Best Soccer Cleats in 2024 [Nike and Adidas Shoe Reviews]

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Beyond association football, there are so many opportunities to play the game anywhere. Regardless if it’s professional or casual, you’ll need the best soccer cleats that will let you bring your A-game to the field every time.

The Top Soccer Cleats Available

??Soccer cleats have come a long way from the metal studs and steel toe caps of the first soccer boots ever made. Soccer cleats on the market have evolved from just having protective qualities to being equipped with abilities that directly enhance the performance of the soccer player.

Adidas Predator 18+

With at least 20 years of history to pull inspiration from, the ?Adidas Men’s Predator 18+ FG Soccer Cleat is the latest edition of its line that demonstrates the power of innovation. Its looks are not close to what we’ve come to know of Predator soccer cleats from the past. This is due to its laceless construction. However, it’s still ingrained with the classic details that longtime fans have loved about it.

It’s just one example of what Adidas made with this latest iteration. It applied modern technology to increase the cleats’ efficiency on the field. ?But, it still integrated it with the style and panache of previous Predators to resonate with old fans of this pair of soccer shoes.

?For this latest model, the focus is on control. Every element of the pair of soccer shoes provides some bearing on the player’s ability to handle and direct the ball. Add to the ball control the laceless upper construction. This design eliminated the edges where the tongue would usually be. Being seamless, it gives you extra space on the forefoot to receive and strike the ball.

The best thing about the amount of control this pair of soccer cleats gives you is that it’s also intended to perform well at high speed. The ControlFrame outsole offers stability, while the Boost Foam which is built into the outsole and the sockliner is a kind of cushioning that’s both protective and responsive.

People have gladly included in their soccer cleats reviews that these soccer cleats give back a certain amount of energy in every step. On the other hand, the sockliner, which goes around the ankle for a locked-in snug fit, acts as the harness that keeps your feet feel like they’re properly locked-in.

??Speed and control in the form of good ball touch and ball control are the two main things these cleat has. It sounds to us like this would be a great pair of soccer cleats for strikers with a plan to dominate the ball and the field at the same time.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Boost Foam insole/midsole
  • Primeknit upper for adaptive support
  • ?Laceless forefoot for great ball touch and ball control
  • ?Sprintframe technology for speed

Nike Tiempo Legend VII

We’ve seen plenty of leather soccer cleats but never quite like the NIKE Tiempo Legend VII FG Men Soccer Cleats. These soccer cleats are in a league of its own in the compass of kangaroo leather cleats. The first thing you’ll notice on these soccer cleats are the prominent ridges on the upper, made by manipulating the shape of the material itself.

Some other soccer cleats using kangaroo leather would stop at the mere use of the premium leather. These soccer cleats rely on their higher quality than other materials but slack on adding extra elements that can enhance its function further.

However, this pair of soccer cleats use the material by creating the texture on itself to maximize its capabilities without adding on and reducing the quality of ball touch and ball control. This technique doubles as a simple yet creative design element that don’t hinder the function.

The patterned leather is just one of the many characteristics that make the Tiempo Legend VII soccer cleats perform well. It’s infused with many of the brand’s signature technologies, marked by the trademark names associated to them that are specific only to Nike soccer shoes.

?One example is the Flyknit heel on the exterior. Right where the iconic check logo is placed, there’s a patch of knit construction that integrates breathability for the foot and makes it easier to wear through some range of stretchability and support. The same goes for the tongue of this pair of soccer cleats.

It also prevents the shoe from overstretching as kangaroo leather does have the tendency to stretch and get molded over time according to your foot and its movements. You can rest assured this lives up to its name because it’s does everything and more that you expect from a Legend.

?Product Specs
  • ?Leather material
  • ?Gum-rubber outsole
  • ?Fabric insole/midsole
  • Molded sockliner reduces cleat pressure
  • ??Flyknit heel and tongue for comfort
  • ?Nike grip technology for traction

Adidas Copa Mundial

?There’s something about the Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Football Shoes that just keeps people asking for more of it. First released in 1979, these soccer cleats have survived through and surpassed many soccer cleats that came after it.

I can’t blame those who are drawn to these best soccer shoes. There’s plenty to love about these soccer cleats that can drive anyone to repurchase them. The exterior is made of rich premium leather. Upon close-up, looks buttery soft as if it’s already been broken in and ready to fit like a glove on your feet.

