Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves [2024 Review]

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Frisbee gloves are extremely helpful no matter what the weather is. Ultimate frisbee gloves act as protection and also improves your performance at the same time. If you’re thinking about buying one, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the best ultimate frisbee gloves. 

Our Top Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Reviews

In order to help you narrow down your choices, I’ve compiled a list of the best ultimate frisbee gloves you can find on the internet. They each have their own advantages and you may particularly pick one based on your budget. 

Mint Ultimate Frisbee Sports Gloves

The Mint Ultimate Frisbee Sports Gloves is easily the best ultimate frisbee gloves on this list. It has tons of features that most ultimate frisbee gloves don’t have. 

These gloves were specifically designed for ultimate frisbee play. The gloves provide superior grip and breathability at the same time. 

Thanks to its MAXX Tack feature, the gloves provide enough tackiness for catching and handling the frisbee disc. 

The padding on the gloves helps absorb the impact from frisbee discs. It helps reduce the chances of injuries, especially on the fingers. 

The gloves are made out of synthetic materials. They are durable and will last many years of use. 

The gloves even have toweled thumbs so you can wipe off sweat with them. They’re mostly useful for wiping your eyes. 

What really sets these gloves apart from the other gloves on this list is their low-profile design. This means the wrists aren’t wrapped by the gloves. This allows for the uninhibited and free motion for your wrists while you play. 

The gloves use cool flex backhand material keeps the gloves cool in your hands 

These gloves feel really natural when you wear them. Upon gripping a frisbee disc, it felt natural. It never felt uncomfortable when throwing or catching the disc. 


  • Low profile design allows for more freedom of movement on the wrists
  • Synthetic materials with MAXX Tack ensure durability and effectiveness for gripping and catching
  • Uses cool flex backhand materials for comfortable wear


  • Runs small so you may consider going 1 size up from your size
  • The toweled thumb isn’t that helpful since it easily gets soaked with sweat

Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

If you want something that is affordable, then consider getting the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. These gloves aren’t like the Mint Ultimate Gloves, however, these have unique features of their own. 

First, these gloves have a better grip than any other frisbee gloves on this list. It has an ultra-durable synthetic grip that is located on the palm and fingertips of the glove. The palm and fingertips are made out of synthetic leather and feel durable enough. 

Aside from using synthetic leather on the palm area, the gloves also use breathable mesh. It allows for the gloves to feel comfortable and breathable.  

Adding mesh alongside the synthetic leather complements it really well since leather can get hot. Mesh also keeps the gloves from soaking in water or sweat. 

These gloves also feel more durable than the Mint Ultimate Frisbee gloves. I appreciate the double-stitched seams that add extra security to the gloves. 

These gloves are basically like the Mint Ultimate Frisbee gloves only that it doesn’t have the low profile design. 

Upon wearing, there’s a noticeable difference compared to the Mint Ultimate. It doesn’t feel as secure in your hand as the Mint Ultimate. 

Overall, the pricing on these gloves is great for frisbee gloves.


  • Provides an excellent grip that can add more spins to your throws. 
  • Uses synthetic leather to reinforce its grip
  • Flick-Grip technology located in the middle finger for better control


  • Velcro isn’t as durable as I hoped it would
  • Not really impressive for catching discs

Fudosan Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 

The Fudosan Ultimate Frisbee Gloves is also known as CFTech Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. These gloves are one of the most affordable ones on this list. However, it also has something going on and it’s one of the choices that won’t break your wallet, and you can get ultimate frisbee gloves. 

The CFTech ultimate frisbee gloves are made with the unique Ice Silk material. It feels cool to your hand and comfortable when playing with it. 

The palm of the gloves uses non-slip silicone material. It adds a layer of durability to the gloves. Frisbee glove materials aren’t really built for durability when subjected to extreme friction so you still have to be careful when making plays. 

Much like the gloves on this list, the CFTech gloves also have toweled thumbs for wiping off sweat. These gloves can also allow you to use touch-screen electronics easily thanks to their conductive layer on the index finger. 

When it comes to grip and effectiveness on the field, these gloves aren’t really up to par with the likes of Friction or Layout gloves. 

These gloves are also made mostly with cloth materials. This means the gloves aren’t great in wet conditions and will lose their grip strength. 


  • Ice silk makes these gloves one of the most comfortable to wear. 
  • A conductive layer on the index finger allows you to use your smartphone.
  • Can be used in other activities such as biking and hiking. 


  • Isn’t effective in wet conditions
  • Grip strength is only decent

Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 

The Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves are pretty popular among the Ultimate community. Friction Gloves was the first to produce gloves specifically for Ultimate. Hence, why they are popular among Ultimate players. 

These frisbee gloves came close to beating the Mint Ultimate for the best overall spot. In fact, you can argue that these gloves are better than the Mint Ultimate. 

These gloves feature rubberized palms and fingers. The rubber enhances the glove’s grip even in different weather conditions. 

It feels natural when throwing or catching a disc. It’s comparable to the Mint Ultimate feel. Some people might even say it is better suited to their preference. 

The thumbs of the gloves have a 4-way stretch to avoid webbing. It also ensures the gloves always stay in place in your hands. 

To secure that these gloves don’t easily tear, the upper palm of the gloves is added with a reinforced material along with double stitching at the seams. 

These gloves are better suited for cutters because of their features. It also functions well for handlers since it has an excellent grip. 

The only downside I can think of these gloves are they’re a bit thick. Some people might not like it because it compromises the feel when handling the disc. It might also get too warm inside the gloves. 


