How to Wash Soccer Cleats

Close up of soccer players lined up wearing orange knee length socks with their soccer cleats

Soccer involves a lot of running for very long periods. This affects your feet and your soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are essential for soccer games, as they help prevent injuries and improve your performance. We must keep them clean and in good condition for soccer cleats to last longer and give you a boost in …

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What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Cleats

Close up of a person stepping on a soccer ball wearing outdoor soccer cleats

Soccer cleats are a must-wear in soccer matches. The performance and traction they provide is beneficial to your game and helps you avoid injuries. There are different types of soccer cleats used for certain games. This article will explain the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer cleats and why you need to differentiate them to help …

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How Long do Soccer Cleats Last?

Close up of a player wearing black soccer cleats and long socks

Soccer cleats are necessary for playing soccer. Without them, you won’t be able to move easily around the court. Soccer cleats provide traction for movement and safety from foot injuries.  As a player, you need to know how long soccer cleats last so you can replace them if needed. Getting broken cleats in the middle …

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Do You Need Cleats for Soccer?

Pair of blue adidas soccer cleats on a goal net

Soccer is a high intensity sport played both indoors and outdoors, and requires you to have the combination of endurance and agility. Soccer players are constantly turning, cutting, and accelerating on the field, and soccer cleats are an essential component to excelling and reducing the risk of injury. We go through which type of soccer …

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