Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet [2024 Review]

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Finding a solid pair of proper-fitting basketball shoes for wide feet can be a hassle. Regularly-sized sneakers tend to be narrow, causing discomfort and toe deformities to players without narrow feet. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled the best basketball shoes for wide feet that provide support, traction, safety, and comfort. 

5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Having wide feet does not automatically mean you need to move a size up. More often than not, players with wide feet make this mistake. Alas, this can throw off balance with a shoe’s features. 

Selecting the best basketball shoes for broad feet can be challenging, but with proper information, you can unleash your basketball skills without hesitation. 

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoes

These mid-cut basketball shoes from Adidas will truly make you feel like a pro thanks to breathable flexible upper, responsive cushioning, and lock-down support. Perfect for all-around players, the Pro Bounce 2018 basketball shoes combines traction, good fit, lateral support, and responsiveness

Its Tetris-like outsole tread pattern grips different kinds of surfaces well. In fact, the enhanced rubber sole features a spiral outsole tread pattern that works even on a dusty court. You can rely on its solid traction to effectively make crosses and cuts on the court. 

What makes the Adidas Pro Bounce the top basketball shoes for wide feet is the bounce technology. This feature gives your broad feet more stability and comfort without sacrificing support. 

Moreover, the Bounce cushioning technology covers the full length of the comfortable basketball shoe for maximum flexibility and comfort. Since these basketball shoes have one of the best well-balanced cushioning, it delivers good bounce while keeping a lot of court feel.  

Aside from that, the Geofit padded collar serves as great ankle support. Likewise, the Geofit ankle collar and construction include a cable lacing system with webbing eyelets for proper fitting. A Phylon midsole and flex grooves lend a natural feel and better articulation. 

The Pro Bounce basketball shoes use the standard lace-up system. Some people may not like the Flywire-like cables, but this feature improves lockdown and keeps your wide feet on the footbed of the shoes. You can weave the shoelaces through the tongue loop to keep the tongue from going to either side.  

Among these basketball shoes’ impressive features are the thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU plates. These lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting plates resist splitting and abrasion. As a result, the TPU-coated fibers promote midfoot stability, lightweight durability, and targeted support.

When it comes to materials, the textile mesh upper covers the fibers to prevent fraying. This feature lets the Adidas Pro Bounce basketball shoes ensure that your wide feet will not slip from the footbed when you are playing. 

Adidas also incorporated its latest stitching technology— the ForgeFiber, which provides targeted zones of stretch and lockout. Because of this, the basketball shoes move with your wide feet rather than against them. 

Overall, the Adidas Pro Bounce basketball shoes improve your confidence and performance on the court. This basketball shoe’s key features will let you cut and pivot while preventing the chance of having swollen feet. 

Product Highlights

  • Cable lacing system with webbing eyelets
  • Thick rubber outsole with enhanced traction pattern
  • Textile mesh upper with lightweight, durable ForgeFiber
  • Flexible bounce midsole cushioning
  • TPU spring plates for midfoot stability


  • Responsive cushioning that lets players make sudden changes of direction
  • Padder collar that lessens pain in the heel or toes while playing
  • Great lockdown that guarantees you can move your wide feet freely without uneasiness 


  • The sole’s ability to work well on dusty basketball courts 
  • The laces tend to wear out after prolonged use 

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoes

Combining breathable materials and well-cushioned sole, the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoes are a worthwhile investment that will take care of your wide feet. These are also the perfect wide-width basketball shoes for fast players because the materials guarantee maneuverability and comfort. 

One of the best key features is the sturdy rubber sole that provides constant support even on a tiled concrete court. A herringbone pattern boost improves a player’s multidirectional footwork. With that said, this pair of basketball shoes boasts good holding traction that enables players to make quick turns, stops, and cuts. 

These basketball shoes includes a collar with asymmetrical foam that provides a more relaxing and comfortable fit. The basketball shoes also come with a Nike air unit in the heel to absorb impact. With these key features, your ankles get the crucial support when executing complicated maneuvers.

The inside of the shoes is entirely padded. Thus, your wide feet will receive the utmost comfort despite pressure from your weight. Even with thick padding, the shoes remain lightweight, making sure there are no implications in your speed and performance. 

If you want shoes that will serve you for a long time, don’t worry because the Air Visi Pro VI can withstand mud, dirt, water, and pressure from playing basketball. The upper synthetic leather leather material also stimulates support and durability. 

For players who wear out their shoes a lot, the breathable mesh material remains intact despite daily use. Similarly, the mesh forms perforations or small holes in the forefoot to enhance breathability. 

