Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball [2022 Review]

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As weird as it may sound, the best basketball shoes for volleyball can provide you great traction on the field. Or maybe you just want shoes you can wear both for basketball and volleyball so you won’t have to spend extra cash. If that’s your case, we got you covered.

Our Top Basketball Shoes for Volleyball Reviews

Basketball and volleyball have a lot of similarities, that’s why you sometimes find people wearing basketball shoes in volleyball and vice versa. However, since these shoes aren’t something you would usually consider for your sport, it’s hard to know which one is best.

Take a look at our list of recommendations for the best basketball shoes for volleyball you can get. 

Adidas Dame 5
Under Armour Lockdown 5
Reebok Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker
adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 8.5
Under Armour mens Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe,...
Reebok mens Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Basketball Shoe,...
Rubber sole
Rubber sole
100% Synthetic
Adidas Dame 5
adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 8.5
Under Armour Lockdown 5
Under Armour mens Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe,...
Rubber sole
100% Synthetic
Reebok Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker
Reebok mens Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Basketball Shoe,...
Rubber sole

Best Overall Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 8.5

Even though it’s not the latest design in Damian Lillard’s signature shoes, The Adidas Dame 5 are still the best among most basketball shoes for volleyball. They feature one of the best traction you can get from a basketball shoe. 

The Adidas Dame 5 uses herringbone traction down from the heel to the toes. Because of this, you get one of the best experiences on the court with its superb traction. Each line pattern is thick and widely spaced apart making it less susceptible to dust buildup and easy to clean. 

They’re even durable enough that you can take them out for some outdoor volleyball. 

The cushioning on these basketball shoes is thicker compared to their predecessor, the Adidas Dame 4. The thicker cushion is much preferable in volleyball for protection. In basketball, thinner cushions are sometimes preferred for better court feel. 

The impact protection you get from these shoes is excellent. It doesn’t cause any instability or lessens the court feel. You are free to jump and move around with the Dame 5. 

You can get the Dame 5 in 2 material options: mesh and leather. 

The mesh is slightly lighter compared to leather and it’s much more comfortable and flexible. While the leather option looks a bit lower end, it gets the job done. Comparing the two, there isn’t that much difference except that mesh is lighter. 

For fit, going down half a size is the choice when going for the Dame 5. It fits slightly long around the toe area and you can feel the space above it as well. If you have a wide foot, you can go true to size as these basketball shoes are perfect for people with wide feet. 

The lacing system is your standard lacing system and it works. The lockdown is excellent and your feet hold in place whatever motion you do. The interior has pillow cushioning that the lockdown feels comfortable. 

A TPU panel goes on the lateral side that provides additional lateral coverage. While it may look like it, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all and offers great support. 

The outsole is flat and wide that it provides excellent stability just from the width alone. Better stability means better footwork on the court which is always helpful for volleyball. 

If we were to nitpick about the negatives of the Dame 5, it would be that some of its materials don’t look very high end. For a signature basketball shoe, it would have been nice that it would look premium but the Dame 5 more than makes up for its performance. 

That’s why Dame 5s are our choice for the best overall basketball shoes for volleyball. 

Product Highlights

  • Excellent herringbone traction
  • Great for wide feet
  • Excellent bounce cushioning
adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 8.5
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning
  • Imported
  • Lace closure

Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Under Armour Lockdown 5

Under Armour mens Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe,...

If you are looking for value in your basketball shoes for volleyball, then the Under Armour Lockdown 5 might be the one you are looking for. 

The Under Armour Lockdown 5 features a synthetic upper that provides you with a responsive fit and fast look. It also has a lightweight, super breathable sock liner that gives you underfoot cushioning and support.

These basketball shoes are one of the best responsive pairs you can wear on the court. The Lockdown 5 has an injection-molded midsole which gives it a lightweight and responsive ride. 

Most Under Armour basketball shoes have great traction and these pairs are no exception. The outsole consists of rubber and it has a multi-level adaptive traction pattern that is excellent for on-court movement and control even in long use. It works on any type of surface. 

