Can You Throw to Yourself in Ultimate Frisbee?

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Ultimate Frisbee consists of multiple players playing together. You follow a set of rules that makes up the game. The goal is to get the frisbee disc to the opponent’s goal to score a point. You can do this by throwing the Frisbee disc around. The question is, can you throw to yourself in Ultimate Frisbee?

Can You Throw to Yourself in Ultimate Frisbee? 

As the thrower, you cannot catch your own pass or throw it to yourself. Another player must touch the frisbee disc first if you want to legally touch the frisbee disc again. There are no rules that prevent you from touching the frisbee disc prior to someone else touching it. 

Man about to throw a disc in a game of ultimate frisbee

You also can’t hand the frisbee disc to another player. You need to throw it in order to make a pass. There’s really not much you can do if you have the frisbee disc than to make a well-executed pass.

Also, if you’re the thrower, you must establish a pivot foot and you can’t change it until you release the frisbee disc. You can pivot into any direction just not into the defensive player. 

What Happens if You Catch Your Own Throw in Ultimate Frisbee?

You will be called for a throwing violation and the opposing team gains possession of the frisbee disc. However, some circumstances like another player tipping the frisbee disc before you caught your own pass are legal. 

However, this type of play rarely happens and most of the time it ends with a disputed call. Some people argue that you can’t consider a graze at the tip a touch while others agree to it. In the end, it’s up to the official to decide. 

Can You Throw Backwards in Ultimate Frisbee?

Unlike basketball, there’s no backcourt violation in ultimate frisbee. The frisbee disc may be passed in any direction. You can pass it forward, to the sides, and even backward. You don’t also apply offside in ultimate frisbee that’s common in soccer

As long as the pass you made does not violate the rules, you can throw the frisbee disc anywhere on the playing field. You can’t also throw it to yourself as mentioned above. 

What Are the 3 Ways a Player Could Throw a Frisbee?

BackhandGood for beginners
ForehandGood for taking defenders by surprise
OverheadGood for avoiding defenders

In frisbee, you need to be good at running, jumping, catching, blocking, and more importantly throwing. You can throw a frisbee disc in 3 common ways. These are:

Players trying to catch a disc
  • Backhand: Most beginners use the backhand throwing technique and its the most commonly used throw in Ultimate Frisbee. If you want to get good at Ultimate Frisbee, mastering the backhand throw will help you a lot.
  • Forehand: Forehand involves the flicking of your wrist. It’s a convenient sidearm throw that you can mix with your backhand throw to catch your defender off guard. 
  • Overhead: You can also call this throw the hammer toss. While it works similarly to forehand, instead of flicking sideways you flick it above your head. It works great if your defenders heavily guard your left and right side. 

Mastering these 3 throws will help you win games in Ultimate Frisbee. They give you a lot of throwing options that will help shake off defenders. 

What is the Most Common Throw in Ultimate Frisbee?

Most players start with the backhand throw which makes it the most common throw you can find in Ultimate Frisbee. However, as you watch more games with experienced players, you’ll find that a lot of ultimate frisbee players use the hammer throw. 

A lot of players like practicing the hammer throw and for good reason. Most defenders have trouble intercepting or blocking it. If I’m talking about high-level tournaments, the hammer throw easily beats the backhand throw as the most commonly used throw in Ultimate Frisbee. 

Can a Frisbee Come Back to You?

Theoretically, a frisbee disc can come back to you. However, it rarely happens in a game. The principle behind how frisbee works consists of the edge which represents the geometry of a wing. It also provides drag

People playing Ultimate Frisbee

With enough drag and spinning action, a frisbee disc can come back to you with ease. You rarely see this in games because it’s illegal to pass to yourself. The goal of the game is also to score by moving the frisbee disc to the opposing end goal. 

You would be at a lot of disadvantage if you keep having your frisbee come back to you. An interception would mean your opponent would have less ground to cover in order to score a point. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about throwing in Ultimate Frisbee.

Can Any Player Stop a Rolling Disc?

Yes, a rolling disc can be stopped by any player. However, you can’t move it in any direction; no defensive player can touch the frisbee disc when it is stopped by a player. Possession begins at the place where the disc came to a halt, therefore, only whoever is in control of the disc, may throw it.

If the offensive team’s throw is intercepted, knocked down, or goes out of bounds, the opposite team takes control. If there is a disagreement on a call, an official will step in and make the decision.

What Can Players Not Do in Frisbee?

Players are not allowed to hit the disc with their legs. For instance, you cannot hit it with your knees, feet, or thighs. However, this is just one of the many rules that limit players in Ultimate Frisbee.

What Is the Golden Rule of Ultimate Frisbee?

The golden rule of Ultimate Frisbee consists of having good sportsmanship and treating others with respect. This is because, although there is a lot of competition in Ultimate Frisbee, players must always prioritize good behavior.


It’s a violation of the rules to throw to yourself in ultimate frisbee. You can only catch it again if another player touched the frisbee disc. You may find yourself in a situation where you threw the frisbee disc into your direction. So having this knowledge can make a difference in how you’re going to make the play.  

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