Best Indoor Soccer Shoes, Futsal and Turf [2024 Review]

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Indoor soccer is plenty of fun to play on the field, but not so much pre-game, particularly the part where you have to choose the best indoor soccer shoes. From cleats to boots and shoes, there are too many variations of it that might confuse rookies and even seasoned players.

Our Top Indoor Soccer Shoes Recommendations

If you’re looking for the best indoor soccer shoes that will last you for a long time, here is my list of the top-rated shoes on the market. You will find my top three picks here, and if you read further in this guide, I have a comprehensive review of each shoe.

Adidas Copa Tango 18.1

Adidas claimed it first. As you’ll see it described on their website, the adidas Copa Tango 18.1 Trainer Shoes is “honed for the maestro.” Even the brand would probably pronounce these shoes as one of the best Adidas shoes.

The fold-over tongue has a two-way purpose that contributes to the optimal fit and allows ease of wearing. Going from the inside out, it’s irresistible to start with the insole and Boost midsole. EVA is a common material you’ll see in most shoes.

The Boost technology of the midsole, however, is an Adidas-specific feature that boasts comfort and responsiveness. It’s a certain cushion that gives back whatever energy you exert, thus the term responsive.

The force of your steps will be countered by the foam heel pads, boosting you into a faster run rather than holding you down to the ground. It’s also shaped with an average arch, letting it mold to your feet as they naturally would be when barefoot.

The gum-rubber outsole is made specifically for indoors, so all the mentioned features will be best optimized and used on polished floors. It has very discreet studs that are almost invisible at first glance, but it’s there to be felt by the wearer as he or she becomes stable throughout the game.

Product Specs
  • Leather, textile material
  • Synthetic lining
  • Boost technology cushioning
  • X-Ray vamp cage for ball control

Adidas Performance Mundial Team

The adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Team Shoe is one of the top Adidas options for indoors.

If the first one is available only for men and women, this model is accessible even to younger players who still qualify for youth soccer with US sizes that range from 4 to 10.5. This proves how this is fitting for players of any age and level.

You could say the vamp is made with similar ridges but this time each layer isn’t a hard indoor firm surface. Rather it’s made with soft, grained, cushioned leather (similar to the look of puffer jackets) that absorbs and bounces upon ball control.

This doubles the comfort from the outside while still being assistive for your performance in the game. The other half of comfort-giving features come from within. The synthetic lining and die-cut EVA foam insole and molded arched midsole cushion wide feet from all angles.

With soft and gentle synthetic materials inside and outside, breaking in these shoes isn’t going to be much of a struggle and wouldn’t cause as much pain. Compared to the 10.5 oz of the previous shoes – and the similar or heavier weight of the next ones – the 8.5 oz Mundial Team is on the lighter side of shoes.

Product Specs
  • Leather material
  • Synthetic lining
  • Extended tongue for comfort
  • TRAXION outsole for max grip

Adidas Performance Samba Millennium

If you’re more of a casual player, the adidas Performance Men’s Samba Millennium comes as a fashionable yet durable option. If only for a few features and capabilities, it’s almost the same as the Adidas samba classic.

It saves you a few bucks for similar features as the Adidas samba classic: molded arch support through the midsole, synthetic material of the lining and exterior, EVA foam insole, rubber sole, and a combination of grained leather and suede for texture.

Since it’s mostly the same on the inside, the break-in period would probably take just as much amount of time as the Mundial Team would before becoming fully comfortable. On the bright side, this would just encourage you to practice more because the more times you use it, the more you’ll be used to the feel of it on your feet and how to use it while playing indoors.

Opposite to the Adidas mundial goal, this one is on the heavier side at 12.4 oz. It even weighs more than the Copa Tango. The firmer synthetic upper, which have a padded feel to it, may also hinder you to connect with and feel the ball better. These are not without a solution because, as mentioned, these shoes prove to get better with age.

Heavier weight in shoes might have a specific purpose of increasing your stability. The latter, though, is something to push you to do better with your performance. These shoes come in male sizes but they can fit women too. Out of all the shoes in this list, this has the widest range of sizes from US 4 to 13.5.

Product Specs
  • Synthetic, leather material
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Non-marking gum rubber outsole
  • Torsion system for speed, agility

Kelme Star 360 Michelin

A diversion from the more universal models, the KELME STAR 360 Shoes are designed to provide a different set of features for a specific kind of a soccer game. Made specifically for futsal, a variation of indoor soccer, it’s the best pair of futsal shoes in this selection.

The abundance of synthetic materials in the synthetic upper makes them stiffer during the initial times of wear. It takes some time to feel comfortable but has advantages to it when broken in. The indoor shoes are crafted to be tighter at the front and go wider towards the center and heel. The purpose of this is to allow the indoor soccer shoe to mold itself to your feet as you use it.

No two pairs of these indoor soccer shoes are intended to be the same for everybody. In a way, it forces you to use it and practice, so both you and the indoor soccer shoes can improve in performance. After the break-in period, the shoes should feel like they were custom-made exactly for your feet. This means a more personalized play enabled by the familiarity of the shoes.

