Best Yonex Badminton Racket [2024 Review]

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Getting the best Yonex badminton racket is highly determined by personal preferences. Some people prefer to have a lighter weight for a more effortless swing, while others want the heavier weight to increase their power and accuracy.

Our Top Yonex Badminton Racket Reviews

Yonex badminton rackets are at the top of the game for high quality, durable and efficient performance. In this blog post, I will review some of the best Yonex badminton rackets on the market so that you can find one that fits your needs.

Voltric Z Force 2 Badminton Racket

The Voltric Z Force 2 badminton racket is one of the lightest rackets in its category, reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing speed.

Unlike the Yonex 8000 Plus Carbonex, it contains a Tri-Voltage system, which increases the racket head repulsion. This feature also aids in the racket’s stability, allowing for optimum performance on quick strikes. 

The aerodynamics of the racket’s head causes it to be small; this allows for clean, powerful strikes. The shaft is made of H.M. Graphite (cross-honey comb structure) combined with Tungsten and Nanosilver particles which increases the strength and durability in this section.

The racket is pre-strung with the premium quality Yonex BG66 (synthetic gut) string providing impressive control, feel, and touch levels. It features a headlight balance for better handling. Unlike the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racket, its lightweight 87g makes it easier to play doubles or singles.


  • Because of its lightweight, you can easily do heavier and faster shots.
  • The control support cap has a wider flat surface of 88 percent compared to a regular racket for easier gripping.
  • It is possible to balance a higher amount of weight on top of its frame, with it being supported by the joint area and allowing for excellent handling while also retaining power.


  • It can cause fatigue to players with little wrist strength over time because of its extra stiff flexion.
  • It is pretty expensive, unlike the Nanoray light 18i due to the materials that make it.

Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex 7000 Racket

The Carbonex 7000 EX racket has super tight strings making sure you have fewer worries about losing points because of slack or wobbly going strings. These strings are made to a high standard, with particular attention paid to string tightness. 

It’s considered the best because it is suitable for all players, from amateur to professional players.

The Carbonex 7000 Ex’s handle is designed to give you a firm yet comfortable grip. It includes an anti-slip tape that keeps it in place. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing grip and control of your racquet anymore.

The Carbonex 7000 EX racket’s heavyweight of 150g provides better control with full swings. This results in increased power and spin on shots. Unlike the Voltric Force 2 badminton racket, its heavy head design provides more power when taking shots.



  • It decreases your control because of the tight string pattern.
  • It takes longer to swing it compared to the Nanoray light 18i; therefore, reaction time is reduced. This makes it not ideal for defense.

Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Racket

The Nanoray light 18i graphite racket is the perfect option for serious players. As you advance in your skills, it can be hard to find a racket that helps you improve without too much weight or too little power.

This version of the Nanoray has been engineered with innovative technology, making it an ideal choice for the advanced player. The body has been slimmed down to provide more power on full swings.

It comes in a 18X20 string pattern, which provides an outstanding level of control without compromising speed or power. 

The racket weighs only 150 grams so that it won’t tire out your arm during extended periods of play. Unlike the Yonex Voltric Z Force II, this Nanoray light 18i comes with a full cover to protect it from damage during storage and transport. 


  • An excellent option for intermediate players that want to work on improving their full swings. 
  • The lightweight design helps you play for a long time without getting tired or losing control. 
  • Unlike the Yonex 8000 Plus Carbonex, you can generate a lot of power, even with a slight swing motion.
  • A tight string pattern provides more control and stability during play. 


  • It might be heavy for new players since it weighs about 150g, unlike the Voltric Z Force II that weighs around 85g. 
  • It is not ideal for players that already have great control and don’t need to work on their power.

Yonex 8000 Plus Carbonex Racket

The Yonex 8000 Plus Carbonex racket features an elastic titanium technology (Ti technology), improving performance by increasing strength and resilience. The Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus is ideal for intermediate players that want to improve their power and accuracy on full swings. 

