A Guide to the Best Basketball Shoes for a Big Man in 2024

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We’re at an era in basketball where speed and shooting threes are preferred over big men who can defend the paint and work on the post. Even in basketball shoes, signature shoes are now made for guards like Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Damian Lillard. The only big guy with a signature shoe is Kevin Durant but his playstyle is that of a scoring guard. 

Don’t fret about it. There are still plenty of basketball shoes that are perfect for big men. Whether you’re a shooting big man, a defensive big man, or a post-up big man, these basketball shoes will help you with your game. 

Top Basketball Shoe Reviews for a Big Man 

A pair of basketball shoes can’t be perfect. That’s why you need to identify your playstyle and what your body needs. That will help find the perfect basketball shoes for you. 

You can be like one of these. You could be like Shaquille O’neal who likes to dominate in the post, Rudy Gobert who defends the paint tenaciously, or Nikola Jokic who likes to shoot threes and run the show. 

Find out your playstyle and needs. Then you’ll know what basketball shoes are good for you. 

Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM Basketball Shoe

The Nike Lebron Witness 3 is a Lebron signature line basketball shoe. Lebron James is a walking athletic heavyweight. The weight plus his freakish athleticism puts a lot of pressure on his feet. That’s why Lebron James’ signature basketball shoes help reduce the stress in the feet. This is especially true for big men. 

The Lebron Witness 3 features a full-length encapsulated Air-sole as the cushioning system. It gives great bounce and absorbs the impact of jumping. 

The shoes are high-cut to provide ankle protection and are fit snug. The basketball shoes have a wide base to offer great balance and stability which is really helpful for big men. 

The materials used on the basketball shoes are made of mesh overlays on the upper part. The midsole is made of Phylon. It also has a patent leather overlay around the toe area. This extends to the lateral side of the shoe that helps with the sturdiness on the toe area. 

All of the materials feel premium and comfortable.

The traction pattern used on the shoes features the herringbone pattern. The traction was excellent but may take a couple of days to get used to the feel. Some big men like Anthony Davis and Pascal Siakam who are agile big men would benefit greatly with basketball shoes with great traction. 

Overall, the Lebron Witness 3 Basketball shoes are solid shoes for big men. 

Under Armour Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour Curry 3Zero is a signature basketball shoe made by Under Armour for Stephen Curry. Although Curry plays in the guard position, these shoes are great for big men. Curry himself had experiences with feet and ankle injuries, which is common among big men. 

The support on the Curry 3Zero is comparable to the main Curry signature shoe line. The small TPU piece around the heel area keeps your foot on the footbed as you move around the court. 

There’s also an internal heel counter and midsole at the heel. These guarantee protection for your feet as a big man. 

The shoe also has a wide base for better stability and balance. If you’re a shooting big man, it’s easy for you to set your feet for a 3 pointer. 

The cushion on the Curry 3Zero uses the Micro G foam compound, a signature foam from Under Armour. The Micro G midsole gives a little more bounce and impact protection enhancing your rebounding abilities. 

The Curry 3Zero uses mesh and fuse as materials. They get the job done but may not feel premium. It’s understandable since these shoes are the alternative for Curry’s main signature line. 

On a positive light, the materials used are very durable. It takes a little more time for it to break-in and feels comfortable on your feet. 

The traction on the Curry 3Zero uses hard rubber and a herringbone pattern. The outsole is excellent as you can use them indoors or outdoors and guaranteed to last long. 

Overall the Curry 3Zero is a great basketball shoe for a big man. It offers a balance between stability and protection. 

Adidas Mad Bounce Basketball Shoes  

The Adidas Mad Bounce is a great basketball shoe from Adidas. The Adidas Bounce technology which is featured in these basketball shoes is great for big men. 

First off, the materials used for the Mad Bounce are fused mesh and knit upper with forged panels on the side. 

The mesh upper is stretchy and soft but still provides a supportive fit. The Tech Fit booty and Neoprene tongue ensure that your feet are lockdown and secured in the shoes. 

Thanks to Adidas Bounce technology, the cushion is excellent. The Adidas Bounce technology provides excellent impact protection and bouncy feeling on the heel. It makes you feel like you can get every rebound that comes your way. 

The raised up midsole sections help with lateral support by keeping your foot from rolling over the footbed. There’s also an internal heel counter with an energy plate underneath that helps keep your feet contained and steady. 

