Best Volleyball Knee Pads [2024 Review]

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As you regularly jump around during volleyball games, you put pressure around your knees. To protect the knees from injuries and pain, you need to have the right volleyball knee pads to help prevent those injuries from happening. 

Best Volleyball Knee Pads Reviews

The best volleyball knee pads are a great gear accessory to wear in volleyball games. They help keep your knees comfortable and prevent injuries from happening. The best volleyball knee pads also give you the performance boost you need. You’ll be jumping and diving around the court with great protection without fear because you have pads to protect your knees. 

The best volleyball knee pads have different designs. They’re designed to provide different features for their value. Some might be designed to be used by liberos, setters, blockers, and hitters.

ASICS Slider Kneepad

The ASICS Slider Kneepad provide great support around your knees and covers your knees on a wide range. 

They’re also surprisingly lightweight. They’re one size fits all and comfortable around your knees. Since they’re unisex, you won’t have to worry if it’s designed for a specific gender. The size is also catered for adults but can be used by tall or big youths if their knee size fits well. 

Aside from volleyball, you can also use it in other sports or your day to day activities. The design is ideal for activities that involve falling on your knees like volleyball and dancing. 

If your work also involves using your knees most of the time like walking or kneeling, these knee pads will be a great help for you. 

The amount of padding is 1 ½ inches thick and is great for protecting your knees. The wide coverage also protects not only your knees but also the areas around it.  

The PU pad design keeps your knees safe while maintaining its comfortability. The latex-free knee pads are designed to provide breathability and do not hinder regular blood circulation. 

These volleyball knee pads can be washed. They clean well in your machine. Drying is fast and easy.  

The knee pads measure 5.9 inches in width, 9.6 inches in length, and 3.5 inches in height. They are only available in 1 size, but they’re one size fits all. Your knee size should not be more than 17 inches in your want to wear these comfortably. 

The ASICS Slider Kneepad is the best overall volleyball knee pad because it provides great protection and comfort to your knees, fits most adults, and provides coverage including the area around the knees. 

The only bad thing I can say about this best volleyball knee pad is it’s a slip-on design. You have to put the knee pads on before putting on your shoes. It can be a hassle for you to remove them because you would also have to remove your shoes. Because of the comfort this low profile volleyball knee pad provides, you should be alright wearing them during long practice hours. You would only need to remove them when you’re changing. 

Product Specs

  • Polyester 45% / Nylon 16% / Rubber 39%
  • 3.5 inches high
  • 5.9 inches wide
  • Wide coverage and low profile design with PU pad
  • 9 ½ inches length 
  • Latex-free
  • 1 size fits most adults
  • Sold in pairs

Mikasa Volleyball Knee Pads 

Mikasa is not a new company when it comes to a volleyball knee pad. They have been known to produce high-quality volleyballs. In addition, they have also expanded to making great volleyball gear such as knee pads. 

The Mikasa volleyball knee pad’s unique design showcases their pad technology. The brand name and logo are located at the center of the knee pads. 

They come in two colors, black and white. They are catered towards the adult range. These pads are sold in pairs. 

The Mikasa knee pads are made of high-quality, moisture wicking nylon which provides stretchability, comfort, and breathing in your knee pads. Its elasticity ensures they willl fit around your knees perfectly. 

The knee pad also boasts of its anti-microbial interior lining that prevents Staph infection and keeps the knee pads odor-free. You can wear them for long hours in training and practice and not worry about them getting smelly. 

The knee pads are also designed to protect your patella. You can play with confidence and great protection without worrying about knee sprains or injuries. The EVA foam on the interior lining used to protect your knees and the patella provides great cushion on the knees and is very soft at the same time. 

The thick padding outline technology engineered by Mizuno helps the knee pads stay in place and fit perfectly. Even if your knees and legs get all sweaty and slippery, the moisture wicking design of the Mizuno volleyball knee pads keeps them in place and protects you from injuries. 

The Mikasa volleyball knee pads come in two variants, the 830 and 832. The 830 are designed to be used by youth while the 832 is catered towards adults. 