While some of the other brands have resorted to the less durable kinds of leather, these soccer cleats has stuck with kangaroo leather, which trumps all the others when it comes to durability. This is one of the reasons why it lasts as long as it does. You grow with this shoe because it’s able to get you through years of training and hundreds of games.

More than the upper construction, the dual-density outsole is another feature that’s long been associated to the Copa Mundial. The comfort it gives you on the field has set the bar for other cleats to follow over the decades.

This one has evenly spread out studs on the bottom, which makes it versatile in serving players of any position on the field. The upper and sole carry some of the best features of the Mundial, but everything on the inside carries the same comfort and stability that any other cleat has: die-cut EVA insole and midsole and synthetic lining.

Many reviewers would claim this pair of soccer shoes to be the “best cleats ever” and “the best shoes for those who play serious soccer”, coming from those who’ve already loved it.

However, even if it’s just casual games that you play with friends, these shoes are made for almost everyone who loves to play soccer.

?Product Specs
  • Leather material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?EVA insole / midsole
  • ?Synthetic lining for comfort
  • Leather upper for improved ball touch and ball control
  • ?Durable outsole for great control

Adidas Nemerziz Messi 17.3

?Any soccer cleat associated with the celebrated player’s name sounds like a great cleat for us.

However, it’s not just the acclaimed player Messi’s name that brings the Adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.3 some recognition.

?For a striker, this cleat is a great deal. It’s made with the intention of performing well for players whose purpose is to always come in contact with the ball, improve ball control, and hit it to the goal.

?The Agility Bandages are also helpful in achieving a locked-in fit, but the dual lock collar around the ankle provides stability in the opening of the shoe where the foot have the most possibility to move around. It locks the foot to the shoes while also ensuring the security of the ankle through preventative measures against torsion and twisting.

Lastly, what makes this truly have the Messi touch to it is the Messi Gambetrax outsole which imitates the player’s specific footprint.

This unique outsole is a lightweight material that enables you to run across large distances as if you’re flying.

?You shouldn’t expect the best features and the latest technology on this one.

However, for what it’s worth, they give you the best of what they can offer. With Messi’s name associated with it, you can’t go wrong with this when it’s intended for players like him.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Gum-rubber outsole
  • ?EVA insole / midsole
  • ??Dual lock collar for ankle stability
  • ?Soft agility mesh upper for responsive touch and ball control
  • Lightweight Gambetrax outsole

Mercurial Victory VI FG

?If there’s one thing that caught our eye about the Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG, it’s the highly-professional and technologically-advanced look that’s evident from its upper to the studs on the outsole. From the exterior alone, it would seem like there’s a lot of thought put into the making of this cleat.

The best thing is that what you might expect from first impressions about this shoe is proven true by its incredible features. It reaches the standard it set for itself.

From the top down, the first thing you’ll notice are the horizontal ridges. In some designs, they are colorful and stylish. They’d look like a design feature at first glance but upon touching, you’d feel the texture as they turn out to be embossed ridges.

?The same goes for the ball when it hits the upper. Together with the thin synthetic material, this shoe provides great ball touch. Also at first glance, the laces will trick you into thinking that there’s a tongue underneath.

It actually has a tongueless construction, making it convenient and easy to put on but it still has that locked-in feeling once the laces have been tied tight.

This design helps with keeping the shoe in close contact with the feet, contributing to a more intensive feel of the ball.

Turning it over to the bottom, you’ll see the other unique thing about the Mercurial Victory VI: the chevron studs. It’s arranged in a pattern that enables you to utilize every natural movement used to turn faster so you can change directions quicker.

This updated stud configuration is a demonstration of new technologies used for better soccer cleat construction.

It was developed on the computer with the intention for it to increase the cleats’ traction and torque on the field.

?With these features, I can conclude that the Mercurial Victory VI is a good cleat for offensive players who go towards the front and make goal attempts.

This being built for speed and ball touch, it completes the two main things strikers and forwards should look for in a soccer cleat.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Fabric insole / midsole
  • ?Leather for enhanced touch
  • ?Adaptive sockliner for premium cushioning
  • ?Durable plate with chevron pattern? 

