Best Youth Soccer Cleats for Kids [2024 Review]

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I’m no stranger to the what if’s that cloud my minds at night about childhood – the things you should have and could have done. You, as a parent, might be able to relate to this and wouldn’t want the same regrets in your kids’ minds 30 years from now.

Girl or boy, your kid shouldn’t miss out on the joy of playing outdoor soccer if only to confidently eliminate it from their checklist of things to try. I’ve reviewed some of the best kids soccer cleats to at least make the experience one of the best childhood memories for them.

Reviews of the Top Youth Soccer Cleats

Kids can get away with wearing regular sports sneakers for playing outdoor soccer up until a certain age. But, kids soccer cleats will still give them a different and most likely better playing experience. However, blindly picking one without first researching is still a risk. This is because soccer cleats may not be the easiest to shop for. I’ve picked 5 best kids soccer cleats to ease your decision-making.

Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 soccer shoe

The Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 soccer shoe is the kids version of the highly-reputable soccer cleats. First off, this outdoor soccer shoe is named after the impeccable professional striker Messi, one whose incredible play is recognized all over the world. Modeled after his footprint, the soccer shoe promises the agility and accuracy that is very evident in his style of play.

The Nemeziz Messi soccer shoe’s popularity across every age group of players from kids to men qualifies it as one of the best soccer cleats overall. Such a soccer cleat might feel like too much for a kid, but if an outdoor soccer tournament is in their path, this soccer shoe packs up all they might need to help them get there.

The synthetic mesh of the outdoor soccer shoe gets much credit for a lot of good qualities the Messi 17.3 soccer shoe possesses. For one, it’s called Agility Mesh for the accuracy of the ball touch. The soccer shoe is able to quickly manipulate the angles and directions where the ball goes. This soccer shoe allows a kid to perform liquid movements their opponents would never expect as your child plays.

The same material graces the sole, made especially with equally distributed crystal-shaped studs. The focus, though, is on the heels and the toes. This makes it a pretty versatile shoe, as it aids them for striking, good ball control, and for quick turns as your child plays defending.

Beyond the performance aspect of the soccer shoe, what’s most appealing about this is the dual lock collar. It addresses a major concern of parents when it comes to kids’ shoes: the fit.

The laces are fixed on the forefoot. This will be convenient for kids who don’t know how to tie their shoelaces yet or are just don’t want to be bothered to fix them up every time. The sock-like lock collar makes it easy to put on while securing the feet into the soccer shoes.

The breathable mesh along with the easy dual lock opening of the shoes will prevent any fit problems for your kid’s feet. This is especially true if you leave out at least half an inch of gap on the toes.

As these youth soccer shoes were inspired by one of the best male soccer players, this might be a choice that would be the best soccer cleats for boys.

Product Specs

  • 100% Synthetic material
  • Synthetic sole
  • The material allows for responsive touch and good ball control
  • Ankle stability and comfort with Dual Lock Collar
  • Soft agility mesh for speed and breathability
  • Supportive construction and snug built

Under Armour CF Force 3.0

The first thing you might notice about the Under Armour CF Force 3.0 soccer shoe is the flawless firm ground design that makes it look as professional firm ground shoes as those worn by major league players. It’s not lacking in looks and comes in two bright color choices, which could immediately attract your kid.

What might appeal to the parents, however, is the quality it encompasses in its fairly small construction. According to Under Armour itself, these firm ground shoes are a “club level cleat” that packs up support and almost perfect ball control.

For the former, every part of the interior is cushioned for comfortability. It starts with the cushioned collar. Some have commented on the higher possibility of blisters in these firm ground shoes, largely due to the shape and low opening of the heel. It is actually one of the parts that are embedded with additional cushioning to help alleviate this issue.

Everywhere else, the soft feel is achieved through the die-cut sock liner that softens the touch of the inner material all over the feet. The overall cushion makes the laces more reliable. You can tie them up as tight as you need over the forefoot. As long as they don’t move around inside, the cushions won’t hurt the feet.

For the latter, which is good ball control, it’s mainly the synthetic upper that makes it possible. Since it is extremely lightweight, it enables your kid to make quick moves. They don’t have to bear such heavy weight while they’re kicking and running.

