Best Outdoor Volleyball Net [2024 Review]

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One great way to introduce your friends to outdoor volleyball by buying a volleyball set. To help you find the perfect best outdoor volleyball set for your needs, I have compiled a list of the best outdoor volleyball net currently on offer with the best features for you.

Our Top Outdoor Volleyball Net Reviews

Baden Champions Volleyball Set

If you are searching for a complete volleyball net system that comes with all the equipment required for an outdoor game, then the Baden Champions Volleyball Set is what you and your players need. The set features a regulation size volleyball net, a Baden match point ball, two adjustable steel poles, weather-resistant boundary lines, and a ball pump.

This volleyball set also has a durable carry bag to help you to transport all the accessories to the playground conveniently. 

Additionally, the Baden Champions set is versatile enough as you can set it up almost anywhere quickly, including on sand and grass terrain. Its frustration-free design will allow you to set up and takedown effortlessly the volleyball set in a few minutes. While this set may look like it’s only perfect for casual playing, it’s built to regulation size.

Stability and durability are important when it comes to outdoor volleyball sets. That’s why this volleyball set comes with heavy-duty steel stakes and poles to ensure the entire set remains stable and upright while playing, and even after you are done playing.

The stakes and poles are also powder-coated to prevent them from rusting or fading from the sun. If you decide to break the set down, the poles unsnap and snap together easily, which comes in handy, especially in case of sudden bad weather. 

The nylon volleyball net is elastic, firm, and resistant to harsh elements. Besides, it can withstand the high impact of volleyball shots while playing. Its knotless design ensures resistance to wear and tear as well as abrasion and higher tensile strength. One incredible feature you may like is that the dimensions of all the meshes will not change while playing because the knots rarely become loose. 

What I Like 

  • Heavy-duty steel stakes and adjustable poles
  • Includes pump and Baden matchpoint volleyball
  • Easy installation and takedown of the set
  • Robust weather-resistant carry bag
  • Regulation size volleyball net

What I Don’t Like

  • Knots can easily tangle if folded improperly
  • Doesn’t use thicker tension straps
  • Thin boundary line rope

Gold Medal Pro Power 2

If you are considering replacing the net on your current poles or looking for a permanent option, you may want to check out the Gold Medal Pro Power 2 volleyball net. If you want to set up your net and keep it installed on the ground for as long as you want, this net is an excellent choice.

It’s also one of the best backyard volleyball nets you can purchase as it can stand up to harsh weather conditions. 

This net can endure occasional ramming of players when playing spike shots as well as forearm impact and the high-speed impact of the ball. Wooden dowels reinforced with synthetic side cover make this outdoor volleyball net firm while playing. This net can also resist high-impact wear and tear when playing intense professional tournaments. 

The net features polyurethane material, which boasts of great load-bearing capacity and has the highest grade synthetic foam. The material can last for decades when woven to create a thick bunch of fibers.

Installing the net is also a breeze. Once you put the tension straps in place, the band will ensure the shape of the net remains intact. So, you don’t have to worry about the net sagging.

While this is a great product, it’s important to mention that it also has some flaws. You need to have existing poles to set it up or look for poles that come with a self-anchoring system, which some may find a major inconvenience. It’s also not as portable as you may expect; however, it is still a great product that will allow you to enjoy the game with your friends.

Overall, the Pro Power 2 outdoor volleyball net is an excellent pick for a recreation center and any volleyball league. You can also use it for competitions, practicing, and training. Additionally, it can withstand the high level of heat and humidity from indoor lighting systems.

What I Like 

  • Combination of steel and polyurethane for impact resistance 
  • High-density net for strong construction
  • Flexible material with firm design
  • Regulation size volleyball net
  • Durable and easy assembly

What I Don’t Like

  • A bit bulky for a portable net
  • Weak net for strong hitters
  • Tangled boundary lines

EastPoint Sports Replacement Net

If you want to have fun with your friends, the EastPoint Sports Replacement Net is an excellent choice. The net comes in an official tournament size crafted for full-court sessions. It measures 32 feet wide; however, you can use it outdoors easily without experiencing any issues.

You can also extend the net up to 3 feet high and comes with four square eyelets to enable you to connect it securely with the included ropes.

One great thing worth mentioning about this outdoor volleyball net is that players with any skill set can use it, including casual players. Tarpaulin tapes at the bottom, top, and on the sides, as well as a heavy-duty design, make this net durable while giving it the endurance power it needs during the game. The net can also withstand all weather conditions and rough play without weakening or breaking.

The EastPoint Sports net is truly tough as it is constructed with polyethylene mesh material for added durability. So, rough players may find this volleyball net perfect because the heavy-duty construction prevents it from tipping or falling over due to the uncontrollable blows.

For extra support, the sides of the net are reinforced using dowels to ensure the net remains stable during the game. 

This net won’t take you a lot of time to set it up or bring it down without any issues. The two tension ropes on each side make stretching the net to your convenience an easy task while the elasticity of the edges and mesh protects the outdoor volleyball net from wear and tear. 

Folding and storing the net in a compact unit is also easy, especially when you are not using it. The inbuilt dowel is another great feature you may appreciate as it makes the net stable, firm, and lightweight. The only major issue is that the net does not come with poles.

However, the EastPoint Replacement net is a great purchase as it can hold up to many years of rough play.