Best Adidas Soccer Cleat

?Many people might argue differently, but I can’t deny how Adidas have stayed relevant when it comes to producing sports apparel. They’re particularly reliable when it comes to soccer cleats. They have got it down in terms of quantity with an abundant collection. With these three best Adidas soccer cleats, it shows how they’ve also got it down in terms of quality.

Top Adidas Soccer Cleat Overall: Predator 18+

?I don’t mind repeating ourselves if it’s about the ?Adidas Predator 18+. I know we’ve already talked about this as the best overall soccer cleat. But, you can’t help it when something this good proves itself the best in general and among its own kind.

You’ll know because when everyone thought the line of Predator soccer cleats were permanently obsolete, Adidas pulls a surprise by bringing it back on the shelves. And what a way to make a comeback!

First off, it reignited the hype among original Predator fans of old models from several years ago. Then as people got their hands (or feet) on it, good reviews started pouring in and various justifications of that hype and how great it is spread. Now I have enough word to back up the label best to its name.

?Reactions to it have actually been on the opposite extremes. Some have liked the transformation from the fold-over tongue to the laceless upper construction, while the others who have grown attached to that specific iconic style have expressed dismay about its absence.

However, overall, people were still skewed towards the former. It’s easy to be forgiving when this decision results in a better cleat.

The new and latest iteration of the Predator is a combination of the best aspects of its predecessors. This includes the ACE line which broke the 20-year existence of the Predators and from where the laceless feature is adapted.

Now Predator 18+ marked the end of the ACE, and for good reason. It consists of some of the latest and therefore most updated technology that has been required of soccer cleats in recent time. The previously noted lack of tongue is actually beneficial for improved control by way of ball grip and touch on the forefoot.

As mentioned, this cleat is built with speed and control as its points of focus. The same way that the Ace 15.1, Ace 16+ Purecontrol, and Ace 17+ Purecontrol were built before it. However, it’s also ingrained with the classic Predator details like the Adidas signature Three Stripes in white, the flashes of red this time on the sockliner instead of on the tongue, ridged upper, and the Predator signature of the extended heel.

?Whether you’re an OG fan or a newfound member of the gang, one thing about this soccer cleat that makes people come back is it’s almost as if it delivers the whole package.

Some players will want something that this cleat doesn’t have but generally, this is carries with it features and capabilities that satisfies many requirements.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Boost Foam insole / midsole
  • Primeknit synthetic upper for adaptive support
  • ?Laceless forefoot for great ball touch
  • ?Sprintframe technology for speed

Copa Mundial

?The Adidas Copa Mundial is another repeat item in this list but even if I haven’t already mentioned it, these shoes don’t really require any introduction. Anyone who’s heavily involved or updated in the world of soccer – professional or otherwise – can attest to the fact that these are one of the most famous soccer cleats of all time, at least since 1979.

Designed for the 1982 FIFA World Cup, it’s been made with the intent of being used by professional soccer players. It was equipped with features and characteristics that easily performed well for players of any style and position. There’s only ever been a few changes since. The Copa Mundial has stayed true to its main signatures like the classic three stripe logo, tongue, and the name printed on the side that were there since the initial release.

It’s a bestseller among Adidas’ lineup of soccer cleats, and a trendsetter for soccer cleats from any brand that came after it, even up to now. Many have attempted to reach its level of recognition and usefulness for soccer players but the popularity of these shoes is hard to beat with its long history.

?Aside from being the useful boot it’s become known for, the Mundial has always been a style statement in and out of the field.

Despite having studs at the bottom and the function of the synthetic upper construction, it still manages to look fashionable. It even passes for the sneaker trends that are going around nowadays.

Those who are truly unsatisfied by the lack of tongue in the Predator will find solace in the Copa Mundial which to this day comes with the tongue, and an elongated one at that.

?People wear it many different ways. Some cut it, but others fold it over the laces, tuck them under, or leave it covering the shin a bit.

?One thing you can be sure about these shoes is they’ll be able to give you the same advantage as the highly-technological cleats nowadays are. It’s safe to say these shoes have shaped the way soccer cleats have been made since its inception.

However, it hasn’t lost relevance in the release of new cleats. In fact, it keeps up with the latest while keeping the traditions it’s evolved with.