While you can go true to size with the Lockdown 5, some people found it to have a narrow fit. If you have wide feet, we recommend you go up half a size. 

The Lockdown 5 features a mid-top collar that gives you comfortable support. The collar also protects your ankle area from injuries especially if you land uncomfortably from jumping.

While the lace-up closure is nothing special, it gives you a secure and locked-in fit. These basketball shoes live up to their name as they provide excellent lockdown for your feet. They don’t feel uncomfortable moving around the court and don’t move your feet from the inside. 

The Lockdown 5 consist of synthetic and leather on the outer and textile on the inner. They’re comfortable to wear and flexible. The sole consists of gum rubber that provides excellent traction. 

These basketball shoes weigh 13.2 ounces making them one of the lightweight shoes you can get. 

Usually, while we wouldn’t recommend gum rubber for outdoor use, these Under Armour basketball shoes work on even rough outdoor courts. The soles are durable yet still provide excellent traction. 

However, the material can be a bit stiff and cushioning can be quite firm. That being said, once you break them in, they should feel comfortable enough to wear. 

Overall, The Under Armour Lockdown are some of the best basketball shoes for volleyball that is a great option without hurting your pocket. 

Product Highlights

  • Molded synthetic upper for a responsive fit
  • Perforated leather for breathability
  • Injection-molded EVA midsole for a lightweight and responsive ride
Under Armour mens Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe,...
  • Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless...
  • Where we started? It all started with an idea to build a superior T-shirt
  • The technology behind Under Armour diverse product assortment for men, women and youth is complex,...

Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Nike Air Precision 2

Nike Mens AIR Precision II Basketball Shoes (4.5 M...

If you are looking for the best comfortable basketball shoes you can wear for volleyball then, the Nike Air Precision 2 sets themselves apart. 

The most notable feature they have is their dynamic fit webbing system. They greatly secures lockdown on your shoes. Whether you’re running on the court, jumping for an attack, or diving for the ball, these basketball shoes are reliable for smooth movement. 

These shoes have a specialized rubber outsole with a modified herringbone traction pattern for enhanced multi surface grip. They’re solid and durable enough that you can use them even on outdoor courts. 

The shank at the midfoot also has a side wrapping effect that adds to the grip and traction on your movements on the court. It also has thick phylon materials for cushioning added to the midsole that adds to the comfort and support along with the lockdown. 

The lacing system is your traditional one and secures your feet thanks to the webbing system. 

What makes this pair of basketball shoes comfortable is the added padding on the collar and tongue. The lining of the shoes also consists of soft fabric that feels comfortable to wear. 

The heel cushions even have a Nike Air unit for maximum support. They are added with plush foam pads that add to the overall comfort of the basketball shoes. 

The Nike Air Precision 2 feature a round toe style and consist mostly of breathable mesh material on the upper that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. This mesh also helps with airflow so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable down there. 

Because of their materials to maximize comfort, these basketball shoes can get dirty easily. That is why if you are looking to wear them outdoors, you will find yourself cleaning these shoes regularly. They also produce a lot of squeals on the court because of the outsole. 

Overall, if you are looking for comfortable basketball shoes to wear for volleyball, Nike Air Precision 2 is an excellent choice. They’re comfortable, lightweight and responsive on the court. 

Product Highlights

  • Nike Air unit in the heel for cushioning and impact support
  • Durable modified herringbone traction pattern
  • Added thick paddings in the tongue and collar

Best Traction Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Nike KD Trey 5 VIII 

Nike Mens KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes...

The Nike KD Trey 5 VIII is a basketball shoe that you can use even for volleyball. Thanks to its great flexibility and great ankle support, it works effectively in indoor and outdoor volleyball courts. 

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII  is some of the best shoes close to the Dame 5. This pair of shoes has some of the most durable traction there is. You can even use it outdoors. 

