Best Beach Volleyball [2024 Review]

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Whether you are a professional or a novice player, choosing the best beach volleyball is essential for a memorable game. The wrong ball will easily suck the fun out of the game and make you perform dismally. I wrote this guide to help you find a beach ball that will not only create memorable recreation moments but also help you to fully tap on your talent.

Our Top Beach Volleyballs

After carefully going through many beach volleyballs available in the market, I think the following volleyballs will be the best fit for most people. I’ve also included a helpful section dedicated to features on the best beach volleyballs to help you make an informed decision.

Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball

While you may have the right skills and tactics when playing beach volleyball, the wrong ones may affect your results and make the whole experience less fun. However, with the Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball, you will be able to not only have a great time, you’ll easily triumph over your opponents. Designed specifically to enhance your volleyball experience on the beach, you will certainly enjoy what the OPTX AVP volleyball has to offer. 

One unique feature you get to enjoy from this ball is the superior ball spin detection. Enhanced with great color variance, you are able to detect when the ball is spinning thus you can gauge where it is likely to drop. The advanced feature allows you to be a step ahead in the game.

Another feature that most people will definitely enjoy is the construction materials. Wilson has been known to use durable materials when making their balls and the AVP is no different. Carefully handcrafted, the feel and touch of the ball are outstanding giving you comfortable playing experience. 

Unlike other balls, the AVP has managed to eliminate the plastic feeling of the ball which offsets the slippery decals. Moreover, the materials make the ball weather resistant, letting you enjoy the game without any weather compromises.  

The Wilson OPTX AVP beach volleyball also features vibrant color pallets and optic flow graphics. This helps you easily see the ball anywhere on the diverse beach surrounding. Although the rate is a bit higher than you might expect, you will love its durability and the overall beach experience it offers.

What I Like

  • Optic graphics makes it easily visible in the beach
  • Spin detection to give you a competitive advantage
  • Durable construction materials
  • Handcrafted to give it a smooth touch
  • Wind resistible to avoid distractions while playing

What I Don’t Like

  • Expensive compared to other volleyballs
  • Not 100% waterproof, heavy when soaked with water


The MIKASA VLS300, Beach Champ has become a popular ball on the beach due to its dynamic features specifically designed for the sand. The ball has been used as the official FIVB Olympic ball on several occasions. This is one of the best balls available in the market that will enable you to revolutionize how you play beach volleyball. 

So if you are willing to invest in a ball that will bring more fun to your beach experience, I think this one is worth it.

Among the things that you will enjoy with this ball is the reinforced construction panel. This feature allows it to maintain its spherical shape in any condition. In addition, the ball is padded in such a way that it is firm enough to respond to the player while still maintaining a soft touch. It’s also multi-paneled to increase aerodynamics. 

The best part is, the MIKASA VLS300 eliminates the large ridges at the edges which is common with most substandard beach volleyballs.

This is no doubt my most durable recommendation. The ball consists of materials that enable it to withstand sand collision without compromising on its flexibility. The material is also water-resistant meaning the ball does not soak when playing on the beach.

You can optimize the performance of the volleyball by inflating it depending on the weather conditions thus you may need to purchase a ball pump. Overall, I think this ball is great for anyone who is looking to inject some fun into their playing time.

What I Like

  • Water-resistant thus does not soak and become heavy
  • Firm and soft to the touch
  • Durable construction materials
  • Supple to increase aerodynamics when playing
  • Reinforced to maintains its spherical ball shape
  • Suitable for the beach with its bright appealing colors

What I Don’t Like

  • Slightly expensive
  • Doesn’t hold air for long

VETRA Volleyball Soft Touch Volley Ball Official Size 5

If you are looking for a beach volleyball that sports an excellent design, I recommend the VETRA Volleyball Soft Touch Volleyball Official Size 5. This ball is specifically great for beach volleyball lovers who are looking to have a good time.

