Are Basketball Shoes Non Marking?

A pair of black Nike shoes placed on an empty gym floor

Basketball is usually played indoors. It uses hardwood court surfaces and sometimes a rubberized court. Shoes that aren’t non-marking can cause damage to these types of courts. That’s why it’s important to use non-marking basketball shoes.  Are Basketball Shoes Non-Marking? There are different types of basketball shoes and not all of them are non-marking. Indoor …

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Are Huaraches Basketball Shoes?

A hand throws a red and black basketball shoe in mid air

The Nike Huarache was an unusual shoe that almost never went into production. It was a shoe made of a sock-like bootie encased in a supportive exoskeleton as the prototype model for Nike in the 1990s.  Thanks to Nike’s legendary designer, Tinker Hatfield, the Huarache shoes became a top-seller globally. These were along with his …

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A Guide to the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2020

A pair of blue basketball shoes lying on a cement ground

Are you playing mostly on outdoor concrete with street-style basketball? If you’re one of the people who don’t have access to hardwood floor basketball courts, you might have been searching for great outdoor basketball shoes.  After using your basketball shoes on the concrete court, you might have noticed that the outsole degrades in quality really …

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How to Clean a Basketball

A basketball lying on dried leaves

When a basketball gets dirty and covered in dust and grime, it tends to get slippery. This can affect your overall gameplay. To keep your basketball longer and in good condition, you must know how to clean it.  Types of Basketballs You Clean Before we learn how to clean a basketball, we must first know …

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