Best Women’s Soccer Cleats [2024 Review]

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Professional female soccer players have always had to adjust to the sizing of men’s soccer cleats because there’s no specific cleat made for them. Up until now, it’s still a struggle to find anything remotely fitting. That was because there are very few offerings compared to the variety of men’s soccer cleats.

Well, not anymore! I’ve found some of the best women’s soccer cleats. These are the most reliable because soccer women are not about to be put down by a lack of cleat options.

Best Women’s Soccer Cleats

I can’t recommend any cleat without putting each one under the spotlight and cross-checking every feature it offers. There’s always a load of meaning behind my best picks. These women’s cleats are proving to be the most worthy to be on the list.

NIKE Mercurial Superfly 6 Pro FG Cleats

As my pick for best overall women’s soccer cleat, Nike’s Mercurial Superfly 6 Pro is what I’ve found has the most reliable set of features. First of all, what makes it very much accommodating for women is they’re also available in women sizes. Right out of the box, they’re made to fit women’s feet. This is unlike men’s soccer shoes that were ordered in a smaller size, which some of you may be found guilty of doing.

If there was any doubt, the dynamic fit collar visibly showcases how it intends to hold the foot down in place. It’s not like the low cut of most other soccer cleats, but the collar is slightly lower than the models that came before. This provides enough support without restricting the ankles as much. The pull tabs also make it easier to wear.

The upper is constructed with a one-piece synthetic material, wrapping snugly around your feet and shaped to imitate its movement. This comes close to what being barefoot on the field feels like.

As a Pro model of the Mercurial Superfly, it also tries to copy the Flyknit upper, a Nike signature, of the Elite models. This means there’s micro-texturing on the upper material, enhancing the directional accuracy of the boot. Additionally, the seamless lace system does its job of tucking in the foot snugly without being much of a distraction on the upper.

Like the ankle support, the arch support is hard to miss on this one. You can see the generous arch on the instep from the outside, shaping up the feet to its natural curvature. The comfort from the soft rubber cushion under the heel is also impossible not to notice once you wear the pair.

This soccer cleat is a multi-ground shoe, meaning it can be played on natural grass and artificial turf. The studs are conical and shaped like a chevron, providing grip and traction for accelerating and changing directions.

Weighing about 6 oz., this cleat is considered on the lighter side compared to the standard cleat weight. The increased speed you’ll feel while running can be attributed to this feature. It’s highly-recommended for girls who might have a shorter step, especially petite players. Considering everything it offers, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Pro is a hard temptation to resist for any female soccer player.

Adidas Goletto VI FG W Shoe

This soccer cleat is a feast for the eyes. That white, blue, and coral color scheme is literally eye candy. If that’s the indication of how much of a functional and reliable cleat the Adidas Women’s Goletto VI is, then it’s worth all it. Spoiler alert: it is!

As a firm ground cleat, this already fulfills three functions in one pair. It provides traction and grip on multiple surfaces, including soft, damp ground, dry and firm grass, and artificial turf. The studs are triangular in shape and are distributed mostly on the front and heel parts of the sole. A defensive female player will benefit most with this stud configuration, especially for tackles and quick directional changes.

Unlike the first cleat, this one is considered low-top from the arch. It provides more flexibility and range of motion for the ankles. However, it doesn’t disregard ankle support altogether. The heel counter is high enough to support the heel, and with the right fit, the opening should feel snug around the ankles for ample support.

The synthetic upper is made of superior quality, making it durable even with consistent use. It may not be as customizable as leather. The cleat itself is already praised for the comfortable fit that is true across many of Adidas’ soccer cleats and standard cleats of other brands as well.

These lightweight cleats are designed to make you play fast and perform your position’s roles with lightning speed. Don’t worry about sweat as the mesh lining and the upper are put together with sweat-preventing abilities. Take my word for it that the materials of these shoes allow for ample ventilation. No smelly feet here!

The Goletto VI runs small, even on women’s sizes. It’s good news for petite women with exceptionally smaller feet than average who can’t usually find their size on women’s shoes. For the rest of us, just opt for one size higher than your normal and it should fit as well as my descriptions say.

PUMA Evospeed 4.4 Firm Ground WN’s Cleat

Like the previous cleat, the Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.4 is an aesthetic piece for women. Its looks go way back to ‘90s fashion, and that kind of style is coming back in modern trends.

There’s so much to be said about its optimal construction that is hidden in its trendy look. If there’s one thing this cleat focuses on, it’s enhancing the speed. Hence the name Evospeed. This makes it great for pacey female strikers and forwards, or defenders who need to keep up with them.

Its being lightweight contributes a lot to the ease of running in these cleats. The speedCELL design of the upper also makes for a faster kick or pass that hardly miss your target. The sole is finished off with a combination of conical and bladed studs, both beneficial for swift turns and accelerating to high speeds. It will also provide traction on most kinds of fields because the cleats come in a firm ground variation, which is good to go on soft ground, firm ground, and even artificial turf.