The conical studs also help with advanced ball control. It helps them accelerate and change directions quickly on the field without having to build momentum at first. With the focus on the forefoot, the position of the studs makes the best soccer cleats more suited to strikers.

The total weight of the firm ground shoes, while it depends on the size or for whose age group it is for, is generally 9 oz. This gets the kids accustomed to the usual weight of soccer cleats that are the same weight for adult players.

Being firm ground soccer cleats, these are the most versatile in terms of the surfaces and fields they are durable enough to play on. That, and the variety of features I’ve just mentioned, makes these firm ground soccer cleats a good fit for savvy parents and young players on the way to serious play.

The Under Armour firm ground soccer cleat resolves the fit as it says so on the name, which is one of the biggest problems in the best soccer cleats.

Product Specs

  • Synthetic material
  • Textile insole
  • TPU sole
  • Lightweight synthetic upper for enhanced speed, ball touch
  • Cushioned ankle for support and stability
  • Conical studs for quick acceleration on the field

Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoes

Much like Diadora, Vizari is a brand that’s lesser-known than Adidas or Under Armour, but it stands out when it comes to soccer cleats. Many models from them are parents’ favorites and for good reason. The Vizari Unisex Stealth FG Soccer Cleat is one example.

Like the last one, this firm ground soccer shoe is also one of the most attractive on this list of soccer cleats. The dual color cleat is covered with a design that looks intimidating as if it’s made for a professional setting. This would be a good pick for kids who may need to gain some confidence on the field.

For its functional features though, it’s best for speed and durability. The lightweight firm ground cleat gives your kid the opportunity to surpass other soccer players and act quicker than their eyes can see. With the complementary skills, your kid can not only outrun them but also outsmart his or her opponents.

The upper construction is the same as others with its texturized, laced up look. It provides with good ball touch and excellent traction. However, the good fit on the interior – from the snug collar on the ankle to the cushioned footbed – is what makes the comfort last as long as training hours and more so 90-minute game times.

For durability, the firm ground soccer shoes are equipped with an anti-stretch lining. The synthetic material may be less tolerant of growing feet. But, this feature really ensures it won’t stretch to the point of breaking.

This is especially true for the forefoot. The rubber outsole is well stitched to the upper, reducing the risk of the front opening up as your kid’s toes penetrate it from the inside.

As a firm ground soccer cleat, this will do in most outdoor soccer fields, from artificial grounds to natural grass.

Product Specs

  • Synthetic material
  • Two-color molded rubber outsole for comfort and excellent traction
  • Gum-rubber sole
  • Padded heel and ankle for stability
  • Strong and durable anti-stretch lining
  • Stitched rubber outsole to upper for improved ball touch

Diadora Maracana MD

Diadora may not be as popular as the first two brands I’ve already reviewed, but if you look through the same shopping sites those two are sold in, Diadora actually stands in the same category. In the realm of firm ground soccer cleats at least, Diadora can go head to head with the big sports brands.

The Diadora Maracana MD for one, has been said to be a “hard-to-find quality kids’ athletic shoes” that surpasses even those from bigger names and more popular brands.

The Diadora Maracana MD is made with full grain leather. This is the most recommended kind for soccer cleats. They don’t punch a hole through parents’ wallets either. They’re the best type of material and quality you’ll get.

Two of the qualities the Maracana MD possess are consistency and reliability. The firm ground soccer shoes are true to size. Getting it half or one size up will depend on you or your kid.

Generally, it stays true to what the size says it is measured as. It also expands and molds to the kid’s feet the longer you own it. These soccer shoes can help them improve the performance of young players.

In terms of fit, the laces do help but it’s the tie system that makes them more kid-friendly. The soccer shoes have a rubber outsole and an elastic band that wraps around the cleat and straps the laces under the cleat. This holds the laces tightly and prevents the laces from dangling on the sides.

Kids are all too prone to accidents from unconsciously tripping on untied laces. This feature ensures it won’t happen on the field or anywhere they wear these versatile cleats.

This might not be the most attractive pair of cleats. But, they incorporate classic features that have already caught our eyes long before. I like the fold over tongue, the ridges on the upper, and playful and kid-appropriate circular studs.

