Can You Tip in Beach Volleyball?

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Volleyball has a lot of techniques and movements that allow players to score points in unexpected ways, such as tipping. If you are new to this sport, you might wonder if you can tip in beach volleyball, and how effective this could be during the game.

Can You Tip in Beach Volleyball?

According to the rules, you can use your knuckles to perform a tip in beach volleyball. However, if you tip the ball with your fingers, it would be considered an illegal move and you will lose the point.

In order to fully understand this rule, you need to learn about what is a tip, how to use it, and the rules that are behind this move. By doing this, you will be able to grow as a player and improve your overall game.

What Is a Tip in Beach Volleyball?

A tip occurs when a player softly sends the ball over the net with his knuckles rather than the palm of the hand. Tipping is a slower attack that, if done correctly, can deceive the opponent by sending the ball either really close to the net or the bottom of the court.

Beach volleyball with a player that is about to jump

Tipping allows you to make your attack unpredictable, meaning that it also makes it more dangerous. After all, one of the most important elements to winning in volleyball is to plan unexpected movements and confuse your opponent. Tipping allows you to do this.

When you include this movement in your team, you will be able to score more points, make your attacks more effective and increase your overall performance. This is why most professional beach players use this move regardless of the risk of being called a fault.

How Can You Tip in Beach Volleyball

A “tip” is mostly called a “dink” since it occurs when you tip the ball with your knuckles and not with your fingers (which is the normal way of doing it in indoor volleyball). This is because it is illegal to tip the ball with an open hand in beach volleyball.

In order to legally tip in this version of volleyball, you need to do the same movements as if you were going to perform a spike. Then, swing your arm, quickly make a fist with your hand, and hit the ball with your knuckles. It is important that you never reveal your intentions to your opponent.

When Can You Tip?

Combine spikes and tipsTip every chance you have
Look at your opponent’s position before attackingAttack indifferently
Communicate with your teammate before attackingAttack lonely
Be unpredictableDo the same attacks over and over

Tipping is a move that should only be done to add the element of surprise to your attacks. That being said, if you tip too much, your opponent will begin to expect your offensive moves and, ultimately, will be able to stop them easily.

This technique can be successful if you constantly use other attacks first (such as spikes and volleys). This way, your opponent won’t know when a tip is coming, and you will be able to perform an unexpected play.

How to Master Tipping in Beach Volleyball

In order to master this movement, you need to learn all the details that influence it. These are little factors that will allow you to tip in the best way possible. By learning them, you will be able to become a better volleyball player. Here is some advice on how to master tipping.

Person holding a volleyball
  • Try to aim the ball at the opponent’s upper forearms or wrists. This will increase the chance of the ball falling right in front of the net and will prevent the opponent from blocking it. This will make it extremely tough to save.
  • Examine your opponent’s positions quickly, then tip the ball into the bottom of their court. When it comes to determining who will recover the ball, there will be confusion if they are disorganized.
  • Pay attention to their position and, if they left the middle part of the court alone, tip the volleyball and send it there.
  • Make every effort to deceive your opponent by keeping your elbow high and tipping the ball at the very last second. This will make it extremely tough for the opponent’s defense to distinguish a spike from a tip.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about tipping in volleyball:

Can You Tip in Indoor Volleyball?

Yes, you can tip in indoor volleyball, and, in this case, you can perform a tip with your fingers as well as your knuckles. This is because, unlike beach volleyball, indoor volleyball doesn’t have a rule that prohibits players from touching the ball with an open hand.

Is It Legal to Hit a Volleyball With Your Fist?

Hitting the volleyball with your fist is legal, however, it is not recommended. This movement would probably send the ball quickly out of bounds, therefore, it is not often done by professionals.

Can You Hit the Ball With Your Palm in Volleyball?

In volleyball, you shouldn’t hit the ball with the palm of your hand. This is because doing so increases your chances of lifting or carrying the ball. Both of these errors cause you to lose the point.


In beach volleyball, tipping can be a great technique that could deceive the opponent and allow you to score unexpected points. However, you need to be careful when performing it, after all, if you accidentally use your fingers instead of your knuckles, you will lose the point.

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