What I Like 

  • Inbuilt dowel for flexibility and stability
  • Easy to set up and bring down
  • Ideal for players of all skill levels
  • Great stability for rough players
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty design

What I Don’t Like

  • Invisible white color when playing under floodlights
  • Weak net for rough players
  • Poles not included

Outdoor Volleyball Net Features and Considerations

Volleyball nets come in different varieties, such as with poles only or a part of sets. As such, you need to consider certain factors such as material, ease of setup, weight, and size when looking for a volleyball net system. If you are looking for the best volleyball net, here is what you need to consider:

It is made from weather proof materials, it follows regulation size measurements, and has thick gauge mesh, are the features you look for in an outdoor volleyball net


Good MaterialsBad Materials
Carbon FiberZinc

Picking the right build material is an essential part of the selection process. You should pick a net system built using different, weatherproof materials.

You shouldn’t overlook quality design and materials as they prolong the shelf life of an outdoor volleyball net. Portable volleyball net systems come with poles built using carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel.

Player near the net trying to keep the ball out in an outdoor volleyball game

While poly is more economical, it’s less durable. So, net systems made from this material won’t last longer compared to those made of nylon.

Although the lifespan of poly is not high, it’s resistant to different weather conditions naturally and does not require extra treatments to maintain its waterproof capabilities. On the other hand, nylon is expensive; however, it’s more durable as it lasts longer than poly. The only major issue with nylon is that it’s not resistant to weather conditions. 

Due to this, most nylon nets come with a waterproofing coating material to prevent moisture from damaging the net. I recommend storing your net indoors when it’s not used to extend its life. 

Gauge Netting Material

The gauge refers to the thickness of your net’s twine and is another crucial factor you should consider while shopping. There are two standard gauges available for volleyball nets – 18 and 36. A higher number is ideal as it means thicker gauge, which translates to more lifespan.

Since volleyball nets rarely get a high amount of frequent or straight impact like other games such as baseball or golf, an 18-gauge mesh is sufficient for most sessions. 

On the other hand, a 36-gauge mesh is perfect for harsh environments with high levels of moisture and heavy-duty sessions. The mesh is also ideal for players that want to keep their volleyball nets for a long period because the thickness will prevent the net from deteriorating. 

Volleyball Net Dimensions

Two players standing near the net trying to block the ball in a volleyball game

Volleyball nets come in different sizes depending on where you plan to play and the age of players.

For instance, if you intend to play outdoors at a park or beach, I recommend picking a regulation-sized net system because poles are already installed.

Such a net is a great choice because it will fit across the poles smoothly and securely. The official size regulation size measures 39 inches tall and 32 feet wide.

However, the regulation height may differ because the nets for women, men, and children tend to vary in sizes. Since the nets are usually gauged in the middle, you should ensure the end of each height is the same.

According to the NCAA, the standard height regulation body, if you are looking for a women’s volleyball net, ensure the gauge is 7 feet wide, and the height is 4-1/8 inches. The regulation height for men is 7 feet wide and 11-5/8 inches high.

For children below ten years, the American Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulation recommends 6 feet for girls and 7 feet wide and 6 inches high for boys as the standard height for nets.

These sizes may differ depending on the age of the players and the type of event. However, you shouldn’t extend these deviations above the regulation height by more than ¾ inches.

Full Set vs Outdoor Volleyball Net

If you intend to play at a place with a court like public parks and beaches, you will only have to invest in a net to play at such places. However, you will have to buy a full system if there are no installed poles on the court.

A volleyball game set outside with fans cheering on the players

One advantage of a full net system is that it comes with poles and some useful accessories like court boundaries indicator, volleyball, and pump.

Standard portable sets come equipped with many components to allow you to start playing right away without any other tools. Here are the accessories of a standard outdoor volleyball set:

  • Poles: There are two types of poles: adjustable or telescoping. You can shrink adjustable poles to smaller sizes to make them more portable, while telescoping poles come with many sections that require careful assembling. While most permanent nets only encompass poles and the regulation net, poles for portable nets are lightweight and have a smaller diameter than poles in permanent nets.
  • Ground Stakes: You can use these with ropes to secure the poles firmly to the ground. However, you will have to look for a hammer to push down the stakes.
  • Ball: The ball is usually of good quality in most outdoor volleyball sets. It’s likely to have a rubbery or a harder texture than a formal one. So, if you want an enjoyable experience, you will have to replace the official ball with the one that comes with your chosen set.
  • Boundary Markers: They come with a few selected volleyball nets that ship with ropes or straps. The straps attach firmly to the ground to mark the boundaries of the court. 
  • Net: It attaches firmly to the poles, and you should ensure it’s fixed tightly to prevent it from sagging. Sometimes the net may be a bit shorter than the regulation size. This is fine, especially when playing with small children. 
  • Carrying Bag: You can use this to carry the above accessories so that you can transport them effortlessly to different locations.
  • Pump: It usually comes with volleyball and you use it to inflate the ball to make the game more enjoyable.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about outdoor volleyball nets.

Which Volleyball Net Is Used in International Matches?

The volleyball net that is commonly used in international matches and the Olympics is the Champion Sports Official Net. This one was chosen due to its good durability, accurate sizing, and good stability and support.

How Tall Are Olympic Volleyball Nets?

Olympic volleyball nets are the same height that a professional net; 8 feet tall for men, and 7 feet and 4 inches for women. When it comes to its width, it is 32 feet and 10 inches wide. Therefore, there is no real difference between a regular net and an Olympic volleyball net.

How Do You Put a Volleyball Net in Sand?

Although it can be a bit difficult to effectively stick the poles of the net into the sand, it can be done. You need to dig a small hole, insert the poles, and cover them with enough sand. Also, you need to bury the anchors on each corner to ensure the net will stay still.

Wrap Up

Outdoor volleyball is an exciting and safe sport for players of any skill level and age. You only need a complete or the right set to make your game enjoyable and memorable. The best volleyball net for the backyard should be durable, easy to set up, endure abuses from players and different weather conditions.

All the nets I have reviewed are of good quality, so you won’t go wrong if you pick a net from my list.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.