Best Cheap Basketball Shoes [2024 Review]

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For most people, performance basketball shoes are out of reach because they are not cheap. While the best cheap basketball shoes may lack cutting-edge technology and the premium materials of high-end shoes, they can still offer great performance on the field.

I have compiled a list of the top affordable basketball shoes in the market to help you get a pair of supportive and comfortable sneakers. 

Our Top Cheap Basketball Shoes Reviews

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudform

If you are searching for flexibility, you might find the Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudform basketball shoes an excellent choice. Apart from being affordable, these shoes will perfectly fit you like a sock and allow you to move freely on the court. This unique sneaker from Adidas offers an unusual feel, which makes it one of the most sought after shoes.

Built with leather, these shoes come equipped with a rubber sole that provides a good grip, which lessens the possibility of suffering injuries caused by slipping. Besides, leather is a highly adaptable material, while the mesh on the collar and tongue makes playing in this shoe a pleasant experience. The rubber sole also offers easy maneuverability and great traction to allow you to beat your opponents easily.

The sneaker boasts of a sock line and Cloudform midsole that makes it more lightweight. This provides extra cushioning and bounce to make sure you don’t experience any difficulties while playing on the court. The tiny holes on the sides will allow your feet to breathe and get rid of any sweat while increasing playtime. One good thing about the Cloudform basketball shoe is that it comes in various widths to allow you to choose the size that fits you well.

What sets this sneaker apart is its short shaft and thick foam sole. The foam sole is a great feature as it absorbs the shock generated by the intense game of basketball. In addition, the airflow on the upper part of these sneakers won’t leave you yearning for a more comfortable shoe. Additionally, the toe-tips are highly durable, which makes the shoes last longer. People with wide feet may also find the shoes a perfect option as they lock and secure the feet on the footbed. 

Another feature you may appreciate is that the shoes have a rubber heel cage, which forms part of the lacing system to allow you to lock your feet into the shoes comfortably. There is also the Dynamic Flywire that tightens around your feet to allow you to experience the effect of the lockdown as it reduces the pressure on the mesh upper.

What I Like 

  • Great shoe with well-balanced cushioning
  • Thick foam sole for absorbing shock
  • Lightweight, and comfortable fit
  • Great grip and extra cushioning
  • Comes in different sizes

What I Don’t Like

  • Less traction compared to shoes in its category
  • May be narrow for some players
  • Limited colorways

Nike Men’s Air Versitile

The Nike Men’s Air Versitile basketball shoes offer the right amount of traction with an impressive performance as they feature a comfortable and breathable design. For cushioning and comfort, along with durability, the sneakers have a synthetic leather upper, which makes them an ideal choice for ankle support. For uneven outdoors, the tongue and padded collar add to the comfort.

The shoes also offer the best fit as they feature Flywire cables that help you lock down your feet effortlessly to the footbed. For smooth and quick movement, the lace loops are designed with a cage-like effect to ensure your feet are locked down securely. These basketball shoes also come with a rubber sole for great traction and a lightweight midsole for enhanced stability. 

The rubber outsole wraps up the sides nicely for added stability. Moreover, the outsole is multidirectional to enhance further the traction of the sneaker. Its lightweight, flexible, and breathable upper mesh makes the pair perfect for maintaining airflow as they keep your feet cool and dry at all times. 

The cushioning system allows for responsive and easy movement due to the Air Zoom technology, while the foam upper and mesh around the heels adds more comfort. The heel is thicker while the forefoot is a little thinner than standard heels to allow for more control, especially on hard landings while playing on the court. The Nike Men’s basketball shoes feature an excellent traction pattern that makes the shoe the preferred choice for fast starts and stops. 

Since the sneaker features a responsive rubber specially designed, it makes lateral movements a breeze. Additionally, the shoe is very flexible and supportive as its upper features of textile fibers. Most players also like these shoes because their Air Zoom cushion strikes a good balance between shock absorption and control. While this is a great pair of shoes, it also has some flaws.

First, it’s not easy to clean, something you may need to consider before purchasing. Some users have also complained about narrow fitting. Still, the Air Versitile shoes are lightweight and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear. In addition, its lacing system provides a good fit that suits the shape and size of your feet. 

What I Like 

  • Impressive performance and great traction
  • Comfortable fit and breathable design
  • Durable and responsive cushioning 
  • Flexible and ultra-lightweight
  • Premium upper materials 

What I Don’t Like

  • Difficult to clean
  • Not true to size
  • Narrow fitting

Adidas Men’s D Rose 773

Great support combined with good traction, control, and comfort is what defines the Adidas Men’s D Rose 773. The shoe comes with an attractive design and all the right features to be on this list. That being said, while the traction on this shoe is not pliable, it’s flat enough to perform well outdoors. Unfortunately, these shoes leave a lot to be desired indoors, however, the traction has no issues on a clean court.