It doesn’t have the same amount of speed or power as other more expensive models like the Voltric Z Force 2, though it can certainly help your game. Although it is said to break, it’s built with a low-torque springing performance from the robust box-like cross-section and Yonex Built-in T-Joint, patented. 

These features are built into the racket to give a consistent hitting surface for more control and power. Just like the Yonex Muscle Power 55 Badminton Racket, with the T-Joint built-in, strength is developed between the shaft and frame, eliminating any head twist for greater control.


  • It gives a solid hitting feel because of its box frame.
  • The carbon nanotube increases the hold and bites effectiveness of the multi-stack design since it increases the contact surface area.


  • Because of the single-player level design, it’s recommended for intermediate players.
  • Although the racket’s durability is unquestionable, it may be shattered quickly in some cases. This means that if you hit a lot, it will start to lose its tension faster.

Yonex Power 55 Racket

The Yonex Power 55 racket is quite simple due to its larger frame size and sweet spot.

The Muscle Power 55 Light has a grommet strip surrounding the racquet’s sweet spot’s horizontal strings. The impact of the shuttlecock feels softer when you hit it with your racket.

This would be an excellent fit for those who are just getting started with the aggressive approach. This string is also incredible for those who want to play at a higher tension. It helps players enjoy the attacking side of the game.

The Yonex Muscle Power 55 T-Joint is a lightweight design that increases string stability, allowing greater power and control. Unlike the Carbonex 800 plus, its larger sweet spot makes it ideal for making powerful shots and smashes.


  • This Yonex badminton racket is lovely to play with, the frame is medium stiff, and it has a more oversized head which means that you can hit the shuttle more easily.
  • The Yonex Muscle Power, 55 Light badminton racquet’s T-joint, the built design improves power and control by increasing the stability of the string.
  • It’s covered with a Ti-mesh frame that increases repulsion and lowers air resistance, allowing you to play faster.


  • It doesn’t last long like the Carbonex 7000 EX racket, even if you aren’t playing that much. You will need a replacement within a little over a year.
  • Mid-level players like an old-school racket with a smaller head will find this racquet quite big and heavy because it weighs 150 grams.

Features To Consider For Yonex Badminton Racket

Player serving using a Yonex badminton racket

Assembling a good team of rackets for your game requires time, effort, and money to be spent on research. Yonex badminton rackets are among the most sought-after because they have excellent performance, style, and durability. 

They also come with different features that make them suitable for other players. The following are some of the factors that you should take into consideration when buying these rackets:

Carbonex 7000 Badminton RacketCarbonex 8000 plus Badminton RacketNanoray Light 18i Graphite RacketVoltric Z Force 2 Racket Yonex Power 55 Racket
Item weight 150 grams 272 grams 150 grams87 grams150 grams
Material Carbon fiberAluminum, GraphiteGraphiteCarbon Graphite
Skill levelIntermediateIntermediateIntermediateAdvanced Intermediate

Weight of the Racket

There are three different types of Yonex badminton rackets according to their weight: feather rackets, medium weight, and heavy rackets. Featherweight rackets such as Nano Speed 7G weighs about 85 grams, while heavy-weighted ones such as Nanoray 800 weighs about 135 grams. 

Their weight affects their performance; hence it is essential to choose a suitable weight that will help you improve your game.

Stringing Pattern of the Racket

Stringing is another crucial consideration when choosing the right Yonex badminton racket for yourself. It has a significant impact on their performance; hence, people looking to get the most out of their rackets should be selected carefully. 

For example, the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racket has a string bed that is a bit tighter than most rackets, which helps you generate some extra power. This makes it ideal for players who want to build some extra muscle as they increase their skills.

There are different types of strings, such as open, close, and universal strings. Open stringing offers more power and control, while a good balance between power and control comes with a closed stringing pattern that is also very durable. Universal stringing patterns offer a medium amount of both power and control.