Even so, the mesh creates a snug, sock-like fit. The synthetic skins at the heel also supplement lockdown and support. From the moment you put the shoes on and after an intense game for hours, you won’t feel any pinch points in the broadest parts of your feet. 

Product Highlights

  • The thick rubber outsole creates solid traction on hard and slippery surfaces
  • Mesh material retains structural integrity 
  • Lace-up closure and a padded footbed for the ultimate fit 
  • Air unit promotes impact cushioning
  • Leather material that guarantees durability 


  • Gripped well for sharp and fast movements 
  • Delivers exceptional traction and support
  • Asymmetrical foam ankle collar serves as excellent ankle support for fast players 


  • The material is hard to clean 
  • The basketball shoe strings may come up too short 

Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneakers

Incorporating lightweight, durable, and breathable materials, this model provides comfort whether you wear them on the court or the streets. The Micro G Assert 7 Basketball Sneakers allows you to have all of these beneficial key features. 

If you want a great grip to improve stability, look no further because this model has rubber traction on the high-pressure zones. The rubber material protects high-abrasion areas in these basketball sneakers while providing extra flexibility and boost cushioning technology. 

These are great extra wide basketball shoes for people with wide feet, especially if you value support and comfort. A Micro G foam in the midsole extends from the heel to the forefoot. This foam provides a plush yet comfortable feel to ensure the safety of your ankles and feet. 

What’s more, a three-layer rubber outsole delivers improved arch support, better traction, and increased underfoot cushioning. In effect, the midsole and rubber outsole produce responsiveness and comfort in every movement. 

On the other hand, a sculpted EVA sock liner serves as an added underfoot protection that augments overall fit without adding too much weight. Additionally, neutral arch support delivers the much needed cushioning and balance. 

Another noteworthy aspect is the HeatGear lined strap that can keep broad feet cool, dry, and light. There’s also a soft webbing under the strap for an extremely comfortable fit.

In addition, the sheathing is made of premium leather for stability and durability, so that the shoes can fully support the mid-foot area. This feature also locks the foot in place, allowing you to make quick cutting and stopping movements. 

To ensure a secure fit, an improved lace-up closure lets you make adjustments. The shoes also have a padded tongue and collar for additional comfort and support. Thus, the sneakers will remain protective and durable even when you exert a lot of pressure on the shoes.

For further comfort, the inner layer has a mesh upper material for breathability. It is also stretchable enough to wrap a wide foot snugly, enabling you to move freely without the constricting fit. Indeed, this pair of sneakers aims to keep your wide feet in a cool, cozy environment while playing. 

More than that, this model comes with a soft interior lining for a smooth in-shoe feel. The upper material also includes durable leather overlays that result in better midfoot lockdown and structural integrity.

Do note that the Micro G Assert 7 runs half-a-size smaller, so it’s advisable to get a bigger size to get the right fit. On the bright side, the toe box is spacious enough for toe splay, while the forefoot and heel have a medium fit. 

Product Highlights

  • Rubber soles for maximum traction
  • EVA sock liner provides soft, step-in comfort
  • Micro G foam midsole for responsiveness
  • Lightweight mesh upper material delivers complete breathability
  • Leather overlays for midfoot stability


  • Provides ease of movement and solid support 
  • Strap, sheathing, lace-up closure, and strap for ultimate wide foot lockdown
  • Paddings and cushioning


  • Shock absorption qualities
  • Tight fit in the heel and forefoot sections

Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball Shoes

Adidas designed the Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 for basketball players with wide feet who need help with lateral movement. These Adidas shoes are a must-have if wide footers are after performance shoes that will aid you in improving strength, speed, and performance.

What makes these wide footers unique is the brand’s best-selling Boost technology cushioning system, which delivers energy return, inexhaustible comfort, and game-changing performance. 

The rubber outsole in these performance shoes which features a herringbone derivative known as the Coral Power Traction pattern, makes quality traction. The shoes sustain the necessary mobility, precision, and control when you make cuts and intricate movements. 

The pattern proves to be handy during transitions, particularly from stopping to moving. The downside is that you might need to wipe the outsole to regain traction when playing on dusty courts. However, this model still has impressive traction, especially on indoor courts. 

The outsole wraps up and around the midsole, creating a 360-degree grip on all court types and conditions. As a result, there’s less chance of slipping or sliding on the court. Likewise, this trait prevents the ankles from twisting. 

You may have noticed that the shoes have an unconventional look, but it has a purpose. Adidas shoes incorporated the Ultra Boost sole without sacrificing lateral stability. The lateral side cages the Boost, while the medial side is exposed, to enable the Boost to expand fully. 

