Best Socks for Volleyball [2024 Review]

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Regarding comfort during a game, socks are one of the most important yet, overlooked clothes in volleyball. After all, your feet can get irritated if you wear a lousy pair of socks. This is why you need to find out the best volleyball socks.

Our Top Volleyball Sock Recommendations

When picking socks to play volleyball, you need to choose the ones that make you feel as comfortable as possible. Doing this will prevent your feet from getting damaged by the game’s intensity. After all, it is well-known that volleyball players need to jump and sprint a lot.

Given the wide variety of socks available, each with a unique set of qualities, you can discover a list of the top socks on the market here. This can assist you in selecting the sock that best suits your requirements and physical attributes.

After all, by making the right decision, you could enhance your performance in court. A good pair of socks can provide complete movement, reduce discomfort, and give maximum support. This is why they are considered necessary for playing volleyball.

Best Volleyball Sock Overall: Mizuno Volleyball Runbird Crew Socks

These are a comfortable pair of classic socks that fully covers and protects your feet. The Mizuno Runbird Crew Socks allow players to play intense matches without discomfort. Additionally, the fabric is breathable to reduce excessive sweating.

Unlike other pads in this list, the Mizuno Runbird Crew Socks have arch support. This provides athletes with improved stability during the game, which enhances movements like jumping and sprinting.

Also, unlike others, this model has a specific fit for both left and right feet. This provides a better and more comfortable fit for all athletes. However, if you use them too much and for too long, they can quickly start deteriorating, which is inconvenient for players who train a lot.

Though, what makes these socks one of the best, is their thick material that cushions your feet when jumping. This provides a better experience when playing volleyball.


  • Breathable material that keeps your feet fresh at all times
  • Great arch support that enhances your stability during the game
  • Great fit for both left and right feet that improves comfort
  • Thick material that prevents your feet from getting hurt


  • If used too much and too often, they can deteriorate fast
  • Their sizing could be considered too small

Best Kids Socks for Volleyball: CWVLC Soccer Socks

Regarding socks for kids, the CWVLC Soccer Socks are a great option to help them feel comfortable during a game. After all, kids can be a bit difficult to please sometimes. Therefore, their clothes need to be as convenient as possible for them.

Unlike other socks, the CWVLC Soccer Socks have shock absorption, which ensures kids don’t harm their feet. Since children can get very chaotic sometimes, they need socks that can protect them from falling and tripping.

Also, this model has a breathable material that dries quickly, just like the Mizuno Runbird Crew model.  This prevents the sock from getting soaked in sweat and their feet from overheating. This is important because overheated feet could cause injuries over time.

However, one downside of this model is that its sizing might be inaccurate for some ages. While they are made specifically for children, they might run too big for five-year-olds.


  • They have a shock absorption feature,  which protects their feet from getting harmed
  • They have a breathable material that avoids excessive sweating and prevents overheating
  • Their fabric compresses the feet’ arch and ankle, enhancing the kid’s mobility


  • Its sizing can be considered inaccurate
  • They can be considered too tall

Best Injury Support Socks for Volleyball: Rockay Vigor Compression Socks

The Rockay Vigor Compression Socks are a great way of shortening the recovery time of any feet-related injury. On top of that, they work efficiently to enhance your mobility, blood flow, and muscle stability during a volleyball game.

The Rockay Vigor Compression Socks, unlike others, have a compression feature that enhances your blood flow and reduces soreness. This allows volleyball players to play comfortably and reduce the risk of an injury. One of the only downsides of them is that they can be hard to put on.

Since these socks offer compression, they can be a bit hard to put on. Although this doesn’t affect players in a volleyball game, it can be frustrating when getting dressed.

Unlike other socks on this list, these socks are made from recycled materials, which is always a big plus. This, combined with their excellent cushioning and anti-odor feature, makes their fabric one of the best on the market.


  • Compresses your feet and legs, enhancing blood flow, allowing better mobility, and reducing recovery time
  • They reduce the soreness in your feet after a match or a training session
  • They are made from recycled materials
  • Good cushioning and anti-odor feature


  • They can be hard to put in
  • Their sizing could be a bit inaccurate

Best Beach Volleyball Socks: ShocSox Beach Volleyball Socks

When it comes to beach volleyball, the ShocSox Beach Volleyball Sock offers great protection against the hot sand. On top of that, they will avoid getting filled with sand, which can be very uncomfortable for beach volleyball players during a game.

Unlike other socks on this list, the ShocSox has temperature protection that keeps your feet away from the hot or the cold. This is convenient for beach volleyball players that want to play under the sun on a scorching day. Without socks like this, their feet could get burned.

One of the downsides of these socks is that, if they are used too often, their velcro straps can deteriorate over time. This can happen during six to twelve months of constant use.