To begin with, you will love how versatile this ball is. It has been designed to perform impressively in different environments including the beach. The weight and size allow you to play both outdoors and indoors.

This means that you can use it at the beach and indoors without having to purchase a separate ball. You will appreciate how well its diverse colors blend with the beach environment making it easy to see and fun to play with.

Just like my first two recommendations, the VETRA ball consists of highly durable materials. Reinforced with high-quality PVC covers, the ball is able to withstand wear and tear allowing it to retain air without any leaks. In addition, the material is soft to give you a smooth comfortable experience during gameplay. 

Another innovation that not many volleyball brands use is the Soft-Touch Technology. The innovative features make every pass, serve, and hit very soft. It also gives you maximum grip on the ball thus you can have full control when playing. 

Only downside? You’ll have to find a pump to inflate this ball after you buy it.

What I Like

  • Colorful beach colors
  • Soft-touch technology for maximum comfort
  • Durable construction materials
  • Smooth responsive touch
  • Versatile

What I Don’t Like

  • Not inflated during the purchase
  • May not be suitable for professional volleyball 

What to Consider Before Buying a Beach Volleyball

MaterialsAffects durability and comfortability
Target PlayersYounger players should play with smaller and lighter balls
WeightAffects how it behaves while it is in mid-air
ColorsAffects its visibility

Before you make that purchase, there are some factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you have a ball that is going to serve you comfortably and for a long time. I have identified the following factors to be the most important when buying a beach volleyball.

A bright-colored ball made from durable materials, can withstand the wind, and suit the target player, are the features you look for in beach volleyball


Volleyballs consist of different materials including leather, rubber, and composite leather. A volleyball made with good materials feels soft and it is very flexible during gameplay. This gives you a comfortable and fun experience during the game. 

Some balls may get soaked with water, becoming heavy. Because of this, you need to select a volleyball that is made with water-resistant materials. You should also prioritize balls with durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. If you are not sure about the materials, consult before you make the decision to buy. 

Target Players

I don’t think this is something many people consider when buying a beach ball. However, I think it is important that you keep the target players in mind in order to make a more informed purchase.

Volleyball ball on the beach

For instance, you might want to keep away from hard balls if you are buying for your kids or women.

On the other hand, extra soft balls may not be suitable for professional players. It is, therefore, important that you go for a ball that suits the target players.


The weight will determine how the ball interacts with the air during gameplay. It is a very important factor especially for professional players since it determines the outcome of the game.

The ball may be subjected to wind on the beach thus it is very crucial to look for a volleyball that can withstand the wind. 

The weight will also help you know how much air you should inflate in the ball so it is suitable to play in the outdoors. 


While many people may not put much thought into the color of the ball, I recommend that you go for bright colors that are more suitable for the beach.

The color should be diverse enough to stand out on the sandy beach. This makes it easier to see when playing or find if it gets lost.  A good diverse color includes yellow and blue which have been embraced by many brands.


Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best beach volleyball balls.

Which Brand of Volleyball Is the Best?

When it comes to brands, Mikasa, Mizuno, and ASICS are the ones that always stand out. These three brands are specialized in sports, and, most importantly, volleyball. They manufacture great shoes, balls, and even volleyball equipment. This is why, over the years, these three brands have become increasingly famous among volleyball players.

How Do You Pick a Good Volleyball?

To pick a good volleyball ball you need to check its materials firsts. You can do this by checking how it bounces, researching its brand, and analyzing certain things such as the inflation valve. If all of this is correct, you can be sure it is a good volleyball ball.

What Is the Most Expensive Volleyball?

Up to this day, the most expensive volleyball was a Mikasa ball that was signed by professional players and auctioned in order to raise money for charity. The ball ended up being sold for $2.500, which is the highest price that a volleyball has ever had.


If you are looking to enjoy some beach sports without too much investment, buying a beach ball is a great way to start. The wrong ball can suck fun away from the ball and leave you more frustrated than excited. Make sure to factor in the above consideration in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.