Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats and Shoes [2024 Review]

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It’s just an insole. What difference does it make? Well, an insole has its own benefit. In soccer, there’s a lot of work placed on your feet. Having insoles help do away with injuries to your feet. 

People don’t have the same feet. Some soccer players have wide feet or they have a high arch. The structure of their feet can be prone to injuries. It can also be the reason a player’s performance is held back. Using insoles for soccer can unlock their full potential and bring out a player’s hidden talent. 

The Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

A great insole for soccer cleats should be comfortable to wear and provide arch support. Depending on your needs, you’ll pick the insoles that fit best for your soccer cleats. 

Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Performance Insert

The Sof Sole Insole Athlete Performance provides much-needed support, comfort, and fit which you don’t find in regular soccer cleat insoles. The cushioning in the SOF Sole makes it usable for almost any sports, especially soccer. 

It is made of a Neutral Arch design which fits most foot types. You can also trim the toe area for a better fit inside the shoe. 

This features Hydrologix moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your feet cooler and drier. The Hyrdrologix also returns some energy you use on your feet giving you a bit of enhanced performance. 

It also has Gel Pads in the heel and forefoot area. These provide extra comfort to high-impacted areas of your foot. 

The footbed is made of lightweight polyurethane which also houses the Gel Pads. This makes the insoles flexible and durable at the same time.

The middle part of the insole is made of Implus open-cell foam layer. The Implus foam keeps the insole breathable thanks to its open-cell design. The foam is also durable while wicking away the sweat from your foot. 

The insole contains Microban embedded in the foam of the Sof Sole ATHLETE performance. Microban is an antibacterial material that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It works by puncturing the cell of the bacteria preventing it from reproducing. 

The Microban also prevents stains, odor, and wear. The insoles are also easier to clean thanks to the Microban. 

Product Specs

  • 100% Implus foam for breathability 
  • Neutral Arch design fits most foot types
  • Gel pads in the heel and forefoot provide cushioning
  • Hydrologix moisture management treatment keeps feet cool and dry
  • Can also be used casually

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

The Physix Gear Sport Insoles combines comfort, safety, and durability. If you’re experiencing foot or heel pain, these insoles can help alleviate it. 

The insoles are made of a durable EVA foam base. Along with the Variable Cushioning Technology, the insoles provide comfort with a soft, supportive feel to your heel and foot ball. 

The deep heel cradle enhances the stability of your soccer cleats. And the top fabric and ultra-thin design gives comfort for your feet. 

The Physix Gear Sport high arch support is designed to balance the force structure of the foot. This design provides relief to people with flat feet, runner’s knee, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis. 

The ergonomic design of the Physix Gear Sport insoles provides excellent support for proper foot posture and arch support. Thanks to the heel cup and arch support, the Physix Gear Sport insoles reduce the pain and discomfort from your feet. 

The Physix Gear Sport Insoles are versatile insoles for any type of foot pain. The ergonomic design of the insoles ensures your feet are comfortable and free from pain. 

Product Specs

  • Deep heel cradle for stability
  • Low profile design, ultra-thin
  • Dual-layer foam
  • Dual base layered high-performance EVA foam

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are designed for people who work on hard surfaces and experience discomfort and fatigue in their feet or legs. It works well for soccer players who constantly grind in the rough dirt surface of the soccer field. 

The massaging gel advanced insoles provide all-day shock absorption and cushioning for hard surfaces. It reduces the stress placed on your feet and legs. 

The extra forefoot cushioning helps keep the ball of your foot comfortable and protected. There are small cooling vents around the middle of the insole that keep your feet cool and dry. 

The insoles feature a responsive-wave cushioning in the heel and arch which provides shock absorption. The gel waves have also been found to improve movement over 10% thanks to the gel waves. 

These gel waves provide the bouncy feel, cushioning, and energy rebound. They reduce the workload on your feet and give a comfortable feeling to your feet. 

Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles are the product by Dr. William Mathias Scholl. It’s been a trusted brand in foot care since 1904. It’s designed to help relieve foot pain and fatigue and improve shock absorption and cushion. 

Product Specs

  • Massaging Gel Technology and extra cushioning provides all-day shock absorption
  • Great arch-support with firm columns that provide contoured support to the overworked arch area
  • Can be trimmed to fit your shoe size 

Sof Sole Airr Insole Gel Shoe

The Sof Sole Airr Insole is great for people who like to engage heavily in foot-contact sports like soccer. It helps reduce the impact from every kick. The air chambers and polymer gel help cushion your feet. 