The unique moisture wicking design protects your knees and provides comfort and elasticity to perform better in games. 

The Mikasa Volleyball Knee Pads would have been the overall best volleyball knee pads if the ASICS knee pads didn’t have a wider protection coverage and last longer than the Mikasa. 

Product Specs

  • Advanced competition model knee pads
  • Anti-microbial
  • Prevents odor
  • Advanced patella protection
  • Circular elastic knitting
  • Moisture-wicking fabric 
  • Contour nylon elastic sleeve

Mizuno T10 Plus

The Mizuno T10 Plus Knee Pads is a slim-fit design, unlike regular volleyball knee pads. The knee pad design is simple and minimal to provide maximum performance and mobility around the court. 

The knee pad is a 1 size fits all and is available in 2 colors (black and white). It’s catered towards adult usage. The T10 Plus Knee pad is Mizuno’s approach to a minimal knee pad. It provides a better range of motion and knee protection at the same time.

The cloth of the knee pad is made up of polyester, rayon, and elastic. This gives it comfort and breathability when worn. 

Even with its slim design, the Mizuno T10 Plus has more foam around the knee area to help cushion your knees. 

The knee pad also boasts of a no fold design that keeps the knee pads in its right form. You won’t have to worry about disfigured or misaligned knee pads. 

This one should not be washed in a washing machine. It will lose its elastic strength and will shrink. You can hand wash them using soap and warm water. Afterward, let them air dry. 

Don’t use these knee pads for something other than volleyball. The design and materials are specifically aimed towards this sport. Using them especially on rough surfaces like mountain climbing activities can damage or shorten the lifespan of the pads. 

This Mizuno pad is one of the best affordable volleyball knee pad you can have. The thickness of the foam and its slim design gives you that agility around the court. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about protection on your knees. 

The downside of getting affordable ones though is that the quality of materials is also affected. The Mizuno T10 Plus Knee Pads can last you for about 3 to 6 months of regular usage before getting worn out. If you give it some extra care or if you use them less, they can last you for more than a year. 

Product Specs

  • New slimmer design
  • 1 size fits most
  • 5 separate contour padded sections
  • Sold in pairs
  • Embroidered Mizuno run bird logo
  • Enhanced foam for protection
  • No fold design
  • 68% polyester / 20% rayon / 12% elastic

Mizuno LR6

The Mizuno LR6 volleyball knee pads are one of the best volleyball knee pads right now. The knee pads’ design is shaped to look and feel comfortable around your knees. 

The Mizuno LR6 volleyball knee pads also come in various sizes. You can choose from Small, Medium, and Large for a perfect fit around your knees. They also provide greater freedom of movement.

It also comes in 3 colors, navy, black, and white. The Mizuno brand name and logo can be found on the upper portion of the knee pads.  

These are made up of 50% polyester that gives them their durability and lightweight feel. They are also composed of 22% rayon and 28% elastic. This gives elasticity and stability. 

Mizuno introduces the D.F Cut technology that allows volleyball players better movement and control around the court. The 6-inch sleeve length ensures volleyball players their knees are completely covered and well-protected. Volleyball players won’t have to worry about it slipping down. 

The Mizuno VS-1 padding ensures protection even in high-impact zones while you play volleyball . This Mizuno VS-1 also leaves you worry-free from injuries allowing you to perform explosively on the court. 

The Mizuno VS-1 ensures you are completely protected around your patella, lateral, and medial protection knees. The foam used is also made of high-quality materials giving you maximum protection against sprains, injuries, and pain around the knees. 

If you’re looking for a downside, the Mizuno LR6 knee pad doesn’t last you for a long time. The sizing part may also be a bad thing for you if you don’t know your knee size. 

Honestly, this would have been the best overall but the longevity of this ASICS volleyball knee pad gives it a slight edge. 

Product Specs

  • 50% polyester / 22% rayon / 28% elastic
  • Polyester / cotton / spandex blend
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • 6-inch length
  • VS-1 padding in high-impact zones
  • Complete patella lateral and medial protection
  • Great coverage around the knees

Adidas Women’s Elite

Volleyball is among the popular sports played by women, a sport that expertly displays their communication prowess. I include the best volleyball knee pads for women as some knee pads may have different sizes. 