There’s also extra support on the heel counter, providing you with stability even as your legs make flexible movements allowed by the low cut ankle. Throughout the game, expect to receive a cloud-like comfort from the cushioned EVA inner sole. It protects from the harsh impact on the field.

As for the upper, behind the modern and fashionable design, the synthetic upper is embedded with technical innovation to give you an accurate kick almost every time. It delivers function in a highly fashion-forward design. The lacing also contributes to the seamless fit without being a disturbance on ball touch.

This model runs smaller than normal, so petite women can finally get these cleats in their own size without it drowning their feet in chunkiness or without it being too loose. Women players will probably love the crossover of soccer and fashion in this cleat.

Affordable cleats with the function and looks of a trendy and stylish footwear, that’s something frugal soccer players would find attractive. The Puma Evospeed 4.4 fits just the description.

Adidas Ace 17.3 FG W Shoe

There was a time when the Ace model replaced the Predator line from Adidas. The comeback of the latter meant the end for Ace shoes, but not their optimum function. The Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 17.3 is one proof of their existing excellence.

The most coveted features are alive and well in this shoe. I have labeled it as the best leather women’s soccer cleat, not for its authenticity but for the almost seamless imitation of the abilities of real leather in this synthetic material.

One thing to take note of in the upper are the dual texture that divides the forefoot and the middle to the heels of the shoes. The forefoot is made of synthetic fine grain leather that’s added with even more texture by the seams that cuts it in layers.

Throughout the rest of the shoes, however, is a Primemesh texture that doesn’t only help with ball touch. It’s also optimized to move with your feet for a more comfortable fit while static and for a wider range of movement while running or kicking.

As for the accuracy, the material can control the ball even as you’re running at high speed. It’s designed to work well with your instinct, and not fail you at the most crucial minutes of the game. It doesn’t require any breaking in as it’s made to be flexible enough for any kind of feet, but most especially the smaller and thinner feet of women.

Coating the upper is a very thin film that keeps water and debris off your feet, for a comfortable feeling inside. The sole is made with equally distributed studs throughout, and is embedded with traction for firm grounds.

Adidas X 15.3 FG/AG W Cleat

The Adidas Performance Women’s X 15.3 looks like an explosion of color, material, and print. At first sight, it would seem like there’s too much going on and that’s correct. As I go into every feature, every decision that went into the design of this cleat was only for optimal play. Yet despite the busy exterior, it still looks put together.

If you look closely, the biggest difference you’ll notice about this cleat from others is the mesh upper that looks like it’s been woven using old techniques. It is closely woven and yet flexible and stretchable enough to accommodate and mold onto the player’s feet. It’s contrasted by the textured design that made of synthetic materials that are more common in soccer cleats.

The texturized print is mostly on the side of the cleats. The whole idea is for it along with the forefoot to be able to touch the ball with grip wherever it lands on the foot and be directed towards any direction with precision.

It’s actually called the midfoot cage, which allows the player to handle the ball with stability. Not only that, but the material of the upper ultimately has some say in how the cleat fits. It almost mimics the ability of leather to adjust itself according to the shape of your feet. This makes it fit to the utmost snugness, not to mention provide ample arch support.

If you turn the shoes upside down, the stud configuration won’t look like anything you’ve seen before. The organization is called the X-claw stud configuration. Its main purpose is to provide traction on firm ground and artificial grass surfaces so as to allow for quick cuts and easier acceleration.

It runs true to size, but many have remarked it to be quite tight. It just requires a little bit of time to break them in. Once broken in, it should fit your feet in the best way possible. This shoes fits the shape of women’s feet when it comes to narrowness and length. With the loud design and good features, it’s bound to give you attention from the optimal play you’ll be able to perform.

Features to Consider in Women’s Soccer Cleats

Great fitImproved comfiness
Good sizingPrevents damage to the feet
CushionOffers shock absorption
MaterialMakes it durable, and offers mobility

Though the industry is changing and the creation of cleats intentionally for women are given more emphasis than before, I’m still in the transitory stage where I’m just starting to fill the gap. Sometimes, looking at what the available cleats offer isn’t enough.

Get into the habit of defining what set of features will bring out the best in you. We’ll share some of the features I think are necessary for different needs, and be the judge of the cleats I have recommended to know if it matches you and your playing style.


The recommended snug fit of soccer shoes is the same across all genders. However, it’s the actual composition of soccer cleats that differentiates the ones made for men and the ones made for women. Men’s feet tend to be broader, wider, and longer, which is why there’s usually disparity between the shoes that are made specifically for each gender.

Generally, women will find the best fit for them in the thinner and shorter soccer cleats that were intentionally made for female players. Some women, on the other hand, especially those with wide or thicker feet, might prefer men’s cleats.

There are three aspects that make the most impact to fit: sizing, width, and vertical length.


Sizing is the most direct distinction between men and women’s soccer cleats. You can actually measure this one! The average size 9.5 will be different in length between men and women’s sizing charts.

