Best Volleyball Nets [2024 Review]

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One of the most essential elements while playing volleyball is the net. After all, you cannot play without it. Therefore, if you need one to play professionally or unprofessionally, you need to learn about the best volleyball nets.

Our Top Volleyball Nets Recommendations

If you are a volleyball player or coach you will need the best volleyball net that ensures that you and your teammates play without any restrictions. A good net will provide fair matches and will stand still for as long as is needed. On the other hand, a bad net could break o be too loose.

Since there are so many various types of nets on the market, I’ve compiled a list of the best ones. These can assist you in selecting the net that is best suited to you and your requirements.

On top of that, these can be great options for schools and other institutions where volleyball is played daily. Since this list has been carefully chosen, these nets can fulfill these establishments’ necessities.

Best Volleyball Net Overall: Champion Sports Official Tournament and Olympic Sized Net

When it comes to the most qualified, the Champion Sports Net is my first choice. This net is used in the Olympics and other official tournaments worldwide. Therefore, its quality is proven by elite volleyball professionals.

Unlike other nets listed here, the Champion Sports Net is adapted to intense gameplay. Therefore, it can withstand constant spikes, serves, and other game actions that might damage other nets. This model was adjusted to resist shots from professionals.

Additionally, another difference from other nets is that this model comes in two versions: Olympic and Tournament. This allows you to pick which one fits your court the best, as they have different measures. However, poles are missing from this model. This is a drawback because if you don’t have them, you will not be able to set them up.


  • Its reliability is supported by the Olympic Games, meaning it is a top-quality product
  • It is adapted to intense gameplay. This allows players to execute powerful actions without damaging the net
  • It has different measures: Olympic and Tournament. Therefore, you can select the best option for your court


  • You need to get the poles separately
  • It might not fit into crank poles very well. Making it harder for you to set it up

Best Beach Volleyball Net: Franklin Sports Volleyball Net

If you need a net that withstands the elements that influence beach volleyball, the Franklin Sports Net is a top-tier option that can greatly help you.

Unlike other nets, the Franklin Sports Volleyball Net comes with different sets that are convenient for different situations. For instance, you can choose between an elite set with professional equipment or a family set with enough equipment to play for fun.

This model also includes a ball and a pump on all of its versions, which is something that other nets don’t offer.  This is convenient as it lets you have all the equipment needed for a match immediately.

However, one of the downsides of this model is that the poles are made of plastic and can break.


  • It is made specifically for beach volleyball matches. Therefore, it can withstand sun, wind, and water
  • Has different sets for different types of players, which is convenient if you are a beginner
  • Includes a volleyball, a pump, and other equipment, making it easier for you to set it up and play
  • It is easy to carry and assemble, so you don’t have to spend too much time setting it up before playing


  • The plastic poles can break, so you’ll need to buy replacements
  • It can be smaller than an official net, which prevents you from playing a professional match

Best Portable Volleyball Net: DOURR Professional Sports Net

This net allows you to transport it easily and comfortably to any place you need to play or practice. The DOURR Professional Sports Net is a high-quality net that includes a bag where you can store it and organize all the elements it needs to be assembled.

The DOURR Sports net, unlike other nets, can be safely used both for indoor volleyball and outside volleyball. This means you can use this net for indoor, pool, and beach volleyball matches. This is good for athletes who enjoy playing different kinds of volleyball.

Also, this net is very durable and well-designed, just like the other nets on this list. This is due to its good weather and impact resistance. However, this net might be too long for some pools and yards, making it harder for you to set it up in those locations.


  • It comes with a portable bag that allows you to store and organize everything
  • It can be safely used for pool, beach, and indoor volleyball, allowing athletes to play anywhere
  • It has weather and impact resistance, which makes it long-lasting


  • It is too long for some pools and yards, making it difficult for you to set it up
  • Its poles are made of plastic, which can break

Best Long-Lasting Volleyball Net: Triumph Sports Volleyball Net

If you consider having a net hanging all the time in your yard, it should be durable and of good quality. The Triumph Sports Net offers a stable and sturdy product that can withstand the constant damage that the weather can handle.

The Triumph Sports Net comes with an optic yellow boundary, which is a feature that no other net on this list has. This allows you to be able to distinguish whether a spike went in or out of boundaries.

On top of that, this model has official dimensions, just like the Champions Sports Net. This allows you to play professionally without any problems. However, one of the only downsides of this net is how hard it is to assemble. It might take up to 2 hours to set it up for the first time.