The Adidas women’s volleyball elite knee pads are a competition-ready volleyball knee pad. The pads can absorb high impacts with high density padding of EVA. This allows women athletes to make diving plays while their knees are safe from injuries

The materials used for the Adidas volleyball elite knee pads ensure the area around your knees can breathe. It also helps your skin remain dry and free from odors. They can stay fresh and odor-free after long hours of practice or games. 

The design is specifically catered to women athletes. The knee pads’ foam design allows for flexibility while keeping your knees safe and secure. 

The fiber materials allow the knee pads to have a solid elasticity and durability for long hours on the volleyball court, whether playing volleyball or practicing their ball control drills

What I don’t like about the Adidas Elite knee pads is that it may not fit for women who have smaller knees. 

Product Specs

  • 100% other fibers
  • Machine Wash
  • Sleeve: 59% polyester / 23% rubber / 18% rayon
  • Pad: EVA, rubber, shock-absorbing foam
  • Low profile density
  • High density padding for maximum protection in high impact areas
  • Anatomically sculpted pad
  • Max protection for elite play
  • Contrast embroidered logo

Asics Ace Low Profile

The Asics Ace Volleyball low profile knee pads are specifically catered for junior youths. The design of the Asics Ace knee pads brings out a solid comfort around your knees. These are built for 1 size fits all, so even some adults may fit well in these comfort Asics Ace knee pads.  

The knee pad comes in two color variants, black and white. 

The materials used to make the Adidas low profile knee pads are cotton, rubber, and nylon. These 3 are the best combination of comfort and safety knee pads. 

The cotton helps keep the knee pads comfortable and breathable on your skin with its soft fabric composition. The rubber promotes elasticity helping the knee pads stay fit on your knees when you are moving around the volleyball court. The nylon helps the knee pads stretch and increase its durability for longer usage on the volleyball court. 

The Asics ace pads have a 5 ½ -inch sleeve that covers your knees completely regardless of body size and height. It also comes with dual density padding that protects you from knee injuries when you’re out playing on the volleyball court. 

Theis good pair of also boasts that it has antimicrobial properties keeping your knee pads free from germs and bacteria. You won’t have to worry when you’re playing long hours on the volleyball court as the knee pads will guarantee the skin around your knees safe and clean. 

Aside from volleyball, this good pair of knee pads can also be used in your gym training, ball passing drill workouts, jogging, and other activities that involve your knees. 

The cotton helps with comfort. Paired with the antimicrobial, ensures you’ll be playing all over the volleyball court for long hours without worrying about being uncomfortable or smelly.  

Product Specs

  • 5 ½ inch length
  • Dual density padding
  • Anti-microbial
  • Low profile
  • ASICS Atomic Wash
  • Breathability
  • Sold in pairs

Benefits of the Best Volleyball Knee Pads

Did you know that volleyball is a high-intensity team sport? You’ll find yourself jumping around the court or diving on the floor for the ball. All of these activities put a lot of strain on your knees. Wearing the best volleyball knee pads helps you elevate your game in volleyball. These are some of the benefits.

Sweat absorptionKeeps your skin dry
Knee supportProtects your knee and avoids injuries
Breathable materialPrevents your skin from getting overheated
It is made from breathable fabric, it is comfortable to wear, it helps absorb sweat, has knee support, and thick padding, are the things you look for in volleyball knee pads

Reducing Injuries

Volleyball games involve a lot of diving on the floor to keep the ball alive. You’ll find yourself hitting the floor on your knees most of the time. Yes, I have thick bones and muscles around the knees.

Wearing knee pads allow for a soft cushion when you land the floor on your knees. Knee pads have thick paddings that protect your patella from injuries. 

Knee Support

Volleyball knee pads with elastic materials provide support to the knees. They help the knees by reducing the chance of overextending or twisting.

The thick paddings and elastic materials allow your knees to stretch around comfortably while reducing the chances of hyperextending them.