The traction on these shoes uses a chromosome pattern that isn’t special but gets the job done. The rubber is hard and the grooves of the traction are deep making it a great basketball shoe for outdoor use. 

Overall, the Mad Bounce is an affordable basketball shoe that’s great for big men. The Bounce technology along with the Tech Fit booty construction helps with lateral movement and stability which is important for a big man. 

Nike Hyperdunk X

The Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X is a tribute basketball shoe celebrating ten years of Hyperdunk models. The Nike Hyperdunk shoes have been present since the 2008 Olympics. Hyperdunk is a popular versatile basketball shoe that can be worn by guards to centers. It’s especially great for big men because Nike Hyperdunk shoes emphasize the cushion which is a must for big men.

Nike Hyperdunk X uses a Phylon foam carrier which is soft. It gives great compression and improves your rebounding ability. The foam absorbs the initial landing impact. 

It also uses the Zoom Air cushioning which provides responsiveness and springy action. The Phylon acts as support and impact protection while the Zoom Air enhances responsiveness and court feel. 

Nike Hyperdunk X uses a lacing system that securely locks in your feet in the shoes. It also has a solid heel counter and a midfoot shank between the forefoot and heel Zoom. 

However, what really makes this great for big men is the TPU Swoosh piece on the midfoot. It helps with lateral movements like sliding and cutting. What makes it great is you can move laterally with ease as you attempt to defend quick guards or a chase-down block. 

The materials aren’t what we expected for a 10-year anniversary basketball shoes. It uses a textile upper with strategic foam backing and mesh. It works well but it doesn’t feel premium. 

The traction on the Nike Hyperdunk X is still great as always.

  • It uses a multi-directional pattern that gives coverage to any direction of movement. 
  • It uses soft rubber and has shallow groove patterns. This means it is not suitable for outdoor use. 

If you’re a big man looking for an all-around and reliable indoor basketball shoes then the Nike Hyperdunk X is perfect for you. This will help you as a big man as it has:

  • great cushioning
  • durable upper
  • great fit
  • great support

Important Qualities of Basketball Shoes for Big Man

There are the things you should be looking for if you’re a big man looking for the right basketball shoes. These include the following.

Good cushionShock absorption
Great ankle supportPrevents ankle injuries and offers stability
High-topProtects the ankle
Three men playing basketball in an indoor court

High-Top Basketball Shoes

In the past, basketball shoes were made with the high-top reaching above the ankles. Now that low-top shoes are popular for speed and lightweight, high-top shoes are still the go-to for a big man. 

High-top shoes provide better support and security than low-top basketball shoes. They help protect your ankles from injury especially when other players accidentally step on your feet or you landed wrongly from a jump. 

The downside of wearing high-top shoes is the added weight that will slow you down a bit. As a big man, you won’t be relying as much on your quickness. Since you are known for your size and strength, it shouldn’t be an issue. 

Cushion and Support

The cushion isn’t much valued for guards like Kyrie Irving or Russel Westbrook. They prefer lightweight and low mid-sole shoes for faster movement. 

Big men or centers naturally weigh heavier than guards or smaller guys. This means you put more pressure and stress on your knees and joints. 

A basketball about to enter through the hoop

As a big man, your basketball shoes should be soft and comfortable. They help reduce the amount of stress you place on your feet. Various cushioning systems like Under Armour’s Micro G, Nike’s Zoom Air, and Adidas’ Bounce help with impact protection and provides comfort for your feet.  

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about basketball shoes for big men.

What Basketball Shoes Make You Jump the Highest?

Although many basketball shoes enhance your ability to jump, no shoes can make you jump higher out of nowhere. Therefore, even though some shoes might add a couple of inches to your vertical jump, if you want to jump higher, you need to practice.

Do Heavier Shoes Make You Faster?

No, in fact, it is quite the opposite. According to research, heavier shoes make you sprint slower compared to others. These kinds of shoes make your body waste more energy and force while sprinting, making it more difficult for you.

Does Fat Affect Shoe Size?

Yes, in some cases the weight of a person can affect their shoe size. This is because when people gain weight, they tend to increase their shoe size. On the other hand, when they lose it, they are prone to have smaller feet than before.


With all the information you read, you’re bound to have a pick for your best basketball shoes for a big man. Remember that it’s always important to pick shoes that provide cushion and support. You don’t want to end up like Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden who had promising careers but were plagued with injuries on the knees and joints.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.