?Product Specs
  • Leather material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?EVA insole / midsole
  • Synthetic lining for comfort
  • ?Leather for improved ball touch
  • ?Durable outsole for great control

Goletto VI

?After those two groundbreaking shoes in both Adidas and soccer cleat history, I break the chain a little bit with the Adidas soccer cleat that comes in this humble? Adidas Goletto VI.

Its name doesn’t come as close to the iconic reputation of the Predator or the Copa Mundial, but this can compete with the previous two Adidas shoes in terms of delivering what it promises.

The thing that deserves to be most noted about these shoes is that it doesn’t have the latest and greatest technology or features almost every soccer cleat that comes out in this day and age says it has.

It also doesn’t claim to be the best.

Before you second guess why you should even consider these shoes, it’s important to note how few models are actually honest about what they could offer.

?For the rate of the Goletto VI, it’s hardly believable for it to be able to contend with the more serious, more expensive, and more hard-hitting professional cleats.

What it’s able to serve, however, is nothing short of lacking for beginners and casual players.

It’s a lightweight firm ground cleat that provides maximum traction on a dry natural field.

It’s because of this that its main feature is its speed boosting abilities.

?At the same time, the synthetic leather upper gives comfort in-game that lets you survive the whole game time. It’s a bare minimum requirement that not even some of the “best” soccer cleats are able to fulfill. It also ensures protection and durability, which is ideal for tackles.

This boot is made for speed and stability, so you have all the necessary support you need while running and turning. With that and equally distributed studs at the bottom, this proves itself a suitable cleat for a defender.

?Overall, Adidas have constructed the Goletto VI with simplicity in mind.

For what it’s worth, it already comes with the classic looks and sufficient features you’d be looking for in an affordable soccer cleat.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Fabric insole / midsole
  • ?Synthetic leather for durability
  • Lightweight construction for speed
  • ?FG outsole for maximum traction

Best Nike Soccer Cleat

?There are Nike and Adidas loyalists whose things are embedded with the brand’s iconic check logo. While there may be lesser soccer cleats to choose from Nike, they’re not behind on the latest trends and technology. Here are some of their best cleats that demonstrate their advancements relevance in both aspects.

Magistra Obra II

?For Nike’s collection of cleats, the NIKE Magista Obra II FG Cleats can be deemed the most deserving of the label and reputation.

When reading about soccer cleats, it’s normal to associate certain features with specific functions.

However, instead of just features, this one associates some kind of technology with the added functionalities.

The dynamic fit collar, for instance, is something that enhances the fit of the soccer shoe around the ankle.

Simultaneously, it engages the connection between the foot and the lower leg so that they can work well together for movements that require the collective effort from both parts.

?This is quite a popular technology that is getting common especially among top-end cleats.

However, the Magista Obra II is only the second generation of a soccer shoe that made this very feature known. It’s a trendsetter in its own right.

The next best example of this cleats’ highly advanced construction is in the 3D texture that can be felt on the areas of the shoes that are often in use.

This would be in key areas where targeted friction and precise touch are required, which are mainly in the sole and the upper.

For the upper, it’s made with Nike’s Flyknit material, a pride for the brand.

This material which is specific only to some Nike soccer cleats are equipped with breathability, stretch, and support functions..

On the other hand, there’s a pivot or rotational zone specifically on the forefoot of the outsole that enhances traction during quick turns. At the back, there are notched studs add a stopping power for when you need to cut speed or stop mid-run immediately.

Overall, the entire soccer shoe is integrated with an All Conditions Control or ACC technology that enhances ball control no matter the weather conditions. Some cleats would lose all effectivity in wet conditions but this one levels up the ball touch whether the field is dry or not from whatever circumstance

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Fabric insole / midsole
  • Optimal control under any weather
  • ?Forefoot pivot zone for quick turns
  • ?Dynamic fit collar for ankle support

Mercurial Superfly 6

?As the sixth iteration of the Nike Superfly line, NIKE Men’s Superfly 6 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat utilizes the key visual cues that have made people love this lineup of soccer cleats. First and foremost, this boot doesn’t take its design aspect lightly. The sleek aesthetic makes it appear fashionable to most, and even possibly intimidating for the opponent. Every detail is carefully decided and there are added benefits to each as well.