What makes this different from the Sof Sole Athlete insole instead of using Hydrologix, it uses COOLMAX. It also features SKYDEX technology and design for high-impact activities. 

The Skydex technology features air capsules in the heel and arch. It converts the impact on your feet into kinetic energy which helps with shock absorption. 

The Sof Sole Airr features the COOLMAX technology that provides excellent comfort and breathability inside your shoes. Your body naturally sweats as you do intense activities in order to maintain your body temperature. The sweat from your foot then sticks to your insoles. 

COOLMAX technology makes the moisture from sweat evaporate quickly. The COOLMAX works by absorbing and spreading the moisture across the fabric to speed up the evaporating process. The fibers are specially designed to be soft, breathable, and wicks moisture. 

Just like the Sof Sole ATHLETE, the Sof Sole Airr uses the durable and flexible polyurethane footbed for a comfortable feel. It also uses the Gel forefoot that enhances the shock absorption for your soccer cleats. 

Product Specs

  • Skydex technology reduces the stress by absorbing the impact on your feet
  • Coolmax fabric top cover wicks away moisture keeping the feet cool and dry
  • Gel in the forefoot enhances the cushioning on your soccer cleats

Superfeet GREEN Insoles

The Superfeet Professional-Grade Insoles are designed to provide comfort and performance. The green insole is designed for high arch support to lessen the stress placed on the heels. 

It features a wide deep heel cup that provides maximum support. This also aids with the shock absorption on your feet. 

The Superfeet Green Insoles are made of high-density foam with closed-cell foam. It supports and cushions the foot for a comfortable feel throughout the game. 

The Green Insoles also use the Superfeet Shape technology. This helps stabilize and support the feet. It reduces the stress from your feet and ankles. 

There’s also a stabilizer cap that acts as the base of the insole. It supports the rearfoot and gives stability to the foam layer. 

The insole can last you for a long time with regular wear. 

If you’re looking for an insole that provides great stability, the Superfeet Green Insole is what you’re looking for. Not only is it great for stability but it provides comfort and support as well thanks to the deep heel cup and Superfeet Shape technology. They’re a great insole for people with a high arch foot. 

Product Specs

  • Stabilizer cap provides stability to the foam layer
  • Deep heel cup for support and impact absorption
  • Superfeet shape to reduce the stress on your feet and ankles
  • High-density foam layer for comfort

Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles

If you want an insole that is comfortable for any arch types, then you should take a look at Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles.  

These insoles are made and designed for the support of the arch and to relieve the metatarsal of pain as well as the heel and arch. 

This insert is made up of 100% polyester and is antimicrobial. It provides excellent support on your feet when used in its entirety. It has an encapsulated design and has a firm yet flexible shell. When it comes to stability, it has a decent built-in arch support complemented with a deep heel cradle. 

It is great for all-around support as it can fit well with low, neutral, and high arches. The cushioning is excellent thanks to its dual-layer design. The layer design is a combination of variable cushioning technology (VCT) and durable EVA foam that conforms the cushioning according to your foot. 

The polyester top fabric feels cool and comfortable and helps keep you dry even when under immense heat and pressure from playing soccer. The insert also does a great job in relieving foot pain and keeping your foot stable and comfortable inside the cleats. 

Product Specs

  • Full-length insoles with no need for trimming
  • Targeted cushioning works great in relieving pain
  • Cool and comfortable fabric and stays dry when in play

Wernies Running Shoe Insoles 

Although tailored for running, Wernies Running Shoe Insoles is also good for soccer cleats and shoes and can even be great in other sports activities. 

The design has a contoured and neutral arch support makes it versatile and wearable for most foot types. It does a great job in preventing and relieving arch and heel pain and even injuries to some extent. It will also feel comfortable in most shoes, sneakers, and boots so indoor futsal may be possible when wearing these insoles. 

When it comes to protection, you have a reinforced support for your arch and also a deep heel cup. You also get an anti-slip layer to help with the constant movements from playing soccer. It also does a great job of spreading the pressure on all areas of your feet so that certain areas don’t get more pressure and get some injuries or soreness. 

The foam base and gel pads for these insoles are made out of medical-grade EVA for a comfortable cushioning that is long lasting. It even has a shock absorption effect although not that noticeable can still help reduce the strain on your feet. 

Product Specs

  • Versatile and all-around insole
  • Cushioning system has many great features
  • Support is excellent with an anti-slip layer

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

If you have problems with plantar fasciitis, then getting the Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles for your soccer cleats may be the best option for you. These insoles were designed to help with numerous foot discomforts and injuries like plantar fasciitis. 

The insoles have great support for your arch and help relieve flat feet and most types of foot pain. 