A perfect match for power players, the inner TPU cushioning absorbs shocks and reduces the impact on feet. It also lets the shoes expand and reform or “bounce back” when you hit the ground. An infinity-shaped shank plate also adds midfoot stability to enhance energy return. 

Consequently, the cushioning gives enough energy returns to keep you moving on the court. When paired with quality cushioning in the toe box and heels, jumping and landing become comfortable. 

When it comes to lockdown, the sneakers fit wide feet like a sock, so there’s no restriction in natural movements. Meanwhile, an internal counter provides a supportive and snug fit. There’s also an anatomical lace system that minimizes pressure. 

Breathable mesh and synthetic material in the upper promotes airflow. These materials cover areas for support to ensure the shoes adjust to wide feet.

Thanks to the high top design, the shoes cradle the ankle for support without restricting mobility. Lastly, a mesh tongue and heel insert give breathable comfort. 

Product Highlights

  • Modified laces exert less pressure on the feet of the player
  • High-top silhouette provides real ankle support
  • Cushioning and lateral TPU roll cage improve stability and responsiveness 
  • Rubber outsole prevents slipping
  • Mesh material conforms to a wide foot like a sock 


  • Aesthetic design and coral reef pattern outsole for traction 
  • TPU caging and cushioning work together to boost responsive feedback 
  • Broad base, torsional stability shank, and an internal counter for stability 


  • Traction on dusty courts 
  • Laces loosen easily 

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness II Basketball Shoes

Did you know that LeBron James has wide feet? Named after the basketball superstar, the Lebron Witness II Basketball Shoes specifically cater to wide-footed players who need minimal cushion setup, lightness, and durability. Whether you choose to wear them for hoops or a run, this model maximizes footwork mobility. 

Nike designed these sneakers using hex-shaped Zoom Air units for ultralight containment with low-to-the-ground court feel, similar to the Signature shoes. With the addition of a full-length Phylon in the midsole and Zoom units at the forefoot, a basketball player with broad feet get adequate responsiveness.

Its outsole has the same pattern as its predecessor— durable rubber outsole with diamond traction pattern to grip any type of court effectively. Aside from a thick outsole, the rounded heel increases stability and heel-to-toe transition. 

A special component is a Featherposite technology that wraps the heel for superior ankle mobility. This technology creates the perfect combination of support and flexibility whenever you move.

On the other hand, an articulated inner collar and synthetic sole provide a comfortable, lock-in feeling. An inner sleeve and molded heel counter also help in preventing a wide foot from moving side to side.

Witness II contains a standard lace-up system with oval shoelaces. You can adjust the tightness of the laces and tongue to obtain a snug fit. There’s also a dainty pull tab on the heel counter, making it convenient to wear and remove the shoes. 

What also makes this wide basketball shoe a satisfactory choice for wide feet basketball players is heavy-duty and breathable construction, similar to the Signature shoes. Even if the flexible upper mesh uses leather and fuse overlays for durability, the sneakers remain lightweight. The forefoot mesh also keeps your feet cool and dry over long periods of playing. 

Product Highlights

  • Hex-shaped Zoom Air units for responsive and low-profile cushioning
  • Targeted featherposite zones for ankle support and stability
  • Leather overlays provide durability and protection
  • Articulated inner collar provides a comfortable, locked-in feel
  • Mesh material for breathability and cooling effect


  • Lightweight molded sections that protect the heel without sacrificing mobility 
  • Textile upper provides excellent ventilation 
  • Designed after Lebron James’ style— ultralight containment and propulsion 


  • The grooves of the outsole rubber attract a lot of dust
  • The soles may wear out quickly 

Understanding Wide Feet

Wide feet means having feet that are wider than average. While people with wide feet can follow sizes from manufacturers, some shoes may be too narrow for them. 

Width is the distance between the widest points on your foot. Hence, this is normally the part between your toes and arch. The height, which is the distance between the heel and the longest toe, also contribute to having wide feet. 

A pair of basketball shoes with printed design

Causes of Wide Feet

There are a few reasons why people have wide feet:

  • Genetics: Some people are born with wide feet. If they have flat feet, there’s also a chance that they have broad feet. 
  • Age: Tendons and ligaments tend to loosen as people get older. Subsequently, feet grow wider and longer. 
  • Weight: People who are overweight put extra pressure on their feet, resulting in pressuring and flattening their feet. Your body parts, including your feet, will grow bigger as your weight increases. 
  • Improper footwear: Studies have found that around 63 to 72% of people wear shoes that are not fit for their feet length of width. Using a budget shoe that doesn’t fit properly and will break in time can cause foot deformities. 
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women may develop broader feet because relaxin, which is a pregnancy hormone, causes joints and ligaments to stretch around the feet. 

