Best Badminton Volleyball Combo Set [2024 Review]

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A badminton-volleyball combo set can be defined as a set of badminton and volleyball equipment used for playing both sports. The set includes a net, poles, posts, and ropes to create the badminton court. It also includes two rackets and a ball for each sport.

Playing these games is beneficial in many ways. They help you get fit and improve your stamina. They also improve your hand-eye coordination skills and reflexes. The best badminton-volleyball combo set allows you to reap the benefits of playing both sports without breaking the bank by buying equipment.

Our Top Badminton Volleyball Combo Set Recommendations

I know that choosing a badminton and volleyball combo set can be a difficult task. There are so many different brands, models, and prices that it can be difficult to find the right badminton volleyball set for your needs. That is why I have created this guide for you!

In this buying guide, you will find all the information you need to know about badminton and volleyball combo sets. I will also provide tips on choosing the best set for your needs.

Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set

The Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set is a 6-piece set with an outdoor bag that makes carrying your equipment easy, reducing the chances of getting it dirty or damaged while you’re traveling or simply in storage.

The Zdgao badminton volleyball combo set is made of premium quality materials, which make them durable enough to withstand heavy use, especially from children. The poles are sturdy and stable enough that you don’t have to worry about falling or breaking during a game.

Unlike the Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo, the steel poles in this combo set have telescoping push buttons, making it easy for you to set up in just 10 minutes.

Unlike the Park & Sun Sports net, this combo net features an 18-ply PE material, which can withstand even harsh weather conditions like rain or snow without losing strength. The major drawback of this kit is that it does not include an adjustable height option, so this limits to option when it comes to making the game more accessible to children, for example.

There are 1.6″ diameter powder-coated steel poles on each side of the frame, so you know your equipment won’t bend when faced with high winds, too – making it last much longer than traditional nets.


  • It comes with a free outdoor bag, great for transport and storage.
  • Telescoping push buttons make it easy to set up in just ten minutes.
  • The ground stakes keep the net secure on all kinds of surfaces.


  • It has no adjustable setting, which can be a big issue for taller players.
  • The shuttlecocks are not durable because of their relatively low quality.

Baden Champions Combo Set

The 2020 update of the Baden Champions Combo Set comes with high-tension carabiners and handles to provide you with maximal net tension in minimal time.

This combo set has adjustable boundary lines, pull-down handles, and steel poles making setting up easy. With the Baden Champions Volleyball & Badminton Combo Set, you can switch between playing badminton and volleyball in seconds. It allows for seamless transitions from volleyball to badminton and vice versa.

This badminton volleyball combo set has powder-coated steel poles for added durability, just like the Amazon Basics combo set. It also comes with four quality rackets, three shuttlecocks, and a top-quality ball, so you can play immediately without purchasing anything else.

The poles are lightweight steel that’s easy to transport and come with a weighted base that will keep your net steady. The poles easily adjust to the height of either game without any hassle or fuss.

This set is also highly portable with lightweight steel poles and heavy-duty nylon netting, like the Park & Sun Sports combo set. However, the lightweight steel poles are a disadvantage since they can easily bend during strong winds.


  • The poles are easy to assemble and collapse for simple storage.
  • It has boundary lines that make it easier while playing to minimize arguments.


  • The ball wears out after a few uses.
  • The tension hooks and metal stakes can easily bend during strong winds.

Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo 

The Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo is an affordable way to enjoy both sports. This combo set comes with a 20-inch by 1.5-inch net that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is a popular badminton set because it has everything you need to have a good game without hurting your wallet. It’s perfect for picnics, beach parties, or backyard games, making every gathering lively and seem more fun.

It’s a complete set with a single net, four rackets, and two nylon shuttlecocks. The equipment is lightweight and easy to set up for fast play. Unlike the Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set, this set needs two people to put it up, making the process time-consuming and difficult.

The rackets are all made from aluminum alloy, just like the Park & Sun Sports combo set, making them durable and long-lasting. The handle is textured to provide a good grip, which ensures that you’ll be able to keep your shots on target without fear of them slipping off.


