Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping [2024 Review]

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Jumping is essential in volleyball for defensive and offensive purposes. If you’re a focal point in either the offense or defense of your volleyball team, you should consider developing your jumping skills. One thing you can do is to use the best volleyball shoes for jumping. 

Top Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

Choosing volleyball shoes that are great for jumping might be too hard for you. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best ones you can have in 2020 to make it easier for you. These are some of the top volleyball shoes for jumping available in the market.

Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace

The Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace is a shoe made for rough plays including jumping. The Flywire technology integrated into them keeps you confident without experiencing any discomfort. It supports your soles and ankles while jumping so you don’t have to worry about pain or shock. 

These volleyball shoes fit perfectly so you should order one exactly your size. If you have wide feet, you should get half more of your size. It shouldn’t be a hassle when you buy these pairs online.

These shoes come in a wide variety of colors so there are different options for your preference. It’s also unisex in design so these are great for both men and women.  

The Zoom Hyperace feels really comfortable. They are sturdy and firm so it will be durable throughout the game. This is also essential for volleyball shoes if you need something that can absorb the force when you jump. 

You can even use these shoes for running and you’ll still feel comfortable. While it does provide great comfort, you can also expect reliable support from these pairs of Nike volleyball shoes. You can last any game without worrying about blisters and muscle aches. 

The Zoom Hyperace shoes are extremely lightweight. This is extremely useful if you want to jump higher as you need to be light as much as possible. Lightweight shoes allow for an easier time in jumping and convenient movement in jumping. It won’t distract your performance and not shift the focus on your feet. 

The traction on these bad boys is superb. They provide a good grip that is much needed to have a better launch momentum when jumping. You won’t slip anytime whenever you wear these on the court. 

It’s only a small fraction and it might be because they’re not used to high-ankles or have incompatible sizing. If you have wide feet, do keep in mind that these shoes run narrow. 

The shoes also tend to get dirty easily and cleaning volleyball shoes can be a hassle for you. You should get a pair that is darker in color to minimize the visible dirt. 

Overall, the Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace is the best volleyball shoes for jumping. It provides excellent comfort and cushion from impact. Jumping around feels comfortable and worry-free with these pair. 

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Product Highlights

  • Flywire technology makes it a lightweight and great support for the feet
  • Low-cut ankle enables a full range of motions
  • TPU heels counter gives stability and good grip
  • A wide variety of colorway options

Mizuno Wave Voltage Volleyball Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Voltage is a great volleyball shoe if you’re looking for explosive action. The midsole is added with Mizuno cushioning technology that decreases the impact of foot landing. 

The outsole of the shoes consists of non-marking rubber. This compound is sticky so it will grip the court effectively. There’s a pivot point under the ball that will reduce the friction that will reduce the load for better and quicker directional change. 

The shoes use a feature called D-Flex Groove that improves the stability of your foot during quick movements. The D-Flex groove is a diagonal furrow under the midfoot that keeps you in balance even in sudden quick turns. This is useful for setting up a quick set or getting into position for a block. 

The forefoot uses the DynaMotion Groove which increases flexibility and also improves stability. It also employs the Sensorpoint suspension system. It connects the Wave plate in the midsole to the ground for better traction and stability. 

At the midsole, the shoes use a full-length EVA foam. This layer of foam is responsive and absorbs shock especially the shock from landing. Mizuno’s Wave plate technology also spreads the energy from impact and its unique shape also gives the shoes better stability. All these features will protect your feet from constantly jumping around the court. 

When it comes to breathability, the Mizuno Wave Voltage uses the Intercool innovation. This ventilation system consists of ports in the midsole and it allows air to go inside the foot chamber.

The upper consists of mesh fabric. This material is lightweight making it great for reducing load when jumping. 

Synthetic overlays wrap the top and enhance lateral support when the laces are tight, keeping the heels in place. Dura-Shield protects the toe box and covers the front of the shoes protecting your forefeet from bumps and friction. 

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Voltage packs a lot of features that make it great pick. This volleyball shoes should be your pick if you’re looking for the best when it comes to performance volleyball shoes for jumping.

Product Highlights

  • Materials make this shoe very comfortable to wear
  • The outsole has excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor courts
  • D-Flex Groove greatly enhances shoe stability

ASICS Gel 1150V Volleyball Shoe

When it comes to the relation in terms of performance for jumping, the ASICS Gel 1150V volleyball shoes are the best option. It’s a durable and comfortable volleyball shoe that are excellent for jumping. 