The traction is excellent and works for volleyball court surfaces. The shoes also feel already broken in so you will feel comfortable from  the moment you wear them. 

The Nike KD Trey 5 VIII is a great alternative for people who don’t want to spend too much for volleyball shoes. These shoes have rubber outsoles perfect for volleyball. Since the KD Trey 5 VIII is great for outdoors, it can last a long time if you only use it for volleyball. 

The grip can hold against rough outdoor surfaces. Hence, the grip will last longer when only used in indoor volleyball court surfaces. 

The cushion of the KD Trey 5 VIII has great comfortability thanks to its dual-density foam midsole. It contains the Nike Renew foam which is soft and responsive. To help with stability, it has a foam support made firmer thanks to the Nike Renew technology. 

To help protect your ankles, the KD Trey 5 VIII features a mid-high collar to cushion your ankles. It also has perforated foam pods to lock-in your ankles. It does not restrict your movements in volleyball while also protecting your ankles. 

Some downsides that you may want to watch out for are you may experience your foot sliding once the Renew foam bottoms out. 

Overall, this is one of the best to have if you want all around basketball shoes for volleyball. You can use the shoes in both sports. The traction is excellent and you can use it for a long time. 

Product Highlights

  • Excellent and long-lasting traction so performance will be consistent for a long time
  • No need to break in so you feel comfortable wearing right away
  • Nike Renew foam is an all around feature providing protection, comfort, bounce, and responsiveness
Nike Mens KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes...
  • Ankle Support A mid-high collar is layered with foam to provide comfort and support all around your...
  • On-Court Control The rubber outsole with a wavy tread pattern provides durable, multidirectional...
  • All in the Details 2-layer textile material in the forefoot includes clear yarns that give it a...

Best Durable Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Nike Lebron Witness IV

Nike Lebron Witness Iv Mens Basketball Shoes...

The Lebron Witness 4 is one of the most durable basketball shoes you can use for volleyball. It’s also one of the better looking ones without spending too much. 

The materials used for the Lebron Witness IV are quite durable. You can expect it to last for years depending on how much you use it. 

When it comes to cushion, the Lebron Witness 4 has a foam midsole that comes with a forefoot Zoom unit that’s very responsive. What’s great about the Zoom Air unit for volleyball is that it absorbs your weight and returns the energy for a springy bounce. 

The traction isn’t that bad. It uses a flexible rubber outsole that can be used outdoors and last for a long time. However, the grip is only decent and may slide at times. These shoes are best fit  for blockers who want to get some extra bounce on their jump. 

Upon wearing, it feels comfortable and fits snug. Most users say that it is comfortable however, some people reported having discomfort in the ankle area. 

The Lebron Witness IV is also lightweight despite it looking heavy in design. Compared to the heavy Lebron 17, the Lebron Witness is an alternative for those who don’t want to spend too much for a Lebron signature shoe that they can also use for volleyball. 

The support and lockdown is excellent and it may be because of the traction that the shoes often slide. Other than that, the Lebron Witness IV is a solid all-around durable basketball shoes for volleyball. 

Product Highlights

  • Made to last, these shoes can be used for years
  • Comfortable to wear for volleyball
  • Cushioning is bouncy and responsive perfect for jumping in volleyball

Best Kids Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0

adidas unisex child Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe,...

If you are looking to buy basketball shoes that your child can wear for both basketball and volleyball then the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 is your best option.

They have great construction quality with strong adhesives and quality stitching that keep some of the parts in place securely and functionally. 

The Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 features a mid-top silhouette that supports the ankles barely below the joint. It’s great for preventing your foot from displacing especially when you are landing and preventing injuries. 

The basketball shoes have a footbed that conforms closely to the soles of your feet and provides support to your feet arch to prevent discomfort. 

The collars have plush padding. While it could have been better if they added more cushioning inside the basketball shoes, they may not be able to do so. However, the ankle area feels comfortable and provides a bit of bounce. 