  • The rackets are long-lasting because they are made from aluminum.
  • Easy to put together


  • It requires two people to set up hence making it a time-consuming process.
  • The shuttlecocks get damaged after a few hits.

Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set

If you are looking for an excellent piece of equipment that will provide players with many hours of fun, then this Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set is just what you need.

This set’s components easily fit into the storage container, making it highly transportable. The set is simple to transport since everything may be folded and placed in a bag. It’s made with lightweight yet robust materials, making it an excellent choice for training, practice, and of course, some much-needed fun at the park.

Like the Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set, the compact telescopic poles are easy to put back once you’re done playing.

It includes four aluminum rackets with a rubber grip making them comfortable to hold while playing. There are few chances of the rackets slipping from your grasp. The major drawback of this combo set comes with the rackets since they quickly loosen after a few hits.

Unlike the Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo, the net is reinforced for additional long-term durability in each corner and held in place by the sturdy ropes.


  • The design and color of the net make it highly visible, and it’s also very bright, which is great for night games.
  • The tension rings help with adjustment and ensure the net stays firm even during tough play.


  • The shuttlecocks are of poor quality, making them wear out and break easily.
  • The rackets become loose after a few hits in the game.

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball Badminton Net Set

If you despise the hassle of continuously making adjustments to the poles whenever you want to play, then check out EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball Badminton Net Set.

This combo set has a fixed frame that needs folding and unfolding to have the net up in a matter of minutes without any difficulties. Also, you require no tools for setting up.

It also comes with everything needed to play both games right away. This set also comes with official-size and color-matched rackets if using the professional design is an essential requirement for you.

Since it’s the second lightest on my list, it’s easy to carry with you anywhere. The rackets are also lightweight yet durable due to their reinforced polymer weave and robust metal frames. Thanks to their smooth finish and integrated frames, the rackets’ handles are comfortable to hold.

After purchasing the bundle, you’ll find that the rackets are pre-strung and ready for use. The shuttlecocks, however, do not last long after a few hits.


  • Since it requires no tools during setup, assembling and disassembling is easier.
  • Highly portable and easy to carry with you anywhere


  • The net of this combo set is unstable due to the curve-shaped design, so you might have to stop the game to adjust it.
  • The shuttlecocks aren’t durable, breaking after a few gameplay series, so you’ll probably need to buy a few spares.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Combo Set

If you are uncertain of which combo set to select, always pick the basics, and for this case, the Amazon Basics Outdoor Volleyball and Badminton Combo Set prove to be a reliable deal.

This set is perfect for outdoor use and includes everything you might need: poles, shuttlecocks, rackets, and a net.

This set includes a very robust carrying case like the Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set to easily transport the entire package with you wherever you go. It has a simple setup procedure or a quick disassembly and assembly process. This set is ideal for camping trips, beach games, and backyard celebrations.

The drawback of this combo set is that the shuttlecocks included are not of good quality and tend to break easily.

However, the combo set is also of excellent quality. This combo set’s net was made of top-of-the-line nylon, making it resistant to wear and tear. Like the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set, the poles have been coated with a heavy-duty powder that can withstand all weather conditions.


  • The net is long-lasting because it is made of premium nylon.
  • Because of the powder coating, the poles can withstand different weather conditions.


  • The grip of the rackets tends to unravel because of poor quality.
  • The bottom part of the net sags during gameplay.

Features to Consider for Best Badminton Volleyball Combo Set

When buying a badminton volleyball combo set, you should consider certain features before making the final purchase. These vital factors must be considered when shopping for one of these sets.

These factors include quality, warranty information, and more. Once you know your requirements, finding the perfect combo set becomes easy.

Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo SetBaden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo SetFranklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton ComboPark & Sun Sports Portable Badminton SetEastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball Badminton Net Set
Adjustable SettingNoYesYesYesYes
Net size (L*H)32 ft by 3 ft32 ft by 3 ft20 ft by 1.5 ft21ft  by 2.5 ft25 ft  x 3 ft
Additional featuresYes-Flying discsNoNoNoNo


The quality of the equipment is one of the most important things you should consider when shopping for a new badminton volleyball combo set. This includes looking at different reviews of similar products on the market by other consumers. 