How to Know If You Have Wide Feet

With just a pencil, tape measure, and paper, you can measure whether or not you have wide feet. 

The feet expand during the day, so it is advisable to measure the wide foot in the evening. Also, you may want to put on the socks you will likely wear with all the shoes. 

  1. Place a piece of paper on a flat, even surface. Stand on it. 
  2. Use a pencil to trace your feet from the toe up to the heel.
  3. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the widest part of your traced foot. 
  4. Record your measurements and subtract 0.13 inches from the larger number. 
  5. Compare the results against the charts found below (measurements are in inches). 
US Women’s SizeNarrow AverageWide
US Men’s SizeNarrowAverage Wide

Effects of Wide Feet

People who have broad feet, including players, may feel different levels of discomfort. Here are common effects of having wide feet: 

  • Bunion: It is a painful, bony bump that develops on the inside of the foot, generally at the base of the big toe. When the tissue or bone around the joint enlarges, the big toe may lean toward the second toe. About a third of adults in the United States suffer from this disorder. 
  • Blisters: These are small pockets of fluid that form on the feet. It usually comes from friction or pressure on the toes, soles, and heels. 
  • Callus: Tight shoes cause too much pressure on the skin. 
  • Corns: Corns develop on the toes or bottom of the feet due to the feet’s constant rubbing against shoes. 
  • Hammertoe: A deformity that causes the toe to curl up or bend downward.
  • Crossover toe: A condition where the second toe drifts toward the big toe. Wearing too-tight shoes can lead the second toe to cross over and lie on top of the big toe.

Remedies and Treatment for Wide Feet

For severe cases, doctors perform foot-narrowing surgery. Often called the “Cinderella procedure”, this surgery removes a whole knuckle of the toe to pin the bones back together. In some cases, doctors can cut the bone, infuse an implant, or remove some toes. 

However, you don’t need to splurge on surgery right away. Sometimes the answer is all about wearing proper footwear to minimize the pain and make playing basketball comfortable. 

How to Choose Top Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Calluses, blisters, and bunions are some of the enemies of basketball players with wide feet. To find proper-fitting and comfortable wide basketball shoes, you must understand how various factors can impact your decision. 

Basketball Player Type 

Each playing style needs a particular attribute to aid a basketball player in bringing out the best in their game. Good basketball shoes come with specifics in mind: 

Man wearing black and white basketball shoes
  • Power Player: Power players must have maximum cushioning and stability to protect the feet every time you bounce or shoot. In this way, you can prevent the risk of rolling during lateral moves. However, basketball shoes for wide feet with thick cushioning tend to be bulky.  
  • Fast Player: Fast players need lightweight basketball shoes for wide feet that can provide cushioning, flexibility, good traction, and support. Shoes must also give excellent arch, ankle, and heel support. Since they need to move fast, their shoes must guarantee maneuverability. 
  • All-Around Player: All-around players are all about balance and moderation. For this reason, they need moderate cushioning, as well as quality ankle and heel support. 

Out of all the basketball shoes for wide feet I’ve reviewed, Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 secures the spot for being the best basketball shoes for wide feet. 

Fast players can go for Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7, the Signature Shoe or Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI. Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 and Nike’s Lebron Witness II are perfect for all-around players. 

Outer Sole and Traction

Slash, cut, stop, bounce, changing positions—basketball players make quick moves, which is why they should be careful not to slip while on the basketball court. To prevent yourself from slipping, you must select wide basketball shoes with good traction. 

Look for good traction patterns that are larger than those on regular basketball shoes such as the Signature basketball shoes. Patterns can remove the fear of sliding, slipping, and knee/ankle twisting. With the help of a firm grip, you can make moves safer and faster.

To ensure stability and control, the sneakers I’ve reviewed all have rubber soles, so that they can create traction on slippery and hard courts. 


The best wide basketball shoes come with a superior cushioning system that creates impact-resistant bounce and comfortable arch support. The cushioning and impact protection technology varies from brand to brand, although they all have the same goal—to provide support to your arch for ease of movement while playing. 

Make sure to identify the thickness of the inner padding. Your toes may become uncomfortable if you feel like the padding is constricting near the toes. Ensure there is enough padding and impact protection to give wider feet the necessary comfort so that you can prevent foot strain and blisters. 