When it comes to traction, these basketball shoes give you a solid performance. While they don’t offer you the same traction you get from other signature basketball shoes, they get the job done. 

The outsole is solid and durable so your child can wear them wherever they want to. However, the traction might become slippery after frequent use. These are good multi-purpose basketball shoes that your kid can wear.

If your child is playing volleyball for school then the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 should be enough. However, if your child is playing volleyball competitively, then you are probably better off choosing from one of the choices above.

There are, however, some downsides. While the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 in general are durable enough, the upper can crease pretty easily especially across the toe area. If you don’t mind aesthetics,this shouldn’t bother you a lot. 

There’s also not a lot of moisture-wicking features in the basketball shoes. Kids love to play around a lot and may cause sweating around the feet area. That being said, the Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 is a solid pick for the best kid’s basketball shoes you can use for volleyball. 

Product Highlights

  • Classic basketball shoe design
  • Great quality
  • Great comfort and support features
adidas unisex child Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe,...
  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Synthetic nubuck upper with mesh collar

Best Versatile Basketball Shoes for Volleyball: Nike Kobe Mamba Fury

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Fury CK2087-004 Black/Racer...

A pair of versatile basketball shoes is very hard to find since not most basketball shoes transition from playing basketball to volleyball and vice versa. If you look at the Nike Kobe Mamba Fury, it’s a shoe that has all the features you need for both volleyball and basketball. 

Kobe basketball shoes have become a rarity. However, a deal was made between the Bryant family and Nike to produce some Kobe shoes so we expect the shoes to go down in value. 

What makes the Kobe Mamba Fury great for volleyball is its shock absorbing feature. Since Kobe uses footwork a lot, his shoes are catered for many foot movements and protecting it. 

The Kobe does a great job of protecting your feet and absorbing shock thanks to its Zoom Air unit. You even feel some extra bounce in your jump and it feels comfortable jumping or landing. 

The shoes have a complete mesh upper so it feels cool and comfortable. You rarely get sweaty feet from using these shoes unless you are intensely active all day. Kobe was known to practice from morning until the late hours at night so you should expect shoes made for him to have superior mesh upper. 

You also have a drop-in Lunarlon foam midsole that helps reinforce the comfort level. It also keeps the shoes flexible and easy to get used to. 

The outsole provides extra traction thanks to its micro-tuned design and traction pattern. It’s decent for outdoor courts although you would want to avoid playing it outdoors if you heavily use it for volleyball. 

Overall, it’s one of the best shoes that offers everything you need for both volleyball and basketball. It’s highly versatile and its only limiting factor is how bad the outsoles can get when played on rough outdoor surfaces. 

Product Highlights

  • Flyweave upper construction for better movement and flexibility
  • Comfortable and breathable midsole and upper mesh
  • Sturdy and durable despite its lightweight design

What Makes the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

The best basketball shoes for volleyball have certain features that set them apart. These features can affect what basketball shoes you are going to pick. All people have different preferences and needs for their basketball shoes, after all. 

Women's volleyball team using basketball shoes for volleyball


Traction is the ability of your basketball shoes to stop and prevent you from falling or slipping. This is really important in Volleyball as you will be running a lot chasing the ball or preparing to make a jump. 

Having excellent traction on your basketball shoes will benefit you in playing volleyball as it can prevent injuries caused by slipping on the court. 

Basketball shoes are usually made for indoor courts and are catered for hardwood. Hardwood floors are really slippery to walk on. That’s why most basketball shoes have excellent grip. The herringbone pattern on the outsole is commonly associated with basketball shoes that have excellent traction. 


Being comfortable with what you wear is important. You don’t want to spend time on uncomfortable shoes when playing games as it will affect your performance. Having the right amount of cushioning will ensure your feet are well-protected. 

Look for cushioning that prevents heel pain and plantar fasciitis. The tongue should also be well-cushioned as it’s the part that will constantly rub on your foot as you move. 

