Best Volleyball Arm Sleeves [2024 Review]

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In volleyball, your arms need to be able to endure a lot of hits, which is why getting the right protection for them can be essential. Additionally, getting too many hits as a beginner can be painful. That’s why you’ll need the best volleyball arm sleeves to solve this problem quickly.

Our Top Volleyball Arm Sleeves Recommendations

There are numerous options for volleyball sleeves and each of them has unique characteristics that can potentially fulfill your needs.

Here is a list of the best arm sleeves to help you decide which one is best for you.

By getting the right pair for you, you will be able to play more efficiently on the court and even avoid injuries. On top of that, these options are likely to have better durability than others in the market.

Best Volleyball Arm Sleeve Overall: Mizuno Arm Sleeves

The Mizuno Arm Sleeves are a top-tier quality product that allows you to receive passes and play comfortably inside of the court.

These sleeves are made of a durable and comfortable material that keeps your arms protected throughout the game.

Unlike other sleeves in this list, the Mizuno Arm Sleeve is one of the most chosen options by professional athletes that often have intense matches. They provide you with good protection against hits and potential falls. Though, its material can get hot very easily.

Also, just like other sleeves on my list, it can protect you from bruises pretty well, which is a feature that can greatly benefit your game. This, combined with its great length, makes it a good option for players who tend to receive and bump the ball many times during the match.


  • Durable and trustworthy material that allows you to play without inconveniences.
  • Good protection against hits and falls (such as throwing yourself into the ground to save a ball)
  • Good length and ability to protect you from bruises.


  • Its material can get hot while playing.
  • It can be considered a bit tight.

Best Kids Friendly Volleyball Arm Sleeve: FITST4 Volleyball Arm Sleeves

The FitsT4 Volleyball Arm Sleeves are one of the best options when it comes to protection for younger players.

They are made of a breathable and thick material that prevents pain, especially from kids. After all, their skin is much more sensitive than that of adults.

Unlike other sleeves, these have specially designed sizes for children, which means that they won’t have any inconvenience when using them.

Though, they might feel a bit tight on their forearms, which can be slightly uncomfortable when playing.

Additionally, unlike other sleeves in this list, the FitsT4 Volleyball Sleeve comes with a UPF 50+ feature that protects their skin from the sun’s UV rays. This is convenient for kids who like to practice outdoors, or for those who play beach volleyball.

Lastly, they come with a thumbhole that allows the sleeves to cover part of your hands and wrists, making it much more comfortable for everyday practices.


  • Specially designed for kids and their sensitive skins.
  • Breathable material that prevents your arms from overheating.
  • UPF 50+ feature that protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Comfortable thumbhole that helps you practice.


  • They might feel a bit too tight on the forearms.
  • They might be a bit too big for some kinds of body.

Best Entry-Level Volleyball Arm Sleeve: Upward Fitness – Volleyball Arm Sleeves

The Upward Fitness – Volleyball Arm Sleeves are top-tier quality sleeves that are very convenient for novice players who aren’t used to playing volleyball very often. They have a comfortable cushion that makes passing easier and less painful for beginners.

Unlike other sleeves in this list, the Upward Fitness Sleeves have a marked zone in them that helps players to know where the ball should hit.

Even though this doesn’t seem very important, it can be very helpful for those players who just started playing this sport.

Additionally, just like the FitsT4 Volleyball Sleeve, these have a thumbhole that makes it much more comfortable to practice with. Though, since the cushions slightly affect the impact of the ball, these are not the best options for professional players.

Other than that, even though these are not the most popular set of sleeves, they are the most effective ones for athletes who just started playing.


  • They come with a comfortable cushion that makes passing much less painful.
  • They have a marked zone to help players know where the ball should bump.
  • Thumbhole that allows you to play much more comfortably.


  • Not recommended for professional players.
  • It can be considered a bit small.

Best Protective Support Volleyball Arm Sleeve: COOLOMG Basketball Arm Sleeves Compression Padded Elbow

The COOLOMG Basketball Arm Sleeves Compression Padded Elbow are a great set of sleeves and, even though their name states ”basketball” they are a good option for volleyball players. After all, they provide extra protection that allows players to safely dig and fall into the ground.

They have protective EVA padding that protects your elbows during a match, a feature that no other sleeves on my list have. Since they can prevent an injury, this is useful for players who enjoy throwing themselves into the ground in order to save difficult balls.

