Can You Touch the Net in Beach Volleyball?

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When it comes to beach volleyball, the net plays an important part due to its rules. If you recently discovered this sport, you might be wondering if you can touch the net in beach volleyball, and, if not, what you can do to prevent it.

Can You Touch the Net in Beach Volleyball?

According to the rules, beach volleyball players cannot touch the net while performing a play on the ball. This means that if the player touches it while spiking the volleyball, it will be considered an illegal move.

On the other hand, if you are not making a play on the ball, you can touch the net as much as you want to (unless you are interfering with the opponent’s movements). In order to further understand this, you need to learn about the rules related to the net.

When Are Players Not Allowed to Touch the Net?

Throughout a game, no athlete is supposed to come into contact with the net. If they do, they risk losing the point and the right to serve. However, not every time you contact the net will be called a mistake. Here are some examples of scenarios that can help you comprehend this rule:

An image of volleyball net
  • It is not a fault if the player touches the net and it does not interfere with the opponent’s position.
  • It is not called an illegal move if the player touches the net and it does not bring him an advantage.
  • It is deemed an illegal action if the player hangs on the net to support himself.
  • It is a fault if a player touches the net when spiking or blocking a ball.

How to Avoid Touching the Net

One of the most typical causes for players to hit the net is when they allow the ball to go too near to it, or when they create too much horizontal momentum and rush into the net rather than jumping vertically. The first issue is with the setter, not with the hitter.

Because the setter is in charge of placing the ball, if he sends it too close to the net, the hitter will almost certainly touch it when spiking. To avoid this, the setter should send the ball slightly away from the net.

Furthermore, the setter must be familiar with his hitters, which means he must understand which balls are accessible and which are not. Fixing the momentum problem is also simple; all you have to do is eliminate the momentum by pausing one second before jumping.

Rules Related to the Net in Volleyball

To have a firmer idea of the gameplay, you must first master all of the rules and scenarios involving the net in volleyball. Doing so will assist you in improving your technique and, eventually, developing your skills as a player. The following are some of the net rules:

It Is Illegal to Reach Across the Net and Interfere With the Opponent’s Actions

Players should not enter the opposing team’s court area and interfere with their opponent’s plays. For example, reaching over the net and touching the ball before the hitter could spike would be called an illegal move, and you would lose the point.

On the same page, players are not permitted to reach across the net and touch their opponent in any manner. This is also an illegal move, and depending on the circumstances, it might be called a harmful play, which the referee may strongly penalize.

Backrow Players Cannot Attack Close to the Net

Backrow players are not permitted to attempt a block or spike from behind the ten-foot line. If they do it by mistake, the team loses both the point and the right to serve. They may, however, attack behind the ten-foot line, which is a common defensive technique.

A photo of volleyball net

If the Ball Strikes the Net’s Antennas or Poles, It Is Ruled Out

If the volleyball strikes the antenna, poles, or sidebands, it is deemed out of bounds. If the volleyball comes into contact with any of them while you are in possession of the ball, you will lose the point.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions about the net in beach volleyball

Can You Go Under the Net in Beach Volleyball?

Yes, you can go beneath the net in volleyball. It is allowed to enter the opponent’s space beneath the net, according to the FIVB. However, some strict rules apply to this move and they must be followed for it not to be considered illegal

What if the Ball Strikes the Net and the Net Strikes You?

It is not considered an illegal move if your opponent strikes the ball into the net, causing it to contact you. Because this is a unique scenario that no athlete can control, players are permitted to touch the net.


The net is important in volleyball since it is influenced by several rules. Learning to avoid touching the net can help you progress as a player and further develop your abilities.

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