Because you’re free from worries of injuries you tend to perform at a higher level. Performing at a high level can give you that edge over your opponents. You might even get a runner’s high because you’re free from worry and you focus only on playing the game. 


Wearing sports accessories can give you that boost of confidence you need to perform at your best. Especially if the gear your wearing helps prevent injuries, you’ll find yourself focused on the game because you’re not worried about injuries. 

Girls wearing best volleyball knee pads in 2019 in between a game


Wearing knee pads helps prevent minor and serious injuries. If you’re thinking of a career in volleyball, then consider wearing appropriate sports gear to protect your body. 

Athletes have to take care of their body to prolong their career and compete at the highest level. Taking care of your knees by wearing knee pads will help you progress in your volleyball career

What Makes Good Volleyball Knee Pads

The best knee pads have to have certain criteria in mind to give you the best performance and usage. Choosing the right ones isn’t just casually buying items. The best volleyball equipment will help you take care of your knees and prevent you from injuries. 

Girl wearing volleyball knee pads while preparing to serve


Your volleyball knee pads should be comfortable for you to wear. Look for ones with cotton in them. Cotton provides that soft fabric feel.  

Your volleyball knee pads should be comfortable for you to wear. Look for ones with cotton in them. Cotton provides that soft fabric feel.  


Your volleyball knee pads should be a great fit for you. If they are too tight or too loose, they may cause discomfort when you play. 

Ones that are too tight can constrict your legs and restrict regular blood flow below your legs. You might also find knee pads to be heavy around your knees which can slow your speed.

Look for those which provide coverage and great padding around the knees. 


The material used for the padding in the knee pads can make or break a good volleyball knee pad.

You also have to consider the thickness and length of the amount of padding. Depending on the position you play, you may want a different thickness in your padding. 

Liberos, who tend to dive all over the court, tend to prefer thicker paddings that feature patella lateral and medial knee protection. Make sure you pick ones that cover your patella, lateral, and medial protection area of the knees.  


The best volleyball knee pads are usually offered in these sizes:

  • 1 size fits most
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

When buying the best volleyball knee pads, check the sizing chart of the manufacturer to get information on their sizing standard. Don’t forget to check the size of your legs. 


Having sweat and odor on your knee pads can cause discomfort. You may be too shy to move freely around the volleyball court. 

Sweating too much with low-quality knee pads can also cause itchiness around your knee area. What’s worse is if your knee pads grow harmful bacteria as they may enter your body. 

The best volleyball knee pads come with special moisture-wicking help absorb sweat from your skin while staying fresh. Some also have ventilation, most commonly at the back of the pads, which allows moisture to escape. 

The best knee pads are made of materials that are non-abrasive and soft. They are designed to provide soft comfort and breathability. 

Don’t also forget that just because a knee pad provides odor-free gameplay you won’t need to wash them. Wash them according to how manufacturers prescribe them and keep them fresh. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best volleyball knee pads.

Should I Get Black or White Knee Pads?

If you want your knees to be warm while playing, you should get black, if not, you can choose white or any other color. This is because the color black absorbs all of the light and turns it into heat. On the other hand, white reflects light, which keeps the knee cool.

Which Is Better Gel or Foam Knee Pads?

If you are searching for knee pads with maximum protection, the ones with gel are better. This is because these feature both gel and foam, which offers better protection and cushioning compared to others.

Should Knee Pads Feel Tight?

All knee pads should comfortably fit the shape of your legs and knees. If the pads feel too tight, then you should consider getting a higher size. After all, a tight knee pad can affect the blood flow around your legs, increasing your chances of getting an injury.


There are different volleyball knee pads you can choose from depending on your situation. All provide you with comfort and safety. The best volleyball knee pads are trusted products made by companies in the volleyball sport for a long time. A great pad can bring out the best of your abilities and prevent you from getting injured.

Make sure the best volleyball knee pads fit snuggly on you for comfort and maximum performance. Be worry-free from knee injuries by wearing the right volleyball knee pads and gain an edge over your opponents. 

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.