Best Basketball Shoes For Kids [2024 Review]

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If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for kids and have no idea where to start, this guide is for you. I exhaustively researched and tested a wide variety of shoes to find ones that are a good fit for most kids. 

Our Top Basketball Shoes For Kids

After reading plenty of reviews, doing research, and testing, I have identified the following basketball shoes as the best options for your young ones. Later on in this guide, I will look at why it is important to get your child quality shoes and what to look out for while at it.

Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 [Gs]

My number one pick is the Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8. When it comes to basketball, the pair is kids’ crème de la crème. These shoes are for anyone between eight to twelve years old. I found the pair to pack more features than any other recommendation in this guide.

The high-performance kicks are stylish, provide strong ankle support, and offer incredible traction and maximum comfort for those not so little feet. This is important because kids are generally fast-moving and need enough boost as they play on the hardwood.

The Team Hustle D8 consists of synthetic and leather upper which makes it lightweight. In addition, it flexes to streamline with the kid’s movement, as the materials effortlessly adjust to their feet. This makes it easy for the kid to use and keep their spirit up while playing.

The shoes have a foam midsole which effectively cushions the feet to give that extra comfort and support. Its thick rubber outsole provides a great grip as kids play or walk. It also acts as a shock absorber, dissipating shock automatically.

Your kid can easily wear the shoes on their own, thanks to the hook-and-loop strap. The high top cut provides adequate protection for the ankle and the whole foot at large. Apart from using them on-court, you can also wear these trendy kicks on the street. 

While these kicks are a pricier compared to such models as Adidas Hoops 2.0, Under Armour Jet 2019, and Nike Superstar they pack better features and will greatly help to grow your child’s basketball talent. 


  • Foam padded midsole
  • Thick Rubber outsole
  • Leather and Textile upper
  • Hook-and-loop strap
  • High collar

What I Like

  • Stretchable and durable
  • Offer adequate ankle support and protection
  • Has great traction
  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Not hard to put on

What I Don’t Like

  • After a while, the hook-and-loop strap might become loose

Under Armour Kids’ Preschool Jet 

Under Armour designed the Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Jet for high performance, quality, speed, and comfort; for children between four to eight years.

When it comes to cushioning, these shoes feature EVA foam midsole and insole. This type of material is better in absorbing shock and has impeccable tensile strength. The cloth lining is antimicrobial, reducing the chances of a bacterial growth infection on the feet.

On the exterior, there is a herringbone-patterned rubber sole, known for admirable traction. UA Jet has an engineered mesh upper. As a result, even if your child’s feet sweat, they dry fast and experience maximum breathability. Leather covers the heel counter and toe for additional durability on these shoes.

The shoe also has a reliable lace close up system that locks down the feet perfectly. The system runs from the bridge of the foot to slightly upwards the collar. To strengthen it, the padded tongue uses oval shoelaces.

Due to their superb design and dual color tone, the Under Armour Kids’ Preschool Jet are fairly stylish and will undoubtedly pique the interest of your kids. This will make them more eager to play and improve their talent.

Overall, if you find Nike’s Team Hustle a little expensive for you, I think this pair from Under Armour will be a great alternative. They are affordable, comfortable, easy to play with and boast of superb traction.


  • EVA Foam Midsole and Insole
  • Leather & Engineered Mesh upper
  • Padded tongue and oval shoelaces
  • Herringbone Pattern Solid Rubber outsole
  • Lace-up Closure System
  • Mid-top silhouette

What I Like

  • Offers maximum breathability to minimize sweating and foul odor
  • Awesome shock absorption
  • Non-slip rubber sole to boost traction
  • Antimicrobial sock liner
  • Durable, practical and stylish
  • Very flexible making them easy to play wit
  • Impressive ankle support
  • Very comfortable 

What I Don’t Like

  • Some kids might find it too heavy

Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0

The Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 are unisex so you can buy for a girl or boy between four to twelve years of age. While it doesn’t pack features and tech like the other models, these shoes will suffice just fine.

The Hoop 2.0 are great for safety, style, and comfort. They have a synthetic upper with the famous 3-stripe Adidas logo. The pair features a mid-top design which I consider pretty stylish and versatile both on the hardwood and streets.

The collar consists of lightweight mesh material. This offers enough breathability when your loved one is on the court. On top of providing efficient ankle support and collective foot support, it has a rubber outsole that achieves traction in different directions to prevent slip offs.

Inside, the shoes have textile lining meant to prevent chafing and offer comfort. Its sock liner consists of EVA just like the Under Armour Jet. The EVA is die-cut constructed to limit the bulkiness without compromising on cushioning.

Finally, it has a reliable lace-up closure that enhances lock down. Kids who are starting off on basketball or those who have already mastered the game will find it comfortable and easy to play with.


  • EVA Sock liner
  • Textile lining
  • Synthetic upper with brand logo
  • Rubber sole
  • Mid-top silhouette
  • Mesh collar
  • Lace-up system

What I Like

  • Comfortable with impressive fit
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner
  • Offers commendable ankle support
  • Provides firm grip while playing
  • Has good foot lock down
  • Chafe-free textile lining
  • Breathable and stylish

What I Don’t Like

  • Some children might find it bulky and difficult to play with
  • The sizing is unreliable and some kids might have trouble fitting into them

Adidas Originals Kids’ Superstar Sneaker 

From the name, you can tell this basketball shoe is for the flashy players. Probably, that and the shell toe explains why most teenagers have donned this pair off the court. The Adidas Originals Kids’ Superstar sneakers are simply a smaller adult version suited to adapt to tinier feet.

In comparison with the other three pairs of basketball shoes in this guide, these are the most celebrated in the fashion world. They come in a variety of fun colours which means your little wanna-be would love to own one.

