Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards [2024 Review]

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As a forward, you’ll be the centerpiece for the offense of your team. Your main job is to score a goal or create an opportunity to score a goal for your team. Forwards should be crafty and quick with great acceleration, speed, and passing ability. 

Wearing soccer cleats that don’t suit your position will just hurt your team and performance. This article will help you look for soccer cleats that fit you as a forward. 

Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards

Below is a list of the top soccer cleats for forwards. Each of the soccer cleats has unique features that make them stand out from the rest. Depending on the role you play as a forward, you’ll be using these soccer cleats based on their features. 

Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Copa Mundial has been one of the most popular soccer cleats for the past 20 years. There’s a good reason why these soccer cleats are popular. 

First, let’s start with the touch as it’s the most important for a forward. Unlike traditional soccer cleats that use thin synthetics, the Copa Mundial uses kangaroo leather. The thick, durable leather gives you a padded and soft feel, especially around the foot. It also gives you better ball control. 

The thick upper help gives you the confidence to shoot. This is because of its durability and thickness. 

The soleplate is thick which is different from traditional ones. However, it doesn’t affect stability and balance. The feel of the soleplate still feels grounded and provides excellent traction on firm ground surfaces. 

The Copia Mundial is also equipped with a thick, padded k-leather in the upper part that protects your feet. You won’t feel as much if your feet get stomped on. 

There really isn’t much technology involved in the Copa Mundial except that it’s tried and truly tested. It’s great quality soccer cleats that are durable to last you for 1-2 years with regular use. 

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a really durable soccer cleat that’s great for forwards. Its quality has been trusted for more than 20 years and has gained a huge following of trusted consumers. If you’re looking for soccer cleats that can last you especially as a forward then the Copa Mundial is great for you with excellent durability and thick foam for kick control. 

Product Specs

  • Kangaroo leather upper for durability and touch in your kicks
  • Direct-injected outsole for optimized fit and comfort
  • Legendary soccer cleats for stability on firm natural ground
  • Move with explosive speed and traction on dry natural grass with the Firm Ground outsole
  • Die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort

Adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

The Predator is the signature line of Adidas for strikers. Its theme is actions speak louder than words and ready to dominate until the final whistle. The Adidas Predator 19.3 soccer cleats are great for aggressive forwards thanks to its impressive lockdown and enhanced grip for ball control. 

The supportive textile upper on the Predator 19.3 provides a sock-like fit for secured lockdown on your soccer cleats. There’s also embossing on the forefoot that helps with gripping the ball for enhanced ball control for passing and shooting for forwards. 

The Predator 19.3 features an ankle-high Primemesh-based upper which brings supportive, sock-like feel. It provides the lockdown and snug you need for your soccer cleats while also making the soccer cleats breathable.  

There’s also a second line of comfort in the form of the mesh-based material in the upper part of the soccer cleats. It also helps with the snugness of the shoe while keeping it comfortable. 

To further secure the lockdown of the shoes, a central lacing system can help you adjust the level of tightness of your soccer cleats. The embossings on the vamp help with ball control. 

These are equipped with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)- injected layers outsoles that provide stability, traction, and grip for firm ground surfaces. This is a perfect combination for forwards who like to play aggressive as they need better balance and stability. The material (TPU) is durable and is commonly used in many soccer cleats. 

There are a total of 11 geometric studs used on these cleats. Seven of these are found in the forefoot while the other 4 are placed in the heel area. These studs are built for firm ground play and dig the surface great for better shooting power. 

The Adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats contains many features for lockdown from the ankles down to the lacing system. You’re sure to have great feet lockdown as a forward. Ensuring your feet will always have speed and stability on the field while also enhancing control of the ball when shooting or making a pass

Product Specs

  • Lightweight soccer cleats made for firm ground and great for strikers who value speed
  • Lightweight textile upper for durability without giving too much weight
  • Firm-ground (FG) outsole for maximum traction on firm ground (dry natural grass); hybrid stud tips for ball control as you attempt to shoot the ball
  • Primemesh upper makes the soccer cleats breathable

Puma Men’s EvoPower 1.3 FG Soccer Cleats

Puma can stand toe to toe with the 3 stripes (Adidas) and swoosh (Nike). With popular soccer cleats models like evoSpeed, The King, and the evoPower, Puma has offered quality soccer cleats. The Puma evoPower 1.3 doesn’t disappoint also. 

As a forward, you’d fall in love with the Accu-Foam in these soccer cleats. The Accu-Foam feels soft and sponge-like. You get a bit of ball control and comfort whenever you dribble, pass, or shoot a soccer ball. 

It’s especially useful for shooting the soccer ball. The Accu-Foam gives you the right amount of ball feel in your foot as you make contact with the soccer ball. Some players argue that this only reduces the power of your shots. It actually gives you more power because you feel your feet are secured and protected. This gives you the confidence to shoot the ball without worry. 

The soleplate and added spring-back also helps with striking by increasing power and accuracy. The traction on the Puma EvoPower works perfectly with strikers. It has great stability, digs in the dirt well, and has a great underfoot feel. 

