Coach calling in all players for the tryouts

How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts

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If you approach soccer tryouts seriously, no matter what level you or your child is playing out, you can’t go wrong. Think of soccer tryouts as a physical and personal interview. Instead of simply showing up and trying your best, you can actually prepare and give your best. How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts There ... Read more

The Best Soccer Cleats in 2019 [Adidas & Nike Shoe Reviews]

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​If you search Google for the most popular sport, it will give you plenty of resources which all point to soccer as the top one. It’s not a surprise considering that fans of the sport are estimated at 4 billion people. Beyond association football, there are so many opportunities to play the game anywhere. Regardless ... Read more
Soccer player throws a punt kick from the goal

Learn How to Punt a Soccer Ball Long, High, and Far in 9 Steps

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Even though you might only know punting as a term in American football, it is also a skill used in soccer. A punt is kicking the ball in the air as it is dropped or thrown from your hands. That means that only one position on the field can perform this skill—the goalkeeper. We’ll walk ... Read more
Man in green is being chased by a man in orange while playing soccer

How to Play Center Mid in Soccer

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Normally regarded as one of the most skillful, intelligent, and in-shape players on the pitch, the center mid position has pretty big shoes to fill—especially when looking at the history of superstar players who have laced their cleats on and played in that position. Whether you are just starting soccer now or are looking into ... Read more
Drawing on a blackboard of soccer positions

Your Guide to Soccer Field Position Numbers

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​ ​As you watch more and more soccer or rise in age groups and divisions, you might often here positions being referred to as numbers rather than their names. You might also realize that there’s a pattern when most professional teams assign jersey numbers to various players. That’s because often times jersey numbers are assigned to ... Read more
Soccer player in red tries to pass ball through defenders

5 Passing and Receiving Soccer Drills to Practice

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​Passing and receiving are essential components to developing a firm and sturdy foundation for your soccer career. Being able to receive and pass the ball effectively play an important role on the field and within your team. Although you can work on these skills individually with just a ball and a wall, it is much ... Read more
A man is about to make a through pass in a street style soccer match

Soccer Through Ball Drills for Practice

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When done correctly, a proper through ball into the opponent’s final third can be a deadly, highly effective, and dangerous play. Being able to execute a through ball play not only on an individual level but with the entire team can be a great way to make a goal happen. A through ball is when you ... Read more
Two women soccer players running to kick the soccer ball

How to Get Fit For Soccer

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An essential aspect of soccer is fitness. You have to have a high amount of endurance to last 90 minutes on a field, transitioning between jogging to sprinting at full speed. As a dynamic sport that requires strength, explosive power, and cardiovascular fitness, soccer also demands a balance between athleticism and creativity. Getting fit for ... Read more
Kids both going after the soccer ball during a game

How to Teach Aggressiveness in Soccer

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Whether you are coaching your team of young players or if you’re a player yourself, the key here to recognize is “controlled aggression”. In American football, the word “aggression” has been culturally understood as flattening out your opponent until they cannot breathe. However, in soccer, you don’t have to resort to these tactics. And yet, ... Read more
A woman about to hit the soccer ball in a soccer field

One Touch Soccer Drills for Soccer Practice

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​Having a high-quality first touch is an important aspect in any soccer player—no matter what level you’re playing at. A good first touch can help you have good control of the ball and make your next move much, much easier and quicker. Since it’s so crucial in the game of soccer, you’ll want to work ... Read more
A soccer match in a stadium

Indoor Soccer vs Outdoor Soccer [Comprehensive Guide]

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​​It isn’t as simple as just determining you want to play soccer – you also have to determine what type of soccer you would like to play. Two of the most popular styles of the sport that many consider are indoor soccer vs outdoor soccer. While both involve the same basic soccer rules and skillsets, ... Read more
Close up side view of a black Nike Soccer Shpe

The Best Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2019

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Indoor soccer, as with any other sport, is a good activity for your child to join and enjoy early on. It will train him or her in discipline both physically and mentally. It could also develop an important life skill or turn into a passion. They won’t know that, however, until they actually try it ... Read more