The shoes consist of a leather upper which makes them durable, waterproof and easy to clean. The interior has technologically advanced boost cushioning based on the use of TPU cells. The wearer feels a returning energy with each step and the cells are great shock absorbers.

When it comes to traction, a thick rubber sole with herringbone pattern provides incredible grip on any surface. They are low-tops, with the classical lace-up system and tongue. This gives the sneakers a standard lockdown. The silhouette also makes ankle movements unrestricted and offers little support.

Sneakers are available in different sizes and fit. You pick based on your child’s age. If you have no idea how to choose the right fit, there is a size guide. Getting your child such a shoe will be beneficial in the long run, especially if you plan to let them wear it off court.


  • Adidas boost cushioning 
  • Herringbone pattern rubber sole
  • Standard lockdown
  • Leather upper
  • Signature shell toe
  • Low top silhouette

What I Like

  • Comfortable and protective
  • Firm grip
  • Durable, lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique and stylish
  • Various colour choices

What I Don’t Like

  • It runs large
  • Has an unbreathable upper
  • Hard to put on

What to Consider When Choosing Basketball Shoes for Kids

A bad pair of shoes can break your child’s sporting spirit. It is, therefore, important that you get them a pair that can help them grow their talent and develop more passion for basketball. 

This means that you have to look out for key features that will help trigger your kid’s enthusiasm and make them more eager to play. When choosing basketball shoes for kids, pay attention to some of the most important features.

Best FeaturesBenefits
Good cushioningProvides shock absorption, preventing injuries
Great tractionEnhances mobility and agility on the court
Good flexibilityPrevents injuries and improves comfort
Great supportOffers better stability, preventing injuries
Kids wearing their best basketball shoes in the court


There are three main categories: high-top, mid-top and low-top. The first one extends over the ankle. I recommend high top shoes for aggressive or heavier players because they offer the best ankle support.

The second is an in-between, with an upper that barely covers the ankle. While such shoes give moderate ankle support, they are lighter. Low-tops are better for speed and enhanced flexibility. This is because the height gives a lot of room for ankle movement.


This is crucial on-court. Each brand has advanced technology for designing traction patterns according to the playing surface. A popular design is the advanced herringbone pattern. Many brands consider this material the most effective on all surfaces as much as the material used for the sole.

Rubber should be your first option because it has the best grip. While colorways are fine, they might be problematic on dusty floors. Other synthetic materials used work perfectly on rough surfaces.


From textile to leather, the alternatives are numerous. Materials used to make the shoes upper, midsole and outsole directly determine its breathability, weight and comfortability. Upper materials can either be soft or hard. 

Soft ones consist of soft woven synthetics or naturals. Hard ones like leather make a shoe heavier and more rigid. They are used for more support and protection.

Kid sitting down with a ball close to him


Basketball shoes must fit right to avoid slip offs or even worse, injuries. Even though a new pair might feel too tight at first,with time one breaks them in. This is better than getting a size bigger or smaller.

Try different kinds of brands to see which one has the best fit.

If your child has narrow feet, look for shoes made to cater for such feet.


Children are very energetic and, therefore, the pair you choose should be able to keep up. Unless you want to buy shoes every now and then, get a wear-and-tear resistant one. The durability of a shoe depends on the material used on the upper and the sole. 

For example, the Nike Originals Kids’ Superstar are very durable because they consist of leather upper and rubber outsole. Such kicks will serve your children until they outgrow them.


Basketball shoes need enough shock absorbers. This helps the player’s knees and reduces fatigue. If your child is on the heavier side of the scale, you can not afford to overlook this. The lighter the child, the lesser the cushion.

Padding and lining the interior of a shoe also brings about comfortability. This is another key attribute to look for. The best cushioning techniques are the air and boost technologies.

Body Size

Small bodied kids are better suited with lightweight basketball shoes. High top shoes support their larger counterparts. This is simply because the heavier a person is, the more the pressure they exert on their joints and, therefore, need better fitting shoes for maximum comfort.

Additionally, more cushioned or high tops shoes might be too bulky for your lighter player. That interferes with your child’s speed on court and may discourage them or make them clumsy while playing.

Skill Level

If your child is a starter, an economical pair is workable. Let them start to learn and discover if basketball is really their thing. Once they are fully into it and skilled, get them a high quality pair. This is to protect them as they do sophisticated basketball stunts.

Also allow your young, skilled player to wear a shoe that expresses their personality. After all,they are the star of the show.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about basketball shoes for kids. 

What Size Should I Buy for My Child’s Basketball Shoes?

This depends on the feet structure of your kid. To ensure the best fit, you need to measure your child’s feet. Then, you should select a size that gives their feet room to grow, without it being too loose. After all, if the shoes are too big for them, it will cause discomfort.

Do High-Top Basketball Shoes Offer More Ankle Support for Kids?

Yes, high-top basketball shoes provide additional ankle support for your kids. These shoes can prevent problems such as ankle sprains and other injuries. Though high-tops are also one of the heaviest options you can pick. Therefore, you need to check if your kid can move correctly while wearing these kinds of shoes.

How Often Should I Replace My Child’s Basketball Shoes?

This depends on how much they use them. If they are used on a daily basis, they need to be replaced after one or two months, depending on the shoe’s durability. If they are only used once or twice a week, they need to be replaced after four or six months.

Also, this may depend on how fast the kid’s feet grow. If your children’s feet grow fast, you may need to replace their shoes, no matter how much they have used them.


I hope this guide will help you buy a great pair of basketball shoes for your little ones. Before buying ensure to look out for important factors such as traction, fit, silhouette and material among others. As you weigh your options, do not forget to ask your child what they prefer to wear if they are old enough to decide.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.