I can’t promote these soccer shoes enough, because it seems to check off every good thing I can find in soccer cleats. This includes secure fit, reliable laces, traditional design, and generally okay in performance. This is the kind of soccer cleats that you will want to repurchase after your kid outgrows the first pair.

Product Specs

  • 100% Leather
  • EVA insole
  • Polyurethane rubber outsole
  • Hidden lace for uniform kicking area
  • Brushed poly/cotton ankle lining for superior comfort
  • Anti-stretch lining to ensure shape retention

Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI J

Youth soccer cleats are very versatile in that they are usually suitable for both girls and boys. The Adidas Performance Kids’ Goletto VI J Firm Ground Soccer Cleats seems to be taking advantage of this unisex feature the most. On paper, they’re a bestseller for boys. But, with the overall appearance, they may just be the best cleats for girls.

The bright pink and neon green accents against the black soccer cleat make a statement of fashion and style at first look. It has a classic athletic look overall when juxtaposed with the three thick stripes that grace every pair of Adidas soccer shoes.

What might make this more suitable to girls is that the sizes run smaller, which may mean they’re just true to size for the girls. These may be considered the counterpart of the Nemeziz Messi. It may not be as famous as the first pair I’ve featured. I think the Goletto VI J is also one of the bestsellers from the brand, with a similar model made for adult men and women as well.

This one is made of synthetic leather, almost the same as the quality of the Diadora pair. It may not be as soft as natural leather, but it still tries to imitate the quality of the original, and it doesn’t fail in doing so.

It might even be more durable because it’s made with synthetic materials but adopts the adaptive nature of leather. The synthetic sole also ensures it keeps your little player grounded and stabilized on the field.

From looks alone, this one proves itself as belonging to the most coveted soccer shoes. This would surely pass the standards of kids who have strong preferences that are based on style or design.

Product Specs

  • 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Strong leather upper for durability
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Snug built and construction for comfort
  • Fashionable colors to choose from

How to Select the Best Youth Soccer Cleats

ChooseDon’t Choose
If it has durable materialsIf the kid feels a slight discomfort
If the kid can wiggle their toes in the cleatsIf the materials feel fragile
If the kid doesn’t feel any discomfortIf the kid has no space in the cleats, meaning they are too tight

Kids, especially complete beginners in soccer, may still be allowed to play even if they don’t wear soccer cleats. Regular running shoes may be enough as some soccer cleats, even for adults, also come in that style.

These would not have studs but have that same bulky construction. However, if you want to start your kid early on being the best in the game, soccer cleats can help them develop soccer skills as second instincts. This is true for very young kids.

Choosing Long Lasting Soccer Cleats

One practical tip you can use to maximize the purchase of soccer cleats is to choose shoes that are a bit on the loose end. You’re probably doing this with all the other shoes your kid has. You can do the same with soccer cleats even though they have a feel requirement that specifies a snug fit.

For compromise, let your young player wear an extra pair of socks until his or her feet grow a little more to fill in the rest of the gap in the soccer cleats you’ve allotted for it. The only risk this might pose is the constant adaptation your kid will have to do in the changes in the feel of his or her footwear. For kids, that’s not big of a deal especially if they’re not yet serious athletes.

Young boy in red stepping on a soccer ball

Don’t Settle For Soccer Cleats for Kids That Fit Poorly

For all kids, you want to ensure their soccer cleats fit comfortability, while also fulfilling all the other regular expectations from the shoes.

Without checking for the qualities and aspects we’ll enumerate later, poor-fitting soccer cleats may result in child’s foot problems like some of the following:

  • Blisters
  • Curling or clawing of the toes
  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Pinched nerves
  • Ingrown toenails

Though they’re rare cases, there’s still a possibility of worse effects of poorly-fitted soccer cleats for kids. It can result in foot deformities in the long run.

Things to Consider For Kids Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats for kids have a standard of their own in the realm of sports shoes, but within their own world, soccer cleats for kids are fairly universal. You can refer to the same qualities in adult soccer cleats for your kids’ boot. However, there are certain features you might want to look for in the youth versions that will suit them better and save you money as well.

Featuring the insoles and outsoles of the Nike mercurial soccer cleats


There are only really two types of material that you can find soccer cleats for kids in: leather and synthetic. You may find that some soccer cleats for kids will be made of other materials like canvas, but you won’t see that from the big trusted brands. The first two are usually what’s recommended and what’s usual in the market.