If Nike hadn’t changed the names of their soccer cleats upon the release of the Superfly 6, this would have been supposedly named the Veloce DF. However, the change of name seems to signal good fortune because this turned out to be impeccable for its offerings.

It has the overall design and silhouette of a typical Superfly. The sockliner ankle that stretches farther than the normal low-ankle boot provides stabilization around the ankle for quick turns. It goes down to the tongue, which in other cleats, this is called dynamic fit collar.

It’s a pretty common feature nowadays, but this is what Nike calls their Flyknit collar which is unique to their shoes.

?The asymmetrical ridges throughout the upper up to the heel of the exterior gives a good sense and control of the ball when it comes in contact.

The material isn’t as thin as the Flyknit tongue, but there’s still some sense of intensive ball touch.

Like some of the Nike shoes we’ve mentioned before, this also incorporates the All Conditions Control or ACC technology.

It’s layered on the top of the upper to make this soccer shoe entirely durable through all kinds of weather.

To add a bit of pride, the name Mercurial is spelled out inside the monogrammed M on the heel. Below it is a display that says “engineered for speed” for people who need a reminder.

For a boot that promises speed, this offers a lot of comfort too. It’s typical for one of the two to be compromised in favor of the other, but this one doesn’t pick favorites.

?Like other Superfly shoes, this one has a generally narrow fit, but unless you have exceptionally wider feet than average, it will work in your favor for a nice snug fit all around.

This isn’t necessarily one of the affordable options from Nike, but the benefits it offers equally justifies the amount you pay.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic, textile material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Fabric insole / midsole
  • Synthetic, textile upper for protection and comfort.
  • ?Premium ball control and quick-turn agility
  • ?Dynamic fit collar for ankle stability

Mercurial Victory VI

?We’ve already mentioned the best things about the Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG as described above, but there’s plenty more to it than the speed and ball touch capabilities we’ve singled out.

It’s not because this doesn’t hold up well in other labels, but it’s impressive quality is mostly in its affordability when it could have been well worth more.

This is considered a third-tier model and one of the most surprising things is its dynamic fit collar. Apparently, offering that feature is extremely rare.

?This might even be the first third tier cleat to offer this feature, making it a pioneer and trendsetter for other third-tier cleats to come.

?The mid-cut ankle design is made of a thin, lightweight synthetic material. Though it’s not made of the knit material as other high-end cleats, it delivers just as well as if it’s a top-level boot.

What this feature does exactly is to improve the fit around the ankle with its sockliner-like construction as well as provide ankle support.

?It makes sure your feet are perfectly stabilized in the shoes and your heels are properly held and supported.

In almost every product description, one of the things that this boot boasts of is its microfiber lining material that molds to the shape of your foot the longer and the more often you use it.

It also reduces the pressure that comes from the studs, which would otherwise be uncomfortable.

?Despite the much reasonable rate, the Mercurial Victory VI comes with the standard materials and technology that your top-end soccer cleats come with.

?Though the quality might not be the same, ultimately this one delivers performance close to what you’d get with a more expensive shoe.

?Product Specs
  • ?Synthetic material
  • ?Synthetic outsole
  • ?Fabric insole / midsole
  • ?Leather upper for enhanced touch
  • ?Adaptive sockliner for premium cushioning
  • ?Durable plate with chevron pattern? 

What Makes up a Good Soccer Cleat?

Good Soccer CleatDeficient Soccer Cleat
Great shock absorptionUncomfortable insoles
Great outsoles that bring tractionOutsoles that make you feel slippery
Comfortable and efficient materialsMaterials that provoke sweating, and overheating

?It goes without saying that every part of a soccer cleat is embedded with a specific purpose to improve a player’s performance. Universally, as you would have noticed in almost all the soccer cleats above, the construction of the upper and the sole determines how well the player can do in terms of speed, agility, ball spin and touch, respectively.

Shock Absorption

??It’s true that this is just an additional asset to the innate function of your legs in reducing strain on your feet while running. Your spine and lower legs act as your body’s natural hydraulic mechanism so your feet don’t get all the force and impact from running at high speed.

The best soccer shoes would be labeled with certain technologies infused into the insole, midsole, and outsole for players’ consideration. The materials and the cushioning put in place specifically on the first two parts also come into play for this feature.