Another remarkable difference from other sleeves is that the COOLOMG Sleeves have a compression feature that supports your mobility and promotes your blood circulation. This is beneficial for your joints and muscles, which is convenient to prevent possible injuries.

Though, one downside of this product is that they might be considered too tight, which could be uncomfortable.


  • They have a protective EVA padding that protects your elbows throughout the match.
  • They have a compressing feature that enhances your blood circulation and your mobility.
  • Their design prevents it from sliding down.


  • It could be considered too tight.
  • If you sweat a lot, it can cause a bit of friction.

Features to Consider for Buying Volleyball Arm Sleeves

Sleeves come in a number of styles, so understanding what to look for before making a purchase is critical. After all, if you fail to choose the right pair for you, you could lose time and money. Here are a few things to consider about:

Comparing Arm Sleeves for Volleyball

Arm SleevesMaterialLengthSupport
MizunoNylon and SpandexFrom wrist to elbowGood support
FitsT4 VolleyballNylon and SpandexFrom hand to elbowRegular support
Upward FitnessPolyamide and SpandexFrom hand to elbowRegular support
COOLOMG CompressionPolyester and SpandexFrom wrist to elbowGreat support


When it comes to volleyball, the softness of your sleeves is quite significant. All players must use their arms a lot and even throw themselves to the ground.

A hard sleeve can irritate your skin and affect your mobility throughout the game.

Additionally, if you tend to sweat a lot, a tough arm sleeve can create chafing, which could be highly uncomfortable when playing volleyball. The Mizuno Arm Sleeves is a great example of a soft arm sleeve. It comes with a soft material that prevents irritations.

Good For Beginners

Before buying your sleeve you need to consider if you are new to the game, or a player with experience. After all, if you have no experience in volleyball, you will need a sleeve that protects your arms from the ball and help you get used to it over time.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced player, you might want to use sleeves that don’t affect your mobility. Sleeves like the Upward Fitness – Volleyball Sleeves, for instance, are fantastic for beginners yet not as much for professional players.

Good For Kids

Similarly to beginners, if you need sleeves for a child, you need to consider options that can fit their arms while also protecting them adequately. After all, their skin is much more sensitive and prone to bruises than the adult’s skin.

Additionally, kids might be picky sometimes, which can make it more difficult for you to find a good pair for them. A great example of sleeves for children is the FitsT4 Volleyball Sleeves, which can protect their skin and allow them to play comfortably.

Volleyball players lining up horizontally

Protective Support

Some sleeves offer extra protective support that can prevent bruises and even injuries. If you are a volleyball player that constantly digs and throws himself into the ground, then you should consider buying a pair of sleeves with this feature.

For instance, a good example of this is the COOLOMG Basketball Arm Sleeve Compression Padded Elbow, since it offers protective padding that can absorb the impact of your falls.


There is no lie that volleyball games can be pretty intense, that’s why your sleeves need to be able to endure a lot of use. For example, some poorly-designed sleeves can easily break after you perform a dig on them, which can be quite disappointing.

On the other hand, products like the Mizuno Arm Sleeve can withstand intense games without getting holes.


A good material is soft on the skin and can even enhance the athlete’s performance. On the other hand, bad material can cause irritation on your arm and significantly influence your performance on the court. Additionally, it could cause itching, which can be quite distracting.

The COOLOMG Basketball Sleeves Compression Padded Elbow is a good example of this. After all, its material allows you to have better mobility and it even improves your blood circulation.

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Related Questions

Do I Need to Wear an Arm Sleeve for Every Volleyball Match?

According to the rules, you don’t need to obligatorily wear sleeves for every volleyball match. These are an accessory that some athletes use in order to play much more comfortably and prevent injuries.

Will an Arm Sleeve Eliminate the Pain From Hitting the Volleyball?

Playing volleyball may cause slight discomfort on your arms, particularly if you are not used to bumping or receiving the volleyball.

With that being said, a good pair of sleeves can alleviate the pain while you get used to it. Though, it will not make it disappear.

On the other hand, if the pain starts to grow, then you might consider contacting a doctor and checking yourself. A professional can help you alleviate the pain and will also prevent you from facing an injury.


Like having the best pair of shorts, good arms sleeves can have a significant impact on your performance. After all, they allow you to play comfortably, perform better moves, and play better inside of the court. This is why it is essential for you to choose wisely and select the one that suits you the best.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.