It’s the same with cleats for adults and cleats for the youth in terms of advantages and disadvantages. For adults, that decision may depend on the player’s style of play or preference in long-term fit. They have the benefit of fully-grown feet that won’t change in shape, form, or size.

However, for kids, some parents’ choices might be limited in a lot of aspects because of the ever-changing size and form of kids’ feet. Leather and synthetic each have qualities that are specific to how they can benefit youth soccer players. Parents, you might want to weigh in on the pros and cons of the two to decide the best material for your kid’s next soccer cleats.


Leather in the world of soccer cleats for kids are considered high quality. It’s probably on the top level in the ranking of soccer cleat materials. What might entice parents to this one is the adaptability of the shoes.

Natural leather, especially the kangaroo variation, have very soft fibers that can mold itself unto the feet. This is beneficial if your kid grows at a regular pace. You can buy a pair that fits fairly snug at first but expand and get re-transformed as they grow more.

The material is also proven to have the best qualities in terms of ball touch and accuracy, so this is good for your young player to develop his playing soccer technique and style early on.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is a much more eligible choice for young kids from the point of view of practicality but not so much in performance. From the spectrum of okay to good to great, synthetic leather falls on okay to good but rarely reaches great. This is not to say synthetic cleats are negative. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Very few kids are instantly on the professional league level to require an impeccable soccer cleat at their age. That is why synthetic soccer cleats are ideal for a lot of kids. They save a lot of bucks for their parents as well.

Synthetic leather soccer cleats are not devoid of the qualities that improve a player’s skill level, but you can buy them with a little more wiggle room so they last longer than one season. With the technology nowadays, synthetic leather also tries to aim for the quality of natural materials to be more adaptive to a player’s feet and playing style, be more breathable and comfortable.

Field Type and Surface

In choosing kids soccer cleats, it’s sensible to know the type of field you’re going to play on and what kind of shoes will be best for that surface. There are plenty of field types in soccer: firm ground, artificial grass, hot and humid conditions, hard ground, indoor fields, and artificial turf. For kids, their playing locations may even have school carpet or rough street grounds for surfaces.

A boy wearing white socks and orange soccer cleats

It’s important to match the soccer cleat to field type in any case. This will aid them in improving and developing better skills for the sport. Ultimately, what most guides will recommend, even for adults with the same situation, are firm ground cleats.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer cleats for kids.

What Brand Has the Best Soccer Cleats for Kids?

Although this can be debatable, most people claim that Nike Cleats are great for kids. This is because of their great design, and comfortable insoles that make them comfy for kids to wear. On top of that, they provide good stability, which many kids lack.

How Do I Choose Soccer Cleats for My Child?

One of the most important aspects you need to be careful about when choosing a soccer cleat for your kid, is the size. Many parents opt for bigger cleats claiming that ”the kid will grow into them”. However, this will only cause discomfort as they will not be good enough to play in the present.

Therefore, if you want your kid to feel comfortable, you need to ensure they are using their current size.

Do Kids Really Need Soccer Cleats?

Although kids below the age of 6 do not really need cleats, they can be very helpful when it comes to their development. If they are playing soccer, a pair of cleats will help them to grow more stable and adapt to soccer. Therefore, using cleats can be healthy for their foot and joints.

Final Thoughts

I could end with the conclusion that kids soccer cleats are generally hard and hopeless to shop for. It’s true to some extent. But, I won’t. These guides and reviews are here to prove otherwise. With the right information, you can choose the best soccer cleats that won’t send your child home with bruises or losses.

Indoor soccer, as with any other sport, is a good activity for your child to join and enjoy early on. It will train him or her in discipline both physically and mentally. It could also develop an important life skill or turn into a passion.

They won’t know that, however, until they actually try it and possibly have a fair chance at becoming a great athlete. The best way you can support your child is to provide the necessary gear designed for success. This starts with something very vital to his or her performance: soccer shoes.

After reviewing different youth shoes for indoor soccer, it was tough to pick the best soccer shoes. In the end, I selected the Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Cleat as the top soccer indoor shoes for youth.

One of the main reasons is because the right soccer cleats are built to last as your kid runs laps around the indoor field (and off the field as well, since they are stylish!).

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.