Best Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee [2024 Review]

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Ultimate Frisbee is a game that requires great throwing skills, good strategy, and fitness. However, what makes this sport great is that you don’t have to invest in expensive gear to enjoy it. All you need is a pair of the best cleats for ultimate Frisbee and a Frisbee disc to play well in tournaments.

Our Top Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee Reviews

Best Overall Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee: Adidas Performance Mundial Team

If you want to be great at Ultimate Frisbee, you need to have impressive speed, control, and balance. As such, the Adidas Performance Mundial Team cleats will help you run fast and also remain standing on slippery surfaces. What gives this shoe a competitive edge over its competitors is that it is a premium cleat that will enhance your performance while protecting your feet from injuries and straining. 

These Ultimate Frisbee Cleats boasts of a classic style that combines white and solid black. Its sides are also lined with wedge outsole that features molded studs. Additionally, the cleat has an extended tongue and a heel counter for providing stability. 

The Adidas cleat has a leather upper, which makes it a bit more expensive than cleats with synthetic upper. However, leather gives an incredible fit and is more durable. As a result, you are likely to outgrow the shoe before it becomes worn out due to durability. 

Also, its dual-density outsole is made of synthetic material for added durability and has robust conical studs that provide great traction on firm natural fields. Another great feature of the Adidas Performance cleat is that its synthetic lining on the inner surface makes it very comfortable. The lightweight EVA insole further enhances comfort to offer ample cushioning as it absorbs shock. 

That’s not all; these Ultimate Frisbee Cleats are also built using a Traxion Technology that makes sure you enjoy maximum grip no matter the direction you choose to go while playing on the field. Its midsoles are also pre-molded with EVA for extra comfort while its unique design provides the perfect balance between offering superior stability and being lightweight. Its lightweight design ensures you enjoy unrestricted movement while on the field. 

What is even great with this cleat is that it will conform around your feet throughout the game. This means if you have wider feet, you will enjoy a comfortable feeling using it. Overall, the Adidas Mundial Team cleat is an incredible shoe that is lightweight and cushioned to ensure you are comfortable while playing your Frisbee game. Also, the sturdy construction makes these cleats perfect for ultimate Frisbee sport.

What I Like 

  • Leather material and dual-density outsole for durability
  • Robust conical studs for providing great traction
  • Offers impressive speed, control, and balance
  • Protects feet from injuries and straining
  • EVA insole for comfort

What I Don’t Like

  • The White Color Gets Dirty Easily
  • Not Ideal For Wet Fields

Best Men’s Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee: Nike Men’s Vapor Shark

Nike is a reputable company in which you can rely on for superior products designed for durability and reliable performance such as the Nike Men’s Vapor Shark cleats. These shoes do not disappoint as they’re designed both for professional level and novice Ultimate Frisbee players. The sole of the cleat has studs that are placed strategically to allow for unmatched speed while still providing a good grip. 

The great grip is aided by Nike FastFlex technology that makes sure you can use the cleats on a range of surfaces without worrying about falling or skidding. The shoe’s synthetic upper is lightweight and soft and allows you to put on and take off the shoes effortlessly. Its interior has comfortable padding to provide protection to your ankle while providing maximum comfort. 

The central lacing system that enables you to tighten the cleat without causing any discomfort. In addition to that, the cleat’s unique tongue enables you to wear the shoe in different ways. You can choose to cut it off, tuck it in or fold it up to where it will meet with your ankle. Alternatively, you can just leave it loose if that is what you like.

These Nike Ultimate Frisbee cleats also give a comfortable fit-out of the box. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking in time before using the footwear. Additionally, the cleat comes equipped with a breathable fabric lining that allows for optimum ventilation while the tongue and padded collar enhance further the comfortable fit of the cleats.

Still, on comfort, its full-length midsole comes in handy as it offers responsive cushioning that you may appreciate, especially when playing on the field. 

If you are looking for cleats that provide superior comfort and those that enhance performance, the Vapor Shark cleats are a great choice. It is also ideal for players looking for a lightweight feel and good construction as they are made using a premium synthetic material that provides great support while allowing for flexible movement so that you perform optimally while on the field. 

What I Like 

  • Strategically placed studs that provide great grip
  • Ideal for beginner and experienced players
  • Comfortable padding for protecting ankles 
  • The central lacing system and unique tongue
  • Breathable fabric lining for ventilation

What I Don’t Like

  • The shoe fits tightly which might hinder your movement
  • Not as durable as you would expect
  • Small for some players

Best Women’s Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee: Under Armor Women’s Micro G

Most players desire to be as flexible and as agile to keep up with the nature of the Frisbee sport. So, the Under Armor Women’s Micro G is an ideal shoe because it allows for maximum maneuverability. The cleat features a tow-top arch design, so it may not be suitable for players prone to ankle injuries. However, it’s a great option for players that are not concerned about ankle support as it allows for a range of movements.