As a general reference, women are advised to choose a cleat one size and a half down if they’re shopping among men’s soccer shoes. If you’re normally a 9.5 in women’s sizes, your size in men’s soccer shoes, if that’s what you prefer, would be an 8.

Narrow Width

As mentioned, women’s feet tend to be narrower across the forefoot. In soccer you use every side of the cleat to kick in different directions and according to different positions or circumstances you’re thrown into. 

The material on the sides need to be as close to your foot, for a barefoot feel. Women’s soccer shoes are made to be narrower on the sides to cater to the shape of women’s feet.

Lower Vamp

Everything about women’s feet tend to be smaller. Just as it’s narrower, they’re also thinner from the sole to the top. Women’s soccer cleats are usually made with a lower vamp to accommodate their smaller size. 

If that’s not the case and no women’s cleat fits you, thick tongue and lace features can make up the abundance of gap between the foot and the shoe’s forefoot. 

Ongoing soccer game for women's division

Protective Cushion

A protective cushion on all sides of the cleat is usually recommended for defensive players whose role is mostly to engage in physical contact than other skills of the game. It’s the same for female players, regardless of the position. 

A cushion, especially on the sole, heel counter, and upper are almost always helpful. Unless their position requires of their cleats really thin material for a good touch and feel of the ball, cushioning makes safety almost a guarantee.


The average weight of soccer cleats is over 9 oz. These days, the weight trend is gearing towards lighter cleats. Adizero 99g, or what is known as the world’s lightest soccer cleat, follows the route of modern technology that makes lightweight cleats more beneficial for players.

Before, the heaviness of soccer cleats was attributed to enhancing some of players’ skills. The lightweight feature though, is undoubtedly synonymous to speed. Having lighter cleats ensures they’re not a drag to your gait, in turn helping women to run a greater distance in a shorter amount of time.


Between the two types of materials that soccer cleats can come in—leather or synthetic—the first one seems really beneficial for women. First off, they adhere to the light-weightedness that was just the previous mention in this list of recommended features. Secondly, leather is the only material that molds to your feet as time passes.

A snug fit is almost sure, no matter if your feet are unusually smaller or larger for women’s sizes. If picking out men’s shoes for your female feet, leather also ensures you still get the right fit even if men’s shoes are constructed differently and don’t cater specifically to your feet’s shape.

Cleat Type

With the significantly lesser amount of selections for women’s soccer cleats in the market, knowing the type of field you’ll be playing on becomes more crucial for female players. The soccer cleat you’ll eventually get should come in the right kind that fulfills your need in this aspect. Moreso, it has to be in alignment with the other features listed here.

The safest choice for any soccer player would be a firm ground cleat, as it’s deemed the most versatile one. It can cut into the grass on soft grounds, can be played on firm ground or drier conditions, and can even endure the sharp blade of artificial turf grass fields.

Mid Ankle Height

You’ll find many soccer cleats are low cut from the arch to the top. The positive effect in that feature is having enough mobility in the ankles to be flexible and move in every direction. On the other hand, what a mid ankle height could benefit you with is extra protection around the ankles.

Maybe you don’t really need the extra flexibility in that area or can adapt and perform optimally without the extra material. This might be true for most players. In that case, soccer cleats with mid ankle height provide good ankle support. This will in turn take away strain from other muscles on your feet like the sole or your calves, preventing possible injuries in that general area.

Color Schemes

Design-wise, women’s cleats tend to be more decorative and differ in color schemes as well. Women naturally gravitate to cleats that are aesthetically pleasing, as I usually are with any kind of shoes in general. 

Besides, functionality shouldn’t be an excuse to disregard the outer appearance of cleats. Sometimes the color can contribute to how well women players feel when wearing the cleats, so it can be a factor to consider when buying them.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about women’s soccer cleats

What Cleats Do the US Women’s Soccer Team Wear?

Women in the US Soccer team wear different soccer cleats as they are allowed to do so. However, since the team has an alliance with Nike, they can only choose Nike cleats to wear when playing for their country. For instance, Megan Rapinoe uses Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FGs, while Julie Ertz uses Nike Tiempo Legends.

What Cleats Do MLS Players Wear?

According to their partnerships, most players from the MLS league are required to wear Adidas cleats. Therefore, these players can choose from the large variety of cleats that Adidas offers. For instance, many players use the Adidas Copa Sense 1.

What Cleats Do Most Women Professional Players Wear?

Although this can be debatable, most professional women use Adidas Predator Edge+ FGs. This is due to the comfort and agility that these cleats can provide to them, making them very popular among professional players. On top of that, the Nike Tiempo Legend cleats are also very popular among defenders.


In terms of the features, soccer cleats would seem the same among men and women. However, shopping for women’s cleats can be stricter in some sense. There are factors specific to their feet shape and size, and there’s the consideration of aesthetic preferences. 

My top picks answer to these needs and more you might not think of initially. Keep those needs in mind, as well as my recommended features. This should help make your hunt for the best women’s soccer cleats result in the best pair for you.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.