The low-ankle boot of the Nike soccer cleats provides stabilization around the ankle for quick turns


For obvious reasons, the outsoles are the first part of soccer shoes that make contact with the firm ground, therefore the first to receive the impact of the player’s every step. However, with the construction of soccer cleats, the outsole is not typically made with shock absorption properties.

Those with studs at the bottom are especially made with different purposes in mind, like for stability and traction, but shock absorption is rarely ever the first on the list of their function. You can consider soccer shoes with this quality on the outsole as some of the special few.


??Contrary to what you probably expected, the midsole takes much more of the impact than the outsole. Out of the three layers in the sole, the midsole has the main role of soccer shoes’ shock absorbing function.

Since it stands between the outsole and the insole, it is responsible for taking the brunt and strain of a person’s weight from the upper side and the hard surface on the other.

The thickness will depend on how much shock the manufacturer intends for the shoes to absorb but typically, the midsole is the part that keeps the shape intact and that integrates the heel counter.

As its length covers the entire pad of the foot, this part in the anatomy of soccer shoes has the power to release energy from the cleat to propel your feet out of the turf surface easily and quickly.


?The insole is the innermost layer that touches the feet. While we’ve established that the midsole does most of the work in absorbing force and protecting the feet from such strong impact, direct contact of the midsole and feet can be damaging.

This is how the insole comes into play in terms of absorbing shock, though not all soccer cleats will incorporate this function. For the most part, the insole is the one that gives comfort for the player while running and doing other movements in soccer. In turn, it contributes to better play and performance.


?Many models of soccer cleats have EVA as the material for the insole and midsole, especially the best ones in the market. The use of EVA for two layers on the sole of soccer cleats is a good decision not only for absorbing shock but for its many other benefits like “’low-temperature’ toughness, stress-crack resistance, and waterproof properties.”


??Almost every movement involved in the game of soccer is made to become easier when the shoes are equipped with flexibility. One of the most major ways this quality can benefit the player is in the act of running, which all soccer players do more of throughout the gameplay.

Soccer player kicking the ball while it is in the air


The materials used for the upper have a major input to the flexibility of soccer cleats. If you look at soccer cleats in the market, those made of soft natural leathers – most commonly kangaroo leather – are often highly-regarded by critics. It’s not just about the rarity of the material, it’s also the comfortability and high-quality performance it can instigate.

?Synthetic fabrics are oftentimes stiff and can lose the original shape of the shoes when bent from continuous wear. When the upper is made of soft, thin, and breathable materials, it is able to support the player’s feet longer without being altered from its initial construction.


?While the materials mostly point to the upper build of soccer cleats, the outsole takes just as much part in affecting the shoes’ flexibility and weight. The outsole can make or break the overall efficiency of soccer cleats no matter how good the upper is constructed. It is comprised of the entire lower part of the shoes and more often than not, they’re attached with studs on the bottom.

Control and Accuracy

With that, it only follows that the two qualities are essential in soccer shoes. If shock absorption is all about protecting the feet from impact and possible damage, control and accuracy are focused on the offense. It enhances the skill of the player in kicking to either pass the ball or make a shot.

The way a pair of cleats make this happen is by providing good ball touch and grip that makes soccer players feel secure in their kick as if their barefoot is touching the ball. Several elements come into play to achieve this:

The Nike soccer cleats is made of light materials to allow free movement

Features To Consider in Your Soccer Cleats

We’ve covered the qualities best in a pair of cleats. That’s still somehow different from the soccer cleats features you can actually see and test and other effective factors. Physical features are considerations that will depend and differ from person to person. Universally, they come down to these six things: overall snug fit and feel, a choice between leather or synthetic, stud design, weight, durability, and field type.

Overall Fit and Feel

Unlike what you’d look for in running shoes, a pair of soccer cleats are made to give a snug fit to your feet with no excess space on the toes. As much as possible, the aims should be to eliminate space for air to settle into because you’ll want your foot to be able to feel the ball as if your actual skin is touching it. A pair of cleats should feel as if your feet are locked in but not uncomfortable or painful.

Leather or No Leather

We’ve relied on leather for a long time until synthetic materials became more plausible, practical, and actually more efficient, and trends like mesh and knit came into the mainstream. Generally, the benefits of leather stand on equal footing as with the benefits of synthetic. Each has advantages of their own.