The studs are positioned effectively to balance the weight on your feet. It also offers quick release from FG and Turf surfaces. This gives you the acceleration as a forward to outmaneuver defenders. 

The Adap-Lite top layer material offers stretch and flexibility. These soccer cleats take the shape of your feet as you attempt to shoot into the goal. 

The Puma EvoPower 1.3 is a mix combination of power and speed soccer cleats that are great for forwards. The Accu-Foam helps with comfort around the striking area giving you the confidence to kick the soccer ball with ease. It’s also lightweight and provides great acceleration thanks to its stud positioning.  

Product Specs

  • Hybrid style soccer cleats built for speed and power
  • Has incredible stretch allowing your feet to feel comfortable when striking the ball
  • Accu-foam gives protection and rebounds for enhancing the power of your kicks
  • Lightweight (7.5 oz.), giving you great speed
  • Stud positioning gives you better acceleration

Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Soccer Cleats

The Nike Superfly 6 Academy Soccer Cleats are designed for forwards who want explosive speed and excellent ball touch. It’s suitable for both natural and artificial grass fields. 

The look of the Superfly 6 Academy is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2008 signature carbon fiber Mercurial. 

The Dynamic Fit collar and durable synthetic material wrap your feet for a snug fit. It keeps your feet tight on the shoes removing discomfort. You can move with ease as you push and attempt for a goal. 

The Superfly 6 Academy showcase a one-piece construction with an elastic collar that goes through the laced area. It isn’t uncomfortable around the ankle area when worn. 

However, you may feel slight discomfort around the heel area when you laced it too tight. The micro-texture material also helps with ball control in a fast tempo soccer game

The traction on the Superfly 6 Academy is excellent. It works great for forwards looking to add power to their shots. 

The best feature of the Superfly 6 Academy is the multi-ground sole plate (MG). The MG plate is a combination of bladed and conical studs. These make the soccer cleats playable on other soccer surfaces like firm and artificial ground. 

If you’re a soccer player who gets to play on different outdoor surfaces every time then the Nike Superfly 6 Academy is great for you. Instead of buying soccer cleats for firm ground (FG) and artificial ground (AG), you can get 1 pair of soccer cleats that can be played on multiple outdoor surfaces. 

Product Specs

  • Dynamic Fit ankle collar is made of flexible knit to let your ankle move comfortably 
  • Micro-textured material gives you precise touch at high speeds
  • Plush sockliner for low profile cushioning
  • Podular plate gives you responsive traction
  • Multi-ground (MG) cleats for versatile use on short-grass or artificial surfaces

Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats comes from the lower end of Adidas’ soccer cleats collection. However, it’s a quality soccer cleat suitable for forwards. These soccer cleats were made with game-dominating agility in mind. It has different technology that makes it stand out as a soccer cleat for forwards. 

What makes this great as acceleration soccer cleats for forwards is that the firm ground outsole is lightweight. It uses an Agility stud configuration. 

Equipped with bladed studs, it provides excellent traction on firm ground surfaces. The stud composed of 7 bladed studs on the forefoot and 4 on the rear foot totaling to 11 bladed studs in all. 

This greatly helps with forwards who like to make quick cuts and sharp turns in the game. The soccer cleats also provide great feel especially in free kicks and scoring attempts. 

The mesh material lines the upper part of the Adidas Nemeziz 18.3. The mesh is flexible and agile allowing it to form-fit wrap around the feet for lockdown. It also provides soft and responsive touch which is great for controlling the ball as a forward. 

The engineered bandage found from the extension of the upper provides ankle support. The bandage is really unique. It provides ankle support similar to that of mid-top soccer cleats while also giving the mobility of a low-top soccer cleat. 

The standard lacing system does its job and adds the snug feeling you get from the mesh upper. You can also adjust the laces to fit however you prefer. 

Adidas made a great soccer cleat for acceleration in The Nemeziz 18.3 Firm Ground. It provides great feel in places where you need them when you’re in scoring positions. The Agility mesh used in these soccer cleats provides the mobility and comfort you need as a forward.

Product Specs

  • Engineered bandage provides the support of a mid-cut with the ankle mobility of a low-cut
  • Responsive touch and optimum ball control with soft Agility Mesh
  • Explosive acceleration and direction change on natural grass with the agility stud configuration

How Soccer Cleats Vary Depending on Your Role as Striker

As a striker, depending on the role given to you, you’ll have a different role on the field. However, the end goal is the same and that is attacking the defense and creating an opportunity to score a goal. The role you do also affects what soccer cleats you should choose

Soccer players playing an intense game

Below are the roles you do as a striker. Included is the features of a soccer cleat you should prioritize when you’re buying one. 

Traditional Striker

The traditional striker role is being on the front two. Most of the time they’re used as a target forward that scores through headers or speed strikers who like to run with the ball. 

You’ll be great with soccer cleats with great speed with excellent control and feel. Also, look for a snug fit and thinner upper if you’re the type who takes a lot of shots. The Adidas Predator 19.3 would be a great choice for lightweight and wide striking area. 

