Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes Outside?

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You probably just bought a pair of volleyball shoes or contemplating whether to buy one. Most people would want to know if they can also use their shoes for going outside to save money or keep it in good condition. In this article, we’ll answer the question, can you wear volleyball shoes outside?

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes Outside?

While you can wear volleyball shoes outside, you should avoid doing so if they’re really important or expensive. Shoe companies mainly design volleyball shoes for indoor use and wearing them outside will affect its durability and performance. 

Person wearing their volleyball shoes outside

Some parts of your volleyball shoes get damaged if you wear them outside. The surface that you step on outside varies randomly and it can have an effect especially on your outsoles. You should avoid wearing your volleyball shoes on rough surfaces as the gum rubber material is really soft and gets easily damaged. 

If you want your volleyball shoes to last longer then you should only use them for volleyball games. If you are okay with lessening the lifespan of your volleyball shoes, then you can wear them outside. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use Volleyball Shoes on Concrete?

Concrete damages the soft gum rubber and would decrease the grip the outsole has. This wears out the outsoles quickly and lessens the lifespan of your volleyball shoes.

As mentioned above, the main reason you don’t want to wear volleyball shoes on concrete is that it damages the outsole. Gum rubber is a very soft rubber that works best on hardwood courts. The grip provides works excellent in hardwood courts yet not so much on rough surfaces like concrete. 

The design of volleyball shoes ensures that they work at their best when played on the volleyball court. Wear them off the court and you won’t get the best it can offer. 

What Parts of the Volleyball Shoes Are not Good for Outside?

The parts of volleyball shoes that involve grip does not do well for outside wear. Some parts of volleyball shoes also don’t go well for outside. These are:

Player trying to spike a ball
  • Gum rubber sole: provides traction to your volleyball but can easily get damaged in rough surfaces
  • Upper material: if you constantly wear your volleyball shoes outside, it can accumulate dust and the upper material might get damaged from it. 
  • Toe cap/support: it keeps your toe protected. If you keep wearing your volleyball shoes outside it may soften the toe cap. 
  • Heel cushioning: the heel cushioning may weaken if you constantly wear your volleyball shoes.
  • Heel counter: provides structural support on your heels. It’s usually made out of plastic so but it can wear off if you constantly wear your volleyball shoes outside. 
  • Tread: the tread is the traction pattern found on your outsoles. Wearing your volleyball shoes outside could dissolve the traction pattern and make your shoes slippery.
  • Flex grooves: it helps with the flexibility of your volleyball shoes found in the outsole. If your outsole rubs on a rough surface it may also damage the flex grooves.

These parts of your volleyball shoes help a lot in your performance on the court. If you are taking volleyball seriously then taking care of your volleyball shoes should be important for you.

Are Volleyball Shoes Indoor Shoes?

Most volleyball players use volleyball shoes for indoor volleyball games. However, in some countries, they are also designed for outdoor play. For example, countries in South East Asia use outdoor multi-purpose courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other sports. That’s why shoe companies make shoes that are suitable for outdoor use in their market. 

Volleyball game played outdoors

In the U.S, most people use indoor volleyball courts so there are more indoor volleyball shoes. The gum rubber outsole and non-marking indicate that the volleyball shoes are for indoor use. Make sure to check this on the specifications if you plan to buy volleyball shoes.

Is it Okay to Wear Volleyball Shoes Outside?

It depends on your situation. Are you planning to not use them for volleyball anymore? Then you can wear them outside. If not, it’s not advisable to wear one outside. If you have 2 or more pairs of volleyball shoes, then maybe you can afford to wear one for outside.  

However, the moment the gum rubber outsole loses its grip, the volleyball shoes can no longer work effectively on the volleyball court. That is something you should keep in mind if you want to keep playing volleyball. 

Wearing your volleyball shoes outside would also get them dirty. Unlike indoor courts where there is not much dust, the outdoors have a lot of dust particles in the air. White volleyball shoes in particular can easily collect the dust and look dirty on the outside. Cleaning them would take up your time since you shouldn’t machine wash it. 


We don’t recommend wearing your volleyball shoes outside. That is if it has gum rubber outsoles that are really soft and isn’t suitable for rough surfaces. If you want to play volleyball at your best, you should take care of your volleyball shoes so it does not hinder your performance.

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