The shoes are really comfortable and they come with pads and cushions that keep your feet and ankles safe and secure even during long hours of practice. 

Asics have really done its job as the staple name when it comes to volleyball apparel especially shoes. Each release comes with new technologies and the Gel 1150V is no exception. 

Asics Gel 1150V volleyball shoes offer the right pairing of cushioning and stability. The shoes feature synthetic and an air mesh upper that also has a protective toe guard. The toe guard protects your toe area and improves the durability of the shoe especially for long hours of use. 

The shoes also feature the SPEVA midsole which helps with enhanced bounce back and durability. This means you’ll jump easier and more comfortable without worrying about the durability of your volleyball shoes. 

The outer sole consists of a Dura sponge rubber that has great breathability. The sole unit is well ventilated and ensures your feet are dry and cool for better performance. The shoes also have a lace entry and a padded collar for a comfortable lockdown and ensure your feet are firm during takeoff for jumping. 

The PGuard Toe Protector in the shoes enhances toe durability especially upon exerting force during jumping. The breathable upper air-mesh keeps the shoes cool and comfortable.  

It also features a rearfoot GEL cushioning system. This feature helps a lot when landing from high jumps as it decreases the shock from your feet during landings and allows for a smoother transition. 

If your feet don’t have arches, you may feel a bit of discomfort. The shoes do have decent arch support which won’t be a bother if you have arches in your feet. 

Overall, the ASICS Gel 1150V are great volleyball shoes for jumping if you’re looking for another option. When it comes to protection, these shoes are just superb. Thanks to the GEL cushioning system and PGuard toe protector, you’re feet are well protected during jumping motions. 

Product Highlights

  • Rubber sole that helps your landing smoother and seamless
  • Tongue and collar embedded with foam pads for better comfort
  • Gel-cushioning technology in the rear and forefoot
  • PGuard Toe Protector technology for better durability

Features to Look for the Top Volleyball Shoes for Jumping

Great cushioningShock absorption
Sturdy yet flexible midsoleImproved stability
LightweightImproved vertical jump

There are specific features that you should look for in volleyball shoes that will indicate how good it is for jumping. These are:


Cushioning usually comes from the inner sole of the shoe. Padded and cushioned forefoot and rear footpads are important to keep your feet comfortable and safe during jumping. Jumping puts a lot of stress on your feet so having great cushioning on your volleyball shoes will lessen any pain or discomfort. 

Stable volleyball shoes that are made from lightweight materials, also provide cushioning, and it is comfortable to wear, are the things you look for in volleyball shoes for jumping


Jumping in volleyball isn’t that simple. Sometimes you’re required to do sudden side-to-side movements. That’s why your volleyball shoes need to be stable during these movements. This is usually done from the balls of the feet and the midsole. Special designs give volleyball shoes better stability. 

The midsole takes up most of the force generated from playing volleyball so it’s natural that it should be sturdy and able to withstand force while being flexible for better movement. EVA materials are great for jumping. 


The weight of your volleyball shoes is important to consider for jumping. You don’t want an additional weight that will increase your jumping effort and weigh you down. Your feet may tire out quickly because of heavier volleyball shoes. Lightweight shoes that respond quickly to your movement is the best volleyball shoes you can have.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about volleyball shoes for jumping.

Do Volleyball Shoes Really Affect Jump Height?

Yes, by using shoes developed to enhance your jump, you can improve your vertical jump by at least ten percent. However, all players can benefit from this, therefore, at the end of the day, what truly matters is how high you can jump naturally.

Do Lighter Shoes Make You Jump Higher in Volleyball?

Yes, lighter shoes can help you jump higher than before. However, the difference is barely noticeable. By using lightweight shoes, your jump improves by at least two percent. Therefore, while it helps you, it isn’t really a big improvement.

Do Heavy Shoes Affect Your Jump in Volleyball?

Yes, after all, heavy shoes could make it harder for you to jump. This can affect you both physically and mentally by making you feel exhausted and fatigued. Therefore, it is better to avoid heavy shoes if you want to jump higher.


These are the best volleyball shoes you can get on the market right now for jumping. The best volleyball shoes should have great cushioning, stability, and it should be lightweight. This will give you maximum effectiveness for jumping in volleyball. 

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