Best Volleyball Shoes for Libero [2024 Review]

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Liberos are players who specialize in defense. They are the anchor on the defensive end and will create opportunities to attack the opposite end of the court. The best volleyball shoes for libero can help you make the defensive plays your team might need to win.

Top Volleyball Shoes for Libero Reviews

As a libero, you should look for volleyball shoes that can help you with your defensive moves. They should be comfortable and enhance your game performance. I reviewed several high-quality models in terms of quality.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is among Mizuno’s top-quality volleyball shoes. Mizuno has been in the business of making volleyball gear and apparel since 1906. So it’s not surprising many volleyball players prefer to use Mizuno volleyball shoes.

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is a redesigned model of its predecessor on the Mizuno Wave Lightning Series. It features the familiar, secure, and comfortable fit. It also maintains the quick movement support and performance grip which is ideal for liberos who will be constantly chasing after the volleyball. 

These shoes feature a flexible yet durable Air mesh upper that aids with breathability. This also keeps the top layer comfortable. Liberos move around a lot so the Air mesh upper really helps with comfort when moving around the court. 

Additionally, there’s also Mizuno’s Intercool system that adds with the comfort of the shoes. It provides ventilation and cooling on the inside of the shoes. 

Liberos are constantly on the move to receive the attack from the opposition. The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 comes with DynaMotion Fit which makes movement a lot smoother and easier. The upper is a lot easier to move around and maneuver on the court. 

These shoes also have a diagonal D-Flex Groove technology in the midfoot area that helps with quick turns and rapid directional change. 

Added with insoles with Mizuno Wave technology that adds cushioning and stability. There is also room to add in an ankle brace. Overall, it’s a flexible choice for liberos who wear ankle braces or insole for foot problems. 

The outsoles consist of non-marking carbon rubber that won’t leave damage even on wooden courts. Dynamotion on the outsole makes it flexible while maintaining agility and stability on the court. 

The toe area has Dura Shield for friction protection. This helps Liberos a lot who constantly pressure the toe area because of lunges and dives. 

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 packs a lot of features that make it the best volleyball shoes for liberos. Being one of the top models by Mizuno, you can expect them to last you for 2 to 4 seasons if maintained properly. 

Product Highlights

  • Air Mesh Upper for breathability
  • Dynamotion Fit allows for better movement on the court
  • Dura-Shield for toe area protection
  • D-Flex Groove technology for quick turns and rapid movement change

ASICS Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes

Asics is among the most notable brands when it comes to high-quality volleyball shoes and implementing new technology on their products. The Asics Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes are among their top quality volleyball shoes. 

These shoes use SOLYTE as a midsole material. They have a low density compared to other materials. This makes the shoes as light as possible. Lightweight shoes make you move faster and quicker without exerting too much energy.

The cushioning on these shoes is excellent. It protects your ankles and knee joints from injuries. You’ll feel no discomfort when you play on the court. 

The heel of the outsole is rolled up for better stability. An artificial material that helps restrain the left and right center of gravity covers the forefoot area. The shoes will keep your form no matter where you are on the court.   

The outsole consists of high-wear resistance AHAR. it’s durable and will last you for 1 or 2 seasons. The outsoles are also non-marking so you can use them for both indoor or outdoor court surfaces. 

These shoes also feature a removable EVA sock liner to accommodate a medical orthotic. The tongue is quite thin for better movement but you may feel it lacking for protection. 

The shoes are fairly perform great. The area where it cut corners is in the fabric cutting of the shoes. While this affects looks, it doesn’t really affect performance so it’s a great compromise. 

While the shoes take time to grow on you, they certainly get better over time. This is a solid pickup for liberos. Expect the shoes to last for 1 or 2 seasons.

Product Highlights

  • AHAR outsole for durability and grip
  • SOLYTE material makes the shoes lightweight
  • Removable EVA sock liner for medical orthotics

Adidas Originals Crazyflight Bounce 2 

You don’t normally have Adidas on top of your mind when talking about volleyball shoes. However, Adidas has made quite an excellent affordable volleyball shoes. Adidas has proven that its long history in the sporting world translates to quality products. The Adidas Originals Crazyflight Bounce 2 is one of the best affordable shoes you can get. 

These shoes are lightweight and flexible, featuring materials that help liberos freely move and perform quick and agile movements. That’s what makes them my recommendation as to the best affordable volleyball shoes for liberos.

The wide sole provides stability and also makes these shoes a great pickup for athletes with wide feet. It also has a breathable mesh upper that will keep your feet dry and cool throughout the game. 

