Best Basketball Shorts [2024 Review]

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Many things go into making the perfect basketball player: good skills, strong work ethic, and proper gear. One of the essential pieces of equipment is your shorts. You need the best basketball shorts which allow you to move around quickly.

Our Top Basketball Shorts

I can argue that basketball is one of the most popular sports globally. And, as with any other sport, there are plenty of accessories and gear to choose from. If you’re in the market for a new pair of basketball shorts, then look no further.

The following list showcases some of the best basketball shorts on the market today. Whether you’re looking for something flashy or something more understated, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Best Overall Basketball Shorts: Adidas 19 Shorts

The Adidas 19 shorts are a perfect choice for any basketball player looking to have their game taken care of and feel comfortable at the same time. The 12-inch seams on these baggy shorts make them perfect for players with long legs.

Like the Champion Mesh short, which is light enough for use in a basketball match, these shorts are lightweight and won’t weigh you down, making it easy to move in any direction. If you’re in search of a versatile pair of shorts, these are a perfect choice. 

They have an elastic waistband and drawstring enclosure which allows users to adjust their tightness as needed, no matter if they have gained or lost weight since purchasing it previously.

Like the PumaActive short, which consists of 100% polyester, the Adidas 19 shorts come with a durable polyester fabric that’s light and breathable. Made from Adidas’ climate technology, you can feel cool or dry no matter the weather.

However, these shorts don’t have mesh and adequate ventilation to push sweat away from your skin while letting air flow through underneath for maximum comfort.


  • When you’re playing in extreme heat, the climate technology helps it remain cool and fresh.
  • Adidas designed the Adidas 19 shorts to be longer and baggier than other shorts on the market today. This lengthiness makes them excellent for athletes who desire extra lengthy and baggier basketball shorts than the rest.


  • Unlike the Amazon Essentials loose-fit shorts, which have pockets, these shorts’ lack of pockets is a turn-off to basketball players who require pockets in their shorts.
  • Adidas didn’t make these shorts for basketball games in particular. It means that some of its characteristics will be ineffective in a basketball game.

Best Valued Basketball Shorts: Puma Active Short

The Puma Active short is a comfortable choice with its breathable materials and soft feel. 

It also has an easily accessible design with all of the necessary features that you need in your everyday workout clothing, such as adjustable straps, so they stay put when running without having pesky clasps digging into sensitive areas around my joints.

This basketball short consists of 100% polyester, just like the Champion Mesh short, and features an open hem that gives you plenty of room for ventilation when it’s hot out. It’ll stay lightweight, durable, stain-resistant – all while looking great.

The Puma Active short is perfect for those who live in sunny and warm climates, as it comes with a sun protection fabric that absorbs sweat, just as the Adidas’ climate technology in Adidas 19 shorts does. 

The odor-resistant feature also means you won’t have to worry about getting any bad smells while wearing this high-quality pair of shorts. However, the stitching in this pair of shorts isn’t perfect, making them prone to wear and tear.


  • The polyester fabric in these shorts is breathable, comfortable, and ideal for moving through long or sweaty workouts.
  • The waistband and drawstring allow for a customized fit that stays put no matter how active you get.


  • Unlike the Adidas 19 shorts, which are long enough for most basketball players, the Puma Active short is somewhat short, making it unsuitable for most basketball players.
  • If you want a pair of shorts with pockets where you can put your keys while training, this one isn’t for you because it doesn’t have any.

Best Affordable Basketball Shorts: Champion Mesh Short

The breathable material and excellent ventilation make for a perfect combination in the Champion Mesh short. You’ll never overheat or get too sweaty during longer games with its moisture-wicking properties, which are great news if you’re looking to play competitively.

Unlike the Adidas 19 shorts, which have no pockets, these shorts have a perfect pocket design for everyday use. They’re also quick-dry, which means you can wear them when playing or working up a sweat at the gym without worrying about getting geared too heavily.

The waistband comprises soft and stretchy fabric not to irritate your skin. Plus, this pair offers comfort with its loose fit that allows you to move freely on court.

Like the Puma Active short, whose stitching isn’t perfect, these great shorts don’t last as long before they start to loosen up. They have plenty of durability and strength, but these tend not to hold their shape for too many wearings as other types do.


  • You can never go wrong with these breathable and light shorts. The polyester and mesh blend will keep you cool while still comfortable enough for all-day wear.
  • These shorts are perfect for everyone. The drawstring closure means they can be closed securely, while the elastic waistband similar to that of the Adidas 19 shorts makes them easy to wear without the worry of being too tight or loose around your midsection.