In terms of the fit, this one generally runs bigger. You might want to order one or two sizes smaller for these indoor soccer shoes. The available ones range from 6 to 13.5 according to US standard sizes. It covers the usual average sizes for male players, who these indoor soccer shoes are catered to. Nevertheless, the interior of the heel is lined with a padded mesh material while the insole provides a cushion, both securing your feet in place and offering ankle support.

Product Specs
  • Synthetic Leather material
  • Synthetic suede overlays
  • Solid comfort sole for stability
  • Michelin rubber provides flexibility

Nike Mercurial X Victory VI DF IC

I know sometimes choosing shoes is not about the model, it’s about the brand. With that, I share the best I’ve found from Nike: Mercurial X Victory VI Dynamic Fit CR7 IC. If there’s anything I can compare this to, it’s the sock-like fit of the Copa Tango 18.1. For these Nike indoor soccer shoes, though, it’s not just sock-like because where the usual opening of the shoes is, there’s a ribbed knit-like fabric like an actual sock that hugs around your ankles for ankle support.

However, it’s not limited to ankle support. Some would say this one is also good to use on natural grass, street, or court grounds. This is more like Kelme and Michelin’s Star 360 than the Adidas shoes before that. The sole is thinner, therefore you’re closer to the ground. The upper, though, is made simply with synthetic material crafted with parallel horizontal ridges. It allows a great connection between the ball and wide feet.

In terms of what’s inside, the Victory VI model contains the same insole and molded arch. It might not be as cushioned as other Nike Mercurial models, but compared to the other shoes in this list, it has almost the same offering in the interior aspect.

Weighing only 8 oz flat, the Nike shoes are the lightest among this selection. As an effect, it could boost your agility and speed without the extra weight that might hold you down and then carry with every step. These shoes don’t use that many materials like the previous models. The same can be said about the way it’s constructed.

Product Specs
  • Synthetic material
  • Great ankle support
  • Ridges for enhanced touch
  • Tongueless construction
  • Rubber compound improves traction

Diadora Capitano Turf Shoes

As we’ve mentioned, the brand may affect what shoes you get. Some would rely on the features or the model, especially collectors.

These are not low quality. Many people are right to doubt and be skeptical, but with this Diadora Men’s Capitano TF Turf Soccer Shoes, it’s just not worth the worry.

Out of the three previous outer appearances of the ridges feature, Diadora’s leather shoes resemble that of the Adidas mundial goal the most. It’s also made of soft padded synthetic leather that’s gentle on wide feet but accurate for the ball.

The rest of the Turf soccer shoes is made with the same leather-like material and is designed with a minimal pattern that’s made exciting by the pop of neon yellow. The outsole is where the Diadora differs from the others. They have a marking gum rubber outsole but this one uses synthetic materials.

However, it doesn’t affect the performance of the shoes or their ability to support you. When it comes to the outsole, this one even has bladed and cone-like indoor soccer cleats that allow you to play even during some bad weather conditions.

Product Specs
  • Synthetic outside
  • Soft leather upper
  • Flexible gum rubber sole for comfort
  • TRAXION outsole for max grip

Adidas Performance Messi 16.3 TF

For fans of Messi or soccer itself, this Adidas model named after him is extremely tempting. I can see it becoming a collector’s item if it ever stops production, which seems unlikely. Fans and critics of the laudable player only make him more of a superstar athlete than he already is. The Adidas Men’s Messi 16.3 TF Shoe is no different; it’s a superstar in its own right.

The gradient effect of the green makes it look effortless and nonchalant in design but little details like the subtle, almost-invisible specks of neon green throughout the shoes aim to impress. There’s also another little detail that holds more purpose than just aesthetic. From the vamp all the way to the heel counter, there’s a little polygonal-patterned synthetic covering the textile material that makes up the shoes.

Aside from giving texture to the look of the shoes, it’s what gives you advantage when kicking the ball. There’s a little bit of grip once they touch that enables you to direct where it’s going. The same polygonal pattern graces the bottom rubber sole. Just like for the ball, it does the same function of providing great traction with the ground.

This uses the same EVA foam insole and delivers arched support, but for almost all the others in this list, make sure you have to consider the break-in period. You won’t know exactly how it’s supposed to feel on the first time. Make sure you wear it a few more times and if you’re lucky, it will be the best fit for your feet.

Product Specs
  • Textile, synthetic
  • Synthetic outside
  • Agility touch skin upper
  • Tight mono-tongue construction
  • Outsole improves stability

Features to Consider for Soccer Indoor Shoes

Great materialImproved comfortability and durability
LightweightEnhanced agility
Good flexibility and gripImproved mobility
Good designImproved ergonomics

You may reckon that trying to learn indoor soccer is easier than choosing the right shoes for it. The variety of features that determine what’s good or not can be overwhelming and confusing.


It makes up a large part of the shoes’ composition, especially in the upper or the vamp where the foot touches the ball. Though there’s the rising popularity of textile, particularly woven knit, they’re commonly made with leather or synthetic, and each comes with their own pros and cons.