There’s a translucent compound that acts as a toe guard that will protect liberos from digs, slides, or dives. 

The Bounce midsole technology provides your feet enough support and reduces the impact of foot landing. Liberos constantly dive for balls so having this feature ensures that your feet are well-protected. 

Incorporate that to the polyurethane sock liner that provides shock attenuation and you have a great volleyball shoes for protecting your feet. This polyurethane sock liner also prevents your foot from sliding inside the shoes. 

When it comes to traction, the underside of these volleyball shoes provides excellent traction on polished wooden floors. The design consists of a minimal tread pattern that makes it grip the smooth floor consistently and allows an easier time for directional changes. 

The outsole is also non-marking so you can use them for both indoor and outdoor courts. However, it’s better to use them exclusively for indoor to prolong its lifespan. 

Product Highlights

  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility
  • Lightweight mesh upper with integrated TPU yarn reinforcement for stability and decreased abrasion
  • Wide forefoot platform for lateral support and mobility
  • Top-grip asymmetrical rubber outsole for maximum control and lateral support 

What Makes the Best Volleyball Shoes for Libero?

LightweightImproved agility
Good stabilityImproved control over your movements
Great tractionImproved mobility

As a libero, there are certain aspects that you need to look for in your volleyball shoes. These features are not only important for your position, they will also impact your overall performance as an athlete.

Lightweight shoes with excellent stability, it offers good traction, and protection for the feet, these are the things you look for in volleyball shoes for libero


Liberos should use volleyball shoes that are lightweight. This helps them move a lot faster without having to carry heavy shoes. Carrying extra weight also makes you exert more energy so it will decrease your stamina throughout the game. 


Liberos constantly move around the court and they even dive for the volleyball to keep the play alive. Therefore, liberos need volleyball shoes that provide protection for the feet. 

Look for volleyball shoes that have an excellent midsole that can support your feet. Some features you also need to look for are shock absorption, impact protection, and preventing the sliding of feet inside the shoes. 

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Libero wearing her best volleyball shoes while trying to hit a ball

If you have some foot problems, look for shoes that have removable insoles or volleyball shoes that can accommodate an ankle brace. 


Volleyball shoes for liberos should have excellent stability. Liberos move and run around a lot compared to other positions so they need shoes that keep the feet in place and well-balanced. 

Volleyball shoes with poor stability may cause injuries or sometimes you’d feel uncomfortable when you run around wearing them. 


Great traction helps you maneuver around the court effortlessly. It will provide you with better speed and quick directional movement changes.

Among the things to consider, this is the least that you should look for the best volleyball shoes. 

Other Factors to Consider

There are other aspects that you need to consider aside from features. You need to look at your situation also and personal preference when choosing volleyball shoes that you think is best for you. 


Before buying volleyball shoes, you should identify your price range. You should be realistic about what features you’ll get for the price that you choose. 


Libero player on her knees trying to hit the ball

Some volleyball shoes run small or run large. You should consider this before buying volleyball shoes. Some people also have different sized feet. Some have wide or narrow feet so you should consider this before buying or you’ll feel discomfort on your feet. 

Also, it’s important to distinguish between mens and womans volleyball shoes. They have different variations to the way they are made.


If you’re looking for long term volleyball shoes then you need better durability. Just remember this might also come at a higher price. Most volleyball shoes have a lifespan of 1 to 3 seasons of play so don’t expect to last for more than 2 years if you play regularly. Maintaining your shoes properly will increase its lifespan and maintain its good condition.  

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about volleyball shoes for liberos.

What Is the Best Volleyball Shoe Brand for Liberos?

Although there are no brands that specialize in shoes for liberos, Mizuno is one of the most famous ones. After all, they produce comfortable shoes that are competent enough for the intense gameplay of a libero. There are also other brands such as ASICS, Nike, and Adidas.

Which Volleyball Shoes Do Professional Liberos Use?

Most professional liberos tend to use Nike’s Zoom HyperAce 2s. Also, Mizuno Wave Momentum 2s are part of the most used ones by liberos too. However, elite players are prone to try many shoes throughout the years, therefore, most of them don’t have a clear favorite.

Do Volleyball Shoes Make a Difference for Liberos?

Yes, because they can use much lighter shoes. Since liberos do not attack or defend, they do not need to jump, therefore, they do not need a thick insole with shock absorption. This allows them to use lightweight shoes that allow them to move more quicker than any other player.


These are the best volleyball shoes you can get right now as a libero. The most important thing you need to consider is the right support and cushioning for your feet as you’ll be on the floor for quite a lot. Mizuno, Asics, or Adidas have really made great volleyball shoes. 

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