Can You Customize Adidas Soccer Cleats?

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It’s great to own customized Adidas soccer cleats. You feel as if you own a pair of soccer cleats exclusively made for you. Adidas is widely known as the most popular brand for soccer cleats yet do they let you customize Adidas Soccer Cleats?

Can You Customize Adidas Soccer Cleats?

No, as of 2019, Adidas has discontinued its online customization platform, MiAdidas. The MiAdidas was a popular platform for Adidas even for other sports like basketball, baseball, and even running. 

Since 2000, Adidas allowed customers to create their own personalize soccer cleats. You had control over the colorways and even add popular silhouettes like Stan Smith, Ultra Boost, and Superstar. 

One pair of an Adidas soccer cleat on a grass field

“We’ve made the strategic decision to close our custom footwear business, miadidas. We believe that the future of customization lies in co-creation, and we’re working diligently to offer a new experience for the consumer who wants to join in the creation of our products at a deeper level. Thank you for being a fan of miadidas, and we can promise an even better digital experience in the future.” – Adidas 

Based on Adidas’s statement, they’re retooling miAdidas opting to offer new experiences through co-creation. There are no concrete details yet so don’t expect them to come soon. 

Other Alternatives

Although Adidas doesn’t do customization anymore, there are several online websites that offer personalized customization of soccer cleats. Customizations can vary from individual and team for a uniform look. I strongly recommend you don’t do it yourself without applicable knowledge.

Customization can vary depending on the add-on you choose. Numbers and names are the most common customization customers order while adding a number is the least expensive. 

A pair of black Adidas soccer cleats

Some more complex customization like adding a flag or logo can cost you more depending on how difficult it is. The customization is added to the cost of the soccer cleats and it can vary depending on what soccer cleats you’ve picked

Customization Options

When you visit an online customized soccer cleats website, you’ll usually find they offer customization for individuals and groups. Also, make sure you know the right type of soccer cleats you’re getting. Here are some of the common types of soccer cleats you can customize:

  • Firm Ground:  Firm-ground soccer cleats are for natural grass surfaces. The cleats can have a varying combination of bladed studs and conical studs.
  • Artificial Ground:  Artificial ground soccer cleats usually come with 25 or more studs designed for artificial grass surfaces. 
  • Soft Ground:  Soft ground soccer cleats are for rainy and wet conditions. They contain removable studs that allow for deeper cleat penetration for a better grip. 
  • Turf Field:  Turf soccer cleats use a rubber bottom for better comfort on your feet. 
  • Futsal: Futsal soccer shoes are for indoor use. You can wear them on gym floors, streets, and even turf or artificial surface. 

Individual customization gives you a personal design for your soccer cleats. You can use images or designs you want to add to your soccer cleats to make them more attractive. You can also opt to get custom team soccer cleats complete with names and numbers so you’ll be properly representing your team.  

Limitations to Customizing Adidas Soccer Cleats

Customize the cleat’s designModify your cleat’s structure
Assemble creative designsModify your cleat’s insole
Keep it simpleAdd unnecessary accessories to your cleats

While customizing Adidas soccer cleats, there are things that you just can’t change. Customizing necessary features of the soccer cleats can compromise how it performs on the soccer field. 

Adidas soccer cleats worn by a soccer player on a grass field

Most soccer cleat customizations are for aesthetic purposes and rarely do they customize to change their features. Most online soccer equipment shops only customize for aesthetics as changing the design of the soccer cleats can pose injuries to the user. 

You’re better off buying soccer cleats designed for you rather than customizing one. It’s riskier especially if you have no knowledge about making soccer cleats. Other than insole modification for relieving foot pain, I don’t recommend you modify your soccer cleats design. 

What Other Shoe Brands Can You Customize?

It’s not surprising that other shoe companies would also offer customization for their shoes. Shoe customization is becoming more and more popular. 

Brands like Nike, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Superga, Converse, Vans, and Common Projects have offered customizable shoes. Most customizable shoes come in an all-white variety so you can have more options for customization. 

Shoe companies have also made limited-edition customized shoes with collaborations from various famous athletes and artists. They are a bit pricey though. However, personal customized shoes can sometimes cost less. In that case, it’s not a bad deal at all. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about customizing your Adidas soccer cleats.

Is MiAdidas Coming Back?

No, according to Adidas, MiAdidas is not coming back in the near future. Although there have been some rumors about this platform coming back, Adidas denied them.

When Did MiAdidas Shut Down?

MiAdidas officially shut down on the 13th of January 2019. On this day, Adidas released a statement conveying that the platform will not continue being active. Since then, buyers cannot customize their soccer cleats.

Are Customized Cleats Allowed in Soccer?

Yes, customized cleats are allowed in professional soccer. In fact, players can wear customized cleats in an important match as long as it doesn’t display any inappropriate message.


Although Adidas closed down MiAdidas, various online soccer cleats shop offer customization for soccer cleats. Customizing your soccer cleats is mainly for aesthetics or to offer them as a tribute for your loved ones. As a soccer player, customized soccer clears will give you a confidence boost when you go out on the field. 

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