Best Soccer Cleats for Turf [2024 Review]

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Artificial turf fields are a synthetic surface that imitates the appearance of a natural grass field. Turf fields are extremely popular for soccer players. They allow the ball to move easily around the field. It’s also easier to maintain. 

However, using inappropriate soccer cleats on turf can result in poor traction. You will also end up destroying the artificial turf surface. 

The Best Soccer Cleats for Turf

There are soccer cleats specifically made for artificial turf use. You’ll know a soccer cleat is made for turf when there is the abbreviation TF on the model name. TF means “Turf Field.” This means the soccer cleats are designed to be played on turf. 

One pair of soccer cleats can’t have all the best features. So, I have compiled a list of the best soccer cleats for turf. Each has unique features of their own. These features may suit your playstyle and preference.  

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Mundial is a popular name in the soccer world. That’s why Adidas made a version for artificial turf use and other court surfaces too.  

When it comes to comfort the adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Team has a long history of being an excellent soccer cleat. The shoe is very soft and comfortable. This is thanks to the kangaroo leather that makes up the entire upper part. 

Because of the kangaroo leather, the soccer cleats are flexible. Going down half a size is recommended for the best fit. The kangaroo leather will stretch out and mold to your foot. The kangaroo leather also makes these soccer cleats durable on the artificial turf surface.  

The tongue is also made of leather. There is a thin heel liner and non-removable insoles. Using specialized insoles may not be recommended for these soccer cleats. However, the insole provides decent padding and comfort so it may not bother you. 

The soccer cleats use a very aggressive turf soleplate. This makes the soccer cleats versatile and playable on any type of field. The soleplate is made of long conical studs with less than an inch apart offering excellent grip. 

Product Specs

  • Made with kangaroo leather that’s durable in turf surface
  • Rubber sole for traction
  • Synthetic lining for increased comfort 
  • EVA, die-cut insole for comfort
  • EVA, pre-molded midsole for cushion
  • TRIAXON outsole for extra grip in all direction

Adidas Predator 19.3 TF Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Predator is a popular model line from Adidas. Now it’s back with their 19+ Predator lineup. The Predator 19.3 TF Soccer Cleats is their lineup in soccer cleats for turf. 

These feature a supportive mesh upper that provides breathability in your feet. The synthetic upper molds to your foot enabling you to have a better feel of the soccer ball. 

The embossed textured mesh vamp on the upper also helps with ball control and isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s coated so you can still have control of the ball even in varying weather conditions. 

It doesn’t contain a tongue. It is still paired with a traditional lacing system which works as a lockdown for the soccer cleats. For additional lockdown, a mid-top collar extends up to the ankle area but doesn’t affect ankle movement. 

If you’re looking to add orthotic insoles then you may want to reconsider. The Adidas Predator uses a non-removable insole 

The outsole is built for artificial turf use. It features hexagonal patterns for excellent grip and traction on the artificial turf surface. It can also be used for indoor and street surfaces. 

Product Specs

  • Hexagonal pattern outsole provides excellent grip and traction on artificial turf
  • Synthetic upper and the supportive mesh upper provides ball feel and breathability
  • Embossed textured mesh vamp helps with ball control
  • Mid-top collar extending to the ankle area for a seamless fit

Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Shoes

Diadora is an Italian sports and fashion company that specializes in soccer-related gear. The Diadora Capitano Turf soccer shoes are a combination of synthetic and leather. This mixes durability, flexibility, and a lightweight feel. 

The soccer cleats are designed in aerodynamic shape. This adds a little bit of acceleration when moving around the field. 

The upper is made of soft and supple full-grain leather. It implements the Touch Control technology which helps improve sensitivity and ball control. It’s also waterproof so you can play it on outdoor turf surfaces without worry. 

The Diadora Capitano uses a non-removable foam insole which is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Unlike regular built-in soccer cleat insoles, the insoles on the Diadora Capitano are breathable and have shock-absorbent properties allowing for comfort during play. 

The outsole is made of rubber and is designed for artificial turf and natural grass alike. It uses a multi-stud configuration that provides great traction whatever field surface you’re playing in. 

Product Specs

  • Easy to wear and change even while you play on the field
  • Offers great comfort and flexibility on an artificial turf surface
  • EVA sole for comfort and shock absorption
  • Rubber outsole with multi-stud configuration usable in any field surface

Puma King Allround TT Soccer Cleat

Puma has been in the business of making soccer cleats and other soccer equipment for a long time. The Puma King Allround TT Soccer Cleat is Puma’s premier soccer cleat for turf surface. 

The Puma lite-leather makes up the upper part of the soccer cleats. It’s equipped with a quilted vamp for a soft touch. There’s also a reinforced suede strip that provides extra toe support. 

Puma’s Evertrack technology with double studs and low profile stud pattern is designed to perform excellently on both artificial turf and grass surface. The double stud is placed near the forefoot and provides an excellent grip. It also prevents your feet from locking in the ground as you run. 