Shape of the Racket

Two of the most common types of badminton rackets shapes are spongy and hard.


A racket with a square shape has a greater area between the head and the neck. Beginners should select the round-shaped racket, which is simple to grip and perfect for new players. You may begin by using a square-shaped racket until you’ve mastered the basics.


The surface area of oval-shaped rackets is smaller, allowing them to generate more power. When you’ve mastered the fundamental abilities necessary to play badminton, power enters the equation. Therefore, purchasing an oval-shaped racket is beneficial when you’ve progressed to the point where you’re playing well.

For example, the Carbonex 8000 plus racquet’s oval HEAD shape makes it easy to connect with the shuttlecock. You’ll have more power and better control because of this design.

A boy playing badminton using a Yonex racket


Yonex badminton rackets come with different features such as speed glass and Dunlop strapping, making them more effective and comfortable for use.

If you are looking for the best in the Yonex market for badminton rackets, check out the Voltrix Force 2 badminton rackets. It is made with quality material to offer you excellent performance and durability.

It boasts of a lightweight carbon graphite head, which enhances accuracy every time you hit the shuttle at court. Nanoray light 18i innovative Technology which increases their string bed stiffness for faster speed. It is available in three different grip sizes to suit your preference.

Head Size

Head sizes vary from medium to extra-large, with the latter being for power players who require maximum hitting area to deal with powerful smashes. The larger the head size, the stiffer it is, which makes them ideal for smashing. 

They are also good when it comes to clearing smashes since the head has a large sweet spot.

Stiffness of the Racket

The stiffness of the shaft determines the racket’s flexibility. Yonex badminton rackets come in a variety of stiffnesses, ranging from flexible to extra-stiff. The flexible racket generates more control and power for all players with slower swing speeds, such as lower-level and beginners players.

In contrast, the stiff racket is preferable for skilled, precise players who do not require the power and strength of the racket behind their shots.

For example, the Carbonex 8000 plus racket has a robust and stiff box construction for high-power shots and steady control. This makes it among the favorites among the hard hitters of the sports world.

Grip Size

It’s critical to get the appropriate racket grip size. There’s a chance of dropping your racket while playing unless you select it correctly for yourself. The grip on a badminton racket determines the size of the handle. 

A racket’s grip is a vital component and affects the performance of the player. It is up to the player to choose either a thinner or a thicker handle, as both versions are available. Toweling and P.U. synthetic grips are used in the manufacture of a grip.

Different Yonex badminton rackets have different grip sizes, which may range from G4 to G8. The bigger the number is, the fatter it is; hence more comfortable for power players since they will require all the help they can get when dealing with powerful smashes.

Material of Construction

Material of the Yonex badminton racket is another critical factor that should not be overlooked when choosing one. Different manufacturers use different materials to make these rackets, with carbon graphite being the most popular due to their high strength and lightweight. 

For example, the Carbonex 8000 badminton racket is constructed with high-quality materials to give it enhanced durability. They are available in different colors so you can choose one that suits your preference.

Balance of the Racket

The racket’s balance is established when the position on the shaft at which it remains stable and perpendicular to the ground is discovered. 

The balance point is a term used to describe the balance of any racket. It is the distance from the racket’s handle base to this racket’s shaft position. In addition, understanding the characteristics of various balances can help you pick a racket that improves your gameplay.

A boy holding a Yonex badminton racket

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Racket For Me?

The best racket suitable for you depends on your skill level, physique, and what you feel most comfortable with. However, I would recommend that beginners use medium or low-end racquets first before using better quality until they become more familiar with the game. 

What String Tension is Ideal For Me?

If you’re only a beginner, I recommend going for around 24-30 pounds of tension. Before changing or tuning up your racket, it is best to consult with a professional not to hurt yourself in the process.


Yonex badminton rackets are suitable for beginners or advanced players. It is crucial to choose the best Yonex badminton racket that meets your needs and preference. Considering different factors before making the final purchase will ensure you get one that is perfect for you.

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