Advantages of leather:

  • ?Soft and stretchable that it molds to your feet over time
  • ?Thick material for protection
  • ?More durable

Advantages of synthetic:

  • ?Significantly more lightweight
  • ?Bends accordingly with your movement
  • ?Withstands wet conditions much better

However, there are different kinds of leather, with the most popular being kangaroo leather, which is known to be lighter than leather from other sources. Knit and mesh have also taken the market by storm – the former more than the latter. Adidas and Nike have made a pair of soccer cleats characterized by this material named “Primeknit” and “Flyknit” respectively.

The choice comes down to the wearer as every material target different problem points that may or may not be important to you or affect you. Other features and qualities in this list will help determine which material brings out the best in you and which hinders your game.

Stud Design

?The studs underneath soccer cleats have taken many forms including shapes such as a triangle, a cylinder, and even chevron. If there’s one that’s most recommendable, it’s the conical studs as they improve grip on the surface.

?Judging by how many soccer cleats on the market are made with conical studs, I can safely assume conical studs is a demand brands are only too happy to respond to.

Nike mercurial soccer cleats on a concrete floor ground with the left pair on top showing the studs

The position and distribution of studs on the outsole also corresponds to specific positions. A heavily-studded front is suitable for strikers, while equally spread out studs across the entire outsole is more for defenders and the rest of the players.


In 2013, the average weight of soccer cleats on the market was somewhere around 8 oz and that was already a markdown from the 9.4 oz average determined by a study in 2011. There’s no definite number for the current average but I can say for sure that the lightest pair of soccer cleats have reached 3.06 oz in 2017, which is the Puma evoSPEED 17 SL.

Soccer cleats are only getting lighter and lighter, which is what’s preferred by athletes because of the maneuverability. However, some would still choose cleats with a little more weight just for the stability that it ensures.


??Soccer cleats are subjected to several destructive factors such as mud, sweat, rain, and natural wear and tear. The rate by which it deteriorates will depend on how well the materials are equipped to endure such harsh conditions.

Generally, the sole which includes all of its layers is the first to succumb because that’s the part that gets much of the tension. Picking the best materials that target your main dilemmas with soccer cleats is the best way to uphold durability. However, the longevity of your cleats’ life will also depend on how well you care for it onwards.

Field Type

?You can pick soccer cleats according to features that apply best to you. Picking according to the type of pitches you’ll be playing on is another useful tip that elongates the lifespan of your shoes. These are the types of fields or grounds that soccer players commonly play in: firm ground, soft ground, artificial ground, hard ground, turf, and indoor.

Soccer cleats meant for artificial surfaces can be used for indoor court soccer surfaces, and vice versa. This also applies to each and every type of field there is. However, if you can’t be sure about this aspect, the safest choice there could be is firm ground cleats because firm ground cleats can be compatible with most other types of soccer fields.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best soccer cleats.

Do I Need Leather Soccer Cleats?

Not necessarily. While leather soccer cleats can mold themselves onto your feet, there are many options in the market that have the same feature. In fact, sometimes you’ll even find better alternatives in synthetic cleats. In the end, it all depends on your preference.

How Should Soccer Cleats Fit?

?Soccer cleats should feel snug on your feet, yet you should be able to wiggle your toes inside. Although there should be little space between your feet’s skin and the cleat’s material, there should be enough to avoid discomfort. After all, wearing it should not cause any discomfort.

What Is the Difference Between Fg/Ag/SG?

Firm Ground (FG) refers to natural surfaces that, like hard ground, are rarely rained on. Soft Ground (SG), on the other hand, is consistently softened by rain or any other phenomenon that causes the ground to become moist.

Finally, artificial ground (AG) is wholly unnatural. It imitates the appearance and feel of natural fields by using synthetic materials. The mat on the bottom, however, is more fragile, and the grass blades are sharper than real grass.


?There’s so much to know about soccer cleats. All these information can help you decide which ones to get. However, you won’t really know what suits you best until you try a few out for yourself. Whether you know exactly what features you’re looking for or this is your first time picking out soccer cleats, these reviews and information are your ammunition to select the most suitable one for you. In the end, it’s still your skill that will determine your progress, but at least, you’ve got something to aid you in getting ahead of the game.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.