These shoes boast of a responsive cushioning and an ultra-flexible sole that will allow your feet to move freely on the court. Besides, their thick heels protect your feet from each hard landing you make, which is important for your overall health. The inner forefoot area will also help you have better control of the game. The upper offers both comfort and support by compressing your feet closely for a comfy fit.

The Adidas Men’s basketball shoes give you maximum support and a secure fit for added comfort. Additionally, its lacing system connects to the tongue for added security. The laces are thick and large to provide enough lateral support. The breathability of these sneakers will give you a good-feel factor even during long periods of playing on the court. 

These shoe’s lightweight upper increases speed during stiff competition. Due to its lightweight features, the sneaker offers a lot of bounce and excellent stability. The traction design on the outsole resembles that of a fingerprint and provides the necessary safety and control required while playing on the field. In addition, the design of this shoe requires minimal breaking in, which makes it a popular option for most players.

The upper comes with a soft knitted and breathable fabric that stays on your feet snugly for an effective fit. If you are searching for a sneaker that is good on traction, cushioning, and breathability, the D Rose shoes are just for you. Its lacing system is also customizable to allow you to achieve the right fit. Basketball Players that want to perform well on the field when shooting hoops may also find this pair of shoes a great option.

What I Like 

  • Innovative lacing system for a secure and tight fit
  • Great traction and responsive cushioning
  • Lightweight sneaker with great court feel
  • Ultra-flexible sole and good breathability
  • Supportive upper and comfortable fit

What I Don’t Like

  • Lacks good traction for indoor game
  • Sizes run smaller than expected
  • Limited ankle support

Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500

Players looking for value in terms of traction, support, and comfort, will find the Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 a great pick. When you play wearing these sneakers, you can endure the most challenging moments of the game. The shoes have a great design to make you feel comfortable and confident as you play the game. It even comes with a memory foam footbed to ensure it delivers unmatched performance.

These sneakers come with robust leather materials to make sure the shoes retain their shape and serve you for a long period. Besides, the tongue and the collar use a highly durable material that won’t wear easily under regular use. The integrated EVA midsole will keep your feet locked securely in place while allowing you to move quickly as it offers great stability. 

Sliding is an awful experience that most players dislike while playing basketball on the court. Fortunately, the Reebok shoes feature an outsole built from quality rubber. Additionally, the outsole boasts of a grippy design that prevents the shoe from sliding even when playing on smooth surfaces. Unlike other shoes that may derail your performance due to their bulky weight, these sneakers will enable you to move across the field swiftly as they are lightweight.

Breathability is a great feature in basketball shoes because your feet are likely to sweat while playing the game. For this reason, Reebok uses an air mesh material in designing the rear quarter of this shoe as well as in its collar and tongue to boost breathability. Moreover, there are some perforations on the sides and front of the sneaker that help in promoting ventilation. These basketball shoes also come with a shaft for high energy return and to give your feet maximum support. 

Overall, the Men’s Royal basketball shoes have an attractive, long-lasting, and lightweight design to help you enjoy the game. Additionally, the shoes come with a grippy rubber sole to prevent slipping and to offer excellent ventilation to enhance your comfort. If you are looking for a shoe that can help you reach your full potential and perform at your best, get this pair of basketball shoes.

What I Like 

  • Foam footbed for delivering unmatched performance
  • Leather material for maximum durability
  • Lightweight and grippy rubber outsole
  • Great ventilation
  • Excellent breathability

What I Don’t Like

  • May be narrow for some players
  • The sole falls apart quickly
  • Sizes are a bit small

Adidas Men’s Performance Crazylight

The Adidas Men’s Performance Crazylight shoes are an excellent low top pair that does not sacrifice performance and comfort. The shoes come with several advanced features such as Continental rubber, light suppleness, and molded heel designed for indoor hardwood courts. The features work in tandem to ensure a nice fit for a great performance on the field. Like most Adidas sneakers, this pair boasts of extended performance and energy-returning features.

Its Continental rubber outsole offers a fantastic floor grip in wet and dry conditions. Despite the shoe being a low top, it offers impressive lateral stability because of its well-engineered upper. Since the sneaker uses breathable mesh, it is lightweight and flexible, while its TPU overlays hug the feet snugly by imparting lateral stability. This prevents sprains, rolled ankles, and other injuries.

The basketball shoes combine Adidas Boost technology and extremely striking design. One good thing about these sneakers is that they provide a boost that enables you to move comfortably with support and stability when playing on the field. There is also a back collar and a textile lining for added comfort. The leather upper and made give you enough support and breathability.

