton Shoes.
  • The badminton shoe may not support your feet snugly to reduce the chances of sprains and ankle injuries.

Best Badminton Shoes for Ladies: [YONEX Power Cushion Comfort Z 2 Badminton Shoe]

As you search to buy quality badminton shoes, you will quickly realize that top brands categorize badminton shoes into female badminton shoes and male badminton shoes. This Yonex Power Cushion Badminton Shoes contains all the necessary features for feminine preferences.

It may be confusing to click on a product and find that it is only available for male players, so I decided to guide you to a quality shoe for our top lady badminton players. This shoe’s Syncro-Fit Insole and hexagrip unique design offer excellent stability for the feminine body structure.

You get a secure contact between your foot and the shoe reducing wastage of energy through an improved fit. This badminton shoe is 11% lighter than most shoe materials generating a significant reduction in leg and knee stress. However, the Aeros 3 are unbeatable with their ultra-light material.


  • This shoe has a round sole integrated into the forefoot, making it an ideal pick for comfort for ladies’ feet.
  • The power cushion technology in this shoe provides three times more shock absorption to cushion your high jump landings.
  • This shoe is also unisex and can be worn by male players even though it is essentially designed for ladies.


  • The shoe’s design holds the heel firmly against the insole, which may feel a bit too snug, making you uncomfortable during the match.
  • The fabric that makes this shoe does not offer ventilation and dryness like the Li Nings badminton shoes.

Features to Consider for Shoes for Badminton

Badminton shoes are special. They give you comfort, anti-torque protection and make footwork easy for you with their special design. Other trainers and sports shoes cannot pass for playing on a professional badminton court.

?Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z 2 Badminton Shoe Li-Ning Saga Lightweight Badminton ShoesYonex Aerus3 Badminton ShoeYonexPower Cushion 65 Z2 Indoor Court ShoeYonex SHB-02LTD Limited Edition Badminton ShoesYonex Power Cushion Comfort Badminton Shoe
Weight (Grams)335270250300350335
Sole TypeRubberGum rubberRubberGum rubberGum rubberRubber
Cushioning AbilityBestBetterBetterGoodGoodBest

Comfortable Snug Fit

Having a comfortable snug badminton shoe impacts everything for being able to turn quickly to sprinting bursts. Did you know professional badminton players often get custom badminton shoes molded to fit their feet? Your badminton shoes should conform to the shape of your feet well.

Women wearing white shoes in badminton game

The Yonex 65 z2s do a noticeable job at fitting most feet shapes with their cushion technology. It is recommended that you try on the badminton shoes and move around to feel how comfortable they are before purchase. If you have wise feet, buy a badminton shoe that accommodates that.


While design, sole type and other factors are equally important, the weight of your badminton shoes will affect your performance on the court. You should opt for lighter badminton shoes. Heavy shoes slow you down to be late for those bullet speed smashes.

The Aerus 3 badminton shoe from Yonex focus to achieve this with the weight of the shoe being only about 270 grams. Lightweight shoes not only boost your brisk movements on the court but also add to your comfort while playing. The ideal weight you should look for in a badminton shoe is in the range of (200 – 400) grams.


The shoe sole’s grip is one of the most crucial elements in badminton shoes in keeping the players from toppling over. Badminton shoes come with deeper grooves on the outer portion of the sole to offer better grip. This is because the grip stops you from slipping and injuring yourself as you move fast on the court.

Badminton shoes have two types of soles that offer grip for two different courts. The types of badminton courts include:

A woman wearing a white shoes in badminton game

Cement Floor Courts

Badminton shoes with rubber soles offer the best grip on badminton courts with cement flooring. However, cement badminton courts may not offer the best play area as the grip is below professional standards.

Cement floors may also pose a higher risk of injury on the hard play surface. The Comfort Zs are a decent pair that could play on this type of court.

Wooden or Polyurethane Courts

Gum rubber sole shoes are the best shoes on these non-cement floors. Wooden and polyurethane badminton courts require gum rubber sole badminton shoes. These indoor courts offer a lower risk of injuries during play since they are not as hard as a cement floor.

Wooden and PU badminton courts also offer the best traction and are the courts used by professional players. The Yonex SHB-02LTD hold their ground when considering this feature.


Your feet will be sweating in no time with the extensive rigourous movements in badminton.

Your shoes may even become wet too. This situation can be uncomfortable during your game and affect your performance.

Go for badminton shoes with ventilation features, such as the Aerus 3 to keep your feet cool dry and prevent uncomfortable situations. Moist conditions in your shoes over a prolonged time such us during the game can create the perfect place for fungi and bacteria. These two microscopic organisms bring about foot odor and sometimes medical conditions such as athletes foot.

Cushioning and Ankle Support

When you jump, twist or run backwards, all the angle shifts originate from your ankle, which means your ankle must have a free range of motion.For this reason, badminton shoes are designed with less ankle support to ensure that the player can quickly move forward, backward, jump or even go sideways quickly.

Badminton shoes are designed with less ankle support to ensure that a player has free range of motion. Your ankle generates the angle shifts for you to jump, twist or even run backwards. Ankle freedom is there very crucial in badminton and the Yonex 65 Z2s strive to bring this out in their shoe.

Badminton shoes such as the Comfort Z2s engineered to absorb vigorous impacts and protect your feet during the game are a great pick. You require badminton shoes that act like a suspension and prevent any unexpected injuries during the game. This cushioning also reduces the pressure on your knees as you jump.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of assumptions and questions on the internet regarding badminton shoes. I’ve picked out some of the most asked questions to clarify your possible queries.

Which Are the Best Badminton Shoes for Men?

The Power Cushion Z 2s and other shoes from Yonex are among great badminton shoes  that are produced by the the few great brands. However, there are plenty of options to pick from when deciding the best badminton shoe for men  depending on your preference and needs.

Which Type of Shoes Are Used in Badminton?

Badminton is played with specific shoes designed for badminton. Try selecting badminton shoes from major badminton brands like Victor or Yonex. Badminton shoes are designed to support and cushion the player thus providing comfort and lowering the risk of injury during playtime.

How Do I Choose a Badminton Shoe?

You should choose badminton shoes that have non-marking soles, breathable material and high cushioning ability. The badminton shoe should be light (approximately 250-400 grams) and offer good ankle freedom while still providing support. Most importantly, your badminton shoe should fit your foot comfortably.


The best badminton shoes are shoes that will boost your speed, performance and briskness of your movement during the game. After reading this extensive article, you are now ready not to be misguided into buying any light trainers for your badminton game. Its really quite simple, only wear badminton shoes in the badminton court.

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