False Nines

False nines are more of a playmaker on the soccer field. You’ll be dribbling the ball through defenders a lot and dodging defenders. You do this while setting up your team for a goal-scoring opportunity or attempt an accurate shot yourself. 

You’ll need soccer cleats with great durability, ball control, and great traction for accelerating and changing directions on the field. The Adidas Copa Mundial would be a great choice. 

Target Forward 

Target forwards often see scoring opportunities on aerial battles. Their main job is to score a goal through headers. They have to be able to jump higher from defenders and receive the passes while maintaining control of the ball. 

Soccer player kicking the ball in mid air

Look for soccer cleats that have excellent stability to help you when jumping and for protection against defenders. Also, look for soccer cleats with a large strike zone for better and powerful scoring shots. Consider laceless cleats to give you a bigger strike surface. 

Also, look for soccer cleats with heel and ankle support as you’ll be jumping more often. This fits the qualities of leather-made soccer cleats which are durable and can protect you from defenders. The Nike Superfly 6 is a great choice for its durability and keep your feet locked in place even as you jump around for headers. 

Attacking Wingers

Attacking wingers need to be fast and can pass and shoot with excellent accuracy. Their strong suit is in cutting in, quick acceleration, and shooting from the strong foot. 

Speed and agility are crucial as an attacking winger. You need to outrun defenders, sprint for through balls, and make accurate passes. 

You’ll fit great in soccer cleats that are super lightweight and great traction for acceleration. Look for soccer cleats made of synthetic materials as they’re lighter than leather.

The traction should also give you a boost in speed and acceleration. 

The Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 is an excellent choice to give you an added acceleration for chasing those through balls or just plain outrunning the defenders. 

Features Forwards Need for Soccer Cleats

LightweightImproved speed
TractionImproved mobility
Thin paddingImproved shooting strength
Great ankle and heel supportDecreased injuries
Textured upperGreater ball control


Lightweight soccer cleats help reduce load management helping forwards move faster. Forwards rely on speed a lot so your soccer cleats should be lightweight. 

Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s durable. Your soccer cleats should also be sturdy as you’ll be shooting the ball with much power most of the time. 


Forwards need to be speedy. Look for lightweight shoes with lightweight materials and outsoles that provide great traction for better running. 

Soccer player trying to kick the ball

Some soccer cleats have technology that helps with enhancing the speed of forwards. You can sprint through balls with ease or beat defenders with speed alone. 


Acceleration equates to soccer cleats having excellent traction. Look for soccer cleats that can grip the ground and give you a burst of speed from the get-go. It shouldn’t be so grippy that it hinders your acceleration.

Power and Accuracy

When talking about power, the padding on the soccer cleats affects your kicking power. When you have too much padding, it can sometimes reduce the power of your kicks. 

Having thinner padding allows for your energy from kicking to transfer to the ball without losing most of it. Synthetic made soccer cleats are popular for forwards. Also, look for soccer cleats with paddings that feature shot accuracy or have a larger strike zone.


Some goals aren’t just scored from kicking but through headers also.

If you’re jumping high you’ll be at risk of getting injuries as you land. 

Soccer cleats with great support in the ankles and heels can help reduce the chances of injuries. 

As a forward, you’ll also be in a lot of heat with defenders and it’s unavoidable that you’ll often come in contact with defenders. Having tough materials help protect your feet from unwanted injuries from tackles and your feet getting stomped on. 

Ball Control

Dribbling is also a huge skill needed as a forward. Depending on your role, you’ll be dribbling the ball a lot and most often near defenders and tight spaces. 

Your soccer cleats should be flexible and fit your feet snug. If your soccer cleats take after the shape of your feet, you’ll have a better feel for the ball as if you weren’t wearing soccer cleats at all. Also, look for textured uppers on soccer cleats as they provide better grip allowing you to control the ball much easier.  


There are soccer cleats that also help with a forward’s jumping abilities. This is true especially for target forwards who need to jump and attack headers and crosses with defenders in tow. Look for soccer cleats with an outsole that can help for kicking off a jump and lightweight so you won’t be stressing your feet as much.

Soccer players about to duel for the ball

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best soccer cleats for forwards.

What Football Shoes are Best for Shooting?

Soccer cleats with a larger strike zone are the best for shooting. This will give you more control over your shots. Using a laceless soccer cleat can also help you increase the strike zone, giving you better control of the ball when kicking.

What Boots Should Strikers Wear?

Depending on where they are on the field, strikers wear different types of soccer cleats. You can play on the field as a target forward, false nine, striker, or aggressive winger. Soccer cleats for each of these occupations should have a specific set of qualities.

Since a forward must generally run for through balls, their soccer cleats should be lighter. These could help you run faster and put less tension on your feet, which can also prevent injuries. 

Are Phantoms Good for Strikers?

Yes, Phantoms are a good option for strikers. This is due to the texture of their uppers, which makes it harder for the ball to slip on the shoe. Therefore, these shoes can help forwards control on the first touch, which is really important when it comes to developing an attack.


Depending on your play style or what role you play on the team, a pair of soccer cleats can be beneficial for you. Soccer cleats for forwards should always be lightweight with a wide strike area to have better control of the ball. 

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