The breathable mesh keeps your shoes cool and dry while the leather material ensures the shoes remain comfortable, supportive, durable, and stable. Moreover, the EVA midsole provides comfort and protection, and its lightweight nature allows for a quick response when playing. Its rubber outsole also resists abrasion and ensures pressure is distributed evenly throughout the entire shoe.

Additionally, the sides and tips of the outsole come with dots for easy grip both for smooth pivoting and lateral movement. Another great thing about the Crazy Light basketball shoe is that they are great for players looking for extra speed and mobility. Also, dedicated basketball players will find the shoe a great choice because of its high-quality and great performance. 

These shoes are a great alternative to costly sneakers because they’re reasonably priced without compromising quality and performance. So, if you are looking for a shoe that uses Boost technology with an excellent breathable upper and great ankle support, consider getting these shoes. 

What I Like 

  • Advanced features and impressive performance
  • Excellent breathable mesh and lateral stability
  • Flexible, lightweight and attractive design
  • Boost technology and good grip
  • Energy returning features 

What I Don’t Like

  • The tongue doesn’t move effectively
  • Some users find it a bit bulky
  • Somehow narrow run

Cheap Basketball Shoes Features and Considerations

It can be difficult to strike a balance between price and quality when searching for a pair of low-cost basketball shoes because most cheap shoes are usually poor quality. However, there are many great options available that suit your needs and budget. Here are the features you need to consider when looking for the best cheap basketball shoes:

Person stepping on a basketball

Quality Soles

If you want to know the quality of budget basketball shoes, look at the soles. While the perfect shoes can improve your overall performance in the field due to added speed, this can also cause injuries. If your sneaker does not have a good sole, it can cause ankle sprains, falling and slipping, which can impact your performance negatively. So, while shopping for your basketball shoes, make sure they have quality rubber soles to prevent fatal slips and provide great traction. 

This will help you boost all your moves effectively. Another thing you should check in a basketball sneaker is a multidirectional design for enhanced traction. Such shoes are crafted to provide a good grip on the court. This can help you to maneuver on the court like a pro while beating your opponents. You also need to check the midsole and outsole of the shoes you intend to buy.


This is the thickest and heaviest part of a shoe as it absorbs shock while you are playing. The midsole comes in handy because basketball is a sport that involves a lot of abrupt and heavy impacts due to running and jumping. Shoes that feature shock control and absorption prevent severe damage to your joints, bones, and muscles.

If you experience sore heels immediately after a basketball game, chances are the midsole was not absorbent enough. To avoid suffering from sore heels, you need to look for a midsole with sufficient cushioning to neutralize the shock. It is also important to consider the material used to construct the midsole.

Until recently, rubber was the only standard material for shock absorption. However, since the invention of new compounds that use synthetic materials, things have changed. Such compounds are efficient at absorbing shock as they are very dense and contain a lot of mass. Now you should prioritize midsoles made of synthetic materials.


A good outsole should have these two features: a firm, steady grip, and smooth traction. These features should work together to produce the best results. If these features are missing in an outsole, the sneakers are not good for playing basketball.

A good grip will allow you to stop instantly when necessary, regardless of your direction or speed. The outsole should grip the surface of the court without the shoes moving, especially after pausing to take a shot.

A pair of multi-colored basketball shoes

When you want to take a shot, the outsole of your shoe is of low-quality, you can either swing sideways or even slip and fail to make that shot. If you want an outsole that will help you control fast and strong motions, opt for a vulcanized rubber outsole as it features a sticky surface. 


It goes without saying that your basketball shoes need enough cushioning. Since basketball involves aerobic activity and constant impact, you should make sure your feet are protected. The right amount of cushioning prevents the energy that was not absorbed by your soles from harming your muscles and joints. 

Moreover, since basketball involves several movements that compress your feet against the materials used to make the shoe, a basketball shoe with no cushioning will result in increased fatigue because your joints, muscles, and bones will be subjected to more impact and vibration. 

That doesn’t mean that more cushioning the better. Too much cushioning will make your shoes lack the stability and firmness you’ll need with each movement you make.

Ankle Protection

When playing a basketball game, your ankles are usually prone to injuries. For example, if you make one wrong move, without enough protection you risk suffering a sprain that can stop you from playing or affect your performance while playing. However, quality shoes can protect you from these injuries. 

It’s important to mention that ankle support should prevent positions resulting in discomfort or injuries and not limit your movement. If there is a lot of support, you may find it difficult to turn freely, which can prevent your ability to dribble. That said, basketball shoes are available in different options, including low, mid, and high. So, the ankle support you get will be determined by the option you chose.

For instance, high tops provide better ankle support because of the extra material that covers the upper part of the ankle and can be tightened or fastened to provide the right fit. Additionally, the position you play can make a difference when picking the right style since the options have their own special features. Some positions require a lot of support, like spinning around quickly to block an opponent. 