They are also good for swimming, a feature that no other sock on this list possesses. These sock sets are pretty lightweight, so they won’t bother you if you want to swim on the beach after your game.


  • Provides temperature protection to your feet, keeping them away from extreme weather
  • They do not get filled with sand
  • They can be used to swim
  • They have a tight fit that provides a comfortable experience


  • If used constantly, they can lack durability
  • Their sizing could be considered inaccurate

Features to Consider for Buying Socks for Volleyball

Volleyball socks come in a wide variety of styles, so it’s vital to know what to look for before buying. Keep in mind the following:

MaterialCompression FeatureBreathability
Mizuno Volleyball Runbird Crew Socks

Polyester, Nylon, SpandexNoGreat
CWVLC Soccer Socks
Polyester, Cotton, ElastaneYesGreat
Rockay Vigor Compression SocksNylon, Polyamide, ElastaneYesGreat
ShocSox Beach Volleyball SocksLycaspandex, NeopreneNoGood


When playing volleyball, the softness of your socks is an essential element to consider. Since players must frequently jump and sprint, wearing the incorrect socks can make these actions quite uncomfortable. Hard socks could seriously injure your feet.

For instance, wearing rough socks may cause considerable discomfort to your ankles and prevent you from jumping. You should thus choose a set of pads that make you feel at ease, even after a lengthy game.

The Mizuno Volleyball Runbird Crew Socks are an excellent example of this feature. They have a soft material that prevents any discomfort during a game.

A volleyball player in a gray shirt and black shorts wearing white socks and green shoes fixing her black knee pad while seated on the court


Before selecting a pair of socks, you should consider how comfortable the material is. This is due to the potential impact on your mobility if the socks are not skin-friendly enough. After all, some socks may feel excessively tight or may even itch, which is very uncomfortable.

You should also think about whether you have any material allergies; for example, latex may cause an allergic reaction on you. As a result, you need to pay attention to the materials used to make the socks you get.

An excellent example of socks with great materials is the Rockay Vigor Compression Socks. These socks feature great ecological materials that are soft on your skin.


When talking about blood circulation, the compression feature of the socks plays an important role. Although socks without compression won’t harm your blood circulation, the ones with this feature can enhance this characteristic in your legs.

Compression can make your legs feel lighter, enhance blood flow, and, overall, improve your performance. Therefore, it is an important feature you should always consider.

The Rockay Vigor Compression Socks are an excellent illustration of this as they provide compression with a soft material.


Before choosing a pair of socks, you must fully understand what you want them for. For example, a pair of socks for volleyball is different from a pair of socks for running or dressing. Therefore, you must clear your mind and know what socks you want.

Additionally, you should consider whether wearing socks will help you manage an existing injury. After all, not all socks can increase blood flow or improve mobility. Also, remember that if you have an injury, you should discuss the best type of socks to wear with your doctor.

That being said, you can choose socks that are simple and great to play volleyball with, such as the Mizuno Volleyball Runbird Crew Socks.

On the other hand, if you need them for your children, the CWVLC Soccer Socks are a very convenient option too.

Lastly, if you need a pair of beach socks, the ShocSox Socks will be your most convenient option.

A volleyball player in a gray shirt and black shorts wearing white socks and green shoes serves a volleyball in a game


One of the most crucial elements when picking socks is their breathability. If a pair of socks does not have a good flow of air, your skin might begin to sweat a lot, which could cause skin problems and a bad smell.

It can also overheat your muscles, making you feel more fatigued. For example, if you have played a match for a long time, you would feel your feet hotter than average. This can cramp your muscles, make you feel more thirsty, and overall, tired.

Therefore, you should choose a pair of socks with good breathability and great sweat absorption. The Mizuno Volleyball Runbird Crew Socks are an excellent example of this. After all, their material dries quickly and allows the skin to be fresh.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about socks for volleyball:

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear High Socks?

Volleyball players commonly use high socks to protect their lower legs from actions such as digs and pancakes. Additionally, since they wear knee braces, they may use them to give it something to grip, which makes it more comfortable for some players.

Is It Mandatory to Wear Socks in Professional Volleyball Games?

Yes, since socks are a part of most volleyball teams, it is mandatory to wear them in professional games. You will be provided a pair of socks that match your team’s colors before each game. If not, you will be asked to bring one that matches.

Can You Wear Socks in Professional Beach Volleyball Games?

Yes, you can wear socks in professional beach volleyball games. Due to high temperatures, the sand can get very hot, which could harm the player’s feet. Therefore, it is allowed for players to use special beach socks.


Although they might be overlooked, socks are an essential element in volleyball. After all, choosing a bad pair could mess up your performance on the court. Therefore, you should always consider getting the pair that fits you the most.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.