The upper part of this cleat is built using synthetic leather that offers maximum support and comfort. It can also stand long hours of intense play as it is highly durable. Moreover, the cleat’s full-length EVA midsole provides great lightweight cushioning for a balanced distribution of shoe pressure. Also, comfort is enhanced further by the mesh tongue as it improves breathability so that your feet remain dry and cool throughout the game. 

The Under Armor cleat also comes with a comfortable lining that provides more comfort to the overall feel when you are wearing the shoes. When it comes to traction, you will enjoy superb performance every time you run. Another thing you may like about these shoes is that they are easy to clean. What makes this stand out from its rivals is its durable and simple design that can endure harsh weather conditions. 

However, you do not have to spend much to own this quality shoe as it has a synthetic rubber sole and fine finishes. You may also like its outsole design that promotes speed and traction on different types of terrain. Also, these cleats boast of low-profile cushioning that prevents your feet from being crushed or pressed due to playing for long periods. 

This means you won’t feel fatigued easily; so you will focus more on the game and give your best performance. Moreover, the shoes have firm lace closures that will ensure your feet remain in place while preventing the cleat from sliding. One good thing that you may appreciate about the Micro G cleats is that they are designed for ultimate acceleration as they are made using high-quality materials.

What I Like 

  • Great traction and maximum maneuverability
  • Mesh tongue that enhances breathability
  • Synthetic leather for extra comfort
  • Comfortable lining for added comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to clean

What I Don’t Like

  • Unsuitable for players prone to ankle injuries
  • Undersized cleats offer little traction
  • A bit difficult to put on

Best Lacrosse Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee: New Balance BURN Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe

If you happen to play both frisbee and lacrosse, then the New Balance BURN Mid Speed Lacrosse shoe is an excellent option to have one pair of cleats for both sports. It’s one of the cleats that have better material quality with the compromise of paying more. 

The upper part of the cleat uses textile fiber and synthetic. This build material quality enables the cleats to have a stretchy feel yet feels solid and durable on the upper part. 

The outer sole uses non-toxic ThermoPlastic Rubber or TPR for short that has similar functions of a rubber and does not have the downside of latex. TPR is considered artificial plastic hence it is able to have different features from rubber. 

The TPR offers excellent protection from wear and tear, skidding, or slipping on most surfaces for ultimate frisbee. Deformation also rarely happens as you use it early on with regular play. The outsole does a great job of keeping its elasticity and durability even in the toughest conditions. 

The bottom part of the outsole of the uses ThermoPlastic Polyurethane (TPU) cleats. TPU cleats provide consistent grip even when you’re moving faster or with sudden directional change. 

Its durability may be because it is designed for lacrosse play. However, it is still good for ultimate frisbee because of its lightweight build quality. 

What I Like

  • Unique plate for push-offs and acceleration
  • Grip and  anti-slipping from the outsole and cleats are excellent and consistent
  • TPU upper and thick rubber sole makes this cleats durable

What I Don’t Like

  • Only comes in color white which can get dirty easily
  • Lace loop can sometimes get damaged easily

What Makes A Good Pair of Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee?

Cleats vary in terms of functionality and also come in different sizes. Some ensure comfortable maneuverability while others enhance traction. So, while shopping for the best cleats for ultimate Frisbee, you will have to consider the features that matter to you since no cleat is perfect for everyone. 

Ultimate Frisbee players wearing their cleats during a game


Flexibility helps with your mobility on the field. Cleats with excellent traction on their outsoles will help improve your performance. Allowing you to move freely, stop with ease, and change direction comfortably makes a good pair of cleats. 


Most ultimate players prefer wearing lightweight cleats. The less weight your cleats have, the less energy you have to expend from moving your legs. This will lessen the impact of moving to your muscles. Heavy materials also tend to have poor air circulation and will feel stuffy on your feet. 

Type of Cleats

It’s important to know your position in the game as it will help you pick the right cleats. For example, cleats that facilitate sprinting forward are an excellent choice if you are a cutter. On the other hand, cleats that support agility and speed are perfect for handlers. 

However, since ultimate Frisbee is still emerging, only a few pairs of cleats are available. Thus, the probability of choosing cleats not exclusively designed for ultimate Frisbee is high. That is why it’s crucial to know the different types available and the differences between them. 

Soccer Cleats

These cleats are perfect for Ultimate Frisbee as they are highly versatile. They have a lower cut for agile movement and instant direction change. One advantage of soccer cleats is that they are lightweight. This minimizes exhaustion of legs and ankles so that you don’t get tired quickly while running on the field.

Typically, studs are more widely spaced and round, which is an ideal feature for maneuverability and stability. The wide space also prevents dirt and grass from getting caught in the studs. However, it’s important to mention that low-cut soccer cleats are not ideal for those players with weak ankles or foot as well as an ankle injury.