In such scenarios, high top shoes will be ideal as they allow players to move freely while offering more stability. If your position requires you to add height to your jumps or quick moves, a low top shoe is what you need.

Fit and Comfort

Having a sneaker that fits well is a great advantage as it will help you improve your performance. A perfect fit should leave some room between the end of your toes and the tip of the basketball shoe. As such, your jump should be able to fit in that area. A shoe that does not fit well will cause your toes to rub against the tip of the sneaker, which can cause discomfort and eventually injury. 

Additionally, the shoe should be wide enough to fit your feet naturally. You should look for another pair if the one you are trying on allows a lot of movement inside or is too tight on the sides. So, choosing the right sneaker before you begin playing or training is extremely important because it will help you prevent serious injuries.

Design and Materials

Good MaterialsBad Materials
CottonLow-grade leather

Most basketball shoes have a multifaceted arrangement of materials such as rubber outsoles, foam midsoles, and textile uppers. While each material plays a different role, all the components should be supportive and flexible. Manufacturers use mesh, leather, and various synthetic textiles for their uppers. Also, modern designs use stylish patchwork panels that utilize a wide range of materials.

You should also look for extras like sock liner to improve the level of comfort when you are wearing the shoes. The width and length of your basketball shoe are also other deciding factors. For example, a shoe that is too loose can make your feet slip, while one that is too tight will cause friction and irritation and also affect your movement.

On the other hand, traditional styles have one-piece shoe designs. In such a case, manufacturers can use mesh patchwork or perforations to regulate heat and moisture. Thus, it’s important to mention that the materials used to design the upper and the sole have a big impact on the shoe’s performance. Also, durability, breathability, and flexibility will be affected by the materials.  


A good budget-friendly basketball shoe should be durable enough to stand the force of rough surfaces. This is an important factor to consider because you do not want a shoe that will fall apart while playing on the court, or worse still, fall off on you after a short period of time. As much as a lightweight shoe will give you the flexibility you need to move around while playing, it may not be durable. So, you need to find your balance.

While shopping, look for outsoles made using chunky tread and heavy-duty rubber. In addition, the shoes should feature flywire systems, reinforced high top collars, and slightly heavier bottoms for maximum durability and give your feet the extra reinforcement it needs.


Before buying any pair of basketball shoes, you should make sure the entire frame, upper build, and the sole are flexible enough to play a basketball game. If your sneakers lack this crucial quality, the arch of your feet will suffer from stress and tension. 

On the other hand, a flexible sole will allow you to move around comfortably while running or jumping. However, like other features, this functionality should not be there in excess. If the shoe materials are more flexible than necessary, the whole structure will become loose. When this happens, the shoe won’t hold your feet properly. 

Arch Support

A good basketball shoe should have a default level of arch support, which is good for players that suffer from arch problems. However, people with arch conditions such as flat feet or high arches can experience stress on their arches while playing on the court. The best thing to do would be to opt for customized insoles because it is difficult to find sneakers that suit your arch condition in a basketball shoe. 

Moreover, flexion and aerobic can affect it, which can get worse by the stress caused by deficient arch support. This can result in a difficult time for you while playing in the field.


The closures will allow you to compress your feet comfortably while wearing your basketball shoes. They can be in the form of conventional straps, Velcro straps, or laces. As you tie your sneaker, the straps or whatever pulls the different materials together will ensure your feet are enclosed nicely inside the shoes.

A perfect closure system should spread the tensions evenly all through the upper part of your shoe. The entire system should remain firm from the tongue to the top, especially if you are planning to wear mid or high top shoes.


A sneaker that grips the court when you are making instant stops and quick turns is a great asset. You should also check the shoe’s traction pattern. A quality sneaker should have patterns that align with the largest pressure points that your feet create during abrupt changes in direction

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about basketball shoes.

What Is the Most Used Basketball Shoe?

According to NBA statistics, the most used basketball shoes are the Air Jordans. Just in the 2021-2022 season, these were used more than 700 times by several professional players. Therefore, they can be considered the most used basketball shoe.

What Is the Most Popular Basketball Shoe Brand?

Although it can be debatable, the most popular basketball shoe brand is Air Jordan. These shoes were created in 1985 by Nike and were invented under the name of the famous player Michael Jordan. Since then, it has become one of the most-known brands in the basketball world.

Can Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

Yes, the type of shoes you wear can improve your jump. However, these shoes have to meet certain characteristics. For example, they must have a certain inclination in order to help you jump higher.

Wrap Up

Basketball shoes should provide traction for swift movement while on the court and also protect your ankles and feet. A combination of these features at an affordable price is what most basketball players look for. Fortunately, the shoes on our list meet this criterion and will not disappoint you. So, you can consider picking any of the pairs I have reviewed to enjoy your game.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.