Can a Volleyball Player Hit the Ball Twice in a Row?

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Sports have a lot of rules that need to be followed, and volleyball is not exception. If you are a beginner, you might wonder if you can hit the volleyball twice in a row and whether it benefits your team.

Can a Volleyball Player Hit the Ball Twice in a Row?

No, volleyball players are not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row, as it is considered a foul. This situation is common among beginners; they receive the ball and then pass it. When this happens, the opponent gets the point and the right to serve.

A player in a yellow t-shirt and blue shorts hit the volleyball over the other side of the net on a brown wooden court

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. If you block an opponent’s spike and the ball is still playable on your side of the court, you can hit it again. Since blocks are not considered hits, you can block and then make a pass without any repercussions.

On top of that, this rule does not prevent you from touching the ball twice; you must avoid touching it twice in a row. For example, you can pass to the setter, who will return the ball and allow you to spike. This will not be regarded as a foul.

How Many Hits Are Permitted per Side in Volleyball?

Now that you know what happens if a player strikes the ball twice in a row, you need to learn about your team’s hits. Each volleyball team is allowed three hits per side. If a team exceeds the hit limit, the opponent will award the point.

These three hits can be divided into two categories, offensive and defensive. Therefore, to dig deeper into the subject, you should know these ways of hitting.

Offensive Ball Hitting

The attack is the most effective technique for getting points and it is crucial in volleyball. However, you can send the ball out of bounds and lose a point if you need to learn how to hit an attack accurately. This is why it is critical to understand how to perfect this last touch.

Leap, swing your arm and strike the ball toward the opposing team’s side of the court. You must, however, maintain your hand stable and snap your wrist down. This will enable you to send a powerful spike in a downward direction.

Defensive Ball Hitting

Regarding defense, there are two techniques: blocking and diving. To block, keep your eyes on your opponents and anticipate their spike. Jump while completely stretching your arms high, creating a barrier; this will cause the ball to bounce back onto the court.

However, if the ball remains on your side of the court, don’t be afraid to hit the ball twice in a row; since blocks are not considered hits, this is the only exception.

Then, to receive or dive, clasp your hands and form a “platform” to assist you in touching the ball. Do it by wrapping your left hand around your right fist. Your thumbs should be parallel to each other and straight to the ground.

What Are the Volleyball Hit Rules?

To fully understand the dynamics of hitting the ball, you must first learn about the other rules that influence hitting.

A player in black long-sleeves and black shorts hit the volleyball while the other player is trying to block it
  • It counts as a double touch if one player touches the ball twice in a row in one movement. This is most common when volleying or setting the ball.
  • It counts as a hit if the volleyball strikes a player’s body.
  • If a player makes prolonged contact with the ball, it is considered a “carry,” and the point is forfeited.
  • A joust occurs when two opposing players make contact with the ball near the net at the same time. This is a legal move that allows both teams to attack the ball directly above the centerline at the same time.
  • Players cannot reach over the net to interfere with their opponents’ passes or attacks.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about hitting a volleyball twice in a row.

Which Position Is More Prone to Commit a Double Touch?

Although all positions can hit the ball twice in a row, setters are more likely to commit this foul. This is due to setters occasionally touching the ball with one hand and then the other. Although it is only one movement, this is considered a double touch.

What Is the Penalty for Hitting the Ball Twice?

When a teammate commits a double touch, the opposite team gets awarded a point. On top of that, they receive the right to serve, which can be a problem if your team is low on points.

Can You Hit the Ball After It Hits Your Body?

No, you cannot hit the ball after it hits your body. Since you can hit the ball with any part of your body, this is also considered a double touch.


Regarding hitting, volleyball has specific rules that must be followed to play a good match. If you follow them, your team will gain many points and opportunities in the match.

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