Air Visi Pro VI and Lebron Witness II use Nike Air units. Under Armour’s Assert 7 optimizes EVA sock liner while Pro Bounce 2018 features a full-length Bounce cushioning technology. Crazy Explosive 2017 overshadows the other models like the Signature basketball shoes because of its Boost technology cushioning system that delivers comfort and energy return.

Ankle Support

Basketball players are vulnerable to ankle injuries, which is why they need shoes with padded collars to support their ankles when making sudden and sharp moves. Athletic shoes with high-level arch are the ones that typically give more ankle support. With that said, high-cut basketball shoes minimize movement of the joint, as well as prevent wears and tears of the ankles. 

The high top design of Crazy Explosive 2017 wide basketball shoes protects the ankle without limiting movements. If you do not prefer a high-cut basketball shoe, you can choose between Pro Bounce 2018 and Nike Air Visi Pro VI that use foam as ankle support. 

Lockdown: Shape, Sizing, and Fit

Good FitBad Fit
There is enough room for your toesYou can’t wiggle your toes inside the shoe
Your feet have enough breathing spaceThe shoes feel too hot inside
Your heel doesn’t constantly contact the back of the shoeYour heels and other areas of your feet feel irritated by friction

The best wide basketball shoes must fit wider feet properly, giving your toes ample room and breathing space. Another way to get a proper fit is by checking the shape. Basketball shoes with a narrower front may not be ideal for players with wider feet. 

You must consider two things:

Thumb Spacing

To determine whether your toes can move freely, check by placing your thumb at the heel. In this way, you can know if your toes will come in contact with the wall of the wide basketball shoes.  

Broad Toe Box

If the wide basketball shoes are shallow, your toes will feel much of the weight and pain.  This can cause discomfort, and ultimately, impact your playing skills. A deep, square toe box in supportive shoes is usually more appropriate for people with wider feet. 

Lockdown can be a bit tricky since sometimes you won’t know how well the sneakers would fit your wider feet, not until you try them on. To give you a better idea of the toe box, consider how the wide basketball shoes I’ve reviewed differ from one another. 

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 and Nike Visi Pro VI make use of mesh for the large forefoot toe box, so wider feet will not slip from the footbed while you are playing. Under Armour Assert 7 optimizes leather overlays, lined straps, and lace-up closure around the toe box for a secure fit.  

In contrast, Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 features a broad base and internal heel counter to form a snug fit around the toe box. Finally, Nike Lebron Witness II focuses on a lace-up system, inner padded collar, and molded heel counter for stability. 

Close up of red basketball shoes

Materials: Durability and Ventilation  

The best basketball shoes for wide feet must have flexible and breathable material. Woven or knitted materials are stretchable, which means they wrap around and follow the shape of your foot. Non-flexible material, such as synthetic leather, can tighten and cause more pressure. 

Furthermore, breathable materials ensure superior air circulation. However, the downside of flexible materials is that they can over-stretch. With that said, they may fail to give essential support and mobility control. 

All the best basketball shoes have stretchable and breathable mesh material. Know that how long the extra wide basketball shoes can hold up their shape may depend on your usage. Some of the best basketball shoes contain straps and lacing systems to keep the basketball sneakers in good shape.  

Tips On Buying The Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

  • Get your updated wide foot measurement.
  • Make sure your toes don’t feel cramped. There should be ample space between the end of the wide basketball shoe and your longest toe. 
  • Colors, design, and style of the wide shoe are appealing. While you can consider these points, they must not sacrifice comfort and quality.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about basketball shoes for wide feet.

Are Adidas Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, Adidas is a good brand for wide feet, however, not all of their shoes are apt. For instance, one of the best Adidas shoes for wide feet are the Duramo 10 collection. On top of that, the Solar Glide 5 collection are also a good pair of shoes for people with wider feet.

Do Wide Feet Need Bigger Shoes?

No, if you have wide feet you should not go for a bigger size. This is because, while it does offer you a wider shoe, it will not fit comfortably around your toes and heel. In other words, the shoes will fit horizontally, yet not vertically. Therefore, the best option is to find a pair that feels comfortable in your size.

What Shoe Brands Are Good for Wide Feet?

Although this can be debatable, the best shoe brands for wider feet are New Balance, ASICS, and Adidas. This is because these brands have designed shoes specifically made for people who have wider feet. That, combined with their great materials, make them one of the best brands for wide feet nowadays.


Buying the best basketball shoes to accommodate wide feet can be a struggle, but with the sneakers mentioned above, you can eliminate uneasiness and discomfort while playing. 

Aside from having a good fit, opt for wide-width basketball shoes that have superb traction, cushioning, flexible construction, wide toe box, and exceptional stability.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.