Yellow green and orange Nike indoor soccer shoe


Since synthetic is man-made with inorganic raw materials, it can be manipulated more in terms of technology and design.

Manufacturers are able to create shoes without as much limitations as when working with an already existing material like authentic leather.

Simultaneously, the material is able to persist with the color and design barely faded or damaged.

These are why some of the positive attributes of synthetic shoes include strength, durability, and water resistance, thus making it more convenient and long-lasting.

Compared to leather, synthetic is also thicker and heavier, making it harder to establish a stable connection with your feet and the ball when kicking. Depending on your position on the field, this material has different advantages and disadvantages to different soccer players.

Thin Leather

Leather is generally thinner than synthetic but within its own realm, one kind of leather is thinner than others. You’ll see some of the most expensive shoes are made of kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is usually justified by the material’s good properties.


Generally, the weight of shoes are in the range of 9 to 12 oz. At least that’s applicable to the existing shoes in the market right now. Even the shoes we’ve just reviewed fit into that measurement with only one or two exceptions that go below or exceed those numbers.

Lightweight is fast becoming a trend. However, it doesn’t always dictate the effectiveness of a durable shoe. It depends on your position and the type of player you are – your strengths and weaknesses. Heaviness can have its advantages too: it helps with maneuverability, balance, and enhances traction.

Top view of a green soccer shoe

In a brief recap, the parts of an indoor shoe consist of the upper or vamp, outsole, insole, midsole or the cushioning, heel counter, and studs, though these are optional.

The material on the upper, either synthetic or leather, are usually the same for the rest of the exterior of the shoes. For decoration, some other materials like suede leather or mesh may also be incorporated.

Based on what’s often used by big indoor soccer shoe brands and what has been positively remarked by soccer players, the best indoor soccer shoes material for the rubber sole and EVA cushioning for the insole, midsole, and heel counter.

The protruding studs at the bottom of the shoes are not much of a significant requirement in the game of indoor soccer. However, if you ever choose a durable shoe with them, make sure it’s for turf surfaces as indoor fields usually use artificial grass.


Grip is important for both the upper and bottom sides of indoor soccer shoes. For the rubber sole, grip can mean the same as traction, which is important for running. Gum-rubber soles are suitable for court, a gum-rubber sole can help you even on hard surfaces, whereas a cleat aid you on turf surfaces.

On the other hand, grip on the upper is crucial because it’s the actual quality that drives you to score. Grip for the upper affects your ability to kick the ball to the right direction and with the right force. In this aspect, the thinner leather material might be more beneficial.


Close up of some black indoor soccer shoes

Flexibility is just the same as the stretchability of the shoes. Some shoes make room for a better fit the more you use them while others stay in their initial structure. As we’ve established, between synthetic and leather options, the latter is more able to mold and adapt to the foot shape, this is particularly important if you have wide feet.


We’ve distinguished the importance of the rubber sole for the player, which is its ability to provide traction. However, your choice of an outsole for indoor soccer shoes can also be affected by the type of surface you’re going to play on. From every type of rubber sole there is, I determine where they’re appropriate.

Gum-rubber outsoles

Starting with the most common type of outsole, gum-rubber is often used for their non-marking qualities. Gum-rubber doesn’t come down on hard surfaces too much, causing them to leave no marks that may damage the floors.

Solid rubber outsoles

Unlike a gum rubber sole, solid rubber might be too harsh for fields like turf and courts. The intensity of the game may destroy the artificial grass blades and the mat of turf, and leave marks on flat floors that will eventually lead to bigger damage.

Man standing in red socks with a white and black soccer ball


The best soccer shoes may not be fashionable in the traditional sense, but they have their own sense of style that only belongs on the field. These are just some of the things you might want to look into if you’re not familiar with what’s good or not for such a specific type of shoes.


The design aspect takes some notes from other features. Extra materials can be added onto the exterior, either for pure superficial appeal or doubled up with functionality. Mesh panels and suede toe caps are among the most common additions, both for breathability and added grip.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer shoes

Can I Wear Cleats for Indoor Soccer?

Yes, as long as the indoor soccer surface is made of turf or grass. However, this is not recommended as it can damage the surface, which is why most places ban soccer cleats. On top of that, as these shoes are not specifically made to be worn for indoor soccer, they might not be as efficient as thought.

Can I Wear My Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Yes, Indoor soccer shoes can be worn casually outdoors. Although these shoes are specifically made for indoor soccer, they can be comfortably worn casually, however, they might get worn out faster. Therefore, if you plan to use them, be sure to take care of them.

Can I Use Running Shoes or Cross Trainers to Play Soccer?

No, running shoes and cross trainers do not meet the requirements for grip, fit, and overall construction. Although you can wear running shoes and cross trainers, if you want to perform at your best, these will not be enough.


There’s so much to be read about the best indoor soccer shoes, which can be overwhelming when you just want to pick a specific model that won’t fail you. From definitions to features to actual shoes recommendations, this comprehensive guide walks you through what’s hottest and latest in the indoor shoe market. Bookmark now for a much-needed reference!

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.