When it comes to comfortability, these insoles provide long lasting comfort and relieves your leg and foot ailments. They particularly relieve stress and pain from flat feet or pronation, bunions, arthritis, and even foot problems related to diabetes. 

The design consists of a deep heel cup which protects your heel from all types of impact lessening the chances of injury. The EVA material on the insoles also helps with shock absorption and pain relief. EVA also helps keep your feet cool and dry. 

The insoles are also durable and flexible so you can use them for a long time to help with plantar fasciitis. 

Product Specs

  • Material is comfortable and breathable especially for plantar fasciitis
  • Heel support is excellent
  • Shock absorb feature helps lessen pressure from your foot

Features to Consider for Soccer Cleats Insoles

While insoles may look the same or feel the same, there are minute details to it that you won’t notice that help you identify insoles that stand out for soccer cleats. 


The quality of the material used generally predicts the durability of the insoles. Depending on you, some materials may be comfortable for your feet. If possible, choose a material for your insoles that has comfort, breathability, and durability. If you can’t have all, choose one that has the features you prefer. 

Arch Support

Since I’m talking about the safety of our feet, it is important to talk about the arch support of the insoles. It’s important to determine if you need low, neutral, or high support. Some insoles are only limited for support however, there are insoles that can work for all types of arch support. 

It’s important to wear the right insoles for your arch support type. Doing this helps with your injury, preventing an injury, and re-aggravate an old injury. 


Anti-slip is also important if you want to avoid unnecessary injuries. You want insoles that will hold your feet firmly and still have room for comfortable movement. If your insoles are too tight or have too much grip, it may also lead to injuries so it’s best to find the right balance. 

An insole with just the right grip to not dislodge your foot and make it uncomfortable would be the best option. 

Shape of Feet

There are some insoles that may be right for your size however won’t fit because of the shape of your feet. Fortunately, most insoles are designed to conform to most foot shapes. Make sure that the insoles are flexible so it won’t make your feet uncomfortable. 


The cushioning should be comfortable since you’re wearing insoles mostly to alleviate pain and pressure. Great insoles shouldn’t make you feel any discomfort thanks to its cushioning. The best type of cushioning to have on an insole is targeted cushioning so that it will tend to the needs of your feet. 

What Makes a Good Insole for Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats are lightweight. The insoles that generally come in them are thin and provide minimal support to your feet. If you’re having problems with your feet, try changing the original insoles with insoles that provide better support. 

Your insoles should provide you with firm arch support to reduce pronation. Your insoles should also match the size of your feet. Make sure your soccer cleats fit snug so you won’t have problems adding the insole. 

The insoles should also be a solution to any pain or discomfort a soccer player feels on his/her feet. Most foot pain can be located at the arch of the foot or at the heel. A good insole can help alleviate this type of pain.

Soccer player wearing black and white design cleats

Benefits of Using Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Reduces arch pronationBetter stability
Enhances the fit of the shoeReduced stress on your feet
Cushions your soleComfort and support

If you’re using specialized insoles for your soccer cleats it can help reduce the stress you place on your feet and legs. Specialized insoles are designed to help enhance the features of what an insole should have. These include comfort, stability, and support. 

The built-in insoles in your soccer cleats are designed thin and don’t provide much of these qualities. If you experience discomfort or pain in your feet during soccer games or after playing a game, consult an orthopedic physician. Find out what the problem is. Usually, it’s just problems with the anatomy of your foot. Using an orthotic or specialized insole can help stop the pain. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about insoles for soccer cleats and shoes.

Is It Good to Place Insoles in Soccer Cleats?

Yes, soccer cleats may be fitted with insoles. Although most soccer cleats come with low-quality insoles, most players recommend replacing them. It is preferable to replace it with higher-quality insoles that are more comfortable, stable, and long-lasting. 

Is It Okay to Use Any Insoles for Soccer Cleats?

No, since not all insoles will suit your soccer cleats, you may experience discomfort and injury. Therefore, it is recommended to use insoles created specifically for athletic shoes and activities. Even better if you can find insoles made specifically for soccer cleats.

How Do Insoles Fit to Soccer Cleats?

Your insoles will fit inside your soccer cleats depending on the insert. If you insist on wearing a specific brand of insert, you will be in discomfort. If feasible, use trim-to-fit models with size suggestions so you know where to cut to modify the fit.


Insoles aren’t just for design. They provide you with much-needed comfort, stability, and support. You may not notice, but people who experience pain in their foot benefit from the right insoles. The best-specialized insoles help reduce the chance of getting foot injuries related to bad position and posture. 

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