Around the heel area is Puma’s CELL technology that provides added heel support and extra cushioning. The sole is also added with CELL shock absorption to reduce the stress on your feet from kicking and running. 

Puma made a soccer cleat perfect for artificial turf that’s not made of synthetic. It can still be considered lightweight. 

Product Specs

  • Made of quality leather for durability
  • Features a quilted vamp and contrast tongue with a bold logo that’s comfortable and provides a snug fit
  • PUMA cell for maximum cushioning
  • EverTrack multi-studded ground control outsole with great traction on the turf surface
  • Sole is equipped CELL shock absorption

Nike Mercurial Victory Turf Soccer Shoe

The Nike Mercurial Victory V is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s designed to cushion your foot without compromising touch. 

The soccer shoes are dynamically shaped. This helps with airflow and resistance when running on the field. It also helps with acceleration. 

It uses a traditional lacing that helps keep your foot in place. There is also a contoured sock liner which provides low-profile cushioning

The outsole is durable and non-marking which provides excellent grip and traction on the artificial turf surface. The micro-textured upper also helps enhance your grip on the soccer ball. 

The soccer shoes are lightweight. They contain signature details by Cristiano Ronaldo for aesthetics. 

It’s a solid soccer cleat for turf giving you great traction and grip. 

Product Specs

  • Sole is made of durable rubber for support
  • Non-marking rubber outsole excellent for playing in artificial turf surface
  • Excellent grip and traction on an artificial turf surface
  • Low-profile cushioning thanks to the contoured sock liner
  • Soft and micro-textured upper for an enhanced grip of the ball 

Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats for Turf

Leather materialDurable and comfortable
Synthetic materialLightweight and waterproof
Rubber outsoleImproved traction

There are certain qualities you need to look for when choosing the best soccer cleats for turf. Having these features in your soccer cleats will ensure you are at your best performance in soccer on the turf field. 


The best soccer cleats for turf should have a more snug fit to have a better touch of the ball. Make sure they’re not too tight. Keep enough space for your toes to move around. 

Person with blue soccer cleats in a turf field

Turf soccer cleats should prevent your foot from sliding around when you run around the field. They should not cause blisters and soreness. 

If you feel a slight discomfort when wearing soccer cleats, take time to get used to them. Some have a break-in period before they mold to your feet. However, if the discomfort is still there after a day, you should replace your soccer cleats. 


There are two common types of material used in soccer cleats:

  • Leather: It’s a more comfortable and a flexible material. This allows your foot to feel nice and mold to the soccer cleats. Leather also is more durable and provides better protection thanks to its thickness. 
  • Synthetic: It’s lighter than leather and used with enhancing speed in mind. Synthetic is a popular material for soccer cleats. This is lightweight and still offers breathability and comfort while not on par with leather quality. These are also waterproof so you can play in any weather condition. 

Go for the material that you prefer the most. Just keep in mind that leather can last you for a long time while synthetic can maybe last you for 1 to 2 seasons of use. 

Leather is usually preferred by most soccer players. It’s a lot more comfortable to move around the field. It also provides a custom fit so it forms around as if it’s part of your feet. Leather just speaks premium quality. The level of comfort leather provides is valuable for most soccer players. 


Insoles should support your feet and help make the soccer cleats comfortable. If you’re experiencing foot pain or discomfort, have it checked by an orthopedic physician. They may recommend specialized insoles to stop the pain. 

Soccer cleats with removable insoles are a must for your turf soccer cleats if you’re using specialized insoles to relieve the pain in your foot

Men playing soccer in a turf field


Soccer cleats for turf should have flat, rubber outsoles. They play on sand-based turf which is usually rougher than natural grass. 

The outsole should also give you excellent traction. The stud pattern of the outsole can predict the effectiveness of the traction. Choose soccer cleats with a uniform stud pattern. It allows a balanced grip and also provides better stability. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer cleats for turf.

Do Turf Cleats Make a Difference?

Yes, wearing turf cleats when playing on artificial turf makes a huge difference. Compared to normal shoes, turf cleats will give you more traction, and better mobility. On top of that, it will prevent you from slipping, which is good when it comes to avoiding injuries.

Do Cleats Damage Turf?

Yes, normal soccer cleats can damage turf, especially if they are metal cleats. This is why most turf cleats are made out of plastic or rubber. Also, metal cleats can be dangerous, after all, they can provoke bad injuries.

Can I Wear Turf Cleats on Grass?

Yes, however, they might not function as efficiently as normal soccer cleats. After all, turf cleats are short and made of plastic and rubber, therefore, if the grass is wet, you will have no traction. This means that you will have less mobility and higher chances of slipping.


Turf surface is a great field to play on. Playing with the best soccer cleats for turf not only benefits you but the turf surface as well. Using inappropriate soccer cleats can damage the field and your play. That’s why you should wear the best possible soccer cleats for turf if you can. 

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