Can You Use Soccer Cleats for Baseball?

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Is there a problem with wearing baseball cleats in a soccer game? They are still cleats, after all. However, they have differences that’ll affect your level of play on the field. 

If you play both soccer and baseball, you might initially think you can buy one pair of cleats and they’ll work for both sports. This article will teach you the difference between soccer and baseball cleats. It will explain how it impacts your game on the field. 

Can You Use Soccer Cleats for Baseball?

While you can wear soccer cleats for baseball in a pinch, it is recommended that you wear cleats specifically designed for baseball instead. Soccer cleats are designed to enhance your abilities in soccer, not in baseball.

There is only a small difference between soccer and baseball cleats. However, that difference will be noticeable if you’re playing in leagues with high-level competitions. 

White and blue soccer cleats laying on the grass

Even a reputable and quality pair of soccer cleats won’t be ideal for baseball games. They can’t expect to match regular baseball cleats during a game. 

If you really want to wear soccer shoes for baseball, consider using soccer cleats for baseball games on non-competitive leagues. You could also wear them if you are only practicing.

Can You Wear Baseball Cleats for Soccer?

Wearing baseball cleats for soccer is another story. The design of baseball cleats isn’t suited for soccer’s endurance running and agility. 

The main reason is the toe studs. They may cause injuries like cuts when you perform sliding tackles. 

Soccer officials are very strict about this ruling and will check every soccer player’s equipment before letting them play on the field. Especially in youth soccer leagues, this is important. This is where children are easily prone to injuries. 

What is the Difference between Soccer Cleats and Baseball Cleats?

Soccer cleatsBaseball cleats
They do not have metal spikesMost of them are heavy
They are lightweightThey usually have metal spikes
Most of them don’t feature ankle supportSome types offer ankle support

From a quick glance, the differences between baseball and soccer cleats aren’t that noticeable. They do affect your game play on the field. Both cleats are designed for each of their respective sports. So, how can you tell the difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats? Here’s what to look at:

  • Weight of shoes
  • Front of cleats
  • Ankle support
  • Toe studs
  • Midsoles
A baseball player about to pitch a ball


Soccer cleats are lightweight compared to baseball cleats. Soccer players run around the field most of the time. The added weight in normal cleats would just affect a player’s stamina. 

Soccer cleats also need to be flexible. Lightweight ones are important as soccer requires great footwork, unlike baseball. 


The front area of soccer cleats are more rounded. This gives soccer players better ball control when kicking the ball. 

For baseball cleats, there is a rubber to guard at the front of the cleats. The toe guard helps with the durability of baseball cleats. Pitchers and catchers benefit mostly from this as they place a lot of pressure in the front area of their cleats. 

Ankle Support

There’s not much ankle support for soccer cleats are they are always low-cut cleats. Low-cut cleats sacrifice protection for the ankles to freely move the muscles around your ankles. This allows for your feet to move at a quicker pace compared to wearing mid and high-cut cleats. 

For baseball, you can wear low, mid, and high-cut cleats. The majority of baseball players prefer wearing low-cut cleats. Heavy hitters like their ankles protected. 

Swinging a bat also involves the ankles as you twist your hip and upper body. Your ankles support the weight of your body. If you place too much pressure on your ankles, it can cause injury. Learn more about the gear required to excel at baseball at BatsFinder.

Women playing soccer in the the field

Extra Toe Stud

Front toe studs aren’t allowed in soccer games. Toe studs can cause cuts and injuries when you perform a sliding tackle. 

Baseball cleats have an extra toe stud to help players dig deep in the ground for jumping. This is especially useful when you’re defending and in the outfield position. 


Soccer cleats generally have no midsole to provide greater balance and stability. Adding midsole would only hinder the speed of soccer players. 

In baseball cleats, there is a midsole present. It is cushioned to provide comfort for baseball players. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about soccer cleats.

Can Kids Wear Soccer Cleats for Softball?

When it comes to employing soccer cleats in softball, they adhere to the same general shoe requirements as baseball. Know what level your child plays at. Then, decide whether they should wear soccer cleats for softball or baseball. 

Kids grow up quickly, and they outgrow their cleats even faster. If your child just plays softball, baseball cleats are recommended to help your youngster improve skills in this activity.

Do MLB Players Wear Cleats?

Yes, MLB players wear cleats. They usually wear them with metal spikes, this way, they have better traction and mobility around the pitch. However, some of them use plastic cleats because they are more comfortable.

Are Low Top Cleats Good for Baseball?

Yes, since low-top cleats are lightweight they offer great mobility, increased agility, and a better sprint. However, unlike other cleats, low-tops are not good for ankle protection, therefore, there’s a possibility you get injured.


Soccer cleats are more versatile than other types of cleats, so they can be worn if needed for other sports. If you are playing baseball or softball on a more professional or serious level though, it is recommended that you wear shoes specifically designed for this.

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