  • Rubberized palms and fingers for better grip and durability.
  • 4-way stretch prevents the gloves from webbing in the game
  • Reinforced palm and double-stitching at the seams for better durability


  • A bit thicker and may compromise how you feel the disc
  • Might get too hot because of the thickness

Features to Consider for Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Frisbee gloves’ main role is to provide the Ultimate player enhanced grip or maintained grip. This holds true for Ultimate players with sweaty hands who would otherwise decrease in performance because they can’t hold the disc firmly. 

Product Material Toweled-Thumb Best Feature Usable in Any Weather Condition
Mint Ultimate Frisbee GlovesCool Flex Mesh YesMaxx Tack Technology Yes
Layout Ultimate Frisbee GlovesSynthetic Leather  YesFlick-Grip Technology Yes
Fudosan Ultimate Frisbee GlovesIce Silk Fiber YesFingertip Touch-Screen Technology No
Friction Ultimate Frisbee GlovesRubber NoReinforced Upper Palm and 4-Way Stretch On Thumb Yes

Other than that, these are some of the features that you should look into when choosing Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. 


For material, you want gloves that provide excellent tackiness. These will help you with catching and handling discs. You may also want some impact-absorbing padding if you are prone to finger injuries. 

Most Ultimate Frisbee Gloves are made out of synthetic materials. Some add some combinations to it to add some definitive features. Some of the parts of the gloves may feel different from the other parts.

Player trying to save the frisbee disc

Most Ultimate players prefer using gloves with thinner materials. Thinner materials usually mean that you will get a better feel at your fingertips when holding a disc.  

Other players might want a thicker one for better durability. They won’t have to spend extra since they can be used for many games. 

When it comes to material use, the Mint Ultimate Frisbee Sports Gloves did it better. The gloves provide superior tackiness as well as impact-absorbing features. 


The Ultimate Frisbee gloves should fit snug in your hands. The webbing between the fingers should help provide a snug fit. Too loose and you get an uncomfortable experience and lessen the grip strength. 

The fit should also not be too restrictive. Your fingers should be able to move freely and with ease. Additionally, more freedom of the wrists is also good for your throwing. 

The gloves should only tighten at the contours of the hand. It helps keep the gloves secure so you can catch and throw the disc comfortably. 

Most Ultimate frisbee gloves come with a fastener on the wrist. While this will help secure the gloves firmly on your hands, it also restricts the movement of your wrists. 

Be aware of it and more often, it would come down to preference and comfortability in using the gloves. 

To avoid, buying just to try out gloves, the Mint Ultimate Frisbee Gloves is the sure choice. It has a low-profile design which allows the wrists to move freely.

It also doesn’t compromise on the fit and will easily fit in your hands. Some people even claim that these gloves run small so you might want to consider ordering 1 size up. 

Player wearing gloves while playing ultimate frisbee


Good BreathabilityBad Breathability
They feel fresh and comfortable around your handsThey feel hot around your hands
Your hands don’t sweat too much when wearing themYour hands begin to sweat a lot
They don’t feel slippy on the insideTheir insides feel slippy

One main purpose of wearing gloves is to prevent your sweaty hands from affecting your performance. Hence, the gloves should also feel comfortable around your hands and manages sweat well. 

Some gloves can decrease in effectiveness when soaked wet. Hence, you may wanna avoid using them in wet conditions or if your upcoming game is predicted to rain.

Choose gloves that are comfortable and use materials that keep your hands cool and dry. For that, you can never go wrong with either Mint Ultimate, Layout Ultimate, or Friction Ultimate frisbee gloves. 

All three have great comfortability and breathability. You can use these gloves in any weather conditions and they will still keep your hands dry and cool. 


Players who catch in Ultimate Frisbee are called cutters. Cutters generally use one-handed and two-handed catching techniques. 

For that, you need gloves that cater to catching. You need gloves that high amount of grip, especially on the palm and finger area. 

When it comes to catching, the Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves is the better option because it has excellent grip features. 


The player who makes throws are called handlers. They mainly throw the disc to make a pass to the cutter. 

Players competing to take the frisbee disc in mid air

While throwing also needs excellent grip strength, you also need some wrist action to be able to throw hard and accurately. For that, you need gloves with excellent grip and don’t restrict movement on your wrists. 

The Mint Ultimate Frisbee Sports Gloves provide both grip strength and freedom on your wrists. It’s the best gloves a handler can use. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best ultimate frisbee gloves.

Do Ultimate Frisbee Players Wear Gloves?

Yes, however, most ultimate Frisbee players do not use gloves. Still, some people do, and for good cause: to avoid getting sweaty hands on the disc. Gloves also give a more steady grip than the skin, especially in hot weather. Therefore, they are worn by players to prevent slips and falls during the match.

What are Frisbee Gloves For?

Frisbee Gloves, as said before, are worn to aid in the preservation or enhancement of a player’s grip strength. This is especially useful for players with sweaty palms; nonetheless, some argue that players should not wear gloves. However, there is no rule in the current WDF rules that prohibits anyone from using them.

This means you can employ an assisted glove that allows you to throw correctly while remaining legal. Frisbee Gloves remain popular and are regularly used by players.

Can You Wear Football Gloves for Ultimate?

Although football gloves can help you, they are not recommended for ultimate frisbee. Since football gloves are designed to catch, it can result hard to throw the disc with these gloves. Therefore, if you want to wear gloves, make sure you use gloves specifically designed for ultimate frisbee.


These are some of the best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves you can get your hands on. They will provide you with excellent grip strength and will be comfortable to wear. Just make sure you buy the right size for your hands and you’re good to go for playing Ultimate Frisbee. 

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