Some basketball shoes also have exclusive cushioning features that greatly enhance the comfort you experience when wearing them. For example, Nike employs Nike Air cushioning on some of their shoes that make the shoes bounce and feel comfortable. Make sure to check if these features really do work. 

Woman playing volleyball while wearing basketball shoes


The materials used on the basketball shoes oftentimes decide its longevity and on what situations they are good at. You also have to look at the quality of the materials used too.

If you are looking for better longevity, look for basketball shoes that consist of leather or strong fabrics. While leather is a great material for shoes in terms of durability, it’s also on the heavy side. 

If you are looking for lightweight basketball shoes to maximize your movement then look for basketball shoes of lightweight material.

Synthetic leather is a great example and it’s the material that most basketball players use today. They are a great alternative to leather with almost identical yet lighter qualities. 

Lockdown and Support

The best basketball shoes should always have features that protect your feet. Basketball shoes with proper support will keep your feet from experiencing pain and getting injuries.

Some foot pains happen by overextending your arch after long hours of playing. 

Look for shoes that have support in the arch to prevent this. The design should be comfortable to your feet and prevents overextending of the arch. Make sure you also have cushion around the ankles to prevent a sprain 

Your feet should also be locked inside the shoe with the lacing system. The traditional lacing system has tested to work effectively and is most commonly used in basketball shoes. Also, look for features that provide support from landing on jumps and provide bounce feel.  


Your basketball shoes should be durable enough to last for at least a season of play. Make sure the materials used on the basketball shoes are quality made. 

You can’t have basketball shoes that suddenly break during a game. You might not have an extra pair to change into. It can be embarrassing and might even affect the game. 

Woman trying to pass the volleyball

Shock Absorption 

Volleyball requires a lot of jumping especially if you’re a hitter or a blocker. Shock absorption on your shoes help reduce the pressure and risk of injury when you land on your feet.

Shock absorption isn’t limited to jumping. Sudden burst of movement also stresses your feet and with shock absorption, you can lessen that stress and pressure to make your feet more comfortable. 


Extra weight on your feet will only expend more energy from you. Lightweight shoes allow you to be fast and increase your stamina on the court. However, you should find the right balance of lightweight and at the same time comfort and cushioning. 

Lightweight shoes tend to generally sacrifice comfort and cushioning which adds weight to the shoes. A balance between being lightweight and good cushioning is the best option for volleyball. Volleyball isn’t about speed so you don’t necessarily need extremely lightweight shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people also asked about basketball shoes for volleyball. 

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

Yes. While you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball, don’t expect them to perform the same as volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes are technically better for volleyball since brands specifically design them with volleyball and everything it entails in mind.

However, some athletes prefer using other types of shoes because that’s what they are comfortable with. Have a feel on what shoes you are comfortable wearing and observe your performance. 

What Basketball Shoes are Best for Volleyball?

As of now, there are no new basketball shoes that are on par with the Adidas Dame 5s. They are great all-around basketball shoes that you can almost use in any indoor sports. The latest model, the Dame 6 was a letdown because the traction wasn’t good enough.

Even the newer released basketball shoes can’t compare to how good the Dame 5 is for volleyball. 

What Type of Shoe is Best for Volleyball?

Naturally, volleyball shoes would be best. However, if you are looking for alternatives look for shoes that have arch support and are comfortable to wear. Basketball shoes are nearly identical to volleyball shoes in that regard that’s why you often see people wear them on volleyball games. 

Is There a Difference Between Basketball Shoes and Volleyball?

Basketball shoes are most commonly designed for running forward whereas volleyball shoes are designed for stability and lateral movements. The outsoles on volleyball shoes also commonly use gum rubber which is great for indoor courts but bad for outdoors. Basketball shoes can vary from indoor and outdoor courts so they either use gum rubber or regular rubber.

They tend to be more durable for outdoor use. 


These are the best basketball shoes you can use for volleyball. Make sure you check what features you need the most for your basketball shoes. It’s better if the basketball shoes meet all the features so you can fully maximize your performance. 

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.