You will want to look for some made with high-quality materials like Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set that can stand up to a lot of repeated use. The last scenario you want is for your new set to break or wear out too quickly.

It should contain rackets, bag, ball, net, pump, and shuttle cock, which are the things you look for in a badminton-volleyball combo set

Ease of Setup

When searching through reviews, consider whether one person can quickly put up the equipment together without needing help from someone else since many sets require two people to complete the task.

This is especially important if you plan on using your set for travel or even want to put it away quickly after an afternoon of play. The Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set is the easiest to set up since it has telescoping buttons.

Warranty Information

Warranty information is also essential when shopping around for one of these sets. You will want one where the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product if anything goes wrong.

Depending on the company, you may be able to get a badminton volleyball combo set repaired or replaced for free as part of your warranty package.

Materials Used

Another critical factor to consider when buying one of these sets is the materials used in making it. Since you will be using it outside and in many different weather conditions, you want to ensure the materials stand up to the elements.

This includes withstanding sun, rain, heat from the summer sun, or even snow when it is cold out. You also do not want them to rust over time. Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set can withstand different weather conditions.

Beach volleyball

Size of Net and Badminton Court

You will consider the net and badminton court size when shopping for one of these sets. The set should have a tall net so you can play comfortably without hitting your head against it.

You also need to ensure the court is wide enough, so there are not too many close calls between hitting the volleyball over or into the net with your badminton racquet.

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball Badminton Net Set offers the official size net for these games.

Additional Items Included

It would help if you also considered what additional items are included when buying one of these sets. Is there anything that comes along with the set that may be useful to you? Otherwise, would it have to be purchased separately?

For example, some come with carrying cases or even stakes to secure them into the ground so they do not move around while playing badminton on them. You may find other things like this included in your purchase, making things much easier for you after receiving the set.

Unlike other combo sets, Zdgao Badminton & Volleyball Combo Set has flying discs to keep your kids busy as you play.

Where to Use It

Before buying one of these combos, you should consider where you will use it most often. This includes both inside and outside your home.

You may find that an outdoor combination set like the Amazon Basics Outdoor Combo Set is more durable than an indoor one if you plan to use it in bad weather conditions.

In this case, some great combo sets have been made specifically for outdoor use so they can withstand the elements without being damaged.

Additional Features

When shopping around for a new badminton volleyball combo set, take the time to carefully review your options before making a purchase decision.

Many different brands and models available today offer various features and benefits to suit what you have in mind. While many people think of volleyball and badminton as two separate sports, there are some great combination sets available today that make it possible for you to play both on the same court simultaneously.

These combo sets offer a complete setup that includes everything you need to enjoy playing these two indoor or outdoor sports. Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo is a popular set making it ideal for your choice.

Badminton combo

The Maintenance Factor

Badminton and Volleyball courts require specialized maintenance, and you might not have a clue how to even keep the grass on them trimmed.

Most of these combo sets are made from materials that require little maintenance, and they can provide years of fun for your family or team of friends who enjoy playing either sport together.

The Amazon Basics Combo Set has a nylon net, and minimal maintenance services. Hence it is the best choice when it comes to this factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Sets Be Used for Outdoor Play?

Yes, many of the combo sets on the market today are made specifically to consider indoor and outdoor use. Some are even designed to withstand bad weather conditions. So, be sure to check the product description before making your purchase.

Are All Sets Made of Weather-Resistant Material?

No. Most set systems are designed with materials that can stand up against rain or snow but are not always guaranteed. So, look at each product before purchasing it if you think you might have bad weather conditions during the year.

Do I Need a Court to Play?

No, you don’t need a court to play with these combot sets. You can use these sets just about anywhere you have enough space to set them up. However, badminton and volleyball courts require some specialized maintenance, so you might be unable to keep the grass on them.


Today, there are several distinct options when shopping for a badminton volleyball combo set. Before making a final purchasing decision, consider all factors to satisfy your needs. Be sure it’s fun enough to use and provides ease of transportation while ensuring durability won’t be an issue.

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