A pair of cleats thrown in mid air

Football Cleats

These cleats come with a front toe stud, a feature that other pairs of cleats do not have as they are exclusively made for forward movements. The stud enhances traction as it is screwed in and also bladed to give you speed and more traction, especially when playing in poor weather conditions. However, this does not make football cleats perfect for ultimate Frisbee players.

This is because the cleats are usually heavy and designed as high-cut or mid-cut, which signifies that the cleat is higher around the ankle for extra support. However, this benefit makes maneuvering around the field a bit difficult. 

Lacrosse Cleats

These cleats offer protection and ankle support. Lacrosse cleats also come with high and low tops and are a bit bulky. This means you can pick the pair that fits you well.

A low-top cleat is perfect for those players that do not want support. Although these cleats don’t come with the front toe stud, you can expect to enjoy good traction while playing. Most ultimate Frisbee players use soccer cleats that come with round plastic or rubber studs.

The studs ensure speed and quick release, both of which are crucial for this game. Lacrosse and soccer cleats feature tough molded soles that are perfect for use on hard fields like artificial grass.

Type of Studs

Considering the type of studs is equally important as they make your cleats stable. If your shoes don’t have quality studs, you will keep slipping on the field like someone with regular shoes.

Studs or cleats come in different shapes and sizes. Many have a square shape, some are more spherical, and a few are longer. Let’s take a look at the specific purpose of each one of them:

  • Normal or Neutral Stud: This type of stud is ideal for use on firm, normal field types as it is a firm ground cleat. However, this doesn’t mean that the stud is just basic when it comes to functionality. You can also use these when the weather is dry or damp to give you maximum safety and grip. 
  • Short, Rounded Stud: This stud is ideal for players that play on hard fields because it does not penetrate the ground deeply to the point of dragging itself. As such, you are assured of stability and minimal risks of injury while on the field. Cleats with this type of stud tend to have a coarser build that can tackle any rough condition.
  • Long Stud: You can use a long stud on a surface that is wet, soft or with pristine grass. This is because such conditions require cleats that can dig into the ground without players getting caught when turning.
  • Bladed Stud: It is ideal for improved speed and traction.  
  • Hard Stud: It is perfect for artificial and hard surfaces. 
Ultimate Frisbee players trying to catch the disc while wearing their cleats during a game

It is important to mention that metal studs are not for ultimate Frisbee cleats. Although they are used in some sports at higher levels, most competitions do not endorse them because they are harmful. 

Before buying your cleats, you should also check the design of the studs. There are two major options: permanent and screwable. The former design is common in molded lacrosse or soccer cleats while the latter design is found in football cleats. While both are great for ultimate Frisbee, the permanent design is preferable.

Type of Cleat Cut

Type of CutBenefit
High CutImproves ankle protection
Low-CutImproves mobility and agility
Mid-CutProvides a middle ground between high-cut and low-cut

Most cleats come in various styles to suit different preferences while playing on the field. Common types of cleat cut include:

  • High-Cut: This cut is for people with weak ankles or those with an injured ankle or foot. Such a cut will give you a locked feel inside the cleat and also provide safety for your ankle. High-cut shoes will prevent you from making unnecessary movements, which is crucial, especially when you are injured. The added protection will also ensure your ankles are protected while making turns and jumps during the game. However, high-cuts are a bit suffocating and also heavy.
  • LowCut: Unlike high-cut cleats that limit freedom of movement, low-cut shoes will allow you to move freely as it is crafted to give you maximum maneuverability. This cleat is also fast and flexible; however, it does not offer ankle protection. Additionally, it is more lightweight to minimize any exhaustion you may feel in your legs and ankles.
  • MidCut: This cut strikes a balance between the above two-cleat cuts. While it is not as suffocating as the high-cut, it also does not offer a lot of freedom as the low-cut. It is also an all-around cleat cut that can serve anyone well because it is not heavy or lightweight. I recommend picking this cleat if you are not sure which cut to go with.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about cleats for ultimate frisbee.

Can You Wear Metal Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee?

No, you can’t wear metal cleats for ultimate frisbee. In fact, according to the rules, players cannot wear sandals, hiking boots, or shoes with metal spikes. On top of that, you can’t wear shoes with detachable steel cleats, only normal cleats.

Can You Play Ultimate Frisbee in Bare Feet?

No, according to the rules, players are not allowed to play ultimate frisbee in bare feet. However, if you just want to play a game with your friends, there are no restrictions. You can play non-professional games any way you want as long as you feel comfortable.

Do You Need Cleats for Professional Ultimate Frisbee Matches?

Yes, you need to wear cleats in order to play a professional ultimate frisbee match. This is because normal shoes, sandals, and even combat boots are not allowed in this game. Therefore, your only option is to wear cleats that help you perform better.

Wrap Up

A pair of cleats that offer durability, ankle safety and comfort is ideal for ultimate Frisbee sport. All the cleats I have reviewed are of high-quality and capable of meeting your needs. So, go ahead and pick a pair that has the features you are looking for. You can’t go wrong with my list. 

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