  • It can be left up overnight without worrying about it breaking
  • It can withstand rain, sun, and wind, so you can play outdoors
  • It comes with an optic yellow boundary that helps you know if the ball went in or out
  • It has official dimensions. Therefore, you can play professional matches


  • It might be difficult to put together, taking you more than two hours
  • The poles can rust, making them brittle

Features to Consider for Buying Nets for Volleyball

Volleyball nets come in various styles, so knowing what to look for before purchasing is critical. Here are a few things to remember:

MaterialsEasy to AssembleWeather Resistant
Champion Sports Official Tournament and Olympic Sized Volleyball Net
Rubber, NylonYesMildly resistant
Franklin Sports Volleyball Net
Plastic, PolyesterYesYes
DOURR Professional Sports NetPolyethylene, Polyester, MetalYesYes
Triumph Sports Volleyball Net

Nylon, MetalNoYes

Weather Resistance

The resistance of the net to the elements is a significant concern. After all, if the net is subjected to extremely violent conditions, it can break after only one use. For instance, if a strong gust of wind hits a net with no resistance, it will break in its first use.

Also, if a net that cannot withstand the sun spends too much time under it, it can deteriorate rapidly, making it very brittle. Therefore, if you want your net to be outside, you need to consider the ones that can handle elements better than others.

A good example of this is the Triumph Sports Net. This model can withstand the elements. Therefore, it can be left outside for a couple of days.

Women in a gray t-shirts and black shorts doing high five near a volleyball net on the court


In terms of material, the nets must be made of a material that is resistant to impact and to the intense style of play that volleyball can present. For example, a net has to withstand multiple spikes and serves during a game. Therefore, if it is bad, it can break.

On top of that, if the net has bad materials, it can be difficult to assemble. After all, ropes and poles can be fragile and not withstand a lot of pressure, so they will have to be adjusted a lot to be stable. Not to mention that they can break, which would leave you with more problems.

A good example of a net with good materials is the Champion Sports Official Tournament Net. This model has great materials that are durable and can withstand intense gameplay.

Easy to Assemble

Although it may sound unimportant, the ease of setting up a net is essential when you have to use it every day. For instance, if you need a net for your volleyball class in school, you will need to assemble it every day. Therefore, if it is too hard to assemble, you will spend too much time doing it.

This ease comes when the net isn’t entangled, the materials are stable, and the cords are long enough to reach everything. Thus, you need to look for this before choosing a net for your court.

One of the easiest nets to assemble is the DOURR Professional Sports Net. Since this model is portable, it was designed to be simple to set up.


The need you have defines what type of net you will need. For example, some nets are much more resistant to water, so if you want to play volleyball in the pool, you should consider this. The same applies if you want to play beach or indoor volleyball.

For instance, one of the best nets to play beach volleyball is the Franklin Sports Volleyball Net. This one can handle water and other elements better than the others, which makes it better to play beach volleyball.

A woman in a black sports bra and black shorts holds a volleyball and resting against the net on a beach


Before choosing a net, you should consider how durable it is and how long it can last without breaking. This is closely related to the materials the net is made of and how well it is designed. A net that is not well designed won’t last too long due to poor weaving or poor manufacturing.

To avoid this, you will need to pick trustworthy brands that are known for their durable products.

An example of this is the Champion Sports Official Tournament Net. After all, it was chosen by professionals to be the official Olympics net.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about nets for volleyball:

Is the Beach Volleyball Net Higher?

No, the beach volleyball net is the same height as the indoor’s net. Therefore, you could use the same nets to play both of these sports. However, other differences cannot be ignored. For example, a beach volleyball ball is lighter than the indoor one.

What Is the Official Size of a Volleyball Net?

The official size of a volleyball net should be 32 inches long and 39 inches wide.

On top of that, volleyball net height is 7 feet and 11 inches for men, 7 feet and 4 inches for women, and 6 feet and 6 inches for children over ten years old.

What Is the Most Popular Volleyball Net?

Although this could be debatable, the most popular volleyball net is the Champions Sports Official Net. After all, this is the one used in the Olympics and other tournaments. On top of that, Champions is a very known volleyball brand.


When it comes to volleyball, nets are essential in order to play a match. Therefore, you need to choose one that is durable, resistant, and has high-quality materials. If you fail to do this, your net might not meet your expectations.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.