  • The knee-length design means that these shorts will fall just below your knees, so if you’re looking for something shorter or longer, these are not the basketball shorts for you.
  • They’re not made specifically for basketball, so their performance might be less than desirable.

Best Durable Basketball Shorts: Amazon Essentials Loose-Fit Shorts

With a focus on affordability, quality, and long-lasting wearability Amazon Essentials loose-fit shorts promises to provide all your needs. Just like the Adidas 19 shorts, which have an elastic drawstring, the elasticized waistband in these shorts ensures that you’ll be comfortable.

The drawstring on these pants makes it easy to wear them around for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

When you’re on the court, it’s all about staying light and elegant. These shorts have a lightweight design similar to the Champion Mesh shorts, with soft polyester construction that won’t get in your way of focusing solely on playing basketball.

Thanks to their pull-on closure, textured knit fabric, and deep pockets, they thrive in various scenarios.

The only problem with these shorts is that they run small. You might want to go up a size or spend some time adjusting the shorts when you first get them, so it’s perfect for your body type.


  • Like the Puma Active shorts, these shorts are composed entirely of polyester, ensuring that they will endure a long time. You don’t have to worry about them quickly tearing.
  • You can close them securely with the drawstring closure, and the elastic waistband makes them simple to wear without being too tight or loose.


  • Their performance might not be as good because they aren’t for basketball only.
  • These aren’t the type of shorts you want if your goal is to stay as cool as possible during an intense game since they do not have mesh for moisture-wicking.

Features to Consider for Basketball Shorts

Whether you’re an avid basketball player or enjoy playing occasionally, it’s crucial to have the proper gear. Basketball shorts are a vital part of your kit, and there are some features to look for when choosing a pair.

Adidas 19100% PolyesterDrawstringNo
Puma Active100% Polyester, meshNoNo
Champion Mesh100% Polyester, meshNoYes
Amazon Essentials100% PolyesterDrawstringYes


Shorts that are too short may bunch up around your knees while you play, which can be uncomfortable and distracting. Opt for a longer length like the Adidas 19 shorts if possible, especially if you’re going to be playing in them for an extended period.

A guy wearing basketball shorts in the game


The right pair of shorts can make or break your game. Your clothing is an extension of yourself, so it should feel just as comfortable and lightweight – if not more- than what’s inside the lines when you’re playing on the court. 

Premium fabrics like those of the Champion Mesh short are necessary because they allow air circulation, which helps keep me cool during intense matches. They also allow moisture evaporation via sweat glands at its optimum rate, without holding back movement like heavy-duty fabric would do.


The waistband on most basketball shorts is for slipping them onto your body. However, you still need to find a pair that fits well and works with what’s going on up top – don’t just assume any old elasticity will do. 

Please make sure there are adjustable strings like those of the Amazon Essentials loose-fit shorts so they can fit different sizes appropriately.


The durability of your shorts is an essential factor in determining their lifespan. It would be best to look for tough, well-made pairs that will last you longer, like the Amazon Essentials loose-fit shorts, and prevent the need to replace them every few months or years.


When choosing the materials for your basketball shorts, you have a few options to consider. Cotton is among the most common choices because it’s soft and comfortable while still providing durability that lasts through games without losing its shape or getting too thin at any point in time. 

However, this fabric also weighs more than other types, so if weight isn’t an issue, go with something lighter such as polyester used in Puma Active shorts instead, which will keep air flowing easily throughout summer sessions on court.

A guy wearing basketball shorts dribbling against the opponent


Pockets can be handy for holding keys, money, or other small items. If you’re someone who likes to carry around extra gear with you, then make sure your new shorts have some excellent storage options like the Champion Mesh short.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best basketball shorts.

What Are the Materials Used in Basketball Shorts?

Most shorts feature soft materials such as nylon and polyester. However, there is a variety of brands that use different combinations of materials. Therefore, it is difficult to know for certain the materials of all basketball shorts. Nonetheless, nylon, polyester, and cotton will surely be present in the majority of them.

What Do Professional Basketball Players Wear Underneath Their Shorts?

Professional basketball players tend to use compression leggings or compression shorts underneath their shorts. This improves their mobility and blood flow, which is beneficial in the long run. Of course, they also use underwear underneath their shorts.

Who Started Baggy Shorts in Basketball?

Michael Jordan. He started using baggier shorts in basketball when everyone decided to use tighter ones. From then on, he marked the end of the era of tight shorts and introduced baggy ones. These ones are still being used to this day.


As I have seen, several different types of basketball shorts are available on the market today. It’s crucial to find the right pair for your needs to perform your best on the court. I hope this guide helps narrow down your search and that you enjoy your new basketball shorts.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.